18 April, 2024


“STOP – The Unfinished War Against Tamils”

By Ted Orlin and Paul Newman

Prof. Ted Orlin

Prof. Ted Orlin

As recent reports of the maltreatment of the young Tamil girls recruited into the exclusively Sinhala army make headlines, attention to the long and systematic use of sexual violence and abuse draws attention at the 25thsession of the UNHuman Rights Council (HRC). Amnesty International organized a well-attended side event entitled, ‘An unfinished war: Torture and sexual violence in Sri Lanka from 2009-2014’. The principal presenter was the prominent women’s rights activist Ms.Yasmin Sooka, who leads the International Truth and Justice Project, the report’s publisher. Ms. Sooka brings to the project long experience and an impeccable reputation having been a member and contributor to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa as well as the Ivory Coast.

This presentation by Ms. Sooka was based on a research project of 40 Tamils, 20 men and 20 women,who were subject to rape and torture, by the Sri Lankan armed forces. It confirmed a long existing pattern with these abuses having their origin in the horrific times of the JVP insurrection, later the perpetrators enjoyed high posts in the uniformed services. The culture of impunity in the governmental forces was apparent then, and is, as highlighted by this report, a recurring problem that persists. In all these 40 cases the victims managed to leave Sri Lanka and an overwhelming majority of them are now in the UK allowing this research to be done and to be made public.

Ms. Sooka spoke to those attending the HRC meeting, who are concerned about the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka. The results gave ample evidence that these practices are not ancient, but reflect the present tragedy of human rights violations in Sri Lanka.  The report is confined to Post War Sri Lanka, noting that these violations continue beyond the formal cessation of the war. Of the 40 cases examined an overwhelming 21 cases of violations were reported between 2013 and 2014, one as late as February 2014; 15 cases in 2011-2012, 4 cases in 2009-2010. It is not known how many were victims of this brutal savagery in the Manik farm camps in the years from 2009 to 2012. All the victims are 20 to 35 in age and come from the North and East of Sri Lanka.

Part of the intent of examining these 40 victims was to establish whether the many allegations of sexual abuse and torture were credible or not. 9 investigators, some from Asia questioned these victims and obtained 38 sworn statements supported by medico-legal reports. All these findings confirmed that the victims were subject to rape and torture by the security forces. It must be noted Sri Lanka is a signatory to the Convention against Torture (CAT) and ‘torture’ is prohibited by International Law. By this Convention there is ‘no justification,  under any circumstance’ to use torture, but it continues unabated in Sri Lanka, even after the war is formally ended. Torture, as was repeatedly noted at the session, is an international crime subject to universal jurisdiction. In the recent past torturers have been tried, convicted and punished by both international and domestic courts. International law does not respect the impunity of any person, either government officials or members of the military for any act of torture.

Of the 40, 32 victims were abducted and taken in a ‘white van’ and the rest, 8 of them, were abducted by those in by either cars or jeeps. All the victims were blindfolded and did not know their destinations. None of them were shown arrest warrants. Interrogations were done by both men and women. They were all forced to give confessions as to their participation or membership in the LTTE.

33 of them were fingerprinted and photographed. All of them were forced to sign statements in Sinhala, an alien language to them or on blank papers, confessing that they were associated with the LTTE. Many were even sent to the rehabilitation camps and some after release were re-arrested.

35 of them had stated that they were tortured even after signing the confession papers. They were all released only after their families paid bribes to the abductors who wore governmental uniforms. 36 of them paid the bribes to the intermediaries, who included the EPDP and the Karuna group. 30 victims stated that the perpetrators revealed their faces.

The pattern of torture included flogging using plastic pipes filled with sand and cement, iron bars, cricket wickets, batons, cable, stripped electric wires.

20 victims were burnt with cigarettes, 20 were beaten with pipes, 26 were forced into polythene bags containing petrol and/orchilies, 28 were subjected to water torture, 19 of them were hung upside down. All 40 of them were beaten, kicked and slapped.

Of the 20 women, 17 were raped vaginally and anally, 12 men were raped anally and 21 had to engage in forced oral sex, 30 were injured and rendered unconscious, 16 were gang raped.

19 of them admitted to have attempted suicide. After release these people were handed over to the family members and amazingly they were provided travel documents and allowed to leave Sri Lanka. Some of them reached India by boat and then reached the UK. Some went to Colombo and then travelled to UK with unhindered access attesting that the immigration authorities took part in this unholy nexus.

90% of them admitted that they worked for the LTTE at lower levels, with little authority, in such positions as messengers or couriers. 90% of them had left LTTE before the final war began in 2007. Some of them were forcibly recruited into the LTTE with their families supporting or were members of the LTTE.

The investigation revealed that the perpetrators included members of the defense forces, Special Task Force, CID, TID, Police, military intelligence, immigration officials, EPDP and the Karuna group.

YasminSooka pointed out that Sri Lanka is a signatory to pertinent international instruments including, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the Convention against Torture (CAT), Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) as well as the International Covenant on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), all of which prohibit torture and protect the rights of all the victims without discrimination. The fact that victims were exclusively Tamil compounds the violations as being discriminatory based on ethnicity.

Sri Lanka as a signatory of these International Instruments is obliged to investigate these acts, pay compensation to the victims and bring the perpetrators to justice providing remedies to the victims. It is an obligation demanded of Sri Lanka when it signed and or ratified these International Instruments and continues subject to review by international monitoring bodies.

In the post war situation Sri Lanka has developed an extensive surveillance and intelligence system. As a result when diaspora Tamils return to Sri Lanka to meet family members they are easily targeted and have become victims of abductions, arbitrary detentions, torture and sexual violence. Even after nearly five years after ending the war, Sri Lanka regards every Tamil in the North and East as a potential LTTE suspect. Its practices are neither consistent with the government claims of reconciliation or its assertions as to the respect for human rights.

These patterns of torture and sexual violence are linked with compelling confessions, inducing a deep trauma with the aim of breaking down those who are tortured, dehumanize them and their families. This is aided by the state backed policies of Sinhalisation and militarization of the Tamil areas as the whole logistical support and finances for these practices comes from the state.

The failure of the state to stop crimes against humanity by its agents and to address the claims of victims, leads to and encourages further attacks. The Government of Sri Lankan continues this new round of war to prevent the Tamils from seeking the protection of all their rights including pursuing their claims to increased autonomy.  Simply, Tamil ‘dignity’ and equal protection of human rights are being denied.

For its recommendations the report urges:

  • The implementation of a zero tolerance policy towards sexual violence by the UN and its bodies
  • It calls upon the Secretary General of the United Nations to refer the reports of sexual abuse and torture to the Security Council with the intent of ultimately referring the claims of criminal behaviour to the International Criminal Court.
  • The Secretary General is requested to establish a Commission of Inquiry to inquire into rape and sexual violence.
  • The Special Rapportuers and the Special Representatives should visit Sri Lanka and conduct an inquiry into all allegations of sexual abuse and torture.
  • Consideration should be given to bar Sri Lankan forces from being part of UN peace keeping operations until it is determined that their presence would not threaten the legitimacy of UN principles
  • The call for and the pursuit of a European Union wide study to examine those who returned to Sri Lanka as todetermine whether they were sexually abused or tortured during their stay
  • The international donors who funded the post war rehabilitation projects are requested to do an audit of what happened in the camps
  • The Diaspora is urged to address the shame and the issues of stigma surrounding these victims.
  • There is a call for protecting the witnesses as this may lead to victimization of their family members.

The final appeal is to STOP – Torture and Rape in Sri Lanka. These practices are not isolated events, they are systemic and reflect a pattern of abuse that is conducted and/or condoned by the government and its agents. The message of this report, coupled with the ample evidence of other sources, is that all those committed to human rights are obliged to speak out and support action to cease these abhorrentand illegal practices.

The foreword for this report is written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu who says, ‘My deepest hope is that the cycle of revenge will be broken. In order for this to happen, the International community must intervene. It is imperative to pierce the skein of impunity that surrounds Sri Lanka – an island where the war is clearly not yet over.”

For the full report kindly click here

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  • 10

    Restart the unfinished war on Tamils.

    It was not fought to a finish the last time.

    • 12

      Fat Fuk guard your utterance please. You need medical attention for your mental illness early as possible.

      • 2


        Fathima Fukushima = Lorenzo = Jim Softy = i am no muslim = mechanic = leela = other Avtars,

        Still, all these Avtars are Paras. Para-Sinhala pr Para- Tamil.

        Proof: Check their DNA. It will show that AL are Kalla-Thonis, Oora-Oru or Illegal Boats People from South India.

        There is ample data in support of the above Paras origins.

        Please go back to your Native Land, Paras.

      • 6

        GSL hires mediocre PR firms,
        LTTE rump hires scholars who don’t know
        what they’re talking about.

        • 2

          Kutti Machan

          “GSL hires mediocre PR firms, LTTE rump hires scholars who don’t know what they’re talking about.”

          What does it show?

          Both GOSL representing Sinhala/Buddhists and LTTE rump the Tamils are stupid just like you.

          What are you going to do about it?

          • 4

            Stupid Vedda

            Don’t cover your eyes
            with the thing
            that is supposed to
            cover your shortcoming –
            and then perhaps you
            might see the answer
            right in front of you.

    • 14

      You are right sister/brother. You are on war mood. you are on sex mood. You are on rape mood. You can’t stop raping women and children. You can’t stop torturing. You can’t stop murdering. This is the gene you Sinhala fundamentalists inherited from your ancestor Lion. What more?

      • 3

        Ajith, Its not the Sinhala Genes.
        You find these racists mad men in Tamils, Muslims and others.
        So lets not blame the whole community just because of one individual.

        kautilya, Medical attention wont help in any way for these chronic cases. All you need is a ‘pathok’ stem to insert right in his/hers & the mentors/masters rear. Probably that will cure them or send them to karapoppuwa. Either way we will have peace.

        • 0

          Correction – ‘You find few racists mad men in Sinhala,Tamil, Muslim and in others too’.

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          I am not referring to all Sinhalese. I specifically pointed the fingers on Sinhala “Fundamentalists” like the person who wants to finish Tamils. I have never noticed anyone said in this forum to finish Sinhalese.

  • 13

    Where is that “bent hurting” who argued relentlessly?
    Where is that KFC worm noel modayan to respond to this article?
    Where are these sinhala racists element defending war resulted in betterment of Tamils?

    I think only way to protect Tamils from this barbaric forces to internationally imposed polictical solution either federal or separation to the willingness of Tamils there..

    IC aka UN how long you will prolong this for mere geo-political interest?

    India so called country of ahimsa, what moral rights you have to preach democracy to world if you side with human rights abuser like these.

    • 1

      You should be more worried about the Muslims in your neighbour hoods if you do care about Human Rights.

      And ensure that Butcher from Gujarat doesn’t visit them.

      But then you lot couldn’t careless when your LTTE boss was taking care our our Srilankan Muslim brethren. Right….

      • 0

        “And ensure that Butcher from Gujarat doesn’t visit them. But then you lot couldn’t careless when your LTTE boss was taking care our our Srilankan Muslim brethren. Right….”

        More right would be, the Butcher from Gujarat to visit the quarter lion (Sinhabahu, Sinhasivali, Vijaya incest), quarter North Indian, half Tamil (Pandya princess and her friends) descendants in the South of Sri Lanka.

        If we believe in Mahawansa, let’s believe the lion-Tamil mixed blood too.

      • 3

        K.A Sumanasekera (Vellala)

        “And ensure that Butcher from Gujarat doesn’t visit them.”

        Many moons ago, a couple of amateur Sinhala/Buddhist historians confirmed in this forum that Sinhalese originated from Gujarat.

        Is it true?

        “But then you lot couldn’t careless when your LTTE boss was taking care our our Srilankan Muslim brethren. Right…. “

        It was just like Gota taking care of the Muslims now.

  • 8

    Where are the moderates, open up your cannons at this Prof. Ted Orlin? Is he a LTTE rump? Let me hear the chorus!

    There is no position called neutral, moderate or middle path: Your are either for truth, justice and civilization or against it.

    If you don’t stand for truth and justice, it may be your turn next, and nobody will speak for you.

  • 10

    All these reports are putting to shame all the intellectuals who support and prop up the despicable regime of the Rajapakses.

    R2P is now in order for the UN to protect Tamils from rape, torture and death.

  • 6

    Yasmin Sooka has catalogued a whole slew of human rights abuses. She needs to be commended for that effort.

    However, Paul Newman does not have a role in Sri Lanka and should not have a role. The Tamils of Sri Lanka who live in Sri Lanka need to determine their own agenda uninfluenced by extremists who live outside and whose interests are different! Paul Newman falls into the latter category!

  • 4

    Fat_Imam de Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) affilated to paramiltary Lanka.

    It is fought with fraught to help the 20 million decimate themselves as in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Alla pan balla! Ho Ho he he!

  • 10

    If many of the offences come under universal jurisdiction, why are Rajapakses namely Gothabaya and Basil who are Americans citizens, not
    being prosecuted?.
    Would the American Ambassador in Sri Lanka look into this and take action?.

    • 3

      “Would the American Ambassador in Sri Lanka look into this and take action?.

      Why are the “bhumiputra” in the US in small reserves and why do Americans carry guns??

      The American Ambassador has made a statement in SL a couple of months back that US would train the SL forces under any circumstance.

      Whom are the SL forces going to fight the Chinese or the Russians in the near future??

      The sanctions to be made against Russia are not going to be by US/UK because it is 2 costly but are expecting the EU which is reluctant- hypocrisy at its best.

      • 1


        “The sanctions to be made against Russia are not going to be by US/UK because it is 2 costly but are expecting the EU which is reluctant- hypocrisy at its best.”

        Remember, Iraq, and WMD? Remember the Catholic Church of the West?
        Hypocrisy and lying at its best.

        Christopher Hitchens Owns the Catholic Church (Extended Version


        Investigations On WMD Lies That Led To Iraq War- The curve Ball.


  • 9

    Prof Ted Orli & Paul Newman:

    We are grateful for your contribution and sexual violence and abuse is used by the Sri Lankan army not just for sexual pleasures but also as a weapon of Terror to subjugate the entire Tamil Population. This is nothing new as the brutal killing of Krishanthi epitomises the Tamil Struggle. Every day that passes under the control of the Barbaric Sinhala Army prolongs agony of the Tamils and destroys their lives in terms of lives lost and dignity compromised but the only Nation that helped Sri Lanka to get to a position of dominance adopts a softly softly approach.

    Despite this overwhelming evidence of the terrible atrocities GOSL headed by MR deny everything and paint a picture of propaganda by Tamils to tarnish the Country.
    The facial expression of Mr.Cameron and his utter disgust after meeting Mahintha spoke volumes.


    • 1

      English cricket commentators who are madly in love with the island and the southerners are going to love it.(^O^)

      It’s not a tradition in the continent so EU laws had to stop the UK parents from spanking their kids.

      • 0

        Some tard seems to be afraid of the light.so he thumbs down.
        I dont need to hang on streets protesting.
        Bear in mind they comment everywhere and i can get message to geoff boycott direct if need be.

  • 6

    Just to Add:

    People have had enough of this and that is why they served notice recently by killing two Police Officers in Kilinochi that this tupe of Crime will not go unpunished. What happened was that one evening two officers went to capture their preys and subject them to sexual violence but paid the ultimate price with their lives.
    But the army no doubt on the orders of Gotha turned the whole thing around and invented the story that there was a revival of LTTE and put out two names as wanted for terrorists activities. But the Tamils consider them as heroes and not as Terrorists.

    • 4

      You seems to be a good fiction writer like the other pro-terrorist diaspora!

      • 0

        for you guys:

        those who write them are just liars or NGO workers or just supporters of imperialitic forces that have been making every effort to stand on the way of Rajapakshe´s country development projects

        If everything is done as the SLGO reiterates, why should siginificant masses of those families in nothern areas continuously lie?

        Y day and today i happened to watch on going political debates on the youtube. Having watched them, I am now convinced how much of waste of bank loans are the case with the Rajapskse rule. Not even 10% of them have been used to all the highways, and the other projects. jvpers pose the question what happened to rest 90%.

        This upcoming PC elections will give them a clear message is what we hope at least this time. Go on accussing UNPrs and JVPers will not bring anything.

      • 2

        Nonsense :

        This is what MR and his cronies are saying. For them despite overwhelming evidence some from your own brothers from the battle front it is all a science fiction. That is why your own minister Hakeem said to Criminal MR you are trying to hide a Pumbkin in a plate of rice.
        But you idiot your time is up and you will be punsihed as soon as the Elections are over in India who are your masters.
        Have you noticed Gotha has been silenced after his two day visit to see the master.

  • 3

    At the moment both President Rajapakse and his Cabinet ministers are engaged in playing the roll of old “Andarae” during Kings reign.

    If you remember how Andarae and his son ate sugar at kings palace pretending his wife had died.

    Here’s the web story if you are not familier with it.

    http://www.sundayobserver.lk/2008/06/08/jun02.asp http://www.vijithayapa.com/pdesc.php?id=26345

    Looks like at the moment President Rajapakse is Playing the same old Andarae’s roll in our country and screwing it.

    By pretending and showing to the people and to the world that he is a patriot who is fighting against the revival of LTTE, MR and his family are again bring chaos to Sri Lanka while robbing it’s resources, spreading drugs, kasippu and gambling among communities, and robbing and stealing both Majority and Minority communities wealth and their property.

    Unless all the people realise MR’s cunning game plan, he will make everyone a Donkey and a beggar until he bankrupt and screw our country, humiliating it in front of the International community using Sinhala Buddhist Extrimits including BBS, while fattening his and his family goons pockets.

    It’s time for everybody to recognize this new Andarae and unite to save our country from further anarchy and humiliation.

  • 2

    Same old usual bunch of time killers wasting time on only talking
    inappropriate empty topics.

  • 2


    if a citizen from third world country wants to seek for asylum he or she will go any distance to achieve that. you may have seen recent issue with people trying to enter Italy and Australia. cigarette burnt wounds are the easiest most of them will use to show the officials to prove their case. Rape is the most attractive out of all. do you think the government of Sri Lanka could be that stupid to let such victims to leave the country in case if any. west and the so called NGOs needs to find some case to live another day. if such rape has taken place to this extent, there can be many eye witnesses. such a immature findings will take no one any where.

  • 4

    ” As recent reports of the maltreatment of the young Tamil girls recruited into the exclusively Sinhala army make headlines “

    What hogwash from Newman and his sidekick. The story is that attempts are made to prevent the young ladies who want to serve the nation by joining the security forces, by LTTE sympathisers.

  • 5

    Where are these 40 victims now?

    • 1

      Hello hit squad they are not in Paris or down under.

    • 1

      Open your eyes and respect the facts and figures.

      It is reported that few women are being raped by state soldiers today. This was brought by few journalists that held open interviews with those victimized people.

  • 2

    Tamil women should be included in the Endangered Species list.

    • 2

      Medamulana Gankabarayos are on the brink of extinction. What a rare species for the country to lose. China Cuba Vietnam Pakistan are desperately trying to save this animal.
      My hunch is the only way save this rare species is to cross bread them with some scavengers for instant Hyena, Water Monitor, Crocs, Vultures so on.

    • 2

      No. It should be Tamil men who should go to Endangered List.

      89,000 Tamil war widows and counting!

  • 3

    All these cases Tamil women’s sexual abuse and torture discussed by Ted Orlin should be by the new front of LTTE producing a new round of suicide bombers.

    • 1

      “new front of LTTE producing a new round of suicide bombers.”

      No more hari kiri like your Zen Buddhist sponsors.

      TRO – Time ran out!

      IAF does not need new recruits but at the appropriate they would strike.

    • 2

      Female suicide bombers.

      Army should step up body searches.

      Tamil female suicide bombers coming.

  • 1

    Half of the Rajapakse nightmare with India, the UN and the world will be over if he provides the necessary finances and powers for CM Wigneswaren’s NPC to duly function. Why is he obstinately refusing this – for the past 6 months? The more he wilfully delays the more his problems. Today comes the news the UK is formally pushing for a Sierra Leone type of Tribunal and the UNHRC is comparing the Rajapakses to that maverick North Korean regime. Sri Lanka responds by insisting Mrs. Pillay is prejudiced ???

    R. Varathan

  • 3

    Dear Ted Orlin and Paul Newman.

    Regarding the “The Unfinished War Against Tamils”

    By the way, do you know the History? Given below is a summary for your information that has booth scientific and historical support.

    Now, you are getting somewhere, closer to the truth. The cause is Monk Mahanama Sinhala Buddhist Racism. Have you ever wondered why in Sri Lanka, there are hardly any Tamil Buddhists? It is also a fight by Buddhists against the Hindus. You can compare that to Christianity Vs, Judaism.


    1.) Buddha is no Lord, No God. Just Buddha, a teacher, he had a philosophy, but threw in rebirth, after-life, Anatta, making Buddhism a religion. Irrespective of the definition of Aanatta, no-soul concept compared to the permanent soul, Athman, of Hinduism, this is after-life descriptions, and makes both Buddhism and Hinduism, Religions.

    Read the Jataka Stories of Buddhism, some pre-dates Buddhism. Of course, there are no Gods in Buddhism, unlike in Hinduisms claimed 330,000,000 Gods, but many Buddhists make Buddha to be a God or Lord, because Buddhists still want a God. Why Hindus worship so many gods and goddesses is a real mystery for most people.


    2. Good that you came closer to the truth now. The seeds were planted by Monk Mahnama Sinhala Buddhist Racism, in 5th Century AD, in the Mahawansa Imaginations. Want to read more? It is a Threat by the Sinhala Monk Mahanama “Buddhist” Racism that is practiced in SRI LANKA

    Deja Vu… have seen it before. 1958, 1983, 2009.

    Yes, this is a exposure of a Monk Mahanama lie. You need to look at one of the BIGGEST SINHALA BUDDIST lies. The Monk Mahanama Imaginations of Mahawansa. Given below is a summary of the real facts.

    Remember Somarama who killed SWRD. They were ALL Sinhala Mahanama “Buddhist” Racists . “Buddhist” because they are NOT Buddhist. They are racists. So we had a situation where the Paradeshis. the Para-Sinhala killing Para-Tamil based on Mahanama racism. That is NOT True Buddhism. This is what the True Natives, Native Veddas have to say about the Para- Sinhala and other Paras-, the Paradeshis or foreigners.

    1. All the above descriptions support the Sinhala and Tamil as Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil, like Para-deshi, Foreigners, as far a the Native Veddah are concerned, who walked at least 16,000 years ago when Lanka and India were connected by a land bridge as the sea levels were low. So, the Sinhala and Tamil Nationalism need to be identified as, Racism, Para-Sinhala Nationalism and Para-Tamil Nationalism. Monk Mahanama imaginations of Mahawansa need to be exposed and discarded.

    Why? Non- Confirmation bias of Mahawansa.

    Did Dr. Para-nawithana, the noted Sri Lankan Archaeologist believe the Imaginations of monk Mahanama of 5th Century such as:

    a) Grandfather of Para-Vijaya was a lion? Any DNA data in support of this imagination?

    b) Buddha visited Lanka three-times in 500 BC? any support for the Imagination.

    c) During one visit, Buddha left his giant footprint on top of Mount Samanala Kanda, “Adams Peak”. Did he fly by the Dandu Monera Yanthraya, Giant Bird, and parachute?

    d) The Veddah are the offspring of Para-Vijaya and Kuveni. Is there any DNA data to support this? No. Another Monk Mahanama Imagination.

    Sri Lanka’s indigenous inhabitants, the Veddas — or Wanniya-laeto (‘forest-dwellers’) as they call themselves — preserve a direct line of descent from the island’s original Neolithic community dating from at least 16,000 BC and probably far earlier according to current scientific opinion.1 Even today, the surviving Wanniya-laeto community retains much of its own distinctive cyclic worldview, prehistoric cultural memory, and time-tested knowledge of their semi-evergreen dry monsoon forest habitat that has enabled their ancestor-revering culture to meet the diverse challenges to their collective identity and survival. Further reference: Here some credible data and reference of the genetic Admixture. The Native Veddah were the original inhabitants of the land, well before the foreigners, the parades-his, came from South India.


    The Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations – [Reproduced here on a special request made by our LNP friend MURU, this article (web site) was first found by our friend MAGHA.] Friday, 15 June 2007 – 11:25 AM SL Time Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations Human Biology, by Kshatriya, Gautam Kumar Genetic Admixture. Table 9 presents the estimated values of admixture for the two hybrid populations (the Sinhalese and the Tamils) based on 13 polymorphic loci, fitting a trihybrid model using the ancestral frequencies shown in Table 10. (Tables 9 and 10 omitted).

  • 2

    Tamils are so scared of war!

    That is their weak point.

    Exploit it.

    When IPKF was raping Tamils they kept quiet. Why cry now.

    IPKF used Tamil rape as a weapon of war. Remember the good old days?

  • 2

    Geneva circus in full swing – how many articles / books get sold during this time of the year – what will all these people do if not for actively transforming manufactured conflicts into real ones. well I guess one way of making money is as good as another. how did tamils get exclusive rights on bad treatment ? most women living in 3rd world countries and even in 1st world countries are treated badly by their male counterparts. they are of all ethnicities – recently there was a huge scandal in Australia (backwards compared to other developed country standards) where women soldiers were sexually harassed systemically…. why tamil only ?please include all women who are harassed everyday in SL. this includes former presidents too. amount of insults hurled at Chandrika openly you will not hear even for current president although he is more corrupt. why not ? he is a man!

  • 3

    Why were they not murdered?

    Why were they allowed to leave the island?


  • 4

    “The detention of human rights campaigners in Sri Lanka over the past week almost looks like internal sabotage to ruin the country’s faltering chances at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva” – Dharisha Bastian, FT

    It is very obvious that the Rajapaksa regime has the least educated ministers in its cabinet in the history of Sri Lanka. Every move is a suicidal; the situation is getting worse. This is what you get when you voted for the foolish regime. I believe that Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa orchestrated a drama to arrest the human rights activists, in order to silence the people who speak-out against the human rights abuses in Sri Lanka. Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has his own way of dealing with issues that bother him, but the foreign affairs staffs have to dance according to Gota’s actions. Sri Lanka never had this dangerous situation ever before; it is a disaster. This is the worst foreign affairs blunder in the history of Sri Lanka. The foreign affairs staffs are already struggling to deal with the final stage of war. How they can handle Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s additional foolish dramas?

    Recently, G L Peiris said that “Not more than a week after the war ended in 2009, Pillay called for an international inquiry against the Sri Lankan Government. Under what basis did she call for such a move? These statements make it more than obvious that she is biased.” When they expelled the UN officers during the war it was obvious that they were planning to commit a massacre and they did. That is why the human rights commissioner Pillay called for an international inquiry. The government has to deal with its stupidity; calling Pillay biased won’t take the Rajapaksa regime anywhere. Sri Lankans have been fighting since 1948, we don’t have to be rocket scientists to know what have had happened during the final stage of war. The leaders should not have let hatred to grow for 65 years. Sinhalese and Tamils have been fighting for generations, at the same time calling a united Sri Lanka is utter foolishness.

    Before the final war have they had a strategy to win the Tamils, and dealing with the Westerners who have supported and financed the LTTE for the thirty years? Have they examined from all angles to win the Tamils and cover themselves? Do they have a strategy to win the Tamil diaspora? The West used the war to brain drain the county. Do they have a strategy to get those brains back? Do they have a strategy to keep the peace with Indians? India created the LTTE to safeguard India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Surely, smart Sri Lankans and Indians would have avoided this worst political blunder in the history of the Indian Subcontinent. There are many questions still remain unanswered. I really don’t think the Rajapaksa brothers have the ability to answer. The Rajapaksa regime claims that Sri Lanka is part of the Non-Aligned Movement, but the truth is the Rajapaksa brothers get rich by getting commissions on the Chinese development projects. The Rajapaksa traitors are getting rich while they have been passing the debt burden to the poor Sri Lankans.

    The Rajapaksa brothers have to go, the sooner they go is better for Sri Lanka and for the world. It takes a thief to catch a thief, once the people have got rid of Prabhakaran using Rajapaksa brothers the people should have got rid of Rajapaksa brothers as well. Electing them second time is a serious mistake. Keeping the Rajapaksas in power is not a smart move, it is against justice, and morally wrong. The Rajapaksas will be a huge stumbling block for the true reconciliation. It is extremely vital to remove the Rajapaksas ASAP, to win the Tamils and International community, in order to save the country. The future government must also punish the leaders who have committed war crimes, because Sri Lankans do not want a stinking shadow follows them wherever they go. Tamils are freed from dangerous Prabhakaran; whether Sinhalese will be freed or not from the dangerous Rajapaksas remain to be seen.

  • 2

    The Sinhalese Buddhists have the habit of just reacting against every critisism. Why cannot they analyse facts or at least verify facts before blabbering. Why cannot this government try to educate the masses. If you see countries like USA where backs were treated as slaves, there is so much reformation that there is a black President today. Can S.L foresee a Tamil or Muslim president?. Well don’t have go that far. At least stop raping and torturing minorities

  • 4

    Profs are becoming very cheap.

    I mean, a prof has written a dumb article.

  • 3

    To all the Sinhalese RACISTS:

    Following is an Unpalatable piece of Information which I have been saying for a long time and why the Tamil Fortune will change after the elections and MR will be jetted off to the HAGUE. India has totla Jurisdiction over Sinhala Lanka and I would like comments from the Fat “Mamas” Sunasekearas, Jim Sootys and the Nonsense. What have you got to say man and whe is the Chinese Ship going to dock when the TNA arrives’

    Editorial: Jayalalitha’s threat
    Mar 22 (Island) New Delhi has turned down Beijing’s request that four of its warships be allowed to enter the Indian waters to search for the missing Malaysian aircraft which had 150 Chinese nationals on board. India has cited national security reasons for its decision. This is how India acts even in a situation where all countries must sink their differences and cooperate fully with China and Malaysia to trace the missing plane. But, India wants thousands of its fishing craft allowed to enter more..

    • 0


      “To all the Sinhalese RACISTS:”

      From a Tamil RACIST would have been more appropriate.

      Change your name from Kali to A Tamil Racist.

  • 2

    All the posting seems to be personal and not dealing with problem. What wee need is a programme of teaching the basics on ‘philosophy of life’ to those who are committing these crimes.

  • 3

    Tamil militancy did not spring from nowhere. The war against it was the product of the innate Sinhala chauvinism and racism springing from a minority complex. This cannot be rectified in a hurry unless and until the Tamil speaking peoples achieve self determination and are given a considerable measure of autonomy starting with a federal state of the north and east. In a way this war in which many were massacred is indeed a blessing in disguise in the long run for the atrocities against the Tamils would not have come into the open as it did. It is hoped that this is the beginning of the end of the oppression of the Tamil speaking peoples with meaningful international intervention. Bensen

  • 1

    Apparently Jimsoftly and Fathima fukashemale are siblings who were born to two siblings. Incestism is in their gene, and they both suffer from Aspergers syndrome due to that. These two inbreds think they are funny when a couple of sinha-lame donkeys give thumbs up to their silly comments. Most Sinha-lames are shameless and dumb f%@! You can understand this by the way they comment here.:

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