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SriLankan Airlines: Captain Forces Flight Stewardesses To Penetrate Madurai Airport Security Defenses

The operating crew of a SriLankan Airlines flight from Madurai to Colombo including its Pilots and Cabin Crew were filmed creeping through a barbed wire fence and penetrating the Madurai Airport Security Defenses to gain access to their aircraft to operate their flight back to Colombo.

Capt.R. De Alwis and his crew of the national carrier were facing difficulties in gaining access to the main airport entrance in Madurai after their crew stop over. This was due to a protest being held by locals in close proximity to the airport in Madurai.

Instead of staying in the Crew Hotel and turning up to operate the flight once the protests in Madurai were over, Capt. De Alwis had looked at all options to get the crew to the airport to operate their flight back.

This meant that the crew transport provider was forced to take a dirt road and shove the Stewardesses and Pilots through a fence which borders the airport.

Whilst access to the airport should be entered through the proper channels the former Air Force Wing Commander and now Captain of SriLankan Airlines took a decision to penetrate the Madurai Airport defenses instead.

His job usually is to enter the airport through the proper legal channels to gain access to the aircraft and not through any illegal means.(By Janaka Ranaweera)

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