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‘Stand Up In One Voice Against The Move Towards A Lawless, Intolerant, Authoritarian Regime’ – LfD

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“The attack on the residence of the President of the Bar Association, Presidents’ Counsel and Member of Parliament Wijedasa Rajapakse is obviously intended to send a message to lawyers that even lawyers are subject to attacks by goons if they stand in the way of a governments’ plans.” says Convener Lawyers for Democracy.

Lal Wijenayaka -Convener LfD

Issuing a statement its Convener Lal Wijenayake says;First the attack was on university students, then on journalists, civil society activists, academics and now on lawyers.  While we, ‘Lawyers for Democracy’ condemns this dastardly act, it is time for all sections of society to realize that it is a matter of a time for each of them to be subject to the same treatment.”

‘Lawyers for Democracy’ calls upon all civil society organizations to come together and stand up in one voice against the move towards a lawless, intolerant, authoritarian regime.

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