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State Media’s Rajpal Now Calls Bathuideen Worse Than A Pig – Apologizes To Pigs

Following his recent rant of calling Minister Rishard Bathuideen a ‘pig’ for pledging support to the common opposition candidate, Maithreepala Sirisena, State Media’ Rajpal Abeynayake has now apologized to pigs for the comment.


In his latest tweet Abeynayake says “Come to think of it I shouldn’t hav called Badiudeen a pig fr crossing over with da MP given his post da other day.My apologies to all pigs.”

Abeynayake is a trusted confidant of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and has been handpicked to by him to be the editor of the State Media’s flagship newspaper the Daily News. It is widely believed that Abeynayake expresses the sentiments of the President, especially in his anti-minority and anti-Indian editorials. Immediately after the Aluthgama attacks against Muslims which left at least three civilians dead, Abeynayake justified the attack by extremists Sinhala mobs, who he claimed were provoked by the minority community.

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