16 June, 2024


The Cattle, The Muttonheads & The Rajapaksa Coup 

By Pabodha Hettige

Pabodha Hettige

Few days ago it was a time for many to rejoice when Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa expressed his desire to legislate on a total ban on cattle slaughter. Even though further progress on the proposal got postponed for a month, it seemed to have endorsed an ecclesiastical appeasement on a certain bloc of society, who eternally opposed the practice of slaughter.

Despite the presence of fake bona fides of Rajapaksas, if implemented the outcomes of the proposed legislation may drastically affect the socio political, religious and economic equilibrium. It’s not that the Rajapaksas are unaware of it, but they need to set their own momentum now and then to appease the majority and achieve their personal political aspirations.

At a time the proposed 20th Amendment to the constitution has hit the controversy, the proposed ban on cattle slaughter is a sneaky diversion or rather a political bonbon given to pamper the majority, while a steady setting is being created to crown the very own Rajapaksa brainchild. Alas, for the muttonheads, the proposed ban is an achievement like no other. The pressing historical Anagarika Dharmapala dilemma may finally have come to an end for them by the grace of Sri Lanka’s guardian cohort. Rajapaksas drawing the majority of their power from the Sinhala Buddhist community has undoubtedly tantalized them with the support derived from the mainstream Buddhist religious leaders. 

It is palpable that this would disturb the harmony between Muslim and Sinhala communities, certain factions of the former being dependant on the meat industry as their income generator and being the prime consumers of beef. The move maybe understood and reconciled by the educated middle class of both communities but the narrative will not be pleasant among many, which will also draw the other irreconcilable differences adding fuel to the fire.

Imported Beef

While banning the cattle slaughter, the government plans to import beef to rectify the consumer needs. The ulterior motives underlying such would be many. It could be another Rajapaksa hallucination to entrust the process on one of their henchman, which could even result in the importation of substandard beef, where the consumer will have to pay an exorbitant price inclusive of their future health bills. It is obvious that the importation of “KOBE BEEF” would not be an option. Hence, a beef scam is on the horizon, where it’s possible that Rajapaksas and their loyalists can become fat cats at the expense of the end user. 

It’s to be remembered that this is not the first occasion that Sri Lanka may get shoddy products with a political involvement behind it.

Problems behind the curtain

Livestock slaughter is a wide spread industry in the world and it’s impractical that Sri Lanka is pressing on the ban. If the lives of cattle are spared how would we handle the issues behind the curtain? While the cows could be used for obtaining milk until they become barren, what would be the solution to control the spread of bulls and calves? Do we let them to roam around freely and become a menace and on which mediums would they feed on? With no pun intended, do the cattle well wishers expect the government to allocate a budget for cattle maintenance when the government can hardly maintain their own citizens. Also, it would burden the dairy farmers to maintain the barren cows once they could no longer be milked.

Today, the grazing cattle has become a threat to the balance of the ecosystems of national parks and forests, which has resulted in the rapid disappearance of the green consumed by the wild elephants and other animals. This scarcity of food has also been a key factor worsening the human elephant conflict.

It’s not contested that there is an issue about humanity behind the inhuman slaughter, but in order to implement a ban pragmatic solutions have to be invented. This is where it should be understood as to why the nature has invented food chains to strike a natural balance. 

Hence, mere religious belief or a political agenda cannot always provide viable solutions but could immensely contribute to the burden. 

Thus far, the most practical solution would be demanding the government to regulate the slaughtering industry with the introduction of minimum standards (to provide the consumer with healthy meat and to minimize the brutality of slaughter) and establish a monitoring mechanism to review the license in order to prevent them being falsified.

Nevertheless we should not forget that Mr. Karu Jayasuriya (in the capacity of the then mayor of Colombo) proposed a less painful slaughterhouse system, yet had to withdraw amidst the commotion made by certain prominent Buddhist clergy.

However, none seem to want to resort to these measures, implying they still want to crack the heads of the cattle with a sledge hammer. All we should be aware of is that those in power would only want to use the sensitivity of these issues as a mean to tickle the muttonheads and to keep them occupied till they create a strong platform to achieve their intents. 

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  • 19

    Now that the go ahead is given for the road construction through Sinharaja forest to access PM Mahinda’s son’s hotel…. the one who is prime suspect for a certain Rugby murder.

    Now that also the murderer is sworn as MP

    the cattle slaughter is gone away from the News headlines

    The next political landmark is the 20A voting.
    this is a serious issue and they need some thing more dramatic headline than cattle slaughter to divert attention cattle slaughter is walk in the park for the regime
    they may opt to slaughter few innocent human beings…so few bombs may go off .. resurrect the dead Tiger and blame them to divert attention.

    • 7

      May I suggest that the best solution to this problem is not to import beef but to export the yellow-clad muttonheads.

      • 4

        Old codger
        The problem with your suggestion is Who will want them in their country?? May be myanmar !!!

  • 27

    Buddhist monks were making up stories about Muslims putting stuff in food and in panties and making Sinhala births decline. Because they were jealous of Muslim people’s economic success due to their business acumen and entrepreneurship. The monks now want to destroy their beef business. But the thing is most Sinhalese, including the monks, are meat lovers just like most people in the world. So the solution is to ban the slaughter and import the beef. Rajapaksas think this is going to be a win-win solution to everyone concerned: They can get huge kick-backs, their henchmen can run the business, the meat lovers can feed their appetite, and can still boast to the world that this is a Buddhist country that has banned cattle slaughter. And of course the Muslims would be ruined as desired. But the beef they’re going to import is what is really going to interfere with the reproductive organs of the Sinhalese and others. It’s well known that the beef produced in foreign countries, including India, is laced with Antibiotics and Steroid growth hormones. These substances have proven to be toxic – causing men to grow breasts, women to develop breast and ovarian cancer, and girls to attain puberty early, even at 8 years of age.

  • 17

    Alibaba mahindan rajapuka has once again come up with a mast.less bullshitting scheme to foolish modayata Kimber ratharan Sinhala buggers as he is running short on ideas of how to corrode the already soiled little brains of these stupid kawun eating imbeciles.
    If one stops the unwanton killing of cattle what about chicken s goats pigs seafood vegetables and rice.
    Dont they have a right to live.?.
    A little birdy tells me that this sadistic cowardly bullshitter became a vegan few years ago for longevity and health reasons.
    Another issue is the methods of killing a hapless animal.
    As the writer clearly states as did Karu.J attempted to so a few moons ago is to stun an animal with an electric shock.
    By this process the animals will not feel the pain when their necks are being chopped off..
    The Muslims are a set of barbarians who insist that the neck has to be delicately cut whilst the living hapless creature is writhing in agony.
    I having been a big time meat eater suddenly realized about the cruel ways of taking an animal s life became a vegetarian and have been one for nearly 43 years.
    Every 3 months I do a full fasting blood examination and my iron levels were declining.
    To prevent getting testosterone injections in my bottom I took the wretched decision to eat 2 eggs per day.
    I also only drink only soya milk.

  • 12

    When the population of the barren cows increase once they could no longer be milked. would burden the dairy farmers to maintain in it eminent to a highly infectious and fatal disease of cattle, Preventive measures, Regular annual vaccination of animals in endemic areas are high cost. Perhaps even millions will be killed and discarded, their deaths yet another tragedy of this pandemic wave, the leather industries will suffer more grass consuming of barren cows w staves the milking cows.

    How get the following vitamin protein, iron, zinc, selenium thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, phosphorus, pantothenate, magnesium and potassium. in a meal

  • 9

    Muttonheads reading this article can be up in arms about the not-so-thinly-veiled pun about the voting cattle. Cows will not lactate unless impregnated. In order to stop pregnancy or more cattle to deal with, children will need to be weaned off dairy, into some other substitute like soya, I guess. Kickbacks from imports can be easily diverted to a family member. Red meat consumption clearly leads to colon cancer and beef is one of the worst, inefficient land-use products. There will also be no more cow-releasing to appease gods when pleas to them have been answered favourably. Maybe ask the gods to accept mutton-release instead?

  • 8

    I love the styling of this writer and the witty manner in which he phases his words.
    One main point that I missed in my posting is that as this beleaguered nation has entered the holiest of them all the venerable beggar monastry will the average lankan ever have the money to buy any format of food.
    This is why the crafty shrwed Alibaba Mahindapuka has conveniently suggested that cattle slaughter should be abolished and if any yokel desires to increase his/her libido they should pay an exhorbitant price and consume the imported product which will be solely imported by the father in law of his elder son who has vested business interests in Germany.
    Am reliably informed by a source near and dear to mahindapuka this mogul will be the sole importer and all assistance will be given to share the proceeds of the profits.?
    Ambitious mahindapuka has forgotten that the poor peasants who abide in this beggar’s colony do not even have a cent or two to scratch their balls and very soon they will be dropping kaput – dead from massive starvation along with dehyderation.
    Around the corner shitty sad sorry Lanka will be the paradise to live in will be the theme in an advertising campaign to try and get more suckers to part with their dowry or hard earned funds.
    A rajapuk original creation.

  • 5

    “It is palpable that this would disturb the harmony between Muslim and Sinhala communities,”

    This is nothing compared with what Muslims have done to ruin the harmony between Sinhalayo and Muslims.
    1. Terrorist attack on churches and hotels ruing the peace prevailed in the country after Tamil terrorism was eliminated and ruining the economy that was recovering after three decades of Tamil terrorism.
    2. Vandalizing Buddha statues.
    3. Muslim politicians supporting Wahabi extremists by providing arms and ammunition.
    4. Muslim politicians putting pressure on ‘Jadapalana’ Government not to arrest Wahabi extremists.
    5. Piling up arms, ammunition, swords in Mosques.
    6. Demanding a separate Administrative unit for Muslims in the East.
    7. Giving oxygen to ‘Jadapalana’ Government to drag on.
    8. Attacking Sinhala Buddhists and igniting clashes to blame Sinhala Buddhists.

  • 9

    As an animal lover, I am against cruelty & slaughter of animals but a ban on meat is not a practical solution as humans are considered carnivore in general. Therefore, farming animals for human consumption is acceptable & for economic reasons, slaughter of animals will continue. Growing up in SL, it was fish & not meat on the menu at home, apart from chicken at special events, therefore, it was not difficult for me to become vegetarian in later life. My daughter became a vegan on her own accord after she researched for the subject for a school debate at the age of 11 & continues to avoid all form of dairy products on principal as commercial dairy farms cull calfs for maximum milk production. Although many many Europeans who have converted to Buddhism are vegitarian, most of my SL Buddhist friends are not, some citing that it is not stated in Buddha’s teachings or because the animal was slaughted specially

    • 2

      Mahinda did not say Don’t eat beef. What he said was Don’t slaughter the cows. Why did he , a strong believer of Tirupati venkatwesara , say that because he knows that cows are scared animals of the Hindus (he did not say that openly only muttered to himself).
      Furthermore he is allowing beef to be imported– so that his family can make a cent or two out of the imports.
      Also His government is going to allow the export of slaughterble cows to Andaman island , where RAJARAJ modern slaughter house will slaughter and export back the beef to the island, again a gain of a few cents to the family coffer.
      Furthermore, he said to his followers if you are unhappy that I am not allowing you to enjoy your slaughtering of cows , don’t worry I will provide you with Tamils for you to slaughter. That will satisfy most of them. !!!

  • 8

    Good now with those stray dogs we will have stray cows to enthrall the tourist.

  • 8


    Therefore, it is up to the conscience of the individual, after all, who is fooling who. Therefore, it seems the ban on slaughter of cattle is just another ploy to please the ignorant Buddhist vote base who are reluctant to face reality. In the 1920s US, a ban on alcohol was introduced but it did not stop the ‘decadence’ resulting in alcoholism but made bootleggers & gangsters rich by the supply of illicit hooch. According to principals of economics, there will be a supply, legal or illegal, as long as there is a demand.

    In UK, fox hunting, a pastime of the rich, was banned under a Labour govt. along with hunting with dogs but grouse hunting, a Royal tradition, continues. UK has banned the export of livestock to Middle Eastern countries & laws relating to welfare of farm animals are in place with the RSPCA & animal rights campaigners actively monitoring farms & abattoirs. So, in this Buddhist country, should we not be looking at humane methods of slaughter as vegetarianism cannot be forced on people but stop cruelty to all animals, including wild life?

  • 12

    I am sad that Muslims are unnecessarily dragged into this political agenda. It is not a must for Muslims to eat beef. We have many other thousand varieties of food to eat. Only few Muslims are involved in slaughtering and they can easily find alternate jobs. We warmly welcome the decision to prohibit the cattle slaughtering.

    • 1

      While endorsing the viewpoint fully, it only surprises me with : We warmly welcome.
      “We” meaning how many of the very nearly 2 million muslims in Sri Lanka ?

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