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The Background Of Road Accidents In The Post-Mullivaikkal Scenario

By Parani Krisnarajani

Parani Krisnarajani

It has become customary for the Tamils to pay a hefty price to comprehend certain truth. The recent gruesome murder of two students of the University of Jaffna by the police force of the genocidal government of Sri Lanka has to be seen in that light.

When we exposed the dirty hands of the government in all the road accidents that took place post Mullivaikkaal diligently, with an eye to justice for the past seven years, none headed our findings. On the contrary it was viewed with ridicule and was pushed aside as mere exaggerations. But the loss of two students has come as a rude shock to the Tamil psyche and the Tamils now have begun to see this incident in the light of the above truth. We watch this scene with an admixed emotion of grief and sorrow.

Thamizhini’s ugly death served as a wakeup call for us to understand the nature of cancer deaths in the post Mullivaikkaal scenario. It was only after this incident that we started seeing the deaths caused by Injections of poison and so called other natural deaths as a conspiracy to annihilate our race. The protests that erupted and a dialogue that was initiated in the aftermath created an action mechanism aimed at addressing this issue earnestly, began taking shape.

It is precisely at this moment, after the gruesome murder of the two students, a dialogue has been set in motion among the Tamil society for the need to analyze the road accidents and the systematic annihilation our race faces in the hands of the genocidal establishment of Sri Lanka.

Should I feel happy for this development or feel emotional is something we simply could not come to terms. Because my continuous research on this subject made me identify 73 heinous methods employed to systematically annihilate our race in the aftermath of the Mullivaikkaal debacle. At a time when we, the victims, have identified these precise dangers, if we are not evolving a mechanism to fight such attempts, what does future have in store for us?

Let yourself bring this situation before your eyes for a moment. We shall face a systematic total annihilation in the garb of disease, accidents and such other 73 identified methods. And our sheer ignorance would have left us counting the dead in the name of disease and accidents. What a shame!

We cannot talk to people who consider that genocide is all about having people killed in a war. Convincing them is not our business either.

The Sinhalese government is employing innovative methods of Genocide in Tamil Eezham. While it is true that a Government with a genocidal intention has this character ingrained in it, the Sri Lankan Government has always been a step higher when it came to executing it. We need to frame an understanding that the UN and western powers are not just responsible for the past destruction but they are hand-in-glove to the genocidal attempts that continue till today.

So it is imperative that we the victims have to first devise a framework that can safeguard us. Later the working of this framework can bring to fore the truth, the sinister agenda of the killings, and can help in devising an international framework in getting us fair justice.

It is an onerous task. But do we have a choice? We are getting annihilated without having an iota of knowledge on how we are getting annihilated. The talks of political frameworks, reconciliation, rehabilitation, and all such things are a trap that has the potent power to entrap us into the hands of our enemies. Those are not going to help us in anyway. The irony is, we have braced ourselves to blow our own death knell without even knowing it.

I had been continually bringing to the notice about these deaths caused by road accidents since May of 2009 in line with the covenants of what constitutes genocide. Forget the common man. What was appalling was how the politicians and the media were aloof and did not show any responsibility to investigate this danger any further.

When the two students of the University were killed, the Tamil media did not scrutinize any further and dubbed them as an incident of “road accident”. The same news was broadcast repeatedly till the dawn of the next day.

The media did not explore go into such factors like time of the accident, the circumstances, the specificity of the two students involved in the fatal accident while publishing their news. But I did my homework by connecting with few of my contacts in the media and political circles to raise some intriguing questions. I am compelled to record here with utmost grief that some of them wanted to go past this gruesome murder as a “yet another road accident”.

But because the bodies of the two students were riddled with bullets, the genocidal government could not carry on with its false propaganda any longer. My question is straight to us and it is pretty simple. Should the bullets not pierce the bodies of the slain, how danger would our decision of dubbing the incident as a mere accident be?

Our land is under the occupation of the genocidal government of Sri Lanka. So it is imperative to pin every incident, be it a simple ceremony to a funeral, to a possible genocidal intent of the dangerous establishment.

Here is an example of an incident.

Manikkasothi Abimannasingam, a darling in the Eezham struggle was killed in a road accident in September of 2014. Our media recorded his death as caused by a freak road accident. May be that was true, a fair probability indeed. But as a politician who stood in the fray for the Provincial elections opposing Tamil National Alliance who have brandished themselves as standing for the cause of reconciliation, his death should have raised a lot of questions. But our media were not ready to investigate this incident any further and put to question the accident that caused his untimely death.

To this day, not an element of truth has been brought forward on his accident. But I have recorded his death as not one of those freak accidents, but as a road accident that was deiberately caused with a well entrenched genocidal motive of the establishment. It may be recalled that Shantha Abimannasingam, the sibling of the deceased Manikkasothi Abimannasingam, who also happens to be the President of the Attorney Association of Jaffna District, has raised many serious doubts in the cross examinations she conducted in the honourable court.

That is why I plead that the media that represent the race that has been subjected to annihilation have to be awake to such realities and dangers.

In the post war scenario, systematic genocide assumes a different form. It knocks the door in the guise of development, rehabilitation, reconciliation and people’s welfare. We tend to fall for it naturally and it is indeed challenging for us to be rational to analyze it. Remember we are the fallen, the victims who have faced defeat. Our psyche would be filled with the dark forces of defeat that will blind us from truth. But we need to gather our strength to think beyond and think rationally. It is the need of the hour.

Here is another example of an incident.

“Yaazhdevi”, a railway line that stopped until Vavuniya was extended to the North of Tamil Eezham after 2009. But the irony is, the railway line was also a “Devi (Goddess) of Death. When you account the number of deaths the railway line has caused, you could understand it better. To call all these deaths as accidents would be a sheer stupidity. Accidents are something that can be controlled proactively. But what would propel an establishment that is occupying our homeland with an intention of committing genocide. All we need is a comprehensive capacity to analyze these incidents and understand their background.

“Yaazhdevi” also serves to bring narcotics, prostitutes of South Sri Lanka, the burglars and thieves, to the North with much ease. The hard truth is, “Yaazhdevi” serves to catalyse the cultural genocide of the Tamils of the North.

This is something that needs quite a bit of an elaboration. Few lines of text cannot make people understand the reality. The death of the students has caused ripples in the online world and has made the netizens aware that they can be “made to die” in such freak accidents. It is good that they are aware. But some continue their empty rhetoric by talking about installing speed breakers, driving vehicles in inebriated conditions, not having valid driver’s license etc. By doing so, they unintentionally give a twist to the real genocidal motives of the Government.

All these are sporadic events. But if we do not develop a consciousness that these are stage managed by the genocidal establishments, such incidents will become regular happenings. Let us analyze the background of such road accidents.

Before 2009, when the Tamil Tigers had exercised their de facto control over the Tamil homeland in the North, the war was ravaging. Even during those difficult times, when traffic rules were hard to implement, the numbers of road accidents were far less.

But today in the Tamil homeland not less than ten road accidents are reported on a daily basis. At least one person dies a day due to this road accident. A clear dark motive behind the Government can be seen behind these accidents.

The intentions for such road accidents can be summarized below.

  1. By staging road accidents, people with alternate political views can either be silenced or can be harmed or mutilated.
  2. By quoting the accidents, the Government pushes to construct new roads and in that process can grab the lands of the Tamils.
  3. By staging road accidents, the habitations of Tamils, their livelihoods, their temples and other cultural places are systematically damaged or destroyed either totally or partially.

All these are pointers to the fact that the road accidents are completely managed incidents that are nuances of a larger structural genocide that takes place unhindered.

I have attempted to explain another incident in this regard.

Before two years, in an area of land that connects the North and the South of the Tamil homeland, there was a large Banyan tree that housed a Vairavar temple underneath it. Such temples that dot the Tamil landscape showcased the traditional religious practises of the Tamils. This statue of Vairavar and the Banyan tree were uprooted by an accident that was staged by the evil establishment.

In many Tamil areas, such tactics are being followed and a rapid Sinhalisation process of the Tamil land follows almost immediately.

The politicians of the area and the media fail to view them as part and parcel of the genocidal intention of the Government. They all recorded the happenings as road accident and tend to go over it as mere road accidents.

I stood my ground not just now, but even in those days and rightly identified and recorded them as accidents with ulterior intentions.

If a Banyan tree falls, it is a fair logic to say that another sapling of a banyan tree would be planted in that place. Else it is common not to plant any sapling at all. But the establishment with genocidal intention plants sapling of a Bodhi tree.

Banyan trees are symbols of Tamil’s cultural heritage but a Bodhi tree is of cultural relevance to the Sinhalese.

In the land of the Tamils, in the guise of Sinhalization, as a symbol of occupying the Tamil land, a Banyan tree is being felled by the evil establishment to be replaced with a Bodhi tree.

In the aftermath, where the statue of the God of Vairavar stood, now under the newly planted Bodhi tree, a statue of Buddha has been installed by the genocidal establishment.

Eventually the place was transformed to a religious place where the Sinhala tourists would stop by to pray and pay their respect to Buddha.

As a next step, the genocidal army established a restaurant to the visiting Sinhala tourists and later few Sinhalese settled there permanently to make a living.

Some Buddhist monks who came there to maintain the Buddha statue, and the Sinhalese who settled there, constructed a permanent settlement in that very place. The settlement now is a buzzing tiny village.

The above are consequences of a road accident. So what happened there was not a freak road accident. Indeed the incident is a perfect example of a well planned structural genocide.

We are fully aware of the incidents of systematic destruction of the cultural identity of the Tamils and the acts of replacing them with elements of Buddhist Sinhala cultural identities. This is ethnic cleansing in action in the aftermath of a destructive genocide.

The above incident is an example of a genocidal practise in the garb of a road accident. It was not a mere act of planting a Bodhi tree, it was an act the violated and destroyed the religious sentiments of the Tamils.

The destruction of the rural religious aspects of the Tamils is part and parcel of dirty ethnic cleansing. These rural religious practices serve an important tool in preserving the cultural identity of the Tamils. So the genocidal government sees them an important task to destroying these places of worship systematically.

The bigger temples have been controlled by such Tamil stooges like Douglas and Karuna. The sanctity of the bigger temples have been lost as they have been converted to commercial centres. They serve as mere entertainment for people of all walks of life. Such acts have consciously contributed to the decline of Tamil identity in these temples.

Hence these rural religious places that have the potential to not only preserve the Tamil identity but can also serve to resurrect the very Tamil identity, are being actively targeted by the Sinhala Government.

It is an act where a deeply engrained motive of genocide is written all over it.

In the background of a road accident, the land of the Tamils have been occupied, their ancient religious practises destroyed, their cultural heritage taken away, and the socio-economic dependence on the land by the Tamils destroyed. This was a brazen act that only served to disrupt and destroy the micro economical condition of the Tamils who were dependent on the religious land for their livelihood.

So the death of the students has caused a greater awareness among the mass about the motives of such road accidents. This has to transform into a greater dialogue and has to serve as a tool to bring together the Tamils who are facing total annihilation in the hands of the Sinhala majority.

And this to me is the urgent and inevitable task in everyone’s hands.

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