22 May, 2022


The Challenges Of Implementation Of The UNHRC Resolution

By Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

It is most likely that the post OISL, transitional justice, reparations, reconciliation, and accountability, mechanisms and non-recurrence assurance systems and structures will be made up of the following initiatives:

* Public petitions be called for by the TRC and received possibly regionally and also centrally. It is not known as of now, whether the Commission members, spread out amongst regions, with their support teams will have a process of regional hearings, in addition to receiving petitions. Will such a structure of preliminary hearings identify prima facie, the key historical events, incidents, harassments, denial of rights, ethnic-religious discriminations etc, along with other war crimes complained of to have taken place. It is also unknown whether only impacted persons or groups collectively can submit petitions/complaints or whether Institutions of the state, including the armed forces and police, Public Institutions (like HRC, NGO, INGO’s) and civil society leaders and activists will also be allowed to submit petitions/complaints and or submissions. Further it is not sure as to whether the petitions received by LLRC, Paranagama Commission and those collected recently by Office of National Unity & Reconciliation, as well as evidence gathered by Darusman Panel, OHRC, UN, UNIWEG, Red Cross, recently published torture reports and others purported evidence will have any part within this process and will be included as complaints. The role allowed to Diaspora to petition is a further issue of uncertainty

* A support arm of the TRC to record, collate, classify, group, prioritise, the petitions, and separate them by incidents/ events and by types of IHL violations

* The investigative arm to investigate the specific prioritised petitions and incidents/ events and IHL violations and discriminations sent for investigation by the TRC

* The investigation reports compiled by the TRC to be reviewed by AG’s department and classified by those for reference to

  • TRC for hearing
  • For Prosecution by the specially created courts
  • Recommending amnesty
  • No further action

*TRC may also call for and receive confessions from persons believed to be perpetrators, of any o crimes committed and seeking amnesty for any potential perpetrated crimes

* It is possible that the cases before the TRC seeking amnesty may be selected only if such cases conform to the South African Model, and such cases represent instances which fall in to the following categories:

  • Political Motivation – where the act or the purported crime was done as a part of pursuing a state led objective of fighting terrorism, or on the orders of a superior officer within the formal command structure or in pursuit of an official task assigned to such member eg. like extracting Legitimate information or evidence in fighting terrorism or a firm personal and moral belief that the act was in pursuit of a person’s core values
  • Proportionality -direct and indirect impact of the crime on those affected
  • Commitment to make full disclosure of the truth

* TRC will in respect of cases referred to them grant amnesty or in other cases refer the determined cases to the compassionate council for healing and reconciliation or actions within a framework of advisory and guidance toward reformation and reconciliation

* Reparation process to be adopted in the selection and assessment ;and administration and funding associated structures are unclear at present

* Missing Persons Commission will continue afresh with the process of dealing with the balance petitions/complaints received and any additional information transmitted to it by the TRC,. Its current mandate will from inquiry to include investigation, tracing, issue of death certificates, support closure, reconciling, associated reparations and payment of damages where appropriate to family members

* Towards non recurrence the planned strategies include, the new constitution and legal due diligence to assess statutory and legal reforms necessary to prevent a recurrence which will be initiated alongside a plan for economic and social upliftment/development facilitations essential in respect of the identified family members of the impacted as well as those bystanders impacted

The above initiatives are presently being planned and co-ordinated by a select team of experts, with parallel initiatives carried on in the PM’s office , foreign minister led team at foreign ministry, and several other initiatives running concurrently.

We presume that the several US /Norwegian and Japanese officials who visited Sri Lanka in the last two months have already had their say about their expectations of the structure and outcomes from these initiatives.

The next challenge will be to have these plans vetted by the South African delegation and. UNHRC teams due in January.

Thereafter the final process will be adopted by the Cabinet only after agreement of the final process with the President. Presumably this step will be preceded by informal reviews to win the support of the AG ‘s department and the Armed Services Personnel. The recent of a privilege card to ‘War Heros’ may be a part of this process.

As of now it is uncertain whether the cabinet will be forced by the Opposition to table in Parliament, debate and transparently adopt the planned processes.

The President having made three pronouncements already, stating that

  • no foreign judges will be included
  • Judicial processes will be strictly in accordance with Sri Lankan law and
  • War heroes and military commanders who led the battles will not be persecuted and will be protected

can agree to above and at the same time get the SLFP, the party whom he leads to agree to parliamentary support, thus obviating and early obstacles..

The President and PM, with the Foreign Minister, will need to change the present policy of keeping these processes under cover and unless it be a part of a major strategic communications programme commonly supported by media in general, it could be a real barrier when attempting implementation.

The President and PM, with the Foreign Minister could be heavily stretched and challenged in holding former President, and extremist political forces at bay and at the same time keep extremist monks, BBS down from challenging the planned processes supported by organized public protests. Civil society activists and newly formed resistance groups ( eg. Singha Le) and some media especially using the social media could also fan resistance and promote protests by their advocacy which can arouse the citizens and even military personnel and get them to join in the protest. A further challenge could be to hold the new coalition political grouping in the North and extreme Diaspora groups from challenging any moderation of what is planned.

In the face of these challenges will the government be able to deliver to tight deadlines, as now planned,the processes which can finally deliver on expectations of the UN, UNHRC , US, EUROPE, UK, Japan, India etc in line with OISL. This in my opinion may need a magician who is not easy to find within the present team in leadership!!!!.

With the PM still not believing in effective communications and hoping for a fait accompli based implementation processes, the planned processes can lead to the emergence of risks, especially as the government wants to hurry up the process.

In the above context a few serious questions arise ;

  • Is there political will ??? and will it be there long enough ??? and will it be able to withstand challenges from the several sources identified above ???
  • Will the military leadership accept the planned process ??? and allow it to be implemented in earnest, with Command Responsibility connected Joint Criminal Enterprise led prosecutions being instituted as part of the Process??? If so, can the systems and structures of governance be strong enough to charge the former Head of State, The Defence Secretary, armed services Commanders and the Senior Major Generals who ran the critical battles, if there is evidence to link them with serious war crimes???
  • Will the different political forces within the current coalition support the passage of new laws essential to progress the planned process?
  • Will the AG’s Department key staff be behind this process believing in the essential steps of the process to which their commitment is a must???
  • Will there be adequate funding for this initiative as well as funds for the payment of reparations and economic and social development in the former conflict affected areas ???
  • Can a devolution process that is effective and acceptable to all citizens be implemented alongside these prosecution and truth seeking processes???
  • Can this initiative be completed within a reasonable time as anticipated by the government and to the satisfaction of the UNHRC review of progress led deadlines?
  • How long before the Tamil militancy will re-emerge due to youth being alienated and feel that only the south has changed and they have yet again been cheated?
  • What positions will the new Northern Political heavy weights led hard line group take and can it derail the process if they demand devolution beyond acceptable and this lead to a boycott of proceedings?
  • How long before the extreme forces of the south begin to disrupt the processes? Can the BBS and Slngha Le and other groups be moderate with their demands?
  • Ever hardening and intensifying political challenges of the coalition government, party differences coming to the fore during the forthcoming local government elections, and underhand destabilising forces of the previous regime and extreme forces of the North and East at play, can this process be initiated before the next UNHRC Session?
  • Can effective steps in reforming the macro economy, fiscal deficit and balance of payments (impact due to widening trade deficit) be managed alongside this initiative (all in the context of rising US Dollar interest rates and the heavy debt burden) ? Having thrown away in unaffordable consumption, the savings from lower oil prices globally, can essential reforms, especially the essential need to prepare reserves to be adequate to face the 2018 lumped up USD 5 billion repayment of debt, be progressed through parliament and without hard response cation by the impacted public?

In addition to the above, the following concerns will also challenge the successful achievement of the end objectives of the joint OISL resolution:

What will be the state of mind of those whose petitions yet again may not receive an individual review and response? and will reconciliation and effective closure be denied to a majority of complainants?

What will the state of mind and response reactions be of those, who having played out their trauma before the TRC, find that either

  • no response action is taken by TRC or
  • an amnesty is granted as a blanket cover to perpetrators or
  • No prosecutions follow even when strictures are placed by the TRC?

What will the state of mind and response actions be of those who complained, if the TRC refers the wrong doers to the compassionate council for repentance and reconciliation?

What will the state of mind of southern communities be (ie those who treat the last last regime, it’s leaders and soldiers as heroes) if the Command Responsibility driven Joint. Criminal Enterprise led prosecutions take place?

Yet again expectations are created in victims and families and if dashed again what will Be the response actions to follow?

How will the Diaspora extremists and middle ground groups in the Diaspora play out?

How much of funds will be required for reparations and socio economic development and empowerment of the affected communities and families? And what impact will it make on the deficit and solvency of the state?

Will the historical memory points (especially cemeteries and gravesites) erased by the last regime and the military, be restored and what will be the impact both in the North and South?

Will the hearings before TRC be non adversarial, conducted in local Languages and will they allow participants to be emotional in their presentations and dealt with compassion and understanding?

Where will these TRC hearings be held? (ie. in the usual family residential areas of impacted ) and will those appearing receive the transcripts and follow up action updates from TRC within a reasonable time?

How fair and adequate will be reparations be? and

Will there be some enforced action in forcing the family members of victims to exchange reparations for closure, even where no satisfactory truth of what happened emerge from inquires and no bodies are exhumed for reburial?

When will occupied by military and state lands be released to original owners in full?

When will the security and safety issues of the impacted and single women headed households and young females be normalized?

Will Muslims and Sinhalese evicted from the North and East be resettled or be adequately compensated?

Will the Missing Persons Commission accept responsibility;

  • To give individual attention to all petitions received?
  • To provide Individual responses to petitions and complaints re missing persons?
  • Find the truth of what happened to the missing persons by effective and impartial investigation?
  • Unearth burial sites, and unnamed grave yards and arrange judicial exhumations and recover bodies and where necessary ?and
  • Arrange cremations according to respective cultural and religious practices?
  • Make reparation payments to the victims’ families without conditionality?
  • Arrange effective death notifications processes to be handled with compassion and understanding?
  • Report incidents for investigation and prosecution of perpetrators?

Will psychosocial and trauma needs and medical needs of those with shrapnel and other external impacts be treated with care and concern with best medical and psychological care on a priority basis?

  • Will the end outcomes include clear findings and recommendations on
  • What was the origin of this conflict and what were the drivers of such conflict?
  • How the Rule of Law, Justice ACCOUNTABILITY-and good governance did processes COME TO BREAKDOWN? AND
  • How basic issues of housing, health, sanitation and education, electrification and empowerment be handled with priority after effective communication and agreement with victims and families?
  • What urgent steps supported by empowerment processes will be taken to have restored and take root early, the lives and livelihoods of victims and family members
  • Will the wrong historical records, education curricula and text books and records of origin of peoples, their cultures and practices and religious and ethnic beliefs be spelt out with accuracy and with appropriate sensitivity? and
  • Will it lead to recommendations of how in the longer term ideological differences that have to the forefront during the recent conflicts are eradicated in a manner fitting and embed celebration of ethno cultural and rigorous diversity in society bound by one people of the nation

With more concerns and risks seen in the processes emerging for implementation of the OISL resolution as highlighted above with possible risks emerging of;

  • destabilisation of the government,
  • unhappy international community and Diaspora,
  • risks of military intervention,
  • political instability,
  • taking the eyes away from good economic governance,
  • southern cou minty being disturbed by extremist forces and similar actions in the North,

Should this process initiated by OISL resolution not be rushed and trust upon the impacted without an effective communications campaign in place and with the families of victims already suffering from trauma, poverty and concerns of safety and lack of housing, services, education and health.

In addition any such implementation process must be proceeded by effective psycho social and trauma support, reparations and economic and social empowerment of the impacted and their families, with significant de-militarization and return of land acquired by the state and armed servicse

These prior actions must be in place before attempting restorative justice and accountability led steps.

As for non recurrence, ONUR led actions planned at a macro level and urgent and equitable reform of the constitution removing discriminatory actions and impacts on segments of the society, especially those in the minority and the planned reform of laws to take away barriers to reconciliation, equity, social justice must be in place before action under the other parts of the resolution dealing with restorative justice and accountability are initiated.

Further it is essential that both the Government and the Civil Society plan to institute in the longer term essential processes of de-mobilization of the armed services endowed with other attractive livelihood skills, legal reforms and the restoration of critical public institutions to assure functioning effectively of the rule of law and justice systems.

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  • 7

    What happened in Sri Lanka was a conflict with and armed fascist movement with successive democratically elected governments. Yes finally during the time of Mahinda Rajapaksa the armed fascist movement was eliminated. Now to call for a South African Style TRC is farsical. In South Africa the Whites discriminated the blacks using Apartheid as a constitutional right. Sri Lanka is different it does not need a TRC to put people through to say they upheld the laws of the land against a murderous terrorist outfit.

    • 10

      Take the blinkers off and learn the history.

    • 10

      Patriot the pathetic

      “What happened in Sri Lanka was a conflict with and armed fascist movement with successive democratically elected governments. “

      Thank VP for winning two elections and the war. Thank Hindia and 30 other countries (reached consensus), for bringing the historical conflict to a conclusion with the sacrifice of the enormous amount of civilian death.

      Bribing the tiny Pol Pot to win the election was undemocratic in fact it was illegal. On the other hand, money laundering issues were ignored. Where did MR find the money to bribe VP?

      Wasn’t the JVP which taught LTTE how best to terrorise the state and people and get what they want, a fascistic non-state status?

      If anything, you should blame 65 years of misgovernance, JVP, the state and JVP.

      Remember MR was used as a tiny device in the great game that the powerful states play. Now that MR caught his tail by pulling the wedge.

      MR and Gota publically thank Hinidia for its total support for the war. They also said without Hindia they would not have won the war.

      By the way, could you tell us what fascism is and is it possible for it to root firmly in societies where there no political condition to sustain it.

      What was the type of state MR, Gota, his goons …. running a year ago?

    • 6


      Apartheid and Massacare of Tamils are two different things ……

      Murderpaakse eliminated LTTE ..He he He…wonderful joke…

      He managed to do with the help of 34 countries and chemical weapons supplied by poverty India

      Your card board forces have no brain..muscle..or talent to do this ..it is 30 years history..

      The Fathers Mothers sisters .sons and daughters all want answers what happened to their kith and kin got it?

      There growing kids asking questions about their family members in North-East ….Tsunami in the pipe line..

      It is your grand father..father ..and you are responsible for the creation of LTTE ….understand?

      Till then you can dance for free liquor


    • 2

      @Patriot my arse, Hahahahaha…………….your comments are extremely funny. Thanks for the entertainment.

    • 2

      There is no doubt that You are patriot to violent armed Buddhist fundamentalism which still alive in the form of Mahinda Rajapakse.

    • 8


      Yes finally during the time of Mahinda Rajapaksa the armed fascist movement was eliminated.

      *** You are damn right. The facist movement led by Mahintha the Hanbanthotta THUG was eliminted by the new Colinial Master India and the following realities are testimony to this.

      1) Port City Project signed by Mahintha ( who stole billions) was indefinitely Cancelled.
      2) Cheenavedi Submarines banned from Colombo
      3) The sorry saga continues with the cancellation of the order signed by MS & RW to buy Pakistani Jets.

      Sinhala Lanka has lost its Sovereignty for Good.

      Patriot one question? Do you have any MISSILES ( Nuclear not Patriot) to hit India.

      • 1

        Kali Mandai – You want to nuke India? How did you escape from your mental hospital and still haven’t gone back?

        • 2

          Angus you SLAVE

          You are spot on fungus with your admission that Sinhala Slaves cant Nuke the new colonial master. Have a word with Patriot and tell him straight

          But you have left out the first part which is more important.
          Are you ashamed.

          Can you let me know how you intend to deal with the humiliation. You can order anything from China & Pakistan but INDIA wont allow it to delivered.
          Can you answer it you FUNGUS bloody FOOL.

        • 1

          angus you FUNGUS

          Mounam = Sammatham.

          I am glad you accept that you are a SLAVE.

          • 0

            [Edited out]

  • 5


    This is the dubious song all the sinhalese regimes and “patriots” like you have been singing all along. Instead of recognising the obvious and remedying it, you have been acting like baboons. Fed up with the monkeying, the UNHRC finally decided it had enough and resolved to insist on an independent and credible investigation. Because the bowl Mangala was carrying was full of tears, this regime has been offered a chance to prove its sincerity. The ball is in their court. Coming up with silly games that may effectively mean hiding the culprits behind the hood of national and war heroes will eventually rip the unenvious mask of the regime. Whether you realise it or not, this so-called sovereignty of SL had long dissipated through its own foolishness and any trying of luck to stretch this band will simply crack. Despite all the overtures that may have assuaged the hearts of the leaders belonging to the current regime, nothing has been forgotten. The eyes overlooking SL will remain open.

    • 3

      Patriot analyzed the situation correctly. Why don’t you take his words one by one and give your rebuttal rather than writing garbage?

      If a a group of citizens decided to raise arms against an elected gov. and start suicide murdering innocent civilians they should also be brave enough to face the consequences. Don’t you think so? You should not cry “life is not fair”.

      • 3


        Don’t be a dumb. The issue that is the subject of investigation is not “WHY” the war was ended but “HOW” it was ended. In fact, there was a general consensus that the war should be ended and it is public knowledge that the world opinion and support was with the regime but committing war crimes was not in their plate. It was the beef of the regime and did so by bluffing through its teeth. As such the issues are clear here.

        Mind you, the current regime has supported the latest UNHRC resolution on the need to carry out a credible independent investigation but is now appearing to be back-tracking. Its pronounced stand that “war heroes and military commanders who led the battles will not be persecuted and will be protected” amply demonstrates the state’s duplicity in being a regime that has neither the desire nor will to honour its promises. Foot-soldiers had to follow the orders of field commanders and orders that tantamount to alleged commission of war crimes should be investigated. It looks like that this regime is, like the previous ones, racially inclined and as each day passes, the words of the current Chief of the UNHRC appears as truism – that SL is not in a position to conduct a credible independent investigation. The reprieve the regime got with tons of promises remain just that – promises.

        If what has been written is true then the regime need not “persecute” but only has to prosecute alleged war criminals. Branding criminals as war heroes will not have any traction with the aggrieved parties. A possible way out will be where and when guilt is proved, there is the willingness of the aggrieved parties to see in their conscience to forgive the criminals. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind and I believe if such a recourse is mooted (not just simply the way of TRC) this may assuage the deeply wounded and suffering hearts. But trying to hide criminals behind the regime’s skirts is outright cowardly and shameful and hoping for peace that has eluded SL since independence will draw further dark clouds over it. Is it a wonder that although the war ended in 2009, it is still besieged by a restless streak.

        • 2

          “HOW” the war should have ended?? Tamils like you should have voiced against Parayabakaran who was suicide murdering innocent civilians and forcefully recruiting Tamil children and youth as suicide killers while destroying a whole generation of Tamils. What were you doing then?
          Get real Jansee, when you are a part of a terrorist outfit fighting gov. forces and you provide no identifiable clues to separate you from civilians it will lead to some form of harm to civilians. In the West it is called Collateral damage and that is the end of story. Were any US or UK soldiers or Military personnel deemed war criminals and prosecuted during what happened at the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Where is the UNHRC on this? Why do you think the UNHRC is not taking any action on that? Can you explain to me? Why should then, only SL be subjected to such actions?

          You need to better understand world politics. What US wanted was a regime change in SL because MR did not listen to their orders. Now as that was accomplished and the current gov. appears to pander to their demands soon SL will be left alone as expected. If you remember correctly, previous UNHRC resolution were passed against SL by the US buying votes from poor African countries or threatening others. But last time even SL voted against them selves! Now, what do you expect?

          • 5



            Must be your maternal uncle.

            “Get real Jansee,”

            Why do you get surreal when you refuse to understand great games played by great powers.

            Remember what the African say

            “If the elephants fight, the grass gets trampled and if the elephants make love, the grass still gets trampled!”

          • 0


            With hindsight, I may be right after all for referring to you as a dumb. Why beat around the bush? Mr. Chandra Jayaratne has written an article and we are commenting on that article? Is that in simple English, enough for us to discuss about? Why go half the world to talk about Afghanistan?, US and UK? Don’t still play catching on top of the roof.

            From what you are saying, it looks like that if you have a licensed gun, you can go around shooting people at your will. That’s what we call “barbaric”. The issue that is being grappled with is how to take forward the implementation of the UNHRC resolution. This resolution has been passed with the consent of SL. If you want to dig up Prabhakaran and put him in the dock, who is stopping you? After all, you guys know jolly well how and where his end was. And if you care to stop pretending to sleep, you will know that the LTTE leadership has also been implicated in the UNHRC report for alleged war crimes? So, this “where were you, why, whys’ all makes you all the the silly.

            I do not want to go into history on when and why the LTTE emerged? A great deal has been written and discussed and has become a stale story. Also, we are discussing on something else here. So, let’s get the grip instead of going around in circles.

      • 2

        Nuisance bugger, I never knew that from being a racist loser you could become a comedian of a different kind………..a laughing stock!!!!!!

      • 2

        What and why did retired Sinhalese servants, academcs, lawyers and religious clergy tell LLRC that the successive governments from 1948 oppressed Tamils till today an therefore thy are the terrorists who created Tamil terorists?
        Why did Minister Samaraweera tell UNHRC that his government will deal with causes of terrorism?

        • 2

          Mr. Panabokke,
          Did you oppress Tamils? Do you know any Sinhalese who oppressed Tamils? I did not, I treated both Sinhalese and Tamils equally since my school days and also in the University. More than half my class at the University was Tamil. Most academics in my professional degree program were Tamil. Most wealthy Businessmen, professionals, school teachers in Kandy and Colombo were all Tamil. Most of these wealthy Tamils live in the best neighborhoods in these cities, then and even now. What oppression of Tamils are you talking about?? From where are you writing these nonsense? Did you oppress or discriminate Tamils as a student in a school or in a SL University if you attended one? Going by your comments it appear you had no social life in SL.

          Panabokke, Every minority in every country in this world is subjected to some kind of discrimination which will never be corrected to their satisfaction. Read what happens in the US, UK, Australia etc. with regard to race relations.
          If any Tamil group is trying to conduct civil disobedience and disrupt the normal function of the country, it is the duty of the gov. to stop such activity. If you call that oppression you need to examine your intellectual capacity.
          Use you head, if a small fraction of Tamils decided to unleash violence against the gov. and on innocent civilians by suicide murdering them, you want the gov. to do nothing and hand over the country to them? Get real Panabokke! Did ANY Tamil who is shedding tears now demand that Paryabakaran stop his carnage?

          You better ask Samaraweera why he says and how he will cure the causes of terrorism. Do you really believe that curing the “causes” for terrorism will put a rest to all this?? Just read what the separatist Tamils write here.

          • 1

            mental nonsense, if you did not do that does not mean others from the stupid stock has not committed… You eat daily for 15 millions sinhalese to say that?

  • 4

    The “heros” are inviolate and have thus far prevented the testimony and handing over of petitions by many, to the few ‘commissions of inquiry’ with threats by military intelligence against the citizens especially of the northeast.
    Even cash and ‘death certificates’ were offered, to prevent testimony.
    People travelling to ‘commission’ hearings were stalled/prevented, later photographed and videoed’ to intimidate them.

    These impediments have to be removed, before any ‘hearings’ could be held by any sort of ‘commission’.

    Any mention of ‘Hybrid Courts’ proposed by the Sri Lanka sponsored UN Resolution, has been carefully avoided by the writer.

    Whom is he trying to fool?

  • 9

    Did anyone notice the uncanny resemblance between the Pariot and the learned Dayan Jayathileke — in logic, in substance and in language. And, perhaps more importantly, in the relentless pursuit of objecting to independent investigation with clearly the express need to safeguard the rogue regime of the past?!

    Isn’t it also coincidental that Dayan who used to frequent this blog space almost more than anyone else has now become surprisingly abstemious of his favorite pastime!

    • 6

      Kumar R.

      I hate to agree with you.

      Instead of Patriot, he should always use smart ass patriot.

      Patriotism is the best place to hide their sins.

      What is he hiding from?

      • 3

        Hi NV,

        Truly appreciate your sharing the sentiment on this. You are dead-right on the smart-ass patriot description, and I believe either he or one of his “think-alikes” had a whole article boasting to that fact sometime ago in this blog.

        Just wondered why you may be hating agreeing with me though!

  • 3

    Kumar R.

    “Just wondered why you may be hating agreeing with me though!”

    It is in my nature not to agree with other’s opinion except on rare occassions. This is one of those occasion.

    To prove me wrong you will have to agree with me.

    • 3

      Absolutely! Proved you wrong – did I? Just kidding.

      I am naturally very agreeable – except when I spot snake-oil salesmen, such as DJ and a few others I am certain you have no difficulty figuring out.

  • 3

    There will be no inquiry ..Murderers..Rapists will be allowed to go free..

    This year UN meeting jokers will say we are looking for the land to build court..

    Next year the same jokers will say we are buying equipments

    2018 these jokers will say we are recruiting staff..

    This circus comedy will go like this till…

    International community awake up and pass resolution for an international inquiry ….

    Jews are still hunting Nazis …


    • 0


      “Jews are still hunting Nazis …”

      All the good ones were bagged by the US, UK and Soviets right after the war and put to work doing awesome high-tech stuff for them.

      Forgive and Forget. Isn’t life Wonderful ?

      Now, Once in awhile they dig up a 90-year old dementia patient and trot him out as the Devils Seed for doing guard duty at the gates of the camps

  • 0

    War winning Rtd Field Marshall got a Howitzer attack on Hiru TV at prime time in Colombo.

    It was none other than the UNP heavy weight Minister Wije who rolled out the heavy gun.

    Wije’s first attack on JVP Anura has totally destroyed the latter..

    Now Anura is bagging Batalanda’s baby, the new constitution, even after Batalanda offered him a top Minister job and pleaded with Anura to join Yahapalanaya..

    What the lousy 25 Lakhs in LKR done to the grand old JVP.

    But the Field Marshall has collected LKR 850 Million from commissions for Arms purchases , according Wije.

    The loot is still in Son in Law and the Daughters accounts..

    And Wije desn’t take prisnoners.

    Can the Field M now be a credible witness to jail his own Commanders who did the hard yards?.

    This is only one challenge I guess, among many when the White Judges sit in Yahapalana Hybrid Court..

    I would love to see Wije taking the leadership of the Siha-le faction of the UNP, when Baby Doc and his Minder get the chop soon in Batalanda’s new UNP constitution..

    • 2

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “But the Field Marshall has collected LKR 850 Million from commissions for Arms purchases , according Wije.”

      Where was Gota when Sarath concluded the deal which you allege benefited him? Was he still counting his share or was busy burying it?

      Didn’t Sarath’s son in law switched sides and jumped into MR’s drowning ship just a few months before the elections?

      Aren’t you happy that Sarath too made few quid?

      How come Basil missed this deal?

      • 1

        Dear Native,

        What Wije said is right calling him a halfwit

        Our Rtd FM is not very smart ,,Is he?

        I mean who would deposit the loot in family savings books at local Banks.

        And ask the Minister of Justice to release them as a favour..

        In contrast look at your mates like Galleon and his mates in GTF and NYC.

        Galleon is still hanging on to that USD 33 Mil which came in as Tsunami Aid for Pirahaparan.

        Watch this space when Galleon gets that USD 1 Billion this time to pay the invoices for luxury good for the Yahapalana suckers in Colombo suburbs..

        This Belgian philo with the Lankan partner can’t be one of your mates who made big Dosh to help Pirahaparan.

  • 4

    Sri Lanka was a country on the march since independence with free education,free health etc that every citizen enjoyed. be it Tamil or Sinhalese. Unfortunately the christian tamil element felt independence lost their privileged position under colonialism no different from the christian Sinhalese element that was responsible for the attempted coup in 1962. The govt now run by the converts from christianity like the powerful FDB , SWRD or JRJ could not address the aspirations of the masses like JVP who rebeled. i.e. equitable distribution of jobs because they lacked the knowledge of English the Kaduwa. The suppressed Tamils of Jaffna felt the same and the suppressors the Tamil Elite very successfully blamed it on the the govt led by christian converts. Area rule was fair in the light of the governments inability provide to eduction services in a equitable manner. This was spear headed by Badudeen Mohamed who was merely thinking about his muslim community. The fears of the Tamils were not addressed. All this has led to politicisation and high jacking of every aspect of society by the politicians now led by money democracy a corrupt format of predatory government that is ruining the country. It is naive to think that these corrupt politicians could reconciliate any body but to high jack the process of reconciliation to enhance their power and selling of the sovereignty of the country and the national assets. Reconciliation is only the slogan. Good Governance and depoliticisation and renewal of the sovereignty of the people is a must. For this the Tamils , Sinhalese , muslims must unite against this menace.

    • 3


      What is the difference between you and a knife?

      • 2

        It is best to quote Sir John Kothelawala who said Sri Lankans are ass lickers only the asses change. I am not an ass licker.

  • 4

    Sinhala Lanka got away with Murder at the UN last September by lying and showing a high degree of Deception.

    But the Commander in Chief who got elected by Tamil vote has spelt out his intentions in no uncertain term. No doubt the UN Chief is listening to the Pronuncements and watching the unfolding events

    The President having made three pronouncements already, stating that

    1)No foreign judges will be included.

    *** Sri Lankan Justice system is tainted by the AG who spends his time and uses his office to protect CRIMINALS, THUGS and THIEVES.

    2) Judicial processes will be strictly in accordance with Sri Lankan law and

    *** One year on despite the scale of Corruption no one I mean NO ONE has been prosecuted. CRIMINALS are afforded State of the Art Security.

    3) War heroes and military commanders who led the battles will not be persecuted and will be protected.

    *** So the Million Dollar question is who committed these War Crimes identified by the UN.
    What a farcical situation we have.

    TRUTH, JUSTICE and the much talked about RECONCILIATION are the casualities.

    Justice Sri Lankan Style. We have to wait another 14 Months to finally get Justice taking Sinhala Lanka to ICC.

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