2 July, 2022


Sri Lanka’s Judiciary: Enter The Goons

By Economist –

Tensions have grown in Sri Lanka between the executive and a beleaguered judiciary. They have prompted government claims of an international plot to pit one against the other, as “in Pakistan or Bangladesh”.

In September Manjula Tillekeratne, the secretary of the Judicial Service Commission, alleged in a press release that efforts were being made to destroy the independence of the judiciary as well as the rule of law. The statement was unprecedented in the 40-year history of the commission. The body is tasked with appointing, transferring and dismissing judges and other court officials. It comprises the chief justice, as chairman, and two other Supreme Court judges.

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    The Corrupt American regimes controlled by the Zionists have been successful in electing and establishing ties with the Corrupt Indian Political Leadership as well as establish ties with the Corrupt Chinese regime. It is these Americans who have got the Chinese and the Indians together to exploit Asia and we Sri Lankans are mere pawns on the board.

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    The semi-literate Rajapakses do not have the intellectual wherewithal to distinguish between the thin divide between the Executive and the Legislature. The President does not have to summon the CJ or other senior judges to discuss budgetary allocations. This is something administrative officials at both sides should be doing – as they have done from the British times. As to the Speaker’s ruling the SC has erred in not presenting the Bill first to him, the problem lies in not appointing one with a sound education or legal background to the high position of Speaker. Yes. There have been several non-lawyers who have served as Speakers but almost all of them were somewhat learned. Not the run-of-the-Mill ex Police Inpsectors identified with tainted records.

    The Economist clearly clubs Sri Lanka and its once sublime judicial process with that of some failed African and L countries – credit for which, of course, should go to the proponents who fool themselves this is the Wonder of Asia.


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    You can see from mahinda’s face……

    @Shankara, the picture in the link is doctored. – CT

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      Thanks for that CT.I thought it was real,though he looked a bit strange.What and what they can do nowadays with pictures.Can’t trust anybody now.

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