26 May, 2022


The Facebook An ‘Epidemic’? Which Parasites Will Cause The ‘Pandemic’?

By Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

Facebook-Epidemics- Parasites and Pandemics

The media reports that the President has branded the facebook as an epidemic and advised school children to trust the visible gods. The million dollar question now before citizens is to identify the real parasites that may cause a pandemic, which will in turn destroy the emerging ‘Miracle of Asia’.

Epidemics of infectious disease are generally caused by a change in the ecology of the host population, a genetic change in the parasite population or the introduction of a new parasite to a host population. Generally, an epidemic occurs when host immunity to a parasite population is suddenly reduced below that found in the endemic equilibrium and the transmission threshold is exceeded.[1] When an epidemic affects a substantial number of people over several locations it may be termed a pandemic.[2]

Casinos the New Parasite?

Is Casinos the new parasite introduced in to our society? Will this new entrant introduce a genetic change in the host population (ie. our citizens), especially the young, youth and productive contributors to growth? Will the combination of the new and existing parasites together undergo genetic change and produce a deadly virus strain that can cause lethal infections in humans of our society? Will this lead to an uncontrolled pandemic that will result in the core of our society and the nation as a whole being destabilized?

The Control of Parasites

It is a matter of utmost priority that the parasites, their agents and complementary partners in the host population are identified, separated and their origins ascertained. Who or what originates them, in what external environments do they grow and how do they become virulent and deadly are facts to be ascertained. Following this, the necessary preventive, control and destroying agents, antidotes along with follow up surgical procedures should also be discovered.

Parasites are Destroying Society

The Parasites are already destroying the citizens at large, slowly. They are impacting the young, youth and productive human resources, who are the agents of physical and mental capability, productivity, and growth of tomorrow. They  are the seeds of societal values and norms, socio-cultural and ethnic heritage, environmental sustainability, and national value addition leading to future long term growth and prosperity. Regrettably however, little or no remedial or control action is being taken by our leaders in politics, governance, business, media and civil society to control and eradicate these deadly parasites.

Identifying Early Parasites

The Education system, especially the secondary and tertiary systems, which fail to produce young and youth with required capability (wide and essential knowledge base, skills empowering value adding lives and livelihoods, correct attitudes and work ethics and acceptable societal values and norms) are the early impacting parasites. The home and school environments, which due to a multitude of economic and social barriers fail to neither endow young and youth with necessary physical and mental qualities nor enhance their capability are the other early parasites. The media, religious institutions and elders, who also fail to be value adding catalysts in a full empowerment process of these budding young trees of the nation, are the third of the early parasites. Physical and mental health, nutrition, IQ, creativity, innovativeness and leaderships are some of the other areas destroyed by specific and combined early parasites.

Specific set of societal parasites have also been identified to have destroyed the acceptable values and correct attitudes in society. These parasites lead the productive human resources to a state of being undisciplined, uncaring, narrow minded, win at all costs, and ignore accountability to family/community/society and nation, and are easily provoked, have extremist tendencies and are driven by human greed and selfishness. These parasite dominated elements, who are very unfortunately now present in significant numbers in society are also not conscious of collective responsibilities and accountability for peace, harmony, social justice, and environmental and ecological protection.

Home Grown Parasites

An identified small but politically well connected group of lethal parasites,  spread and damage society through the promotion of socially unacceptable practices linked to the consumption, especially by young and youth, of liquor, smoke, addictive chemical compositions and physically and mentally harmful food, drinks,  narcotics, dangerous drugs and other similar products. These promotions are directly  associated with the hosting of events at night clubs, social clubs, bars, Karaoke houses, private parties at homes, hostels and star class hotels, as well as Shisha and Hookah Smoking events, beach parties and musical events.  These events are mainly held late evenings and at night, and go on well past mid night. The use of narcotic and dangerous drugs is most common at these events. The trade and services support for these events are organized by another set of dangerous parasites and they collectively meet the needs of different social segments, disposable incomes and make available environments conducive for consumption. These parasites service these events as a supply chain for all needs, including bites, music, and space, with quiet corners and cover behind trees and overgrown bushes. When requested temporary rooms are also made available. These well knit supply chain parasites cater to all requirements, tastes and habits of their market.

The products on offer extend from light and hard liquor (local, illicit and imported), cigarettes, performance enhancing drinks at one end; to Corex type cough syrups and ecstasy type tablets in the middle; to hard narcotics and dangerous drugs at the extreme end.

The consumer segments and their needs and expectations are well identified. Marketing, distribution and associated services are aligned to support every customer need, irrespective of place, time and restrictions. Services offered are packaged to satisfy market opportunities.

Amongst these added services are the socially unacceptable parasites, prostitution, gay/lesbian partners, child sex options, and pornography of all types and kinds,

A vice set of associated parasites cater with other options for gambling, dangerous sports, use of  fast cars,  and even cater to the needs of clients valuing social symbols. The market opportunities provided for wealth demonstrating assets accumulation, and public communication through social media, fashion pages and magazines, meeting the aspirations of some consumers.

These social trends require liquid cash resources. A well organized set of parasites lead these consumers to engage in indiscriminate borrowings, which are made easily available, but at a high cost both financially and in terms of risks of physical harm. This consumer segment provides the parasites with an easy avenue to invest ill gotten gains, black money and proceeds of crime, including money from narcotic peddling.

The next level of parasites are those who engaged in or organize indiscriminate murder, thuggery, extortion, blackmail, rape, sexual and other abuse of women and children. These parasites too do not respect the rights of ordinary citizens, elders and marginalized segments of society.

All these parasites act in ways which are alien to our societal norms, ethno religious values and our heritage. They thrive in what they do and rake in enormous gains, which are shred with their network partners in high seats of power.

The Regulatory Parasites

Another set of very dangerous parasites in the chain link are those in charge of law enforcement, regulation and dispensing justice. These parasites maintain close networks with parasites in positions of power, and remain blind to the reality, the operating environment, see acts of evil but do not act, influence others not to take remedial action .Some others actively promote regulation, law enforcement and delivery of justice to be overlooked and bypassed and effectively frustrate the rule of law.

The Communication Parasites

There are specially grown, promoted and protected parasites networked to the state media, who actively work against the interests and objectives of those seeking social justice, rule of law and good governance. Using state resources, they neutralize the antidotes and antibiotics introduced by caring civil society. They use diversionary tactics leveraging the media resource power and even go on to destroy the good name and image of protectors of rights and democracy, by  blackening their image with lies, libelous statements and misrepresentations.

Missing Parasite legalized

Casinos are surely the latest addition to this parasite colony. It has been now formally introduced camouflaged as development and legalized, with an accompanying attractive package of incentives.

The combined new colony of parasites will be out of control and outside the reach of the antidotes and antibiotics in the hands of the civil society. With the active support of the power parasites and their cohort parasites in governance and business, a mafia style takeover of society, and debilitating society as a whole with a pandemic before long are the scientist’s predictions.

The Origin and Cause of Parasites

Scientists have identified that all the lead and lethal parasites are created, incubated, grown, released and protected by leaders in direct link with those with political power, their chosen few governance lethal parasites partners and the supporting cast of cohort mafia. These parasites are well protected from agencies and institutions set up for good governance, application of the rule of law and assurance of social justice.

A Nation’s Dichotomy!

A re we “a land like no other” as we find;

  • Buddhism has been given the foremost place by the Constitution whilst those who have sworn to uphold it, promote all the vices to be avoided according to Lord Buddha
  • Animal slaughter for consumption and religious observances are to be controlled, but young and youth are exposed to risks of disability and early death by parasites freely marketing dangerous drugs and narcotics.
  • The face book to be an epidemic requiring control and awareness. However, physically and mentally damaging food, drinks, drugs and narcotics are promoted and gambling, casinos, prostitution and associated investments are promoted with incentives and tax concessions
  •  The dengue epidemic is given focused attention with public participation in an eradication war, but no attention is paid to societal parasites  endangering the lives and livelihoods of millions of citizens
  • The death of a terrorist bird imprisoned in a prison cage is deemed not a human rights violation and we promote the human life degrading vice industries for the sake of tax revenue and investments
  • We charge, find guilty and punish for corrupt action an offender not declaring non operating bank accounts in an asset declaration, whilst a majority of those in power positions appear to make no declarations at all and mega corruption and policy capture corruption involving the parasites are ignored
  • A cartoonist disappears because of political satire whilst king pins real parasites importing and distributing narcotics and dangerous drugs are rewarded with positions of power, protection and even given top media coverage
  • An editor leading expose news is killed in daylight near a high security zone and investigations are incomplete for years, whilst a Rolex watch and forex robbed from VIP’s residence is recovered within days and the source of wealth accountability is not an issue
  • Taxes on fast cars are reduced and duty on milk foods increased
  • Politically connected persons responsible for murder, rape, child and sexual abuse, assault of police officers, robbery of valuable artifacts from museums and protected sites, damage of the environment, deforestation and land grabbing,  escape punishment and are outside the rule of law, whilst a military court find war wining general guilty of minor offences and is placed in prison
  • Journalists with damning information are  visited by goons and are quizzed by the CID whilst Asia’s biggest haul of heroin in grease cans discovered in the land now believed to be the main narcotic transshipment hub and accountability for the gold haul recovered from the LTTE have no god fathers to progress investigations with commitment

The Role of Civil Society

The time has come for civil society leaders to educate the public and make them aware of the parasites in the colony, who can cause the debilitating pandemic and prioritize their focus on the urgency of building a collective voice demanding the control and elimination of these parasites, before they strike back with full force and control democracy, rights, and social justice, touch the valuable human resources with their lethal viruses and make them a burden on society in this ‘land like no other’.

[1] “epidemic”. The Encyclopedia of Ecology and Environmental Management, Blackwell Science. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 1998. Credo Reference. Web. 17 September 2012.

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Latest comments

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    Very brave Mr. Jayaratne. We need people like you to tell the public the truth. Keep up the good work. The need of the day is a parasite elimination pill or injection and who is going to be that pill or injection?

  • 0

    Excellent ! couldn’t have said it better ! Unfortunately, these third class, uneducated Rajapakses and their cronies don’t care a hoot ! These goons have to be taken out by fair or foul means bec. they are leading the country down the tube !
    When will that take place ? Your guess is as good as mine !

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    Well I don’t 100% agree that casinos are bad for the country.

    But the issue is hypocrisy of the UPFA government.
    They want to cultivate Buddhism, mathtata thitha, stop killing animals but they want to legalize the casinos.

    Worse is our self appointed ‘deshaye panchayudayas’ in under house arrest on these topics.

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    Thanks Dude C, mostly spot on, but you are in for it from the LGBT community who are NOT parasites!
    The Rajapakse brothers are the BIGGEST PARASITES of Lanka who are sucking the ECONOMY DRY, while distracting the people from their CRIMES – with Casinos, car races, the KINGS-bury lifestyle at President’s House etc!
    The name of the game is Mindless CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION and SHOWING OFF to the JONES next door! The Rajapassa’s with Kili Mahendran’s Help fancy that they have “ARRIVED” in consumption heaven – with the Commonwealth of Clowns (CHOGM)circus – but they are in for a RUDE SHCOK
    Thus, Civil society needs to conduct 2 education campaigns ..
    1) Voter education so the the Sinhalaya Modaya votes for people with integrity and REAL educational qualifications (unlike Sajith Premadasa and Mervin Silva who have fake qualifications)
    2) Consummer education and rights groups for good quality food, drugs and education. Today Lanka is flooded with unhealthy FAST FOOD, foreign degree certificate factories and BAD DRUGS due to corruption in the sectors. Example: Through advertizing Flora Margarine (butter is better), Mac Donalds and KFC (are ripping off consumers with sub-standard products (for example check out the tiny size of a Rs. 230 rupee piece of Chicken at KFC wrapped in goo..) Thus there is an epidemic of non-communicable diseases (diabetes, obesity etc) in Lanka today. Also all sorts of chemical-filled cosmetic products to whiten skin etc. People should be told that a traditional rice and curry meal (with Less rice) is a fr more healthy and NUTRITIOUS meal than fast foods…

    • 0

      Fully agree with your first sentence Mr. Dude! I also think alike to most of your comments.

    • 0

      as you said this Raja passa parasites , piggy back on Buddhism, are destroying the society in sri lanka.

      Those parasites wants to stay in power and loot the people for their up keep and family +clan’s luxury.

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    MR Chandra Jayaratne,

    “….the President has branded the facebook as an epidemic and advised school children to trust the visible gods.”

    Can you please let us know where these visual gods reside?

    Facebook is a modern media like Twitter, linkedin, mobile etc., and like the media of the earlier era, TV, Radio, Phone, etc.

    It’s up to the people as to how they use them.

    Every time a new medium of communication is invented and becomes popular scare mongers appear too!

  • 0

    We know this… thank you for putting it down in words

    However, today we do not have the neccessary leadership to make the required changes be it the opposistion, civil or business

    With the media in silence and 75% of the voters in the villages with village mentality for Sri Lanka to achieve good governance will take a long. long time.

    “The concept of “good governance” often emerges as a model to compare ineffective economies or political bodies with viable economies and political bodies.[2] The concept centers around the responsibility of governments and governing bodies to meet the needs of the masses as opposed to select groups in society.”

  • 0

    Another verbose and ‘am-I-not-witty’ article seemingly so favoured by CT – surly some blue pencil here? There are 6 functional casinos in Colombo and one in Kandy which have a regularly patronage of Sri Lankans – fortunes are lost and temporarily recovered daily. Free food and drinks flow and the gaming goes on every day except on Poya.

    Therefore I do not see the logic in opposing more casinos – as this will only marginally increase local gambler patronage.

    Yet we see no real stance from any political, or for that matter, religions leader asking that these be closed down. If we are to talk at length about the evils of gambling – let us see the agitation. Regrettably, an unlikely prospect from any political party who cannot do without the very substantial contributions made to their coffers.

    Talking of dichotomy – the biggest hypocrisy HAS to be that the presidency of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress – the official lay representation of the religion- has been led for the past 4 or more years by the owners and operators of the second largest horse racing betting organization of the island.

    This is where the low income earners loose a greater percentage of their earnings than seen at any casino.

    So let us be candid – take a stand and campaign for it or just go with the flow – but let us not have half-hearted berating for self-gratification.

    • 0

      Athula very true. Once the Lady of the Family heading the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress claimed they are in par with the British Royalty as the Patrons of the sport, Horse Racing. In other words Bookiepalas in this country are also Royalty. See the height of conceit?

      • 0

        Thanks you – also a note about another comment re Jayaratne’s strong and vastly beneficial association with Ceylon Tobacco. As I know it, a conscience is not one that you can turn on and off. Chandra J must show sincere regret of being associated with a path that led to lung and other cancer as well as strokes for millions.

  • 0

    Does anyone need to comment on the ‘package’ sold by pharmacies in the island to which the MOH is turning a blind. This ‘package’ is fast moving among teenagers, not only in Colombo but also in all parts of the country, and our culture is being blown to smithereens. We will not have virgins anymore! The ‘package’ consists of a can of redbull, a condom and some tablets!

  • 0

    timely and daring indeed, though i don’t think LGBT thing as a parasite , print some handbills with the Sinhala ,so we can really educate the masses

  • 0

    hmm wonder why chandra jayarathne is so worried about vices when he was the sec at CTC . That industry has killed more than all the drugs combined

    • 0

      Oh, a man worked for Ceylon tobacco is talking about parasites.

      Chandra Jayarathane would have done a good job if he talked about how tobacco killed sri lankan or how People in the western society have taken action against Tobacco companies so that Sri Lankans also SUE for compensation from CTC.

      It looks Chandra Jayarathne was part of the company parasites. Now, he is preaching against group of parasites.

  • 0

    An interesting litany of parasites. Some are bacteria, but most are viruses, and mutating as we speak. What is seen is a decline in values, more and more rapid in the past few years. Worship of money is the root cause helped along by a corrupt leadership lacking in true vision and discipline.

    This decline is a worldwide phenomenon instigated by the information overload we are subjected to and the spread of ever greater communication technology, access to finance, and the way to a fast buck. Moral decay is indeed widespread, even among the clergy. It is not Facebook or Twitter. It is more fundamental and much deeper.

    There is nothing much Chandra Jayaratne can do except to write an angry note and hope that the government will take notice. What should be recognized however is that there is a large body of citizens who agree with Jayaratne, but are unable to influence the state to take remedial measures. Perhaps he should take leadership along with such concerned citizens to create an organization and initiate a process that will educate and compel the state to address the issue.
    One aspect that needs immediate attention is the need to restore the rule of law. Strict observance of the law, and it’s faithful application by the judiciary is the first step in creating the right climate. We all know that these are easier said than done. That is the parlous state created by this government making the people impotent. But we still need to try for the sake of our young generations.

  • 0

    Dish is a Buddhist country. Pacebook is bad for our younger generation.Our President is right. We MUST ban Pacebook. See that disgraced ex-CJs son Shavendra kolla also tried to use Pacebook to bring Arab Spring revolution to this country to save his corrupt parents from the low.Pacebook also misused by TV actresses to do dirty unbuddhist things and put innocent boys into truble. Now Colombo 7 boys in international schools using Pacebook to sell kudu and make night-time calls no studying no going to daham pasala and following dharmishta life. So we must all now sign petition to the US president ObeyAmma to ban Pacebook becos its evil.Im sure JHU and BBS will take the lead for the petition.

    • 0

      I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or not, hard to tell.
      Banning Facebook is futile, as people will just use prozy servers to get around the ban like they do for accessing banned News websites.

  • 0

    Facebook is a free media where ordinary folks could freely post any thing they wish – uncensored and uncut with out any fear or favor.

    Dictators want to control every thing for their own survival. Currently their biggest fear is technology which is openly exposes their excesses to the world. Arab spring was a product of the WWB.

    The technology is making things very difficult for them for its keeping people to share every thing for free. Now days technology is making the hand held devices are a TV and Radio station for free. Anyone could upload video for the world to see and do a podcast for the world to hear from their hand held devices.

    In the developed world the traditional TV stations and news papers are loosing money as all are now online. Many of them closed down for good.

    Per day over six million videos are uploaded to YouTube. Anyone could start their own free YouTube Channel. This is the reason the CNN, BBC etc have their Citizen Journalist spots for the normal folks to report their news.

    Now Google and Microsoft are going to have web connections to hand held devices in any part of the world over riding the local service providers using wimax technology. Wimax is going to be a standard built in feature and already the hardware markers are producing such devices and its going to be free for all.

    Technology would keep these people on the spot and check them for good.

  • 0

    FACE is destroying the society.

    • 0

      Jima what about that Buddhagaya High Priest’s KISS? Does it not destroy your Buddhism?

      • 0

        Gamini (?)

        You seem to be obsessed with dragging Buddhism into every possible issue . Get a life little man , we are tired of your bigoted comments.

  • 0

    Allow me to point out that there is a serious problem in the manner facebook and internet is used in Sri Lanka. However this is not to agree with the state censorship being imposed on the internet.

    Internet news sites have comments sections which carry comments written in utter filth against individuals. Some of these sites are said to be affiliated to even government ministers while others are run by various oppositional political groups.

    Then internet sites and facebook pages are used by some marginal political groups and individuals to publish in Sinhala unsubstantiated accusations, labeling and gossip against individuals, men and women who are their political rivals, identifying them by name, and publishing their photographs, even photographs of their family members, children, publishing even what are supposed to be details of their personal lives. The irony is that the leaders and members of these marginalized political groups appear in civil society as defenders of human rights and democracy and are recognized as such either directly or indirectly by association, by leaders of leading civil society organizations which are in the forefront of struggles for equality, democracy, human rights, rights of women etc. and even internet freedom.

    I suggest that Sri Lankan civil society organizations collectively investigate this type of cyber bullying which get indirectly patronized by these organizations it appears most of them without their knowledge as they would be oblivious to what is going on in the internet and facebook in Sinhala. But some of these leaders of marginalized political groups appear on public platform with some of the civil society leaders is an irony given the former’s abuse on the cyber space, of men and women who are their political enemies with the intention of chasing them away from public space internet and otherwise. This has contributed to restricting the public discussion in the cyber space specially among the young.

    In this connection I wish to mention the names of Dr. Pakiyasothi Sarawanamuttu, Dr. NImalka Fernando, Mr. J.C. Weliamuna, Mr. Brito Fernando as some of the civil society leaders whose names are directly or indirectly associated with some such groups. If a public inquiry is initiated people will provide information and evidence to substantiate the claims made here.

    We should demand all internet and facebook users follow some collectively agreed basic ethical guidelines in their conduct and collectively name and shame those who do not abide by them.

    • 0

      University Lecturer, Facebook and the Internet are not the only sources that the public access information of Public figures, although they serve a wider section faster than the rest. Yet your allegation that it spreads unsubstantiated accusations of others does not hold water as most who use the facility are knowledgeable enough to siphon fact from fiction.

      As for your comment, ‘Internet news sites have comments sections which carry comments written in utter filth against individuals’. If Buddha and Jesus had to endure such assaults, who are we to curb such practices? The whole problem is we have a holier than thou attitude and live lives contrary to what we preach to others. Absolute Hypocrites the whole bloody lot.

      • 0


        you say that “as most who use the facility are knowledgeable enough to siphon fact from fiction”

        I am not sure how you arrive at such a conclusion. How does one separate fact and fiction published on the internet?

        The other thing is let us say even if it is true, for example, if I know your true name and if I write something on an internet site or facebook about what are supposed to be your love affairs, married life, how you relate to your office coworkers or bosses, should these be published on the internet as political criticism of your political enemy?

        Generally the mainstream media does not allow such things because it is unethical to do so. The fact that many people remain anonymous on the internet shows that there is an issue of privacy involved. But if you are known by your name if others somehow can have access to information about your personal life of which is accessible to others, using such information to attack you on the web is not ethical. In both cases, that is whether the information is true or not there is an issue of ethicality and the other’s right to have a private life. The case is severe when this is done for political reasons and by people who are accepted as standing for democracy and rights of other people. That’s my point. I can give you names and examples but I know that the CT Editor won’t permit. Hence I didn’t try to do that.

        You’re right that Buddha and Jesus had to endure assaults to them. The issue is whether we want to uphold them as the good practices to be followed by those who fight for a good society with democracy and human rights.

        I am not sure what you mean when you say that “we have a holier than thou attitude and live lives contrary to what we preach to others. Absolute Hypocrites the whole bloody lot.” Who are these hypocrites you are talking about? Pl. expose them. You seem to be implying that what I refer to as internet abuse is about such hypocrites and therefore it is justified. How did you jump to this conclusion? Do you know what and who I am referring to?

      • 0

        guidelines for ethical practice on the web

        from Groundviews

        We encourage a collegial, non-insulting tone. We do not welcome any of the following:

        Potentially libelous statements.
        Obscene, explicit, or racist language.
        Personal attacks, insults, or threats.
        Commercial product promotions.
        Information taken from another source without permission.
        Private personal information published without consent.
        Comments unrelated to the topic of the forum.
        Hyperlinks to material that is not directly related to the discussion.


  • 0

    Re Facebook, the only danger is that increasingly users are bastardising Sinhala by writing Sinhala using English….how quaint!
    The President can do many things but banning Facebook will be his ultimate folly.

    As for the others; the government target is for 2.5 million tourists within the next 2 years. Part of the infrastructure has to be an increase in complimentary attractions and casino’s/gambling will be one. Additionally services will be needed for these increased numbers; e.g. drugs and prostitution. The plan will be to restrict the new casino’s to foreigners. These peripheral ventures will provide an useful source of revenue for the second tier of ‘takers’ like the ‘sage of Kelaniya’, ‘the lion of Kolonnawa’….etc

    Athula says that ‘gaming goes on everyday except poya’….however horizontal gaming will be allowed even on poya.

    Reverberates says that we are in danger of ‘not having any virgins any more’….This is a very serious matter but the government will solve this by allowing working visas for Thai,Phillipina,Russian and East European ‘beauties’ to take the pressure of our local girls.

    A more serious matter is the rumour that BBS activists are inserting fine needles into packets of condoms in order to nullify their effectiveness. That should lead to a few unexpected surprises.

  • 0

    CT is there anyway that this can be translated into Sinhalese and posted in a Sinhalese website so that lot of people can have access to this article

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