18 May, 2022


Thajudeen Murder: Ex-Crimes OIC Released On Bail Despite Concealing Evidence

Former Narahenpita Crimes OIC Sumith Perera was released on bail today by the Colombo High Court despite covering up the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen.

Wasim Thajudeen

The court which released the suspect on a cash bail of Rs. 100,000 and three personal sureties of Rs. 1 million each, ordered that the ex-Crimes OIC hand over his passport to the Court. Perera was granted bail when his revision bail application was taken up today.

Perera was arrested by the CID in April last year on charges that he had concealed evidence with regard to the murder of Thajudeen. Following a statement by Perera last year, Former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake was arrested subsequently in May 2016 by the CID for also concealing information pertaining to the murder.

Senanayake continues to be in remand.

In August last year, the State Counsel informed the Colombo Additional Magistrate that Perera had received telephone calls from the Presidential Secretariat on the day Thajudeen was murdered. Two sons of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa have been accused of having direct links with the murder.

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  • 39

    Thajudeen Murder: Ex-Crimes OIC Released On Bail Despite Concealing Evidence

    This case is now becoming stale n stale. Why cant they finish it if all concrete evidences are available at hand. Is the Wanapalanaya scared of the Rajapaksha Palanaya elements.
    Yahapalana has has gone back and deceived the public with false promises made before January 8.
    Stick to your promises and that is the main reason public voted for you.
    Its not too late yet. Still you can revert back.
    Give a U Turn now. its the right time now.

    • 26

      I have the feeling if the current leadership is seriously interested in serviing the nation with justice – as promised… they could even ask AG to speed up the process..just as an excuse to repeat that the govt is not interfering the courts issues is just … a joke actually.

      the nation is today so fed up not seeing anything being improved in the lines of serving justice.
      This and Lasantha s case are just being extended from month to month… at least FCID or other men who are responsible for the investigations should come up with a report….. elaborating the levels of investigations…. under the RTI pact… that can change a lot towards creating hopes in the nation. Today, the victimized and the nation as a whole just wait and wait…that is it.

    • 44


      This is a classic case of MY3, the turncoat traitor stabbing the people who voted for him in the back.

      Is this the hallmark of our Bloody Politicians, cannot we find one genuine man among our 20 Million people and it needs to be a Sinhalese to be the Head of State.

      Sadly we are a headless state and MY3 is a bloody shame for all of us who voted for this turncoat who turns out to protect the MARA MURDERERS.

      Don’t worry MY3, the fate which befell MARA will befall you too, if you do not mend your ways and apprehend the MARA MURDEROUS FAMILY, who is behind all the murders, including Lasantha, Ekneheliyagoda and Thajudeen.

      Don’t forget that you traitor came to power over these dead bodies and definitely these souls will haunt you before your death.

      For heaven sake mend your ways and STOP protecting the MOST MURDEROUS FAMILY SRI LANKA HAS EVER PRODUCED.

      • 16

        Please dont blame MY3, blame yourself for been taken for a ride by MY3.

        • 0

          My3 was Hobson’s choice for us the voters. Sadly still is.

      • 4

        Sri Lankan establishments are infested with corruption from top to bottom. The judges, magistrates and police officers are the appointees of MR or of previous corrupted leaders, do not expect miracles. many of them are involved in those crimes and corruptions and don’t expect them to cooperate with investigations of crimes. This president has to steer carefully because the military and others with IQ 29 are waiting to topple him and call the scandalous leader and his brothers who were behind all these murders and swindling of state wealth. Then you won’t get any investigation, instead only more of the same crimes and corruptions.

        Can you see how things are twisted by the corrupted ex-president and his JO. They initiated SAITM with Rs.600 million and arranged scholarship to 10 students but now they oppose the registration of the first batch with SLMC. This is what they are good at.

      • 6

        Ansar,Turncoat My3 trapped you with his googly, keep turning.

    • 12

      I think as an Executive president – he should have the previledge to ask FCID to do the job properly and in a speed manner… let alone the majority of us should feel… the investigations are currently underway in terms of the brutal high profile murder cases such as Thadjudeen and Lasantha..
      Just let us the nation hopeless this way is not what we expected from the president….
      Something fishy is here .. FCID is not giving the priority to this case allowing criminals being lined up for further high crimes…

    • 13

      RE: Thajudeen Murder: Ex-Crimes OIC Released On Bail Despite Concealing Evidence

      “In August last year, the State Counsel informed the Colombo Additional Magistrate that Perera had received telephone calls from the Presidential Secretariat on the day Thajudeen was murdered. Two sons of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa have been accused of having direct links with the murder.”

      “Former Narahenpita Crimes OIC Sumith Perera was released on bail today by the Colombo High Court despite covering up the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen.”

      This is the current Law and order, headed by the Yahapalanaya, Good Governance, with its President, as Sirisena, who has earned the Titles of Turncoat, Traitor, Gona*, Mala-Perethaya* and Sevalaya*, from the 6.2 million who voted for him.

      Why not impeach Sirisena?

      Colloquial Sinhala, Translations:

      Gona*, Whore, to the Rajapaksas and cronies.

      Mala-Perethaya* , Living off the dead, killed by the Rajapaksas.

      Sevalaya*, Sleaze, an unreliable person

      • 1

        As usual, a stupid comment by the biggest idiot in Sri Lanka, Marakkalamarasiri.

        He is specially angry about his infidel (he had many extra marital affairs) Muslim brother and throws his stupid insults at he poor policeman.

        If they have the bloody evidence, why not present them in a trial? How is keeping a police officer in jail for nearly an year ‘justice’?

        Those who argue against these policemen out of hatred towards Rajapakse have rotting cow dung in their heads. They should be ashamed of themselves.

        This does not apply to Marakkalamarasiri, because he does not have a brain at all.

        • 9


          “If they have the bloody evidence, why not present them in a trial? How is keeping a police officer in jail for nearly an year ‘justice’? “

          Stupidity is a virtue for some, like you, especially those who vote for Mara MaRa ChaTu MaRa AmaNa AaRa MiNi MaRu MaRa DhushaNa MaRa.

          There was evidence in the first place. That is why he was taken into custody.

          Then MaRa used his stolen billions to bribe cronies and idiots like you, with low IQ, who will sell your mother to MaRa, and even Sirisena was given “Sanatoriums”. After all Sirisena worked for MaRa for 10 years. They all are crooks and killers.

          Just look at yourself in the mirror, ans write 2/2 =0, and pray to Wimal Modawamsa, who is in jail now, another MaRa crone and crook.

          Ask your paymaster MaRa to return the stolen billions back to the people. Unfortunately, the dead bodies cannot be rendered back to life!

    • 16

      king of liars… they promised but have done nothing in the line of serving justice…
      Born liars ..

    • 15

      Mr President of Srilanka,

      Your govt has unfortunately lost all the credibility by now.

      The reason why drove away your predecessor was firstly because he never held investigations even for high crimes.

      But you to this day, have turned out to be even worst…. us being subjected to jokes day to another…
      why not your authorities allow all the high criminal prisoners be free by today…. even then there will be no difference, since even today we see high criminals roam scot free.. Just go to Medmaulana… you will see everything.

      We dont need any prisons in this country… almost everyone would agree with you .. to share the thoughts with high criminals and let fall even deeper…


    • 10


      What is new then?

      Business as usual.

    • 5

      That’s the Law of the Jungle

      • 3

        Nauffer Mohamed

        “That’s the Law of the Jungle”

        Have you ever lived in the jungle to judge how jungle is run without the modern state?

    • 3

      To all how have been in anxities… not being able to see the gravity of the change made by President MY3 and Premier RW ….

      Please get the facts as they really are:

      President Maithripala Sirisena revealed, yesterday, that the first action he took using his executive powers was to remove former chief justice Mohan Peiris, when he came and begged him not to remove him from his post and expressed his willingness to do anything he wanted. The president disclosed how Mohan Peiris visited him at his residence after he assumed duties on January 9, 2015 and promised to take action in his favour and implored him not to remove him from his post of CJ. The president revealed this while addressing a public meeting in Warakapola. “Chief Justice Mohan Peiris came to meet me at 10.00 pm on the day after I assumed duties as president and told me not to remove him from his post. He said he would deliver his judgments according to my wishes. I told him there was no intention of removing him from his post and told him to leave my residence,” the president said. But he returned the next day and begged me not to remove him from his post, he said. Then I realised how these people had been in the habit of giving judgments to suit the previous regime. Therefore, I decided to remove him from his post at once, using my executive powers for the first time, he said. (Pushpakumara Mallawaarachch – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/President-reveals-why-he-removed-Mohan-Peiris-123965.html#sthash.pWAKUjFK.dpuf

  • 19

    This is really appalling.

    Actually this case of the murdered rugby player should long have been finalized, if all the responisble authorities paid wholehearted efforts to serve the due justice to the parties.

    Actually, alleged men and women to have perpetrated the high crime are still without being interviewed.
    I really dont know if this is just an another joke…

    we only see… nothing moves pleasing the nation of this country.

    Thajudeen s mother should have been going through all the torments being unable to see let alone the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of this case.
    Why Yoshita and his mother have not yet been interviewed by FCID even if sufficient evidence have been collected ?
    What have you FCID been doing all along ?

  • 15

    “Two sons of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa have been accused of having direct links with the murder.”

    if this is the reality, why not FCID stays not questioning the former leader s sons ? why ? why why – million dollar question of the nation


  • 22

    Now that this guy is released on bail in spite perverting the cause of justice, soon Senanayake will also be out.
    The Rajapakse’s must be laughing through their backsides.

    • 9


      I really dont what this FCID has been doing ?

      I have the feeling they the men have no brains.

      Every idiot would see it … if the allegations are levelled at Rajapakshe moronic sons, what the hell FCID stays not calling the buggers sons for investigations ?

      I think President will have to take actions using his executive powers can then help this …

      Besides, the bugger JMO was alleged to have let those body parts of the murdered player to have kept in the freezers of SAITME. Investigations revealed it .. proved… but nothing like any punish,ment was ordered to that JMO… why ?

      That means srilankens in general have no concerns to even dead bodies.. peityless folk ?

    • 3

      They are all Ranaviru’s. Ranavirus are exempted from any wrong doings.

  • 10

    Rajapaksa’s are very safe as long as our two top rogues are in power.
    They still think, they can hoodwink the voters for the second time.

  • 15

    Whenever Mahinda Rajapakse becomes a threat to the government the Wasim Thajudeen murder will surface. Once Mahinda calms down the murder talk will fade off. The bad governance does this tactic for the last two years and deceive us.

  • 9

    Pathetic, appalling and a major let down to say the least! Of course I am against this officer being detained in remand without conviction and that the case took so long and nothing materialized! The shrewd ones in power failed to see that the public sees through all this!! The loonie tune balloons by Google failed, Volkswagen was a hoax…. so on… are they trying to say the government did not know about the legal hitch with google balloons? Obviously the Telcos bribed the powers and this is the same way the late Thajudeen’s fate too was taken for a ride even after his horrendous death.. these politicians should rot alive for playing with voters!! Curse and cuss!!!

  • 8

    Is this the Yakapalanaya from Yahapalanaya? Is this why we voted for Yahapalana Govt?

  • 7

    Sirisena and Ranil,

    Hallmark of Sri Lanka justice.

    Why are you not arresting The two murderes Yoshitha and Namal.

    Have you told the judge to release Senanayake so he go to destroy the evidenc.

    One day every murderer of Thajudeen will be free and they will be go home.

    Sirisena is a Gobarala who does not know what he is talking about.

    Ranil is happy with his rogoue friend Magendren and demented old crook Paskaeralingam who are sucking the blood of poor people.

  • 6

    Every one of us wants justice done as soon as possible with severity it merits. The whole thing is turned a mockery by dragging the feet. In every case the drama starts with a remanding to custody. Clearly you cannot keep in that state beyond reasonable times. So the suspects are enlarged on bail.

    Clearly from the foregoing comments the bitterness against the current regime is reflected for this tardiness. Many are now asking, whether, is this a case of purposely dragging the feet, concealing material and obstructing justice or is this a case where they really have no material to proceed.

    Related to this is the involvement of SAITM. The former JMO, who is now in the staff SAITM and on long leave, is alleged to have taken body parts of late Wasim to SAITM. Body parts in SAITM were seized. Much publicity was given to this. But there is no conclusion as yet whether any of the seized body parts belonged to late Wasim after the DNA tests and so on.

    It is natural for people like me who are inclined to believe that previous rulers has had a hand in this act, now believe that rulers past and the present have come to terms. “YOU OR I WHEN WE GET THE POWER ABUSE IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! FATTEN OUR PURSE! BUMP A BLOKE OR TWO! ABOVE ALL FOOL THE PEOPLE!”.

    In contrast courts in UK and US have ruled against the new leaders on their pet subjects. They never stooped down to say that judges were politically biased or something to that effect. Either they appealed or mended their ways to be in line with the law. I must say that is the rule of law that is expected of any civilized country.

  • 5

    For God and Buddhas sake,take gotabaya,Namal.Yoshita Rajapaksa to custody,sirisena you would be cursed for generations to come
    your children will undergo similar fate you dirty mantake action and let Fcid take the right decision
    curses on you are on the way dont worry,you will have simolar fate including your children
    shame sirisena you are covering up for the Jada Rajapaksa’s
    get lost we are sick of you filthy man

  • 4

    Thanks to this OIC Sumith Perera, the worst criminal at the time DIG Anura Senanayake was taken into custody and still rotting in remand custody. If not for this OIC, that DIG would have been successful in an escape plan engineered through the previous “KING” MR. Now, let the CID get confirmation of those “Telephone Calls” that came in and out from the “QUEEN” and the “OTHERS”. I only hope this OIC Sumith Perera will not “commit suicide” and stand by the statements he had given. Also, I hope that no one will “Sponsor” him a “Trip” abroad and seeks courts permission to take him out to receive “Medical Treatment”. Long live this OIC and attend courts to testify further involvements of the “BIG WIGS” in this MURDER.

  • 5

    Baratha Laksman’s family should be thankful that they were “Sinhala Buddhists” otherwise they would not have seen any justice.

    It will start to snow in hell if anyone in the minority community gets justice for the crimes against them by the state or other Sinhala Buddhists.

  • 3

    It is the fault of the Police in not expediting the investigations. People cannot be held in custody indefinitely for the slow inquiry process. There should be a reasonable speed as in the case of punishing Sarath Fonseka.

  • 3

    This is all a huge joke. First they announce arrests and jail for some crime or the other by the previous regime, make a big splash about it, then quietly the culprits are released. NO justice for the Sri Lankan people. This government makes a big show and then everything fizzles out. How many Rajapaksa’s have been thrown in jail, and where are they today?

  • 4

    MP decamped the last regime not because his love for the country. He was with MARA for ten long years. When he realized he will never get P M post under Rajapakse he changed sides.Presidency was a Bonus for him. He only wanted P M post.
    Now the man is settled for life. All the promises given to REV Sobitha was also cremated with the body of Rev Sobitha. RW has no quarrel with Mahinda. If not for him Sajith was leading the UNP as the leader of the opposition
    So . Do not expect justice in this land. Judges are also appointed by former regime and they have their own Agendas
    M R was the brightest of all politicians.
    He has broken the Back bones of most of the buddhists priests,and the other religions as well. He ruined the Judges. He also ruined Kalkarayas. Some prominent Film artists said Rajapakses were related to Lord Buddha.
    One archialosgist, a famous Ellawela priest was also trying to make stone eddfice to change Mahawanse to glorify Mahinda. He also ruined the three forces and the Police.So the country was totally changed. Do not expect Justice.
    The day Rajapakses emerged again Including Sirisena and Ranil will start praising Rajapkses.
    They will reenact the 18 the Amendement to the consttution.
    Best place for intelligent sihalese people to live will be northen province under Tamils. At least tamils are not corrupt like the race originated from an Animal

  • 3

    America embassy ambassador Colombo said a few years back ;this is not a Buddhist country, Buddhism is a cloak used to cover the Sinhalese?
    Can anyone argue with that after witnessing and reading what the uneducated filth have done and remain free?

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