19 May, 2022


SriLankan Airlines: Pilots Vote ‘Yes’ For Industrial Action

Members of the Airline Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka have voted in favour of going in for industrial action if their request for a meeting with their Chairman, Board of Directors and Minister of Public Enterprise regarding the alleged “Unacceptable conduct of the Senior Management” is not been granted.

Chairman Ajith Dias

The vote ending yesterday was agreed to be conducted through SMS by its members when they met on the 16th of February 2017 at an emergency meeting.

Among the items that were discussed during the emergency meeting was the questionable existence of its present CEO Capt. Suren Ratwatte and Head of Human Resources Pradeepa Kekulawala.

A paragraph under this point for discussion sent in by the Secretary of the Pilots Guild Capt. Udayanga Stephen read “We firmly believe that the present CEO and HHR are incompetent, have personal agendas and have no concern about the welfare of the staff, the wellbeing of the organization and the continuity of either. During tough times, it is difficult to handle situations, but their pure lack of professionalism, repeated demonstration of their inability to handle pressure and the lack of proper direction make us believe that we should be active in our role to protect our organization and ourselves.

The Secretary of the Pilots Guild sent out an email immediately after the emergency meeting which read:

Dear Member,

As per the request of the members present at the EOGM held on 16th February 2017 (Present 69, Proxies 75) it was decided to put the following proposed course of action for a vote by the membership:

Proposed course of action

The Guild is to request for a meeting with the Chairman, Board of Directors and Minister of Public Enterprise regarding “Unacceptable conduct of the Senior Management”

If this request is not met within seven days (7) the Guild would go for Industrial Action.

We are conducting a SMS vote on the above matter

If you agree to the above proposed course of action type                YES

If you don’t agree to the above proposed course of action type        NO

Please send the reply to the Guild Mobile Number – 077xxxxxxx on or before 18thFebruary 2017, 2359hrs. (Local Time)

Capt. Udayanga Stephen

Secretary ALPGSL

Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that the Executive Committee of the ALPGSL who took over office late last year, abolished an existing Industrial Action that was in effect as act of goodwill. This was in their hope that they could amicably iron out any differences with the airline’s Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors through open dialogue.

However since of late the Chairman Ajith Dias has distanced himself from the ALPGSL and maintains his stance of not responding to any official correspondence initiated by the Pilots Guild. (Janaka Ranaweera)


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  • 17

    Sri Lankan has been run down to the dogs by successive governments and yahapalanaya govt is no different.

    Successive boards have been incompetent and no none is held responsible.

    Tax payers are funding a sinking ship for many years.

  • 12

    For the benefit of the ordinary citizens better shut this entity rather than strike.

    It’s too costly to keep ypur jobs.yoy guys got personal agendas the last king messed up the working ethics.

    These pilots are not different to the doctors ransacks whole system.

    People don’t have sympathy with you all,

    Farmers face draught,no pure drinking water,rice price is rocketing Faster than you lot take your flight to the sky.

    Then keep you all in 5 star hotels and the ordinary bear ypur costs.

    Lucky still got the job with good perks like the wirst class doctors.

  • 0

    If SL air lines is this fked up, how come they got the good designation from a Chinese magazine. WAs it just a paid advertisement ?

    • 2

      These awards are a major hogwash. Been in the industry long enough to know how these are created and awarded.
      Airlines use these to advertise in the hope of encouraging future travelers to try them out.
      Check the source, most of the time you would be hearing about them for the first time like the award itself.
      Reputed ones like Skytrax and AOG would not touch SriLankan Airlines with a bargepole.

      • 0

        “Reputed ones like Skytrax and….”

        You may be (are) mistaken:

        Sri Lankan scores a fairly respectable 7 on a 10-point scale at Skytrax

  • 4

    Where is Mr. Waliamuna these days? COPE must investigate that Rs. 3 million he “stole” from the Government to produce a “Report” on SriLankan. According to the present Chairman Mr. Ajith, the findings in that report were not “credible ” and his (Chairman’s) reporting has been accepted by the Ministerial Sub Committee overlooking the affairs of the airline. That Rs. 3 million must be recovered. If not the Government must take suitable action on its recommendations.

  • 1

    Good question. Where is that ethical practices and good governance champion Weliamuna ? Took the money and ran away like all good lawyers of this blessed country never to be heard of or seen on TV again ?! Pathetic
    All staff at the once ‘A taste of paradise’ is having huge issues with an insensitive and stupid bunch of so called top managers. That’s a well known fact within. Only the Pilots Guild and the FAU (cabin crew union) has the collective support to show their grievances in this manner and they have a right to do so.
    The government should’ve declared bankruptcy two years ago and sealed the drain on its resources. That would’ve saved the country and its people having to handle the debt burden created by the previous governments (from its inception). Mihin Air could’ve been rebranded and flown to all destinations. It’s crew was much better in many ways than one. But Ranil wants rougues and friends to run or buy it. It’s pretty obvious

  • 0

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  • 3

    Like all other government appointments, Prime Minister (now Dr) Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed his buddy Ajith Perera as Chairman and
    Suren Ratwatte, the brother of his buddy Charitha Ratwatte as CEO.
    Both are novices and cannot run an airline.

    The reason why they cannot take action on the Weliamuna report is
    because Aravinda de Silva is a director of Ajith Dias’ Coffe Bean
    outlets. Aravinda’s brother in law is Kapila Chandrasena, the one time
    CEO of Srilankan who is richer because of the national carrier.

    Ajith Dias’ only qualification for becoming the Chairman is because
    he collected money for the UNP for the election campaign. He had close
    Access to a businessman who gave him millions. This businessman is not
    a summa person. He now runs a business empire built on bribery and

    That is the Yahapalana government. Like robbing the Central Bank, Prime
    Minister Wickremesinghe is robbing the entire nation through his gay
    and not so gay friends. That is the truth.

    But he talks big. He now wants to have a conference to stop sea
    piracy. What does he not stop the piracy of his ministers like Malik,
    Kiriella and Wijeyadasa Rajapaksha?

  • 1

    A Pilot cannot necessarily be a good manager of an Airline. From what I have gathered, Rathwatte was given the CEO Post because of his experience as a Pilot. Could political influence have played a part in this man securing the job?

  • 0

    RW’s Royal college buddies have well and truly run down the national carrier to the ground; it is a disgrace. They have resorted to harassing the critiques of the yahapalanaya lately. On 15th February I was traveling to Colombo from Singapore on UL 303 and was dealt a raw deal by Sri Lanakan. Someone may have given the tip and they served an empty lunch packet for me. This must have happened for the first time aviation history. The stewardress was an old Burger woman and I saw her transfer the empty container to the tray she was serving me. It couldn’t have been a mistake as the empty container was quite light and she is supposed to have five years of experience, After that they all came and started apologizing asked me whether to bring another one. As I knew the shape of things to come I flatly refused any thing. Not only that when we rose to get out of the plane an old hack of a woman who would have been a former toilet cleaner found her way to ahead of me and started taking selfies to include my face as well.

    Well done Royal Buddies. You have been chosen as the best airline of South Asia by ‘Kondey bandapu …’ when actually you are in dire straights and utterly disorganized.

    Please know that I am one of those who campaigned to bring you all to power in various forums.

    • 0

      Gosh ! How Awful ! Poor You ! I know how gut-wrenching it is to miss a delicious SL Catering meal on a 4 hour flight !

      Someone in Sri Lanka was able to isolated YOU, en-route, amidst 150+ other passengers (assuming you were on the A320) and 300 meals and drinks and served you an empty container !!

      Your sin must have been great indeed ! I bet technology and organizational skills required to deprive you of your sandwich in mid-air is probably not possessed by the Great Powers !

      How about the can of coca cola ? Was it empty when you opened it ?

      Were you drinking anything else before your food mysteriously evaporated ? Was that also mysteriously empty when you looked at it ?

  • 1

    GOSL should apologize to Peter Hill and put him back as the CEO of Sri Lankan on his terms if he is prepared to accept it.

    • 2

      Oh this is hilarious.Bring back Peter Hill ? to do what.(to run a pub perhaps)

  • 1


    Comments like this in a well read website on the day of award to PM must be the reason:

    22 Responses to “Sri Lankan PM to receive doctorate award”

    aloy Says:
    February 13th, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    All those who receive doctorates either write a thesis or make significant contribution to the field he served. Perhaps RW should write one on ‘The art of the DEAL’ in bond issue or the ‘The art of politics’ explaining how he remained leader of his party though he did not win in 27 consecutive elections.

    Ever seen a regular fliers seemingly known to airline crew taking selfies on a plane when people alighting after worming the way and standing in front of me?.

    Have a nice maalumiris kind courtesy of Sri lankan, my friend!.

  • 0

    Aloy – Why worry about a thesis. His thesis are his
    qualifications – a devious manipulator who will never
    ever allow another challenger to come up to his position.
    He cut Karu Jayasuriya. He cut Sajith Premadasa. Only
    his affectionate cronies are tolerated. He is known to
    doctor and engineer newspaper accounts against anyone trying to
    outshine him. Media in the US are talking to psychiatrists about
    Donald Trump’s condition. Here, the media cannot do that. But
    RW should see a psychiatrist. He has an acute mental disorder
    and feels insecure all the time. That is why he is running
    a parallel government through a cabinet sub committee on the
    economy. Sirisena cannot see through this. What a damn shame
    to a lovely country.

    What people don’t realise is this – Why was RW not selected to
    contest the January 2015 presidential elections. Why did they
    bring Sirisena? Those who were behind, both Sri Lankans and
    outsiders, knew he is not marketable commodity. He is a sick man
    who needs medical care before he lands Sri Lanka in a huge economic

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