26 September, 2023


The Dog Of War – Letter To Major General Kamal Gunaratne

By Muhammed Fazl

Muhammed Fazl

Muhammed Fazl

“A hero is not coz someone puts on a uniform and picked up a weapon… but because he put it down and stood up for the truth” – Dahlia Wasfi, M.D.

Dear Sir,

Having gone through a period of self-induced hibernation for almost a year, let me first thank you for being that person who made me pick up my ‘pen’ again. Though I have chosen not to read your book due to your stoic silence in the last 7 years and assuming it was your solo effort, let me also congratulate you on your first attempt in the literary world. But before I delve deeper, let me start with the following questions:

1. Why did you even bother writing a book if you are not willing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?

2. Based on your claim that you will never betray the SL Army under any circumstances, does it mean even if they had committed war crimes?

kamal-gunaratne3. Based on your claim that you will take war secrets to your grave, being a military officer, can you please give a definition to the two words – ‘war secrets’? And do ‘rules of engagement’ have anything to do with this ‘war secrets’ that you talk of?

4. What were the real reason behind narrating a story about FM Sarath Fonseka berating you over your ‘failure to capture’ LTTE Supremo Prabhakaran a day earlier? Was it to spice up the contents and to sell more books?

5. On an interview a couple of days ago, you talked about doing a service for ‘Ratata & Jaathiyata’ while wearing Army uniforms for 35 years. Does it mean in addition to fighting for the country, were you fighting for the Sinhalese race as well? And if so, did it ever impair your judgement when on killing sprees against people belonging to a different race?

6. If the well documented killing of tens of thousands innocent Tamil civilians (Sri Lankans) has not been acknowledged by you, do you really think you have the right to talk about patriotism (love for the country and its people)? Or were you just being patriotic to the Sinhalese race only?

7. Were you in a coma or in a deep slumber when unnamed forces (allegedly linked to SL Army) abducted and killed many civilians extra-judicially under the Rajapaksa government and even before?

8. Did you not think of your poorly-thought-of decision to invite Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa to grace your book launching occasion being considered as an insult to millions of law abiding citizens who made their case against multi-million theft of public funds and murderous leaders on January 08, 2015? Or is it that you consider Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa to be the most patriotic leader Sri Lanka ever produced?

9. Having watched a recent interview of yours where you distanced yourself from politics while castigating negative remarks about army officials getting into politics on retirement, were the remarks intended at Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka as an indication of your deep-rooted resentment towards him?

10. Were you ever in a difficult financial situation which could have been the reason for you to cash in on selling out the war?

 Not expecting your replies, I think it is about time you acknowledge the fact that our countrymen are really tired of people of your kind and rank, listening to your ‘heroic’ fables, your killing machines and your self-glorifications over death and destruction of gigantic proportions. Seeing one retiring military top brass after another gloating over their tenure and their ‘victory records’, I seriously wish they seek psychiatric help in overcoming their hidden fears instead. 

For starters, you people claim to have eradicated the threat of terrorism once and for all and brought in an era of absolute peace…. Yet, seven years after the war has ended, half a dozen armored vehicles needs to be escorting you when you travel about and even after retirement. You claim to be brave and not fearful of death.… Yet, half a dozen soldiers hang around you round the clock protecting you. I mean, how long do you think you would fool the masses for in order to protect your ‘persona’?

Questions Surrounding The Death Of LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran

While you (or your Regiment) claimed to have killed LTTE Supremo Prabhakaran (or captured alive), what were you thinking when you decided to burn the body? Living in a generation where people at present times revere figures such Lenin, Karl Marx, Lincoln etc. long after their demise, did you honestly think you could change the minds of Prabhakaran’s faithful once the body is rid of? Or was it to hide torture marks on his body (covered with mud) from possible prying eyes of honest doctors in the event of an autopsy taking place? The coward that he was, if Prabhakaran was running away from you guys, how was it possible for him to have a bullet opening on his forehead? Whoever shot him, me think either he should have been a sharp shooter, or he would have shot Prabhakaran with a single shot to the head at point blank range. Unfortunately, I am no forensic expert, but you being present at the scene of the crime, I trust you would be better equipped to shed more light on this incident.

We both are soldiers on different fronts. While I consider myself to be a soldier of conscience and fighting for the rights of humanity, your world seems to be revolving around your uniform, your comrades-in-arms and the misguided war that you believe was just. To refresh your memory, it was a war instigated by racist Sinhalese political leaders and sustained blindly by people like you. There is no heroism in beating a rag tag army of under 10,000 by over a 300,000-strong well equipped army (tri-forces combined) as well as when you lacked military discipline to avoid innocent lives (over 40,000 as alleged). Not to mention the 27 odd years it took to end it. There is no patriotism when you kill your own countrymen over racist agenda of corrupt politicians…. and sure as hell, there need not be pride in taking the life of another over different political ideologies. So, please save your celebrations for your grandchildren’s birthdays or whatever. And then when you appear on national television giving interviews about not wanting to be part of the political process ever, I am naturally reminded about how our politicos promise or say one thing initially and act on the contrary eventually. So my final question to you Sir is, how hard would it be for a military man drenched in blood and known for distorting the truth all his life, to lie again? And from what I hear, you were forced to retire by the present leadership. But then, it would be only fair that I let you respond to that.

Hoping it will all end well, my advice to you Sir – Now that you have decided to take a break, do enjoy your retirement years and please stay away from the limelight to avoid rubbing salt on healing wounds of thousands of people who are grieving to date. There are many unanswered questions we need to seek answers for if we are genuinely interested in winning the peace. Hence, like you said, please take your stories to the grave…. SILENTLY & ALL OF IT! Human life is precious, and now that you have won the war, this just might be your time to help win the peace. And being scorned for not getting the SL Army Commander post is one thing, but aligning yourself with the Rajapaksas and taking out your frustrations on the Yaha Palanaya (Good Governance) government is another. Hence, moving forward, the need for you to think and act wiser.

Innocent blood has been spilled on all sides and wounds need to be healed. While the call for absolving the guilt of war criminals gets louder, in addition to recompensation for victims, addressing causes and rewriting discriminatory laws at the same time, just may herald a new beginning for some and closure for the rest. And for the sake of wanting our future generation to study that which is true in their history lessons, let us just hope that day when truth finally triumphs is not too far off.

The writer is an independent social/political activist and can be contacted at muhammedfazl@msn.com and through FB (Fazl Muhammed Nizar)

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  • 16

    What a load of crap this Kamal Gooneratne has written. If he only explained why VP left his well fortified bunker in Kilinochchi, buried all the heavy artillery along with a large stock of ammunition and exposed himself on a beach front naked to be axed on the head?

    • 1

      What former Army commander reveals today has credible contents:

      I believe, every word hehas added here..

      Yes the book of that kind should backfire the Hulabalooss of writer andhis supporters.

      ormer Army Commander Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka called for disciplinary action against Retired Major General Kamal Gunaratne for not carrying out his orders in 2009.

      In an interview with the Irida Lankadeepa dated September 25, Fonseka said that he had ordered the identity card and the dog tag of the slain LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran be returned to Colombo.

      He said that he could not check on whether they arrived in Colombo but got to know recently that Gunaratne had the ID with him when he told the media that he will hand over the ID to the army museum.

      Fonseka asked as to how Gunaratne keeps it with him as he had ordered it to be returned. He will request the current army commander to take action against this breach of discipline, Fonseka said.

      He also explained as to why he must have reprimanded Gunaratne, as described in the book “Road to Nandikadal” when Gunaratne called to inform of the death of the terrorist leader. Gunaratne said that any child could identify the body, but one had to do it with proof. Many in the army had not seen Prabhakaran in real life. That is why he sent Karuna to identify Prabhakaran’s body, Fonseka said, adding that they also carried out a DNA test.


  • 8

    I haven’t read the book in question but if it is as poorly written and as boring as this letter is then I probably never will. Yawn.

  • 37

    “Though I have chosen not to read your book due to your …” Only on Colombo Telegraph can one write an entire article about a book without even reading that book. Someone please send these people back to school and make sure the learn something substantial other than just learning to write in English.

  • 3

    [Edited out]

  • 41

    Mr Fazl seems to be still holding a grudge about the 1915 riots and the recent Alutgama incident and expressing his anger by writing anti- Sinhala articles.

    Relax Mr Fazl. Sinhalese have protected this island from all comers including Indian, Portugese, Dutch and English invaders for 1000s of years because they have no place to go.

    It is wrong to say that the 300000 strong army beat down the 10000 strong LTTE. For the last 2000 years the Sinhala have defeated strong invading armies on equal footing including the famous Dutugamunu-Elara Walagambahu-Kalinga wars

    Even the Portugese armies were badly defeated at Mullariyawa, Danture Gannoruwa and Randeniwala battles with the sinhalese. Two dutch expeditions to Kandy were routed . The Britisih were routed twice too before Ehelapola Adigar brought them to Kandy due to an internal dispute.

    Dutch and the Portugese writers like Queyroz have praised the sinhalese soldiers as extremely capable and fearless. I can quote references if you like.

    • 12

      @ American Mama

      Do you know in those days there were many Tamil Gernerals and Soldiers with Gemunu Army ?

      17 + years Gemunu challenged 70+ years Ellaalan and Tamil king accepted this challenge simply because his elephant slipped he was killed else your history would have been different today.

      You call this also heroism ??? he he he

      The question here is why couldn’t your card board Sinhala army with Generals trained in the West couldn’t win the LTTE rag tag teenage boys with bare foot?

      Why your card board army BEGGED help from 34 countries and used chemical weapons ?

      This is a fake..borrowed..artificial victory.


      • 15


        “The question here is why couldn’t your card board Sinhala army with Generals trained in the West couldn’t win the LTTE rag tag teenage boys with bare foot?”

        The same reason why the Americans and French could not win in Vietnam. Fighting in the jungle is difficult.

      • 5

        Ah yes, the famous Tamil generals. Where did you get that info from? The ‘comic book’ Mahavamsa you [Edited out] hypocrite.

    • 8

      “the famous Dutugamunu-Elara “

      Mahavamsa is not a history book. It’s a Sinhala comic book.

      • 1

        Sinhala Propaganda:

        How true.It is a sick man who had created that story.

    • 2

      American Mama

      “Dutch and the Portugese writers like Queyroz have praised the sinhalese soldiers as extremely capable and fearless. I can quote references if you like.”

      They would, wouldn’t they? The Sinhalese mercenaries fought for the Colonisers.

      The 15,400 Sinhalese native Lascarins (mercenaries) fought against the Kandyan kingdom along with 1,000 Portuguese troops. Another 3,000 lascarins fought along with Portuguese army and captured the Jaffna Kingdom.

      The Sinhalese who converted to Sinhala/Buddhism didn’t know who to fight against then and after 1948.

      So it was a jolly good war without a shot being fired at civilians.

  • 21

    Racist lunatic vomiting bullshit or rubbish.this article indicate writer’s mindset fight and conquered whole world till allah’s religion reign all over.with that mind set dedicated services of patriotic soldiers contribution to their mother land may be viewed as cowardly act.that is what this writer trying to say. nothing else.

  • 17

    For the last 2000 years the Sinhala have defeated strong invading armies. YES VERY TRUE AMERICAN MAMA!. Because the sinhala forces have a brutal mind set murder,torture,rape,mass killings,we saw this in nandikadal and else where. Coz the sinhala forces dont play by the rules.

    • 2


      “For the last 2000 years the Sinhala have defeated strong invading armies.”

      I wonder why the Sinhala/Buddhist army didn’t fight the Hindian army between 1987 and 1990.

      The people have been fed myths after myths for the past 2000years. Creative writers add to the list of myths with their own ones and start believing in them.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 12

    The war ended 7 years.back with the total annihilation of the Ltte and 40000 plus tamil civilian massacre
    including women and children by the sinhala forces. The dog book by Kamal guneratne is to gain some recognition since he was out of the radar of the yahapalana govermment. KG can market his book to muddukuu and village sinhala baiyas.

    • 5

      Who is he to have gone above former Army commander ?

      This man should be part and parcel of Rajakashe goon. Basta The kind of sentimental details of a war should come from the leading figures not a henchman of the nature Kamal Gunaraten.

  • 14

    This writer is biased and unwise. He writes without even reading the book and narrow minded motives. Editors please don’t spoil the newspaper with writers like this person.

  • 0

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    • 0


      Thanks for your detailed excellent analysis.

      • 1



  • 4

    OMG… just look at the degree of hatred that is being spewed out by traitors of Mother Lanka. Tamils and Portuguese blooded wannabe Singhalese are the same. There is no difference as none have any patriotism left.

    Sorry traitors, hope you’ve heard the saying – ”dogs bark, but the caravan moves forward”. You can bark to hear’s content, but do you ever thing that General Gunaratne or any right thinking Sri Lankan is worried about your hatred.??? NO, NEVER….

    We go on with our business as usual till we defeat all the scummys. That’s the story here. So scream as long as you can, but your dreams will never come true. It’s gonna be a sad slow death for you traitors.!!!

    • 1

      You are right…

      dogs barking is carawan is moving.. this is what I notice while looking at the loud cries of Mahinda Defeated Rajakashes and their moves today.

      Please open your eyes let alone today, calling sinhaya and stay as if you joined to frog ina well community cant bring us forward.. nowhere really.

      I know as Seelawathie what I have been talkinga bout. We are all the same. All srilankens should be treated equally.

      Sinhaya and the like stories about the origin of our sinahalaya – is similar to the theories being discussed by the renowed researchers that we come from SWINE-CHIMPANSY hybrid. So please dont call us Sinhaya anymore. Jathaka stories are stories, Mahanwanse should be reformed at this internet revolutionzed epoche of the world.

  • 10

    This is the mental ailment spreading among Muslims community nowadays.they think only the Muslims nations helping us as such Sinhalese buddhists majority should submit to Allah doctrine.they oppose SINHALE movement without any valid reason.they oppose all Sinhalese buddhists organizations for nothing.likewise this Muslim fellow write something for the shake of writing.I do not know where he was during entire period of war. may be under his bed.to challenge expert view or experience on the subject mastered by somebody that person must have at least basic knowledge on it.going through his article i can see this writer does not know anything on martial art and has no any experience on war time either inside or outside.he expressed his hatred and jealousy of the book and its writer.he think war is like james bond film. fiary tale. a war can be waged the way james bond apprehends murders and culprits with his magical gun and magical vehicle.as a Muslim he may be thinking divinity of his almighty god Allah and expecting everything from him.victory or defeat.

    on top of that as book talk on bad about his pet politicians and their handling of war under their reign might be irritating his heart and mind.but he should know kamal is presenting truthful account of war to his masters who scarified their beloved ones in numerous ways. either by soldiers or supporting team.Every soldier is countable to their masters. that is general public. here with this book kamal is acknowledging it.I do not think kamal is worry about what this Muslim fellow think on his writing but rather thinking about what general public think of it including soldiers who lost their various body parts and general public who contributed for their war efforts offering their beloved ones.value of this book lies heart and minds of those people not in under the bed fellow like this article writer,

    looking at response given by general public kamal can be happy about his work and further can be proud about teaching what the patriotism is all about to our new generation and generations to come.

    well done kamal well done.you are hero to us, millions of patriotic citizen of our mother land.

    • 4

      Well done kamal well done.you are hero to us, millions of patriotic citizen of our mother land.

      My Foot just because a stupid fellow in the Army writes a book he cant be a hero. What happened at Rathupaswela when innocent people wanted drinking water!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 3



  • 4

    Mohammed Fazl,

    You sure have stirred a hornets nest with your writing.

    No matter.

    The Sinhala Buddhists see Sri Lanka in a different light. They have a siege mentality and see enemies in all those who do not see the world through the saffron robes of the monks.

    Well, non-Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lankans are no better either. The Tamils see Sri Lanka through their myriad air holes of the thosais and masala wades. The Muslims see Sri Lanka through the complex web of the black hijab also.

    So, no matter what you say, Kamal Gunaratne is going to be the slayer of the LTTE dragon, in the eyes of the Sinhala Buddhists.

    With such a status quo many more horrors are yet to come. This is definitely not the end.

  • 5


    “The 15,400 Sinhalese native Lascarins (mercenaries) fought against the Kandyan kingdom along with 1,000 Portuguese troops……”

    Lascarins were sinhalese converted to christianity or catholicism by the portugese. There were also south indian and malay mercenaries with the Portugese, English and dutch forces.

    ” ..I wonder why the Sinhala/Buddhist army didn’t fight the Hindian army between 1987 and 1990. ..”

    The Sinhalese did not last this long by being fools and wait for the chance to strike ( strategy is a big part of war ). We all know what happened in the end.

    The end justifies the mean . As Al Capone once said “If two guys get into the boxing ring and one guy is left standing that’s how you know who won. “

    The fact of the matter is after 2000 odd years of military invasions by all kinds of enemies, the Sinhalese are still left standing as the majority race in Sri Lanka and that’s how we know who is tough.

    • 1

      You can’t say that. Due to these wars, the area that was predominantly Sinhala got reduced. There was a significant influx of Tamil culture & population into Sinhala society.

      Tamils traditionally were limited to the Chola, Pandu kingdoms. Initially the areas under the Tamils (in Nadu) were equal to that of Sinhalese (in Lanka)But if you see, down the line the numbers as well as area increased drastically by assimilation.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 2

    Enjoy these childish arguments with preschool children. This letter is Completely a bullshit.

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