29 May, 2022


Thajudeen Was Tortured And Killed; Grave Site Under 24-Hour Police Protection

The Crminal Investigations Department (CID) is slated to file a motion before Colombo Magistrates Court shortly seeking an order to exhume the body of former national rugby player Wasim Thajudeen after unearthing new evidence that his death was not accidental but murder.



According to reliable sources the Attorney General yesterday has given the green-light for the CID to seek a magisterial order for the exhumation of the body.

Earlier the CID sought the advice of the AG on the matter. The CID is most likely to file the motion on Wednesday, according to sources.

After exhuming the body a forensic investigation is to be conducted by the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO).

The CID had unearthed fresh evidence that Thajudeen who also was the Havelock clubs former Rugby captain had been tortured and killed although the Police at the time claimed Thajudeen’s death was due to an accident.

The CID recently informed the court that it had detected marked differences in the Government Analyst’s report and the postmortem report on Thajudeen’s death and had come up with new findings which suggested it was murder.

The CID had informed courts that it appears Thajudeen had been subjected to severe torture before his death and multiple wounds in his body appear to have been inflicted by sharp and blunt weapons.

Also the CID had said that Thajudeens thighs seemed to have cut by a broken bottle and there appears to be fractures in his ribs.

The CID earlier requested the Courts to order relevant authorities to issue the final report of the postmortem and also summon the Medical Officers who conducted the postmortem.

Meanwhile Thajudeen’s grave site at Dehiwela cemetary is under 24-hour Police protection currently.

Thajudeen’s had died on May 17, 2012 in Narahenpita. His car had crashed into a wall and caught fire in close proximity to Shalika grounds, according to Police reports at the time. His charred remains was found inside the car.

Although the police spokesman at the time of Thajudeens death had said that the Rugby player had died after his car crashed into a wall and instantly exploded suspicion surrounded his death with media highlighting many irregularities with regards to the investigation.

Heightening suspicions at the time an unknown person had walked into Kirulapone police station and had handed over a purse, which eventually was found to be Thajudeen’s. The person had said that he found the purse near a road in Kirulapone, although the accident which supposedly killed Thajudeen had accured at Narahenpita about 2 Km’s away.

There were accusations that the Government at the time did not carry out a proper investigation.

After a new government assumed office afetr the January 08 victory of President Maithripala Sirisena a fresh probe was launched.

According to reports, suspects for this death include a son of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Yoshitha Rajapaksa and a former Senior DIG is suspected to be involved in covering up the crime.

Thajudeen a talented Rugby player was voted the most popular ruggerite in the country in 2009.

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Latest comments

  • 16

    “The CID had informed courts that it appears Thajudeen had been subjected to severe torture before his death and multiple wounds in his body appear to have been inflicted by sharp and blunt weapons.

    Also the CID had said that Thajudeens thighs seemed to have cut by a broken bottle and there appears to be fractures in his ribs.”

    In the words of the CID, “APPEARS”, “SEEMED” are speculations. A responsible Investigating Organisation should not resort to use of such words if they are not certain.

    It is unfortunate that actions of the CID had to come up in the run up to elections in the form of exhumation…..


    • 14

      “In the words of the CID, “APPEARS”, “SEEMED” are speculations. A responsible Investigating Organisation should not resort to use of such words if they are not certain.”

      This is yet another ” fake P.hD ” type irrelevant statement from you , so you are once again more concerned about the vocabulary which had been used to describe this heinous crime ,right ? why can’t you see the bigger picture here , for god’s sake that poor bloke is dead , one crazy animal had taken his life , we don’t know who committed this inhumane act ,for sure , but one scum took his life away and pretended it was a motor accident . may be the timing bugs for those who feeling guilty , all what the media says is , it’s suspicious ;thus , it warrants further scrutinising , absolutely ! it needs the highest priority , who knows what sort of confessions will crop up during an interrogation from the guilty parties . we all SUSPECT Yoshotha was behind this murder , it’s polices'(CID) duty to successfully prosecute the culprit beyond any reasonable doubt , since we have got an independent judiciary now , no body needs to worry about “Kangaroo type courts” any more , if Yoshitha hasn’t got any thing to do with this murder , then why bother , let nature takes its cause ! as for damaging his reputation , bad luck , it’s part and parcel of being the president’s son. after all it’s an occupational hazard .

    • 13

      Next days, after the investigations bring the latest related to sudden death of that Rugger player – that can then decide the future of former prez Son. And those who got raped and were then bribed to external affairs depts in and out of the country will attack Rajapakshe offsprings for sure. Coming colour is no good for Rajapakshes as Astrologers predict right at the moment.

    • 13

      Rajapakshes will become a historyand their future will end up to the very same manner Gadafi found it in that country. That will be the reality.
      If SF should have been punished to the manner, why not Rajapakshes.
      And if SF s hands are tied in case of Lasantha W murder – that should also be revealed to the nation. All in all, without BEING biased these incidents should work for the justice of the people.

    • 13

      Hey guys, at the time, MR ruled the nation, there were big headlines that one of his sons would even become an astronaut – also was about to do his research for his PhD etc.. but what are the latest about his education today ?
      There are news that say, none of these offsprings have passed their basic level uni entrance exams. Can anybody please add the latest about the issues ?

  • 6

    Enough of this farce please. I read that they intend exhuming WT’s body for another autopsy. Please let him rest in peace. This exhumation is against the basic tenets of Islam and serves no purpose other than to play up to the Muslim vote bank. These Yahapalanaya guys couldn’t do jack to convict the thugs in MR’s coterie, so don’t try to fool people by this vendetta ploy to discredit MR at election time. Sure, we all know that YR had a hand in this but there is nothing to be gained by exhuming WT’s body. It will just be another farcical eyewash to add on to the long list of crap by these guys in the present regime. What a pitiful situation we are all in –caught between the proverbial devil and the deep sea with an upcoming election that we certainly can’t afford. God help us all!!

    • 20

      “Sure, we all know that YR had a hand in this but there is nothing to be gained by exhuming WT’s body. “

      have you heard the term “forensic ” , ring any bells ? after exhuming the body , forensic scientist would be able to reveal the cause of the death , nature of the injuries , weapon types etc they had used , prosecuting the culprit is a different matter , but the country needs to know the truth ! was it a motor car accident as the previous regime claimed ? who were behind the covering up? who were the Police officers , JMO and CID officers tried to cover up ? it needs only one person to reveal the secret , exhuming the body is the first step in the right direction , please have some patience !

      • 0

        The government analyst was involved in the previous investigation and his report was submitted after a forensic investigation. If that report was interfered with politically that is what should be investigated.
        Even now Thajudeens family are convinced that there was NO foul play in Wasims death and are against this farce of using their loved one for political exhibitions.

        • 3

          Nice try , but the body will be exhumed tomorrow , bad luck !

          PS : Haram and other load of bollocks ( family disapproval etc) hadn’t been taken in to considerations , it’s official , CID had started digging .so, please have some patience !

    • 14

      Himali Fernando [ ploy to discredit MR at election time]
      Relay FYI no need to discredit MR he did a pretty excellent job of discrediting him self by his corrupt practices and the new regime under PM RW has follow suite and already is discredited. But that dose not mean stop investigation of young man life that been cut short. If he was murdered I know nothing will happen to the murderess if they are found to be wealthy and influence peddling low life’s that is the sad part. So before asking for God’s help pray that God will punish the culprits if they were found guilty of murder.

    • 13

      This is very unfair.
      Be them muslims or others coming from different ethnic backgrounds, JUSTICE and FAIRNESS should equally be safeguarded since we are all srilankens.
      If potential evidence in terms of the death to be a murder, state should react accordingly. There may be guys of your kind would always interpret this in favours of your thougts. But justice should be prevailed even thought it is too late.
      To the very same manner, I wish Ghanasara to be brought before the caughts for all the GINIMALAYA he deliberately made on Aluthgama areas creating a riots as never thougtht. His should be cover by sealed dogtype mouth cover if the nation to be protected from being harmed.

      • 6

        This general election is important from many angles
        and one of which is ethnic harmony.in this case of
        Thajudeen , it also needs to be investigated whether
        his race led to this crime if it’s scientifically
        further proven .Rajapaksas patiently waited until
        after extremists unleashed terror against Muslims
        right round the country , in the name anything but
        humanity .But I have a reasonable doubt whether
        this is only going to be an election drama !I
        remember mass graves were dug as part of an election
        ploy against then UNP govt in 1994 .An image was
        created that UNP was murderous as if nothing
        happened in 71. Even after catching power and
        lasted over 20 yrs , Batalanda is still haunting
        Ranil . Let us hope My3 govt don’t play politics
        with dead bodies like MARA did in 94 .

    • 5

      Himali Fernando:
      There is a curious contradiction in what you close with. You say, “What a pitiful situation we are all in –caught between the proverbial devil and the deep sea with an upcoming election that we certainly can’t afford. God help us all!!”
      This sounds suspiciously like a Freudian slip.
      Your concern for the tenets of Islam is truly touching in this context. However, what is to be LOST by a LEGAL forensic intervention here? After all, if the original verdict is proven to have been accurate, it will be confirmed and if it has not been, what will you then have to say?

      • 0

        “However, what is to be LOST by a LEGAL forensic intervention here?”
        Nothing.Except the mental agony the family has through all over again,despite them having said that they do no suspect foul play.
        What new evidence have been found? have they produced these before the court?does the above article reveal any of the so called new evidence?

        How did they find cuts from a broken bottle and multiple wounds inflicted with blunt and sharp weapons while the body is still in the grave?
        If those were revealed by the previous by the previous postmortem,what is the need for another.All they have to do is to find the criminals who committed this so called crime.

        Pa.Cha. is trying to discredit Rajapakes knowing that he can not win even over dead bodies.

        • 2

          “If those were revealed by the previous by the previous postmortem,what is the need for another.All they have to do is to find the criminals who committed this so called crime.”

          It’s funny though , you have raised a question and then given the answer , exhuming is being carried out to iron out any disputes arising from guilty parties , funny enough , your boss i.e Mafia king had also given the green light for continuation of the investigation , wonder why his “Bathbalayos” didn’t get the message across yet ?

  • 31

    The onslaught is on Sinhala Buddhists! Unfortunately Yoshitha is a nominal Sinhala Buddhist! Is he so? The Mongolian look of the whole family with some history digging indicates them to be Javanese who settled in Hambantota? Sampons were the boats used by Malayans! Sampon – tota became Hambantota! With all the Malays in Hambantota there is no doubt! I challenge the Rajapaksa family to do a mitochondrial DNA test to trace origin! Then comes the Buddhist part… The mother is definitely a Catholic, Rajapaksas are thought to be political Buddhists rather than true Buddhists! The LTTE fanatics have suddenly appeared to hammer Sinhalese as if they are babies. Count the massacres that can be attributed to LTTE. However we don’t blame Tamils or Hindus/Christian s for those killings although Prabhakaran used Tamils to kill by proxy! He also used MR to kill by the way of funding LTTE in 2005! Prabhakaran also probably killed more Tamils than those attributed to the Sinhala army! Bastards are Bastards irrespective of their national or religious labels. This applies to BBS, ISIS, TALIBANS, BOKO HARAM AS WELL AS AMERICANS OR ISRAELI’S who harm peaceful people irrespective of their religion or race!!!!

    • 7


      Namal is a “Nallawangsa” !

    • 6


      “Count the massacres that can be attributed to LTTE”

      Are you saying that LTTE killed Wasim Thajudeen?

      “However we don’t blame Tamils or Hindus/Christian s for those killings “

      But you didn’t stop the whole sale butchery of innocent people in Vanni.

  • 2

    Thajudeen was tortured and killed under the MR regime. Of course there should be arrests and punishment. But before demonising MR and canonising Ranil just remember what Ranil’s government was responsible for when it crushed the JVP. Those of you who are too young to recall the Eighties should read how the UNP death squads emptied villages of their young men and women. You should know what happened to the 31 Embilipitiya schoolboys. The names PRAA and Ukussa should be familiar to you. It puts poor Thajudeen’s death into perspective.



    • 14


      Come on, in this island the state never committed any war crimes nor it violated human rights. This is a figment of your imagination.

      In this island there were no dead squads, no war criminals, not a single person lost his/her life or limp, people were happy in the villages, towns and cities, everything has been hunky dory, no one died of aerial bombardment, shelling, no torture, no rape, …………. since 5th April 1971. Bless the rulers.

      What seems to be your problem?

    • 4

      We had eighties and seventies under MARA terror ? And
      Ranil was cleared in courts of any involvement. UNP
      govt was reacting to the insurgency that targeted JRJ
      and nearly killed Athulathmudali. Pioneers of grave
      diggers are MARA and CBK and now at each other’s neck.

  • 2

    The way this investigation is being conducted and PACED and snippets of news released to the public it is so apparent what the agenda of Ranil bankrupt UNP is. What is so disgusting about the UNP government is that the came to power on a pack of lies and they now want to retain power the same way. Mud slinging, mud slinging, mud slinging. An insult to our people.

  • 3

    The government analyst now says there was carbon no Monoxide in Thajudeens lungs therefore it could not be a death due to the accident.
    Also there say there multiple fractured bones and cuts due to attack from a broken bottle. If you know all that why bother to exhume the body? What more do they expect to find from exhuming the body? more broken bones?
    If above claims are true any one can see that it is a murder and what is needes is a criminal investigation and not a TV show of exhuming the body.

    • 1

      The whole process is called ” Criminal investigation ” of course that’s for the civilized world , obviously not for Mafia world , Unlike Mahinada’s Kangaroo court , Yahapalanaya wants it correct way , exhuming the body is part of that process , remember how Mafia king dragged Gen SF on trump up charges ? perhaps his Bathbalayo think that is how justice is done , sorry , it’s not the way , start learning from Yahapalanaya !

  • 2

    i think it’s somewhat irresponsible for colombo telegraph to publish a photo of Yoshita Rajapakshe and naming him as a suspect in this case , while an investigation is still ongoing.
    We know the Rajapakshe’s haven’t covered themselves in glory during their time of rule, however everybody should be entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty by a court of law.
    This kind of journalism will only lend itself to a perception of witch hunting, among your readership.

  • 5

    Prime suspects are YR and a former senior DIG.Who is he? If you can name YR why not this DIG?

  • 7


    Latest news on Wasim, read carefully.

    Three PSD men killed Thajudeen
    Cabinet Spokesman says:
    August 7, 2015, 7:11 am

    by Zacki Jabbar

    Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen, who was found dead in his car over three years back, had been killed by three Presidential Security Division personnel, Cabinet Spokesman and Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said yesterday.

    Addressing a press conference in Colombo, Minister Senaratne said investigations had revealed that the talented national ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen, had been murdered by the PSD men, on May 17, 2012 though it had been claimed that he had died when his car crashed into a wayside wall at Kirulapone.

    It was widely believed that the orders to kill the rugger player, who had a little son, had come from a powerful person connected to the previous government, the minister added.

    On a recent application filed by the Criminal Investigations Department in the Colombo Magistrates Court, calling for an analysis of the deceased’s fractured bones, the Magistrate directed that the body be exhumed next Monday.

    Meanwhile, the grave at the Dehiwela Muslim Burial ground, where Thajudeen’s body was buried, is being guarded by armed policemen.


    • 0

      Vedda must be an utterly naive one to quote let alone believe someone like Rajitha,a well known liar who seem think he and his son are the wisest in the world and the rest are utter fools.
      The government analyst who did the investigation last time must be a real rookie for what Rajitha claims to true.If not the Analyst would have retained those bones for further investigation or have them photographed for further inquiry and as evidence.
      This is a ‘pada’ political show and nothing else!

  • 1

    This is terrible journalism, that is if one can call the Colombo telegraph a true news bulletin, rather than what it is..a rag full of innuendo and scandal, and it is stooping extra low in this particular “report” by using YR’s picture with the title of the “report” depicting a suspected murder..shame shame shame on you CT!

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