19 May, 2022


Take A Stand For Justice At Jaffna Uni And Everywhere In Sri Lanka

By Arulkumaran Subajini –

Arulkumaran Subajini

Arulkumaran Subajini

University of Jaffna is full of wrongdoings. Every appointment from the VC’s down to that of Labourer is based on political loyalty rather than excellence. The most senior persons from whom we expect leadership have no backbone. The Council – both internal and external members – simply sit back and endorse these improper appointments. As an Acting Dean awaiting regular appointment confessed to a friend, “I need to go along with the VC in everything to survive.”

I was wrongfully denied an appointment as Computer Applications Assistant. Many friends have advised me not to complain and suggest that my husband Mahalingam Arulkumaran who works as a Technical Officer under the Vice Chancellor will pay dearly if I pursue a complaint. As they put it to me, if the Deans who are wise and highly qualified people comply, why wreck my husband’s future just to tell my story when it is unlikely that anything will be done.

I respectfully disagree. It is that attitude that brought the university to its knees. Come what may, I would like to set an example to our so called elders of the Tamil community. I urge everyone to whom injustice has been done to come forward. After all, the whole country has come forward with one voice to call for a new Sri Lanka where justice and fairness prevail and all are equal.

Victimization and denial of justice become impossible when we stand shoulder to shoulder. As an example I am giving below the letter I sent out to our new President asking for justice.

 Rajiva Wijesinha - Minister Higher Education

Rajiva Wijesinha – Minister Higher Education

39(59) Annasathra Lane



Jan. 23, 2015

His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena


Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.

You Excellency,

Political Victimization through University Appointments against Regulations in Jaffna

Having been politically victimized while applying for positions at the University of Jaffna, I am writing respectfully to bring the relevant facts to Your Excellency’s kind attention in the hope of receiving relief from your government which is committed to being free of corruption and vindictiveness in the spirit of good governance. I am happy and proud to have participated in that democratization process by exercising my ballot for Your Excellency’s noble candidature.

To narrate my experience in progress of time:

  • I applied for the post of Computer Applications Assistant
  • By letter dated 18.04.2011 I was asked to appear for a general proficiency test on 29.04.2011
  • I appeared for the test as asked to.
  • I was informed by post on 23.05.2011 that I had been selected for a practical test and asked to appear for it on 25.05.2011.
  • Despite the short notice I appeared for the test and felt I had done well.
  • I have heard nothing about the test or my results since. Nor have the other candidates.
  • I learnt reliably that, based on the instructions of the then Minister Douglas Devananda, all recruitment exercises for the post had been halted because only those supportive of his party and recommended by him could be appointed.
  • I brought this injustice denying me the right as a citizen to apply and be appointed on equal terms to the notice of the Secretary to the Ministry of Higher Education on 05.01.2012 through the good offices of Hon. E. Saravanapavan, MP.
  • Accordingly the Ministry Secretary ordered the Vice Chancellor/Jaffna in writing to look into my grievance and report to him.
  • Nothing was done and only those coming with the blessings of Hon. Devananda through his list were entertained for appointment.
  • This unfair recruitment practice by VC/Jaffna came under severe criticism by the Jaffna University Teachers’ Association, Employees’ Union and other university stakeholders. Local newspapers also highlighted these goings on in their news pieces.
  • Following these protests, as if in a pro forma exercise, recruitment exercises were begun again using persons on Hon. Devananda’s  list and the legitimate formal applicants.
  • Accordingly by letter dated 02.04.2012 I was asked to appear for a general aptitude test on 24.04.2012. No mention was made of the previous test or how I had fared.
  • By letter dated 04.04.2012 I was also asked to appear for a test for Clerk/Management Assistant on 25.04.2012.
  • I appeared for the two tests as required on 24.04.2012 and 25.04.2012
  • Based on my scores on the test for Computer Applications Assistants, I was asked by letter dated 03.05.2012 to present myself for a practical test on 17.05.2012 and I complied.
  • Based on that last mentioned test I was instructed by letter dated 04.09.2012 to appear for a face-to-face interview on 26.09.2012. I feel I did well at the interview
  • At the September 2012 meeting of the University Council (which was held in October) at Vavuniya Campus the recruitment list was to be finalized and given Council approval. However, saying there was no agreement on appointing persons from Hon. Douglas Devananda’s list, all appointments were halted by the Registrar.
  • I learnt subsequently that the reason for the disagreement was the absence from the list of selections of every person from Hon. Devananda’s list of recommendations.
  • Out of the blues thereafter appointment letters for the post of Computer Applications Assistant were issued only to persons recommended by Hon. Devananda. Likewise nonacademic staff appointments were also made on 07.10.2013.

Your Excellency, this is my sad story. I respectfully ask for appropriate inquiries into these grave matters of abuse of power by Hon. Devananda and the VC/Jaffna. As Your Excellency unwaveringly tries to create a Sri Lanka free of corruption, I ask for relief for myself and for all those denied appointments like me.

I am bringing to Your Excellency’s kind attention copies of the relevant correspondence and newspaper reports.

I am in gratitude,

Your Excellency,

Ever faithfully,

(Mrs.) A. Subajini.

CC:         Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education

Secretary, University Grants Commission


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  • 10

    Arulkumaran Subajini –

    RE: Take A Stand For Justice At Jaffna Uni And Everywhere In Sri Lanka

    Justice should not be localised to Jaffna or Colombo. It should be everywhere in the Island of Native Beddah Aethho.

    Justice should not be restricted to Sinhala Buddhists and Tamil hindus Only. It should be for everybody in the Island of Native Beddah Aethho.

    The Vedda Tribe


    • 11

      You are right justice should ne done to every one who were affected by the unlawful activities. Unlawful activities by politicians are nothing new it is going for years but it went unimaginable level during the last ten years of Mahinda regime from top to bottom and it was very prominant in the Jaffna University.

      • 10

        Doing justice to every one is only possibel, if the recruitment system come with the set goals of universities and not as of now without goals and with only and only preference of politicians or/and academics love and wish as to whom should be appointed.

    • 2

      Dear Subajini…first of all ..I would like to salute you for the extra ordinary courage of challenging the world’s most backward force , which always boast about itself alone !!?

      Have you ever noticed the logo of the University of Jaffna !!? it reads as ” University of Jaffna ”meip porul kaanpathu arivu” (Tamil) …meiporul means …God…truth….knowledge…etc., etc.,…In full …University of Jaffna finding the real truth / Knowledge/ God himself etc., etc., …is knowledge !!?

      Every time I enter into the university in the mid 80s…I always look at the name board by the side of the basketball court at the entrance at Parameswara road…and ponderede about the meaning sarcastically…!!?

      During our time in the varsity as students…we found that the university was the nursery of high cast vellaala….even the modest VC Thurairajah couldn’t control the backward cast force of vellalaala….

      Then came the period of the LTTE….they were kept away from
      the premises for quite sometime…when KIttu Killed the innocent Vigitharan…

      but they regained grounds in the 90s….whne Political science lecturer Ganesalingham was arrested for molesting his under aged housemaid….by the valiant district child protection Officer ”Steven”….the backward criminal LTTE rs proclaimed Steven as a traitor…

      The LTTE wanted Ganeshalingham go free…for he (Ganesahalingham was from Mullaithivu and a product of the backward LTTE.

      It’s really sad that Stevan went missing after being arrested and released by SLA….!!?

      Mr.Rajmohan a lecturer f the Dept., of Philosophy was chased away by radical LTTE criminals of the ”Marumalechchik kazhakam…for being a progressive thonker…

      Dr.Sridharan…and Dr.Ratnageevan Hoole were chased away by the same illiterate hgooligans for the same.

      Dr.Rajini Thiranagame was gunned down by the same backward criminal force …for enlightening the mass…

      The Jaffna man is the worst creature in the world…he shall celebrate the worst injustices of a SOCIETY BY GARLANDING THEM ….

      Be ware….One Mr.Kumaralinghsm Ranjakumaran -A glorious Political science Lec turere was side lined by the vellalaalas . even though Ranjan himself belongs to the cast….but from Nunavil chavakachchri….man fro south of Jaffna…he died of a shell sent from Palali…

      Subajini…be ware…they are a group of matured criminals…..They shall never appreciate the talent of a local…but go down to lick the waste of pig to find themselves in power….You saw that with Douglas the vellala who rides his gay days on the shoulders of Dhaliths…

      Even the Jaffna man did it to ”Mallikai Geeva” !!? Didn’t he…!!?

  • 15

    Even if you had not voted for MS,YOU ARE STILL ENTITLED FOR JUSTICE! Vice-Chancellors dancing to the tune of HOODLUMS like Douglas Devananda is an indication of the sad state of affairs in the University System.

    • 3

      This is a national issue.

      Looking at as a regional issue make this problem much verse!

  • 3

    I was under the impression that education comes under the Provincial Council? May be when the 13th amendment is fully implemented issues at the Northern University will be resolved.

  • 10

    Arulkumaran Subajini:

    I have read your account with a lot of Sympathy and I agree with you wholeheartedly Excellence comes before Loyalty if the Nation is to progress.
    Let us hope that with MS is charge and the NPC CM under devolved powers will change this culture of impunity. Things can only get better.

    The most senior persons from whom we expect leadership have no backbone.

    I have no evidence to support your allegations but I think you are being unfair as the Leadership was acting under orders and failure to comply would have landed them in Trouble.

    Just to give you one example. I was in Jaffna in October 2012 and I had to visit Manipai Hospital A & E and I talked to the Dr in Charge and he told me that they had no role in the decision making process without consulting the Army.

  • 7

    Every one not only in Jaffa but throught the whole country, and in those parts of the world where there are Lankans attuned to news from the island, every one of them know and have known that Douglas Devananda has been given a free hand to run affairs in Jaffna as though it is his fiefdom.
    This sort of don’t care attitude by successive governments has existed for a long time from the days of President Premadasa right up until recently.

    Douglas Devananda exercised power and rode rough sod over the people of Jaffna with the help and assistance of his goons and guns because he had the willing support and assistace of all Presidents who succeeded Premadasa.
    Of course there were also many Tamils. both in Jaffna and even from the Tamil diaspora who supported him for their own selfish benefit and interests.This was and is a well known fact.

    Douglas Devananda took over properties arbitrarily , and gave them to his favourites and hench men and women, he canvassed the powers that be in the South and gave appointments after making sure that the appointees would dance to his tune for the bounties accorded, in short he carbon copied and adopted all the subterfuges and tactics employed by the LTTE in having a scruff hold by the neck as did the LTTE but the only difference was he did all that with the help of the governments in power from time to time until recently and even got away with murders.

    His power peaked during the tenure of MR’s presidency, so much so that even certain scum frm the legal fraternity in Jaffna were not averse to curry favour with him to obtain advantage by tampering with evidence and or witnesses with the help and assistance of the supposed guardians of the law.

    As for the affairs in the Jaffna University what the author of this article has said is entirely her own experience and there are many others that will soon come into public focus as time elapse.

  • 8

    ‘Every appointment from the VC’s down to that of Labourer is based on political loyalty’

    This cancer is found throughout Sri Lankan society. There is no hope without a revolution lead from the top; but the President appoints his brother…

  • 4

    Dear Arulkumaran Subajini,

    I understand your frustration. But this is the situation in each and every appointment in almost all the universities.

    Last week one of the senior lecturer at a reputed university is joking at 30 odds audience how university faculty heads set evaluation criteria for selection. Its simply setting the criteria which is exactly fit to the candidate to whom they prefer to give appointments.

    In Peradeniya university at one faculty almost five appointment made at one of a department and all five of them are from none other than Jaffna.

    Why I select this is not to think its just a jaffna university issue but this is the issue across all the universities in Sri Lanka.

    What we need is credible recruitment policy of annual research goals that are fully aligned with national and regional development visions.

    Otherwise for generation we are going to have outdated incompetent academic team than can kill the backbone of the country for generations to come.

    • 6


      “In Peradeniya university at one faculty almost five appointment made at one of a department and all five of them are from none other than Jaffna.”

      If this is true — tell us the name of the Faculty and Department;
      Let’s check it out. Otherwise this is just meaningless mud you are throwing.

      If it is Department of Tamil / Hindu Studies I can understand.
      Otherwise let us name and shame them.

      • 1

        What ever the department it is, selecting based on ethnicity and then cast is really shameful.

        More than that the issue I raised here is not only relevant to Tamil department alone though this happen at Tamil department of Peradeniya university, its the complete process oriented issues.

        Naming and shaming is deserved to the whole University system of this nation.

      • 1

        //If it is Department of Tamil / Hindu Studies I can understand. Otherwise let us name and shame them.//

        Meewathura, your understanding will justify you to accept ethnicity and cast based recruitment?

        On which earth you are living? Do you think only “practicing hindu” can be an academic in hindu theological studies?

  • 3

    The new minister must enforce fair selections and appointments according to laid down criteria, which should not be altered to suit favoured – due to political affiliation or other reasons – applicants for all posts – VCs, deans, professors downwards in the entire university system.
    This is urgent.

  • 3

    It is a shame on the part of govt. to have allowed Douglas Devananda to interfere in the administration of the Uni. of Jaffna, despite he
    been thrown out of the govt. He is in fact under investigation for crimes committed against people. Many appeals were made by the people of Jaffna to Hon. Minister fro higher education Mr.Rajiv Wijesinghe to step in and chose a VC based on administrative experience and an educated and respected person but he has done nothing about it as it appears that he does not want to displease Douglas. All parents in all
    parts of Sri Lanka praised his appointment but his silence on this matter, disappoints the Tamils of the North. Though the Govt. is changed, old authority still have a say.

  • 2

    A question to all CT readers:

    Is there any VC at present who was appointed due to qualifications and experience? Or all of them are Rajapakse boot lickers?

    For a fact Colombo and SJU are Rajapakse henchmen. How about other universities?

  • 1

    oh. my dear.
    it is not a problem of JU. but you see some university dones do not have PHDs. they bought them from abroad.
    some of them have come to posts from.back doors
    we may need to check all qualifications of academics.
    some of them are not qualified but less qualified get jobs.
    I know a lot of them
    I know how dirty is inside university today in SL.
    students get class without any basic skills or merit.

  • 0

    Prof. Wijesinghe either has a lot on his plate or has this notorious
    Douglas some hold on this M.P. turned Minister that makes the
    Prof. to thread more carefully on Nothern soil? Over to you, Sir.

  • 1

    Let us not rush to judgment on Rajiv Wijesinghe. I am aware he has promised swift action to some who complained. He also asked the UGC to resign and I am told that two agreed but when the Chairwoman and Vice Chairman refused, all refused.

    The question is, will he be firm now. Fairness requires giving him reasonable time to act before we judge him.

    While the UGC Chairwoman is gross and that that is why she was asked to resign, this is not always the case. At Eastern University for example some are for the VC and others against with opposing narratives. Wijesinghe has to examine the situation before acting. That needs a little time.

  • 2

    This is very ridiculous atmosphere at Jaffna University. There may be lot suffered like Subajini. This is highly urgent appeal to set up appropriate body to put right everything. All penalized candidates should give your voice against the university. At the same time all teachers unions and non-academic bodies should go for trade union actions to remove all culprits.

  • 2

    Why not Dr. Rajiva throw out the trouble shooter VC of Jaffna Uni.and
    appoint an able administrator with immediate effect to look into the grievances . The govt. has thrown out Douglas and why is Dr. Rajiva
    entertaining him . Jaffna is a place for learning for number of years and there are thousands of educated men and women around N/E and what is that the Dr.frightened of, getting one of them appointed and get on with his other important works ahead.

  • 2

    Prof Rajiva, Please dismiss the current Jaffna Vice chancellor immediately and appoint a competent authority to investigate all malpractices and corruptions. No more excuses please.

  • 2

    not only the VC but all cronies, deans and council members supported to these abuses should be sacked immediately. No bodies in the future like Subjini be victimised by these monsters. Why university unions still wait? Be forward to against corruptions and malpractices.

  • 3


    Bravo! The University of Jaffna is an Augean Stable that needs an immediate cleanup and reorientation in terms of its vision, mission and values. The Renaissance of the Tamil community from the devastative effects of decades of turmoil, war and migration of the cultural elite requires that the Jaffna University recovers. It is a degree awarding mill, which is mediocre, corrupt and an anti-thesis of what a university should be. A vice-vchancellor of towering academic and administrative repute, with a dynamic personality and a visionary approach should be immediately appointed, even if he has to be recruited from the academic abroad.

    Dr, a Rajasingham Narendran

  • 1

    This is a strange article, written by a Tamil, who supported LTTE and now trying to justify her position by writing pseudo intelligent articles.

  • 1

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