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Sri Lanka’s Dehumanization & Legalizing Prostitution

By Mohamed Farhaan

Mohamed Farhaan

Now Sri Lanka is thinking about decriminalizing the prostitution. When I read some pieces relate to this subject I often think. Are we relapsing to the era of darkness or are we going further on civilizing ourselves?

Of course it won’t be a big deal to legalize prostitution in a country like Sri Lanka because that is the only fulfillment which is left to be fulfilled in order to become a full mature capitalistic nation!

The problem is who is thinking about legalizing prostitution? The answer is not that supernatural but it tells lots of notions and stories about those civilized so -called ideas and the people. Whatsoever somebody has to feed the Perversion of elitism.

Dehumanizing the women and pushing the men in to the deep belly of insensitivity. Capitalism and Neo Liberal ideas encourage materializing everything that exist in this world. Nature is not that poisoners as human inventions. Tobacco is not much harmful as nicotine loaded tobacco. Human poisons nature. Legalizing prostitution is the further step of Neo liberal consumerism. What we and our NGOs and activist don’t consider to understand is, in an insensitive way that we are working on implementing the very idea of global capitalism.

Often it is being argued as empowering the women and protecting the women who are prostituting but that are not what’s happening. Women are being tortured. They often end up physically injured with severe diseases. That leads them to a high stage of depression. Finally they would leave this world and this life in desperation. On other hand sex traffickers, pimps, and other collaborators of this scam are personally torturing these woman and treat them as this what we are going to give them by promoting the very idea of this global capitalism.

The people who choose prostitution are the ones who are being denied the access of decent living and a necessary healthcare. Poverty is not an aphrodisiac. These women come out of desperation. A last option to put the food on the table for their kids and their siblings.

What we do is we go there and dig up falsifications. We come to our own kind of conclusions to shape up their lives to serve our perversion. We make theories and new ideas out of their vulnerability or their stage of desperation.

Accepting this dehumanizing of poor is completely a self-serving propaganda for corporate pimps and other corporate big shots. Legalized brothels are not as local as your neighborhood whore is an industry that generates large amount of money more than what our modern retailers’ do. Bank and investors involve in this soul corrupting business. In this high tech world the customers of these legitimized whore houses pay their amount by credit cards. It is the center for distributing the corporate alcoholism. It’s a great mess .this is where we have to ask whom are we working for? Does our civilized conscious consider this as a further step of human civilization where

Humans are being sold whole sale as cows for meat. What kind of message are we trying to put out for our next generation. Already Sri Lankan economy and the way it is practiced have created a large space between middle class and upper classes inequality at its peak. On daily basis an average Sri Lankan consume adulterated debase groceries for his basic needs because none of middle class man could afford to buy the right food. Then think about the bottom level bread winners. Top of everything our intellectuals and ruling elites are dreaming about another version of Thailand in this core of class divided country.

None of our human rights organizations or Women right activists stood up or fought against this legitimized dehumanization. What they have been doing is teaching those poor women “how to use condom or how to have safe sex” is this an encouragement or a protecting campaign? Some film director said “fear is the condom of your life which doesn’t let you have the real happiness” it’s a humor but yet it makes sense. Yes it is a fear of re-productivity, overwhelming population, and in a way it destroys the human race. It’s a bedridden death of mankind. Our intellectuals are on a free marketing for corporates and fear fueled authorities. Who is manufacturing condoms it’s a highly grossed business in modern world. Every largest corporation has a condom factory too! It is additional information! Artists became symbols for their products and activists have turned themselves as marketing professionals. Fueling and carrying the very idea of that male chauvinism, depraved misogynistic notion in the name of feminism and human rights. This wasn’t the notion of Frieda Kahlo or Virginia Wolf’s or other hard core feminists. They stood up for humanity, equal rights, through their art and activism. Activism is all about is there to take political positions on defeating evilness and ripping off hegemonies. Finally our contemporary activism indeed has done something progressively which is it substituted the word “prostitute” by “sex worker” how great! a hard struggle of the century it took them hundred years’ this mostly sounds like calling for a new slavery paradigm or encouraging exploitation. Which serve the large part to implement the last stage of Wall Street legitimized gangstaristic economical theories?

What has happened to our senses of imagination we think that prostitution cannot be wiped out from our social and economical arena? Or is it an inevitable nature of this planet? Or human life! Very simple but sensitive questions! That we are slob enough to ask ourselves. If these questions are tough to be answered then this world must be a cruel place! We can answer these questions but our corporate fueled education system and lacked sociological ideas don’t let us think. We are controlled. Our minds are inactivated. Our sexuality and humanism has been hijacked. Our imagination cells are dried up. But some people have come out from this ignorance, carelessness they have shown us a path, an alternative imagination and that finest imagination has come true in somewhere in this planet!

Norway, Sweden and Iceland have criminalized the consuming of sex and invented rehabilitation centers to rehabilitate former prostitutes. Now those individuals can apply jobs in varies fields according to their qualifications. Canada is seriously contemplating within itself to criminalize this dehumanization. china is the work shop of capitalistic nations but they criminalized the prostitution and sent those woman to sweat shops to make iPhones (!) it’s a different argument but in an illegal way it is still being least this corrupted Chinese regime has alternative imaginations to bring up new ideas to upgrade such desperate people’s lives .their modern slavery and other systematic errors are another argument.

Being radical against this misogynistic corporate propaganda is not being a is a brave stand to oppose or defeat this oppression against the humankind. Some corporate douchbag could claim this idea as some kind of old school thinking but it isn’t. Because this radical stand could eliminate the ideas of neo liberal capitalism it could save us from human depravity in order to sustain in this world. I think we still cry for fellow human, we still throw some food on homeless men, we still pour water on thirsty animals mouth, we still stand up to support the victims of disasters, so we are still humans still we got love towards fellow human! So why can’t we stand up for these desperate people? Our elites and other corporate pimps can legalize every kind of dehumanization after we have lost all these emotions and stop shedding tears for fellow human!

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