29 May, 2022


Tamilization, Some Religious Customs And The Naked Adjective

By C. Wijeyawickrema


The editors of Colombo Telegraph asked me to respond to the “comments” made by its readers to my essay titled, “Sinhala women without Sinhalization power.” I consider it my public duty to do this even though most comments are nonsense (noise) by anonymous people who think CT is another website like the Tamilnet (located in Canada?). I think I am the only person writing to CT about the discrimination faced by the Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka both before and after 1948, and so far my essays are the only evidence CT has to erase the perception that it is not an anti-Sinhala Buddhist website. It can be an anti-MahindaR website as reveals from Tisaranee Gunasekera’s writings, but it should not be a forum for those who want to divide the island and create another South Sudan for the benefit of white global corporate powers. The readership of CT, going by the comments on my essay, is mostly like mad dogs barking at the moon as the caravan passes. This discourages spending time to respond to comments. But there is some hope as two or three readers understood what I wrote and asked others to read it slowly and carefully.  The different readership tastes are clear when I consider the response given to the same essay by the Lankaweb readers. I hope CT readers visit Lankaweb also to understand the other side of the coin on Sri Lankan ethnic/separatist politics.

The naked adjective

At the outset I must accept that the only word in my essay that I regret using was the naked in the “naked body of the bride.” Yes, the adjective was unnecessarily provocative and gave the appearance that it was meant to disgrace a religious custom. Some got so agitated to elevate the incident mentioned as a religious rite!  For example, I can understand the gravity of my mistake if I say “at Polonnaruwa there is an ancient Siva Temple, which has a naked Siva lingum, and Sinhala women and even Tamil women from South India come to worship it thinking they can become mothers with a gift of a child.” Only recently I came to know that the base on which the Siva lingum rests symbolizes a woman’s yoni.  Unlike the Khajuraho stone-carved Tantric love scenes, the sacred nature of the Siva Lingum worship could be polluted by someone using the adjective Naked before the words Siva Lingum.  As a Buddhist I could never approve white soldiers urinating on the Koran or disrespecting any religious symbols or customs. So I apologize for hurting the feelings of those genuine and reasonable commenters of my essay.  But this is a good example to point out that when Buddha’s images are used on slippers, T-shirts and skirts by white female tourists, no non-Buddhists say a word against it!

 When Wigneswaran used words such as Tamil genocide along with Sinhalaization, others like me have a right to ask him about how his sons’ marriages were performed, because I saw a photograph of such a Sinhala-Tamil wedding with the bride given a bath.

When Wigneswaran used words such as Tamil genocide along with Sinhalaization, others like me have a right to ask him about how his sons’ marriages were performed, because I saw a photograph of such a Sinhala-Tamil wedding with the bride given a bath.

But the story I said about what was done to the bride is based on the wedding pictures that I saw at her house, may be 25 years after the wedding. I never write untruth or half-truths in my internet communications which I began in 1987 or so in Canada. Since one Dr. Rajasingham Narendran disputes the custom, could it be a kind of removing pollution by giving the non-Hindu woman a bath? The groom was a son of a Tamil civil servant. Was it similar to the Math Prof. Sundaralingum, trying to prevent caste pollution of a Jaffna Hindu Kovil or the purification rites done at that famous Sri Krishna Hindu Kovil in Kerala when Kovil trustees think that its premises was polluted by an accidental visit by say a Christian? For example, Sonia Gandhi cannot enter that temple (kovil). I do not know if Manmohan Singh is not allowed because he is a Sikh.


When I was in Sri Lanka for seven months recently, I had an opportunity to visit the State Agriculture School in Vavuniya. Waiting in the van outside while others were in the office, I saw a woman near an entrance gate and went to talk with her expecting she would know some English. She looked to me a typical older Tamil woman. When I tried to communicate with her in English asking if she can talk in Sinhala, she replied to me in Sinhala. To make a long story short, long time ago she eloped with an estate Indian Tamil and finally ended up in Vavuniya. She said her sons had a hard time during Prabakaran days. Her Sinhala family severed all connections with her and in fact asked me if I can go and meet with them and tell about her.

This shows that it is not possible to convert a Sinhalaya to a Tamil or vice versa, unless a person has a willingness to do so. If a person has a healthy opinion about his or her own culture that person cannot be “converted” to another culture. We heard that the Karawa caste and other similar castes in the western coastal areas were recent migrants from South India. They became assimilated and later played a big role in rejuvenating Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It is said that even SWRDB was a descendent of recent Tamil migrants. The only evidence that I could think of was the present custom of a man marrying his sister’s daughter found in Karnanataka even today, because SWRD’s mother was his father’s sister’s daughter.

Seven River Basins: 1. Yalpanam 2. Raja Rata 3. Dambadeni  4. Mahaveli  5. Deegavaapi  6. Kelani    7. Ruhunu (Compare this map with the nine-province map which cuts all major rivers into artificial pieces).

Seven River Basins: 1. Yalpanam 2. Raja Rata 3. Dambadeni 4. Mahaveli 5. Deegavaapi 6. Kelani 7. Ruhunu (Compare this map with the nine-province map which cuts all major rivers into artificial pieces).

When Wigneswaran used words such as Tamil genocide along with Sinhalaization, others like me have a right to ask him about how his sons’ marriages were performed, because I saw a photograph of such a Sinhala-Tamil wedding with the bride given a bath. This is doubly important as W has (or had) a habit of saying some Sanskrit stanza at public meetings which I think, no one understands other than he himself, because he does not provide a translation. Therefore, if he wants he can say like the Muslim Congress MP, M. T. Hasen Ali (ref. his speech reported on CT) that there is a land issue or a land grabbing, but not Sinhalization.  He says that the matter should be handled on a humanitarian basis.  This is what Wigneswaran should also copy. What had happened to the historic Muhudu Maha Viharaya reduced from 269 acres in 1951 to 0.25 acre in 2013 is due to land grab and not a Muslimization.  The land in NP or EP does not belong exclusively to one ethnic group in Sri Lanka. Each time W utters genocide and Sinhalaization he loses either sympathy or support from Sinhalayas who fear a future Tamil Nad invasion to capture Sri Lanka.

Seven River Basins

This is the most scientific, ecological method to empower Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala village people which will also erase fears of the majority Sinhala. Under such method there is no room for a separatist Tamil dream in Sri Lanka while it empowers Tamils to protect and promote their own Tamil nationalism at village level or at a river basin-level (like the present NP area). For those who want to know more, CT archive has it all saved under my name.  The river basin units can be seven or more depending on how people at village level decides as each river basin is a collection of ecologically demarcated GSN units. The current number of 14,000 GSN units, after they are re-demarcated according to hydrological-ecological basis would be much closer to the number of GSNs (4,000) when Rpremadas decided to increase it. There will be so many ecologically demarcated GSN units with 100% Tamil population (or Muslim) that they can have all kinds of their collective aspirations promoted, except separatism.

Buddhism and human body

Since comments by readers were all about the bride and bath, I thought of writing what I know about religion and human body. Buddhism is perhaps the only religion which does not mess up with human body or animal sacrifice.  From the time Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son to God circumcision has become a religious thing with Judaism and Islam. Human sacrifice was among the Inca and Mayan people in South America.  Humans eating humans was part of human evolution and now when it happens it is considered a severe mental sickness. For example, in USA a white man named Jeffry Dahmer dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991 and he kept human brains in his freezer so that he can enjoy eating it whenever he wanted.

Even piercing ears is not approved in Buddhism. But even now some women in Africa suffer by the practice of the removal of female clitoris. Buddhists consider human body consists of 32 decaying components and this attitude is behind the reason why Sri Lanka has been donating “eyes” to the world.  What we see at Kali Amma temples where Animal are slaughtered or what I see at Katagama or Wellawatta where human skin is pierced with hooks and pulled with ropes, I think how as a Buddhist I am free of such cruelty in the name of religion. Think of all those Islam processions in Iraq where men torture their bodies by hitting so hard repetitively with blood oozing out from the skin. In India Jainism has a branch where they go naked. Once when Indira Gandhi wanted to meet such Jain leader, IG had to stay outside a screen where the naked Jain leader was sitting. These are extreme situations due to extreme religious beliefs.

The most important thing is that in Buddhism we are expected to follow the Middle Path. This is compromise in democracy or reasonableness in western jurisprudence. Buddhism is very simple, it is like an Einstein formula: 4NT+8NP (four noble truths and the eight noble path). When two ex-Indian presidents, both non-Buddhists, repeat that the solution to world’s problems lies in Buddhism, they are asking people like Wigneswaran and MahindaR to be reasonable and genuine.  When W says that there is Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka he becomes a liar.

When Ravi Karunanayake became the chief of the Dayaka Sabha of the Kotte Rajamaha Vihara who was the fool; the Buddhists or the monk who allowed it or the Catholic Ravi who accepted it? Like that those who write nasty or useless comments on CT essays they dislike are people without the help of critical thinking. Those who believe in a God or gods hand over there power of critical thinking to a God or gods relying on God or gods to rescue them, help them. In Buddhism this is not so: we are expected to come and examine, not come and believe.  This is what the two ex-Indian presidents expect when they talked about the power of Buddhism. Sri Lankan Tamil separatism can be and must be handled by the Buddhist approach. This what the Bodu Bala Sena is telling the world.

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    Why both side always fightin? People writin here tellin the same thing. Again and again. Nothing new? I think you people have educaton but no comon sense. And no sympaty feelin for poor peple who die when you big people fight for your race and religon. I think you people are same thou you like to argu you are better than other! Yes .. you both sides are many things comon ….I mene same. Why? you both people speek about the same thing everyday and in the same way….and you need this talk everyday. Becos your life is boring? That meaning you need the other to have this fight. You both think same way. I dont know how to say this …..For examle ….you think you are Sinhala becos Tamil is your enimy. OR you think you are Tamil becos Sinhala is your enimy. What is a Sinhala if there is no Tamil …. and what is a Tamil if there is no Sinhala. I am always thinking this way and wory may be I am goin mad. But pleas think about this. Then may be you solv the probem in Srilanka and have piece.

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    shankar….plz come and take my big fish…..izz waiting for u.
    dont wait too long…you will exp soon.

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    nathan you smell like half-baked….true!!!

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    M.Sivananthan……do you have a stone penis…so worried about ur wife.

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      Fool! women like penis like stone. If it is like rotten banana, your wife will kick your ass and run with other men!

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    ravivararo ……hey have you been molestation before.
    two lingam / pattu/ amman

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    First of all a Clip round the ear for CT for publishing the Inflammatory Article without checking the vearcity of the Contents upsetting the feelings of so many I am sure both Tamils ( more so than Sinhalese) and Sinhalese.

    By giving this Moron the Right to Reply CT have presented him with a Chance to muddy the water even further. He talks a lot of Crap and his grievance is mainly against the Tamil Encroachment as he put it same as how Thutta Gemunu lamented about there being Tamils to the North and Sea to the South.
    He talks about the Sinhalese woman who eleoped with this Tamil Man and found life difficult under LTTE. Mr.Nadesan also married a Sinhalese and found life difficult living in Bunkers and that is what wifes do. But she was a devoted wife and stood by her Husband even when he surrenderd when the Army killed both which is a War Crime.

    Let us get this into perspective:

    There are two seperate Ethinic Groups in Sri Lanka and we both have a claim to seperate pieces of Land. We will recalaim our Land after March 2014 and America has already served Notice that there will a War Crimes Inquiry and just listen to the American Envoy who is in Jaffna.
    He said there has been too many “ongoings” and that means there is no more pussy footing and Dilly Dallying. So ask all the Sinhalese Racists ( 20 million) to get it into their thick head that Tamil Rights will be restored and those responsible for the Genocide will be punished.
    Prabkaran was a means to an END and the end is Tamil dignity and Freedom which is a Birth and God given Right and no one is going to deny that.

    I have a message for this Wijeyawickrema: You can give your sister or your mother a Naked bath ( a lot offrican Tribes do) but dont insult other Customs.

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      Ado son of a smuggler!
      You came from Vedaranyam or nagar kovil recently. That is why you have no knowledge of history.

      Veluppillai born in Kerala and came to VVT to find some food. That is why his son the moron Prabhakaran too knew nothing!

      Smugglers and killers are now the reps of the Tamils. That is why no one is care them!

      Nadesan, a moron, former Police constable did not like the Tamil women. That is why he kidnapped many Tamil girls and raped and killed them.

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    never wanted to live in Canada but the slaves of the Brits in Jaffna chased me here.

    Who are these Slaves of the Brits who chased you to Canada.

    Did they chase you because:
    -you are low cast
    -Brilliant Writer
    -Land Owner
    -or You are just a Sinka-Nalam.

    How did you escape. So when you arrived in Canada you claimed Asylum on the basis of Persecution by the slaves. Why didn’t you avail yourself to the Sinhalese Authorities for protection. Was it because you feared for your life at the hands of MRs Gundas or you wanted a better life in Canada.
    What happened to your Job as a Translator in Chilaw? You couldn’t translate or what.

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      Now we banned LTTE criminals in Canada. Your low caste karayans are hiding started to work as toilet cleaners.

      We finished the Eelam in Nanthi Kadal.

      You cry much about CASTE. Then you tell here about your caste. We will tell it is low or high! But I conclude you are a LOW caste karayan coolie work as a mercenary against Sri lanka for pea nuts.

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    Kalli the double Moron,

    “Before the above three colonised Sri Lanka there were separate Tamil and Sinhalese Kingdom so dont confuse. “

    There were three kingdoms. The Tamil kingdom when the protugees arrived was smaller than even the current day Northern Province, so accept this and do not confuse your self.

    About the Tamils feeling superior to others, apart from the reasons you stated you have forgotten to mention another fact. Your good looks.

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    Comment on “In India Jainism has a branch where they go naked. Once when Indira Gandhi wanted to meet such Jain leader, IG had to stay outside a screen where the naked Jain leader was sitting.”

    That is not correct. I remember the incident well. Indira Gandhi attended a meeting regarding the 2500th Nirvana Anniversary of Lord Mahavira (Niggantha Nataputta in Pali texts)in 1974, where the unclothed Jain Muni (later Acharya) Vidyanadiji was also attending. Vidyanadiji did not cover himself and it was reported that Indira Gandhi looked on “unflinchingly”. Indira Gandhi edited a collection of photographs for her book “Eternal India”, August 1, 1980, where she included a photograph of an unclothed Jain monk.

    The Nirgrantha Giri, after whom Abhayagiri Vihara is named, was a similar Jain monk. Note that the 6 Tirthikas contemporary to Gautam Buddha, mentioned in Samannaphala Sutta were unclothed, with obvious exception of Ajita Kesakambali.

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