30 June, 2022


SriLankan Pilot ‘Mentally Down’ After Sex-Selfie Video Goes Viral; Passenger Safety Compromised

A SriLankan Airlines‘ pilot self made porn star style selfie video currently going viral on the internet could have serious repercussions to flight and passenger safety.

srilankan-airlines-porn-videoAn aviation expert speaking to Colombo Telegraph said: “A full analysis of the co-pilot’s mental state needs to be evaluated. There are many questions that require to be answered by him. If in the event a third party had posted this video, then there will be embarrassment attached to it. Who knows, like the famous German Wings pilot he may decide to take some drastic measures when he is up there in the sky with many innocent lives on board. It is recommended that he is grounded immediately.”

A close friend and colleague of the pilot speaking on condition of anonymity said “His current mental state is at a very low ebb after his wife got to know about this episode. He is currently in hiding after arriving from his last flight as his father-in-law and other relatives are looking for him”.

Two porn star style selfie videos engaging staff of SriLankan Airlines one performing a sexual act and another where a Flight Stewardess is explicitly exposing her body in full are currently going viral over the internet.

The two videos made separately exposes the co-pilot who reported his commander Capt. Upendra Ranaweera for being drunk in Frankfurt recently. In that particular video the co-pilot is filmed engaging in a sexual act with a fellow female SriLankan airlines’ staff. Colleagues of the Flight Stewardess speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed to Colombo Telegraph that she had made the video exclusively for her boy friend’s viewing pleasure.

The Flight Stewardess who is shown earlier in the video accepting a certificate in full uniform from SriLankan Airlines Head of Service Delivery Chanaka Olagama, tendered her resignation recently the moment the video clip started going viral.

All efforts to contact the Human Resources Department for a quote on this incident proved futile.

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Latest comments

  • 3

    Karma- what you give you get in equal force
    Co pilot is getting back with full force. Why ?
    1- I t is not German who first initiated ( not the German as he declare) anything but the co-pilot hungry for promotion and to overtake his boss since student days. Not legitimately but by …
    2- Up to this day no details of report of the Breathalyser test is given to any
    3- The lab is not accredited by UL nor DC
    4- Procedure was wrong
    5- Why the media blitz worldwide when it is banned as a rule by UL
    6- This is one side while UL continue to issue contradicting statements to media Captain Upendra kept away silently. Never has he given a chance to defend

    7- Captain Upendra 16000 hours of flaw less flying indeed an asset to the nation and Sri Lanka added with absolute loyalty to Sri Lanka and the nation at larger ,proven by the fact he did not take part nor succumb to the head hunting exercise carried by other air lines.
    A questionable courageof co-pilot not sincere,not for the benefit of the airline but for , self-benefit of seeking promotion as seen confirmed by
    -this copilot was featured I Weliamuna commission as part of …….in Evidence given by captain Upendra

    BUT THE MOTIVE WAS QUESTIONABLE. BESIDE WHY AND HOW DID HE MANGE A WORLD WIDE MEDIA BLITZ BREAKING THE COMPANY RULE –NO MEDIA. Before sri lanka air line pilots like the one currently under investigations Captain Jayasekera THERE WAS not an ounce of media reporting. That’s the way in all air lines DO as this KIND OF media blitz is destructive to the air line business and credit to co pilot who is desperately trying to move up the ladder. Since first report so many contradicting stamen have been made by so many spokesmen. Reflecting the poor culture of the Air Line.
    IT IS co-pilot going to town pawning Capt. Upendra ,supported by high up flight manager in Colombo who was also featured in weliamuna report. Now he is getting back with equal or more force about his episodes with in flight stewardess that is on air going viral.
    Captain Upendra morally exemplary a responsible husband a responsible father and son who care for ailing 80 year old mother and ailing 85 year old Nandamma.
    One would not expected this from normal male in today’s world .Besides how many have risen from steward to captain on the way holding many other post is sri Lankan airline with flaw less 16000 flying hours.
    Wait for the dirty linen when the victim start seeking compensation in millions for damaging irrevocably by irresponsible media reporting by UL a– fine reputation even before conviction.-Captain Upendra 16000 hours of flaw less flying with UL

    • 19

      if the guy was intoxicated with alcohol consumption then he deserves the cchop. no ifs no uts. whether he has done 16000 or million hours does not come into the equation. it is like saying that the rajapakses should go sot free of any crimes committed because they were instrumental in winning the war against LTTE.
      you commit a crime you pay the penalty. period

    • 5

      Some how Sri lankan airlines employees have serious discipline problems. If it is the Trade Union that makes Airline unprofitable and peoples are not professionals but jusr perverts, whores, drunkards … some one should take action if not the airline should be sold out.

      The best option is ban the Trade union and make them disciplined – professionals.

  • 0

    It is high time that we explore the possibilities of either modifying or completely do away with the abhorrent rewards heme.. According to unconfirmed sources that the every year rewards had been much more than what was earned by the state and the revenue earned by custom Officers is not subject to income tax! Though the scheme aims to influence officers to crack down the defaulters it would be ridiculous when the scheme results in a situation where the earnings of officers responsible in implementation surpass the government earnings. It would be absurd to continue this scheme which is manipulated by customs offices using the criminal liability under the law for their personal corrupt practices. The end result seems that custom offices either receive bribes or impose takes a share the reward!!This has to be abated.
    I recall Ranil W when he was the prime Minster in 2004 had the idea of creating a” Revenue Collection Authority” bringing Customs, Inland Revenue and Excise . However this was shelved due to opposition of trade unions and also his office was short lived to see the light of implementation of his idea.
    We don’t know whether this was the revival of the same idea or a modified version of it since the laws are being drafted in close-doors by “experts”.
    What we the general public gathers unofficially is that the proposed “new Act” consolidates all previous amendments so far made to Customs Ordinance and also modifies the system of penalties and rewards etc. No wonder why the Custom Officers are up in arms against the changes.
    We are yet to see whether the perennial sensitive issues surrounding custom administration are changed in line with the International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures simplifying customs procedures to facilitate trade, transparency etc and in recognition of the approach in WTO would be adequately addressed in this new Act or whether the exercise would succumbed to pressures of privileged set of corrupt rouges.
    H.K. Seneviratne

  • 7

    This is the airline that won so many awards for inflight services and
    punctuality and on few times became the best airline in Asia during Capt. Wicramanayake’s period as Chairman. We should ask the question what the hell is going on in this airline these days like what Donald
    Trump asked the Americans recently quote ‘what the hell is going in
    this country’

    • 0

      May be now it might be in line also for the award as best place to work in with benefits like no other.

  • 3

    This co-pilot had been having a notorious character at Sri Lankan Airlines, he is the Assistant Secretary of the Airline Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka and he clearly wanted to go climb up fast in the airline for positions by gossiping and acting against Captain Upendra.

    The co-pilot Nuwan is said to have had sex with a senior old aged mature staff member of the Airline and shot this selfie video and after this got leaked out he is now to be facing loss of all dowry he got from wife – a nearly Rs. 50 million worth house he got from his father in-law ( A Land which was formerly owned by UNP MP former Minister Wijepala Mendis in Negombo which is later bought by Nuwan’s father in Law) facing Mirigama Road. According to some close officials of the airline Nuwan has tarnished father-in-law’s corporate image and brand in Sri Lanka, because father in law is supposed to be next possible Chairman of country’s largest conglomerate – CIC owned by billionaire Rusi Captain. Father in Law is already a senior Director of CIC and married to former CIC longest Chairman B.R.L. Fernando’s niece which paved the way to co-pilot’s father in law to join CIC group many years ago and climb up the ladder.

    The co-pilot Nuwan facing all these had gone missing according to reports. Some say father in law whose very religious and a person of repute is searching for Nuwan’s as co-pilot Nuwan had committed unethical adultery act.

  • 10

    As someone who has a number of friends from the airline from 1979 onwards, I am shocked at the level to which some colleagues of both pilots- Nuwan and Upendra have sunk to. In Nuwan’s case this selfie video, dragging his wife, father-in-law etc in Upendra’s case dragging about his alleged drink problem, dragging his son too.

    Do we really see people writing and commenting about these two doing it to better the airline or do they do it in the interest of our safety. I think NO ! I see this forum has become a place to make personal attacks by some of their own colleagues with twisted minds.

    This type of articles and comments are unsavoury, not in the interest of the Colombo telegraph site that is read by many for alternative view points and articles of national interest and used by many for informed comment, dignified debate and a little humour.

    Perhaps its time Uvindu K makes a statement saying no more airing Sri Lankan Airline’s laundry and takes them off the site. Also use comment moderation to take off libellous personal comments of bad taste

    Finally for those of you who kept asking for a link to the selfie video- shame on you, are we Sri Lankan’s so frustrated and desperate to see such. Shame, shame, shame

    Enough is enough NOW

  • 1

    I want to know how many times did the CT editor watch this clip in order to authenticate it and how many investigative hours it took scouring every single porn site to recover this material? I want to also ask this intrepid reporter after all of this was it worth all this effort?

  • 3

    Having sex is not a big deal. We all came into this world and talk big and stand tall, all due to sexual acts that were committed. All engage in sex and sometimes not with their husbands or wives either. Having sex in the plane is not a big deal either. A lot of people do it albeit discreetly.

    But an airline pilot or co pilot engaging in sex when flying a plane is not done and downright dangerous. There are a lot of passenger lives at stake. If pilots or stewardesses are unable to control their libido then they should never be allowed to fly a plane or navigate a ship or for that matter drive a car either.

    However it looks like we are witnessing the age old Sinhala Buddhist pastime of taking revenge and tarnishing images. This is Nuwan’s punishment for exposing the drunken pilot Upendra Ranaweera.

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