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‘Tamil Solidarity’ Collects Signatures For Petition Against Sri Lankan High Commission Officer Brigadier Fernando

A group calling itself ‘Tamil Solidarity’ which organized a protest outside the Sri Lanka High Commission, London on the occasion of the country’s 70th anniversary of Independence has appealed to the UK Foreign Ministry and the High Commission to remove its defence attaché Brigadier Priyankara Fernando for ‘trying to intimidate [a] new generation of fighters for justice.’

The organization has circulated a video footage of Fernando running a finger across his neck which the organization claims was a gesture indicating that he would cut their necks.

The demonstration had been organized to emphasize that Sri Lanka’s Independence Day ‘does not represent the independence of Tamil-speaking people.’

The petition says:

Complaint against Brigadier Priyankara Fernando, Sir Lankan High Commission

Officer Brigadier Priyankara Fernando, while wearing Sri Lankan army uniform, gave death threat gestures to peaceful protesters. His actions have been recorded and filmed.

This event took place on the 4th of February 2018 outside the Sri Lankan High Commission in London. Tamil Solidarity organised this peaceful protest to highlight the continuous oppression and attacks on the Tamil-speaking people by the Sri Lankan government.

Brigadier Priyankara Fernando’s action was designed to scare protesters, some of whom have suffered torture from the Sri Lankan army. This type of behaviour is unacceptable. However it is not so shocking when we see the actions by President Sirisena to protect the warmongers who carried out the genocidal slaughter from war crimes investigation. This incident shows that the establishment is unrepentant for those well-documented war crimes and that the struggle for justice must go on. 

We demand immediate action – the launch of an investigation into Priyankara Fernando and his removal from his position.

Yours faithfully,

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