22 May, 2022


SriLankan Airlines: Chair – Men Play Musical Chairs

In a unique first, SriLankan Airlines the island’s national carrier had three different Chairmen occupying the airline’s hottest seat in three consecutive days, when G.S. Vithanage, the Secretary to the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation was appointed as the Chairman of the SriLankan Airlines on the 13th of November 2018 and announced yesterday.

Kapila Chandrasena

It is however still to be established if a fourth Chairman would be appointed after the parliamentary sessions conclude today.

Ranjith Fernando, a veteran banker and a public servant who was the appointed Chairman till the 11th of November 2018, was ousted by the current fake Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was recently illegally appointed as Premier of the nation by President Maithripala Sirisena.

In a shocking announcement Dalrene Thirukumar the Head of Corporate Secretarial Services/Company Secretary (Company Secretary’s Dept) | SriLankan Airlines, sent an email much to the chagrin of all staff on the 13th of November 2018, announcing that Kapila Chandrasena the former CEO during the previous Rajapaksa led regime, was appointed as the Chairman effective 12th November 2018.

However the earlier day’s disappointment of the airline’s staff turned into joy the following day, when Dalrene Thirukumar issued a second email announcing that the former CEO Kapila Chandrasena’s appointment was cancelled and that G.S. Vithanage was appointed instead.

Chandrasena who is currently being investigated for massive acts of fraud and corruption by the ongoing Presidential Commission of Inquiry technically became the shortest serving Chairman of SriLankan Airlines, occupying the seat for less than 24 hours.

Several employees of SriLankan Airlines including Dalrene Thirukumar herself had earlier testified against the former CEO Kapila Chandrasena for serious acts of fraud, corruption committed and especially for plunging the airline into billions of rupees in losses.

Earlier in 2015, Lawyer J.C. Weliamuna who was entrusted to investigate the airline for acts of fraud and corruption recommended that the former CEO Chandrasena be prosecuted for his alleged crimes committed prior to being ousted from his post.

Dalrene Thirukumar’s email sent to all staff of the airline sent at 09:46 am yesterday read “I am pleased to inform you that Mr. G. S. Withanage/Secretary of the Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation has been nominated and appointed to the post of Chairman and as a member of the Board of SriLankan Airlines Limited effective 13th November 2018. The appointment of Mr. Kapila Chandrasena as Chairman and as a Board member is hereby cancelled”

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    The Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) into Sri Lankan Airlines took us to the tip of a massive iceberg. Some interested group is worried about the iceberg melting and letting out frozen brazen lies! Perhaps this was a reason for our present ‘happenings’ happening

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    MS, if you could this airline , we the tax payers will be happy.

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    The appointment of Kapila Chandrasena as Chairman of Srilankan Airlines by Mahinder Rajapakse soon after being appointed as Prime Minister gives a clear signal to the general public that he still resorts to appointing people who are corrupt and insufficient. He has not changed at all and will continue to do the same if not worse if he wins the General Elections next year and forms a government. I wont be surprised if he appoints his brother in law Nishatha Wicremasinghe once again as Chairman on the insistence of his wife and quash the findings of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Srilankan Airlines. Srilankan will sink further and until then will function at the expense of poor citizens of Sri lanka’s expense. Educated and efficient persons will never be given under his administration. Pathetic situation in Sri Lanka

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    It IsRanil who appoints chairman. It is Weli amuna like Yahapalana loving professionals who write these things. He did not talk about how Ranil is destroying the Airline.

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    what a comedy has this been.3 Chairmen in 3 days, a world record for an Airline perhaps.

    Now that Mr.Vithanage is the Chairman(as of date) would he seek the assistance of his friend whom he once promoted as the Acting CEO of Mihin to turnaround the Airline ? I am sure most of UL staff would welcome the idea

    SriLankan is simply moving from frying pan to the fire

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    I hate SriLankan airlines even though I like most things that are from the country. SriLankan airlines is always late, looses baggage way too frequently and the girls provide no customer happiness.

    The last time I travelled SriLankan I decided it would be the last and never travel unless there were drastic changes to their policies. When I travelled UL the last time, I was in Business class. I asked for “Love cake” from one of the stewardesses who was very beautfiull. She bluntly said “sorry Sir we don’t serve that”. Then I asked for a meat pie to which again she declined. Finally, I asked for a muffin and she served it. Then I said I wanted butter the muffin and she rudely said “sorry Sir you cannot do that on an airplane”.

    Gone are the days, when we were able to fly the old Air Lanka, and handover our phone number to one of the working girls and she would call us when we landed and from there everything else was just formality.

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      Lieut Shamal Perera rtd cabin crew is not there to provide customer happiness, their mail role is to ensure safety of passengers. Secondly they serve the meals set out in the menu. What do you imply by saying, I asked for love cake from a beautiful stewardess”. I can,t recall love cake being on any of the Sri Lankan Airline menus. The arcraft is not a restaurant, it carries only items which are in the menu or items requested when booking your ticket. With your remark about giving your phone number to whom you refer as “the working girls”, I doubt if you have ever flown in an aircraft.
      For your information Sri Lankan Airlines won the Award for the Most punctual Airline in Asia. Suggest you go eleswheer to find customer happiness.

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    Ms. Dalrene Thirukumar: Can you please tell us : Who told you to send that e mail on 13th November and announce the appointment of Mr. Kapila Chndrasen as the Chairman. Thank you.

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    Rtd. Lt. Reginald, she had all of it but you may not have been suitable.
    You travelled in Business Class once and behaved like a Jack in the Box.
    You can not do that BUT it was once for fun. So its OK.

    get back to the rear of the Economy Class and you get all that and more.
    Wrong place at the wrong time for love cake, meat pies and buttered muffins.

    Business class is not not Perera & Sons for it to have what you want.

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      Thanks for the advice. But I don’t travel 3rd class (glorified as “economy class”) because of the smell emanating from other passengers.

      I once had to travel 3rd class when my sister died of cancer and had to attend the funeral. But decided never to travel in that cattle car again.

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        What??? Is this a joke??

        We haven’t got a chairman for tomorrow. Wouldn’t you like to apply? You could ban all “cattle” from the aircrafts and make it first class travel only.

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    Kapika again? MR is such a stupid person or a born thief to appoint a such a kamba thief to Sri Lankan. This man has nearly 16 files being investigated on president’s commission. Cargo Mahin Lanka per kilo rate with self protection, GSA appointments in the FarEast and DUBAI also Seychelles, without tender board approval, Systems MIS, and in other revenue systems, giving out internet booking engine to a third party for 10%( Helocorp of Namal later) airctraft deals and even company secretory gave evidence against this cheap digit, Mahinda is so dumb to appoint this thief again. He lost because of these these digits

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    I wonder what the salary will be for that one day.

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    So here we go again when an MR man comes on the old newsfeeders come out of the woods. Never spoke bad about Suren, Ajith and the lot and their huge losses or the cancellation fraud. Are some new high seats at UL feeling the heat.? Don’t worry RW will be back and all will be silent. After all the main delamakers braught onto the board still remain.

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    The only requirement for the Rajapakse family is blind loyalty. As long as you are loyal you are protected. All mistakes are forgiven.

    K.Pillai is correct – too much is being exposed. I fully expect the current investigation to be stopped shortly.

    HHR Pradeepa will keep his job – as will the rest of the vile human excrement that infests SriLankan Airlines like a cancer.

    Maybe Druvi will return as CEO this time.

    The sad truth is that SriLankan is bankrupt and has no way to meet its financial obligations which are at least U$2 Billion with and additional U$1 Billion+ in losses.

    The only thing that is 100% certain is that the people of Sri Lanka get shafted once again.

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    All the talking….not a single person revealed a criminal or fraudulent act, they are aware of.

    That’s just the Air Lanka way. All fart, no shit! Allows the rogues to continue stealing, as long as MY pocket gets a few coins.

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