18 May, 2022


The Fall Of A Despotic And Corrupt Regime

By Nimal Bhareti

Nimal Bhareti

Nimal Bhareti

After hectic campaign on both sides and unpleasant incidents like attacks on opposition stages, opposition candidate supporters, and attacks even on young artistes, the election was held without any violence and the election laws were strictly observed. All credit must go to the Elections Commissioner and his staff and to the police who performed their duties without any fear and favour and helped to make it a peaceful and violence free election.

It may be appropriate to analyse the causes for MR’s defeat. The pattern in the final voting shows that except for four provinces, namely the Colombo district in the Western Province, the Northern and Eastern except Digamadulla, and Central Provinces, in all the other provinces the UPFA won quite convincingly in some with large majorities like Amparai with a majority of 30,000 and Kolonne in the Ratnapura district with a majority of 20,000. This has clearly shown that despite the defeat of the LTTE fading away as an election slogan, the rural masses are still with the UPFA.

Why then did the UPFA lose in the other provinces listed above. The reasons are given in my recent article in the Colombo Telegraph under the title “Sri Lankan Presidential Elections 2015: Main Issues“.

The two factors I gave as the two main ones were firstly the breakdown in the rule of law and gross corruption, and secondly the effects of the draconian 18th amendment which gave the President unlimited powers in appointments to high posts.

In respect of the first factor I listed a few examples which included

The abominable and despicable manner which the 43rd CJ was impeached.

Mahinda Mohan Basil 1Gross corruption and kickbacks in contracts for mega projects violating accepted tender procedure in many Chinese funded projects.

Attacks on two TV stations by Government goons where in both cases the perpetrators were identified but no action was taken.

The rape and murder case against the Tangalle Pradeeshiya Chairman where for two years absolutely no action was taken.

The humiliating incident where a Samurdhi office was tried to a tree.

The attacks by the Bodu Bala Sena on Muslims in Aluthgama which received widespread international condemnation.

Attacks on hundreds of Churches in all parts of the country.

Involvement of politicians including ministers in drug and ethanol peddling

In all the above cases not one word was said by the President who just allowed the situation to get out of control and failed to take action against any of the police officers who were involved in these incidents..

The repercussions of the draconian 18th amendment were listed below.

The emergence of a completely subservient judiciary with many questionable appointments to the highest courts.

The deterioration and politicization of the once highly respected public service with the appointment of political stooges

The virtual collapse of the once highly respected foreign service with the appointment of political stooges and family siblings

The politicization of the police service where both senior and junior police officers dare not take action through fear of reprisals and punishment transfers.

I quote from my article at the end where I stated as follows.

“All what has been mentioned in this article does not in any way detract from the credit due to the President for the end of the 30 year war and the massive development which has taken place after 2009. Had the government been clean and free of corruption, there is no doubt that MR would have won with hands down not only in the traditional vote base of the rural areas but also in the urban areas.”

What is the way forward for MS. and the other constituent parties? I would categorise them under two categories, namely short term and long term action and programmes.

Under short term and immediate action I would list the following.

  • Repeal of the 18th amendment and the restoration of the 17th amendment
  • Activation of all the independent commissions under the 17th amendment
  • Re-appointment of the legitimate 43rd   CJ
  • Restoration of Sarath Fonseka”s civic rights and his rightful position as General.
  • Recall of all political appointees in the foreign service
  • Pending the repeal of the 18th amendment and setting up of independent commissions, removal of all political appointees in Government Boards, corporations, and high ranking posts in the public service and replacing them with persons purely on merit. Under no circumstance should political henchmen or relations be appointed to these high posts and to the foreign service

The main slogan in the NDF election campaign was making a change through a corrupt free government and this change should be visible immediately before the people lose faith. The long term changes , including the 100 days programme should be made collectively by the leaders of all constituent parties and should not be left in the hands of only the new President. In the preparation of this long term plan, assistance should be sought from respected former SLAS officers like Bradman Weerakoon, K.H.J. Wijeyadasa, and Dharmasiri Peiris, just to name a few.

*The writer, a retired SLAS officer, was Director General National Budget in the General Treasury

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  • 15

    Is Rajpal Abeynayake still the Editor of Daily News?

    I have just read todays editorial on Daily News. Wow! What a transformation compared to yesterdays editorial.

    Has Rajpal been eating hoppers?

    Well worth a read of DN editorial

    • 0

      Yes, I also just took a chance and cheked in the morning…
      WOW!! Daily news is re-born with a human touch. O wonder what has happened to the animals of the previous regime….

  • 4

    Nimal Bhareti –

    RE: The Fall Of A Despotic And Corrupt Regime

    The Fall Of A Despotic And Corrupt Regime,

    If it was a Despotic and Corrupt, why did 55% of the Sinhala Buddhists and 30% of the Non-Sinhala Buddhists voted for Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa?

    Beating LTTE and being free of LTTE Terrorism is still in their minds?

    Lack of information?

    Lack of Common sense?

    Do You think a Common Sense (pamphlet) is need for Sri Lankans, as was needed by the Americans in 1776


    Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. The pamphlet explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence in clear, simple language. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

    Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

    • 1

      Nimal completely missed the main message of this election. That is because the majority of Sinhalese Buddhist voted against the ” Yaha Palanaya” or anti corruption slogan, majority don’t care about Yaha Palanaya. Quick look at district level results would show clearly that MS got his 450,000 majority from none SB. None SB voted against SInhalse Buddhist suprematism not for the “Yaha Palanaya” concept. Effect of Educated Uni Professors, AKD, Sobita Sadu’s lectures to public is very little, perhaps less 1% voted for core human ethical values they promoted. Sobitha Sadu lost.

      • 4


        “MS got his 450,000 majority from none SB”


        Remember, 3,873.764 Sinhala Buddhists Voted for Mr. Maitree Sirisena,

        Without those Votes, Mahinda Rajapaksa would have won by ( 3,873.764 -449,072) = 3,424,693 majority.

        He Would have got
        9,641,855 votes or 79.53% of the Popular Vote, the Highest Ever for a Dictator.

        • 0

          55% of SB voted for MR, 70% of Muslims and Tamils voted for MS. This means Only 45% of SB who voted for MS. Most of these votes could be party based votes, UNP, JVP, small portion of SLFP(CBK effect), etc.. So I donot agree with your calculations.. Only Colombo and Kandy shows considerable swing to MS, this could be due to the effect of YahaPalana message. Even Gampaha is 50-50. Check the “srilankanelection.com” graphical representation of results, some resemblance to Elam map…:-(
          In simple terms, if MR managed to stop Tamil, Muslim votes, 2015 results will be same as 2005 or perhaps better for MR.

        • 0

          Only 45% of SB (~70%) voted for MS, then 66% of non-SB (~30%) votes will give 51.28% win for MS. Jaffna, Battacloa, Vanni and NuwaraEliya – ~70% voted for MS. Then actually only 43% of SBs have voted for MS to get to the winning number 51.28%. Based on these numbers, I believe SB supremacy and Gnanasara gave the victory to MS.. but NOT the YahaPalana or anti-corruption propaganda…

  • 10

    Numerology that ended the despotic and corrupt regime
    Mahinda”s astrologer advised him to announce the election date on the 8th , call the nomination on the 8th and hold the elections on the 8th
    8 was supposed to be lucky for Mahinda
    Now add the declared votes for Mahinda 5768090 until you get a single digit
    I don’t believe in Numerology but is his a coincidence.?

    • 10


      They should have used Roman Numerals… and Still MR would have lost and the planets did not care about the Astrologers either..

    • 4

      MR might have been swayed by his association with Chinese people and that silly, gold plated brass, miniature vajra that he and his heir apparent Namal goyya often cluthes on to for dutch courage. Chinese people think 8 is their lucky number but in SLK, amongst Sinhala people, “Ata Anathuru (8 means risky or danger)”. Any school kid knew this at the time when I was one. Well on this occasion, Ata Anathuru, it was! SLK v China: SLK won. China lost.

      All the astros that showed themselves on TV were no doubt paid by MR’s election campaign, and hired by that runaway Hudson. Actually there is nothing wrong with astrology; on the contrary, it is people like this bunch of childish astro’s who has betrayed their “shastraya” to the highest paymaster and manipulated it to suit their personal gain that brought disgrace to this noble font of knowledge. They just parrotted what the policians wanted them to broadcast, without even properly studying the chart. They were an ignorant lot. I am waiting to see what those big mouthed ones who promised to commit suicide wouldcarry out their pledges. I bet they would mimic the one who climbed the Kitula to reap some grass ………..hehehe!

      That disgraceful monks who played with a beetle leaf during his sermon to manipulate blind devotees mind also disgraced the monkhood and behaved in a most vulgar manner, insulting Buddha and the Clergy in general by his behaviour. However, I noted an act of poetic justice in this sermon. I have heard that during his sermon he made a hole in the beetle leaf, for all to see. So there it was in the result, a BIG HOLE in the beetle leaf put there by the voting public in response.

      I have heard of various election jiggery poggery made by politicians in various countries, including that fountain of fake democracy called USA where one Bush manipulate votes to favor his brother Presidential Candidate. But in Sri Lanka, the dirty election campaign conducted by UPFA on this occasion must have oversahdowed everything else bad that I have heard of before. It really was the most undemocractic and one sided election campaign of the corrupted UPFA faction ina pretentious democratic process, but mercifully people who sought good governance, law and order, fair and just society and end to endless corruption and nepotism stuck topgether and showed that they could topple the Goliath. Bully for you, Sri Lankan voters!

    • 1


      Mahinda Jarapassa Went to Kerala Savari malai Hindu Temple and there God Krishnen Rejected Him.

      Mahinda Jarapassa Went to Hindu Thiupati Temple and there God, Venkata Thapathi Rejected Him.

      And Later Mahinda Jarapassa Went to Hindu Munneshwaram Temple and God Kaaliamman Rejected him.

      As a SINHALA BUDDHIST He did not go to Dalada Maligawa to get blessing from Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha.

      By the way,
      IS Former First lady, Children physiologist, SHIRANTHI at home, there Mada mulana?????.
      Then We can see How Lucky Mahinda Jarapassa????????????.

  • 6

    Mr Barathi you missed out a very important matter. The resolution of the ethnic problem, which successive Govts have failed to resolve. The President should realize that without the votes of the minorities, he would never have beaten MR.
    It is high time this problem is resolved once and for all if the country is to progress.
    The first thing the President should do is to get rid of the Governers of the Northern and Eastern Provinces and replacing them with civilians, preferably Tamils of high standing.

    • 8


      “Governers of the Northern and Eastern Provinces and replacing them with civilians, preferably Tamils of high standing.”

      There need to be High Standing Test

      Ned not be Tamils
      Any Sri Lankan, who qualifies..

      Need IQ of 125 or more, when the general population has an IQ of 79

  • 6

    If I were, I would rewrite the relevant line as:

    “… Restoration of Sarath Fonseka”s civic rights and his rightful position as General of SLA, Promoting him to a full 5-Star General for his courage, tenacity and unswerving determination to serve the public, while facing extreme humiliation by his political enemies and personal vendetta seeking enemies, the latter being his former corrupt subordinates, during the last 5-Years”.

  • 2

    So far, there is nothing about MS succeeding MR as head of the commonwealth for the remainder of the present term – or, is MR still head because the title is personal to him?
    No congratulations from Kamalesh Sharma to MS yet.

    Those who believe in astrology are gullible idiots, and suffer humiliation for same.
    So are those who clutch “good luck talismans”.

    Restoration of human rights to sri lankan citizens is a priority.
    The IGP and Head of Prisons should be summoned by MS and told that in future there should be no torture or deaths of citizens held in state custody.
    Magistrates should be reminded of their obligation to speak with citizens produced before them by police, in private, before deciding on holding in custody or enlarging on bail.

    Judicial medical officers should be reminded that they too should converse with persons produced by police in private before examination, and post-mortem examinations too should be held in private and reports of both communicated to magistrates first.

    Is Lalith Weeratunge still the president’s secretary – he was present at MS’s swearing in.

  • 1

    Nimal Bhareti lke Sinhala intellectuals have been earnestly fooling the Sinhala Buddhist for 65 years. It was about to take the proper direction. Sampanthar did some diservice to Sinhala Intellectuals that they never did ask for and interrupted it. They will not understand it or respect it what Sampanthar did to save these learned fools. So, Sampanthar will soon get his chance to correct his mistake. At least, let him correct his mistake next time.

    War Criminal MY3. War Criminal Chandrika. Ranil, with very cunning foresightedness refused sign the ICC accord. If ICC had the free hand, by 2010, 2011 King might have left the Temple Tree House Instead in 2015. Having everything properly set up for their suicide , they handed over their leashes to King. By now, the three might have been in the place where they could have been eating free Paain and Parippu Curry. It is the fault of the TNA, disturbed it.

  • 0

    You could have also mentioned the politicization of the Central Bank, and the manipulation of the Statistics department and the Stock Market.

  • 0

    Another incisive report. But for some reason, although attacks on Muslims and ( Christian) churches have been referred to, unlike other writers, there is no mention of any features affecting the largest minority–the Tamils.

  • 0

    Please NO to that woman!.

    Her impeachment was wrong and illegal. But she herself was a shining example of what was wrong with the judiciary–so was her appointment to the Supreme Court earlier. She rubber stamped the 18th amendment- and only asserted the “independence of the judiciary” when her husbands’s deals were being investigated. And that happened because of trade union action.

    Now she tries reinvent herself as an Upasaka Amma and jump on the bandwagon!.

  • 0

    Thank you President Maithripala Sirisena & Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for restoring the Media Freedom and the right of the people of Sri Lanka enjoy media freedom and the right to read and comment in on-line news forums like the Colombo Telegraph.

    Nimal, your analysis is excellent. The people of Sri Lanka would have voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa of 2010, the President who ended the war! The history will record his second term as a period when power corrupted him and absolute power corrupted him absolutely, to engage in the despotic & corrupt activities described by you.

    I hope and pray that the new government will steer Sri Lanka along the Democratic Path and implement the good governance measures promised to the people of Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    An excellent analysis, concise and self contained. Bensen

  • 1



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