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Sri Lanka’s State Press Launches Scathing Attack On Channel 4 Ahead Of CHOGM

Sri Lanka’s Government controlled daily has launched a scathing attack on Britain’s Channel 4, days before a crew from the broadcaster is scheduled to arrive in Colombo to cover the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting next week.


Calling Channel 4 reporting “tacky, lurid pants-on-fire journalism that’s not fact checked, not sourced or corroborated,” the Editor of the Daily News Rajpal Abeynayake wrote in his editorial this morning that it was “journalism on the far side of the moon.”

Calling Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma “affable” – the official has been extremely concessionary towards the Rajapaksa regime – the Daily News Editorial said Channel 4’s Jon Snow was in an ignoble hurry to trip him up during a recent interview.

“The enormity of the canard boggles the mind. These people are nothing short of criminals. John Snow if he can malign a country in this way without feeling the need to substantiate what he says with an infinitesimal jot of evidence, is obviously of a criminal mindset as the charges he makes sets him up as a direct agent for seeking to maliciously prosecute key persons in the higher echelon of the Sri Lankan Establishment,” Abeynayake writes.

Abeynayake’s newspaper which has seen an unprecedented lowering of standards since he assumed the chair said Channel 4’s journalism was “a crime against humanity”.

Abeynayake’s editorials regularly and personally vilify media personnel, rights activists and opposition members – and essentially any public persons both within and outside Sri Lanka who hold dissenting views from that of the ruling Rajapaksa regime and its media bandwagon.

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