30 June, 2022


Supreme Court Dismisses Rosy’s Recount Request

The Supreme Court today dismissed a Fundamental Rights Petition filed by ex-Parliamentarian Rosy Senanayake for a recount of the preferential votes at the August 2015 Parliamentary Elections.

Rosy Senanayake

Rosy Senanayake

Senanayake, requested for a recount on the grounds that the counting of preferential votes had being inaccurate, which had resulted in her losing her Parliamentary seat.

However, the Court after taking into account the documents submitted by the Attorney General, declared that a recount was not necessary.

The UNP from which Senanayake contested the election, had refuted allegations made by her and stated in writing that there was no error in the counting of preferential votes.

Mano Ganeshan and Rosy Senanayake obtained 69,064 and 65,320 preferential votes respectively.

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  • 20

    Irrespective of this verdict, which I believe was expected, she is the sort of person we need to have in parliament where women’s representation an abysmal considering that they are a majority of the population!

    Ranil Wickramasinghe’s so called policy is ridiculously hypocritical when he allowed Sarath Fonseka who lost by getting less than 5000 votes in through the UNP national list – purely because he contested from another party when it should have been a further disqualification.

    The master puppeteer Malik manipulates all that is behind the UNP and his devious and vicious attitude will again push Ranil to create a situation where he will have to abdicate.

    Otherwise, how would one explain a lost and tainted ex President who can offer no favors at this point, drawing a massive crowd on May Day? Ranil needs to look outside his box and do something soon – of face the consequences.

    • 8

      This is a country that the most appropriate dont get due chance. People and politicians do the same job. Civlization will start in 50 years from now … they will never be able to reach the levels of West even in 50 years.. this is the sad truth.
      All highly corrupted men, that have no education are being voted by stupid folks… all because folks have no education to filter good from the bad – the basics.

  • 9

    She worked so hard for the UNP, and the vacant seat should have been given to her not Fonseka!
    I think she fell foul of Ranil.
    Still I thin she managed to get political apoointments to her son?

    Se la vie, Rossie!

    • 7

      Not only for the UNP but also for srilanka.

      She is absolutely a talented person. Compared to Pawithra Wanniaranachi or the most known bed pan mouth woman, Rosi is a great person. I really like her the way she focues almost every facets when she holds a speech. She is aboslutely highly talented, but people have no idea. stupid mentalities have no idea about who could fit better to do some for the nation. Really like giving no chance for the due. This nation should be punished not only by VAT by every means. I hate the way the majority folks tick just common issues.

      • 5

        Not sure she has the so called talent. Speaking to public is not the only talent expect from a politicians.

        There should be strong grounds to reject her case by Supreme Court. So that is the final outcome. Have good looks and sitting in the Parliament and tempting persons like Welgama and his cohorts destroy the core business of the Parliament. Hooray

    • 4

      IT WAS NOT THE MISTAKE OF UNP BUT THE PEOPLE. people like you supported Pawithra but not this grandy lady. Please see yourself in mirror let alone today. Srinath – SF s appointment is a must… he deserves more than anyone else to regain his seat in parliament, sky earth differences with any other candidates. In a situation just only one seat is free, there is no other chance THAN go for the most suitable.
      I am sure, SOONER than later, Rosy will be appointed to any good posts.. I want her energies to use for the nation as had been before. God bless to Rosy

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  • 15

    Please speak to Rosy’s ex landlord the Paranavitane’s down Alexandra Road (Kannagara Mawatha) Colombo 7. Then you will know Rosy is not a rose and you will know the real Rosy.

    • 1

      Paranaviatane is a demented mad women who walks the streets. It is incredible that you take her side without any idea what you are talking about, The real problem is that she hates her sister who rented out to Rosy’s husband’s business IN THE 1997. I suggest you talk to her sister who owned to property for the real facts.

  • 1

    She worked hard for UNP.

    The so called non representative national list candidates, known rogues from the MR Mafia. corrupt and unprincipled to the core, are today ministers and deputy ministers.

    This is possible only in this thrice blessed Sinhala Buddhist country.

  • 4

    It was truly troubling to see Fonseka droning on and on in parliament, instigating the rest of the parliament to heckle and attack each other on the floor. Whose depraved idea was this, to bring in Fonseka for parliamentarians to indulge in mad-dog rage? What a perverse and dishonorable way country leaders deal with rivals and enemies.

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