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Sujeewa And UNP MPs In The Bond Loot

Arjun Aloysius and Sujeewa Senasinghe called each other 227 times in total and 63 times while he sat in the COPE committee in which he insisted there was no wrong doing.

Sujeewa Senasinghe

Chairman of the Commission noted that the members of the committee were sitting in judgment during the time regarding the bondscam.

The attorney general’s put down a full list of MPs called by Arjun Aloysius who were sitting members of the COPE committee.

Harshana Rajakaruna, Hector Appuhamy were called over 60 times, Ajith P Perera and SLFP minister Dayasiri Jayasekara called twice.

The list includes all incoming and outgoing calls during the sitting period of the COPE in which the above were members.

A list over 400 calls had been taken between Ravi Karunanayake and Arjun Aloysius during the time.

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