22 May, 2024


The Game & The Rampage

By W. Vishnu Gupta

W. Vishnu Gupta

Is this Democracy?

It was evident since the death of D.S. Senanayake, rituals of democracy in Sri Lanka have been one of the biggest scams on earth. The result of this hideous act carried out by the present and past politicians is evident through the two major violent uprisings carried-out by Sinhalese and Tamil youths of the country.  The deceptive politicians of every colour survived the wrath of these young people due to the intervention of the impartial heroic armed forces of the country. It is now obvious that these heroic armed forces have unwittingly participated in the biggest political trick of the politicians, otherwise what happened to the benefits of winning the war of thirty years. It was reported that the government spent approximately Rs. 15 billion a year to finance the military campaign against the LTTE. Who reaped the benefits, obviously not the masses? What happened to the savings and benefits promised to the people, with or without the ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic, our people, more than 80 percent have been struggling to shelter and feed their families, cloth and educate their children while a selected few have been feasting tamashas led by the corrupt chicanery politicians. Is this democracy? There are no exceptions in the parliament of Sri Lanka, all are rogues including the man wearing a yellow robe, recently a social activist identified such devious individuals as the “Yellow Pets” of the chicanery politicians. We all have been fooled by a few, first they tricked our grand parents, I was a toddler then, yet I still remember, SWRDB, NMP, PG, SJVC, PK and JRJ promising our grand parents heaven under the sun if they were elected as the political masters to govern the country. Thereafter our parents were repeatedly swindled by the same politicians and/or their spouses, siblings, and their torchbearers. Finally, the remainder of the same lot with the help of shamans, thugs, and criminals managed to swindle the present generation since 1990s until now. If we make the same mistake in 2024/2025 by falling prey to the scams of all conniving honchos occupying the corridors of power in 2024/2025, we the majority must be flogged openly, by our own children. It is whimsical, but we must endure the theatrics of the present regime in controlling Covid-19 pandemic, investigations into Easter Sunday carnage and the scarcity of basic food items. Without waiting for 2024/2025, the people must raise many questions for survival. What is real democracy?

What happened to Dignity

Let us be reminded of that, in a sovereign democracy, election should be more than a stratagem or a toy for the nation’s corrupt political leaders and their inner circle of counsellors, financial supporters loaded with ill-gotten wealth and dubious intelligentsia corrupt to the core. In a hedonist controlled political environment, it is unlikely that ordinary citizens will witness a sovereign democracy. All what Sri Lankans have seen and endured in the last seventy years is what the shamans and cronies ensuring their master and his families go on rampage while their bag is also filled to the brim. The social activists claims that our politicians have first abused mother Lanka and then the dignity of democracy. Dignity is a word unknown to every politician in Sri Lanka. The word dignity has been smothered and replaced by the word vulgarity. Vulgarity rolls like a flooded river over the entire landscape of present political culture in Sri Lanka. Vulgar theatrics have overtaken the investigations into the Central Bank Scams since 2005, Similarly, vulgarity has overwhelmed the probe into the Easter Sunday Carnage, it has overpowered inquiry into the death of helpless domestic servant in a controversial politico’s house recently, it has clouded the vital confidential data loss of the government institutions, above all vulgarity has dazed the debate in the parliament and paving easy passage to questionable bills. These are not the signs of a sovereign democracy. In Sri Lanka present and past politicians of every political party be it is dominated by vulgar Sinhala, vulgar Tamil, vulgar Muslim leaders, and the shallow, rude plus self-centered ethics they have brought to the political activities and social conduct have exiled dignity. If it is not vulgarity, how the citizens are going justify the alleged behaviour reported in the news media of a state minister who entered a prison recently in the night and threatened to kill the prisoners. If it is not vulgarity, how are we going to rationalise a government MP telling people to cut down their daily meals from three to two.   

The Game

Democracy is not by any means, nor was it ever meant to be, a game played by a few for the benefit of a few. Regrettably, it has become so in Sri Lanka. The style of politics witnessed in Sri Lanka since independence are confined to tactics devoid of substance. The tactics themselves such as “Sinhala only” employed by SWRDB who swindled the Sinhala Buddhists, petty and unworthy, they were cheap and embarrassing. In fact, it was one of the root causes that fuelled Tamil militancy. The politics of JRJ triggered the Hartal of 1953. Likewise, politics of Sirima fed the JVP insurrection in 1971.Politics of Rajapaksas ensured the entry of chauvinist politicians of religious minorities. Unfortunately, every regime has failed to understand the consequences of their politics, they have become brazen enough to ignore the fact that “Democracy is not a game.” Most if not all actions of all governments since 1950s confirm that the Sri Lankan politicians have treated democracy as a game. The recent comments of RW in the parliament about the challenge made to his appointment through the nationalist list and the behaviour of other political party leaders prove democracy in Sri Lanka is a game played only by those sanctioned by the political party leaders. This game has provided secondary amusement to the media, and they are sullied for forgetting the purpose and role in a democracy.

The Rampage

None of the political leaders have acted in a rational manner in the last seven decades, all have led failed governments. The economy has failed, people are living in abject poverty and they are forced to look for greener pastures, currency has depreciated 1333 times since 1980, narcotic-drug menace has overwhelmed the nation, judiciary system is challenged, security of the nation has failed as it was seen in the easter Sunday carnage, pillage and plundering of assets of our heritage continues unimpeded, and the country has become a pariah nation among the international community. Every development project, major or minor launched by all governments lead by UNP, SLFP/SLPP and supported by other chauvinist and leftist parties are shrouded in alleged scams giving credence to the popular belief that no politician is clean in Sri Lanka; “Unuth horu, munuth horu, un okkoma horu.” It is a rampage of the few hanging on to power either by hook or by crook.  Yet they appear as prima donnas before the citizens in every election. People are yet to realize; the politicians have run amok and rampage in our motherland since the independence under the guise of democracy. Sri Lankans are fed-up, dejected by what they see, and loathing what they hear, regrettably must live with what the corrupt politicians of every political faction like to play with.

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  • 12

    “Vulgarity rolls like a flooded river over the entire landscape of the present political culture of Sri Lanka”.

    Definitely and well said. With the recently adopted “Law Of The Country” named as “FINANCE” Sri Lanka has “INVITED” all the people, not only Sri Lankans, but even the “Foreign Nationals” to bring all their “ILLGOTTEN” and “UNDECLARED” wealth to Sri Lanka by 31st December 2021 on the “GUARANTEE” that such wealth would be given “LEGAL STATUS”. Further, such persons, including the “Foreign Nationals” would be permitted to invest such “LAUNDERED” wealth to buy any “ASSETS” in the country.

    How would the “Foreign” countries who already have the most “STRICTEST” laws against “Money Laundering” and fighting a battle to arrest such “Vaulgarities” view this Legislation?

    Congratulations Sri Lanka! You have been “CROWNED” in that “VULGARITY” Dynastic Rule.

    • 8

      Dear Sensitive Readers,
      ” Sri Lankans are fed-up, dejected by what they see, and loathing what they hear, regrettably must live with what the corrupt politicians of every political faction like to play with.”

      This is not new to srilankens, by 2015, all was worst left behind by Rajapakshes and their administration the manner how they had handled so many things which caused unexpected situations. Entire world except SWAZILAND and BELARUS, UGANDA or the like few, stood against the nation. Besides, srilankens regardless of their religions, race or any other barriers, they fall back to their ” total ignorance/indifference status”, if they would be shown, ” a packet of rice and a glass of arrack for free”: Meaning the nature of majority of the population which makes up around 70% are the decisive factor in this country for any govt s dawn.

      We have learnt, any one with some sanity would not repeat the same again and again, but the culture and myths controll society would not allow them to see it beyond. No matter you have gone through the highest academic achievements, in the end of the day, the conditioned mind set would decide it being fallen again and again on the prey of the crooks.

      • 7


        The best example is being displayed by none other than OXFORD qualified Prof. GLP who is current the minister of FOREIGN affairs. He behaves no different to OLEVEL qualified Wimal Buruwasne in srilanken politics. Latter is made silent today, even if his bones and flesh were sucked to all end by Rajaakshes for their hitherto- political surivival. Wimal WEERAWANSE is today seen as ” RODDAK”, the spent force, being cornered like a PISSU BALLA, being caged.
        His HEAD DOWN nature before mlechcha Rajapakshes reminded me ” a primary school class room” run by a bosy teacher.
        So, the wound is festated than we just guess at, … or the cancer is reached all metastasized states, though not appeared as such.
        Authorities and responsible men of this nation, OVER to you, PLEASE rebuild the mind set of the society, by awakening the MIND SET of BRUTAL media MEN and their mediation. Media this country should be TRAINED so that a HEALTHY nation could be dawn SOONER than later, then CROOK politicians would be marginalized to the manner, TSUNAMI hit the nation in December 2004.
        We have learnt, any one with some sanity would not repeat the same again and again, but the culture and myths controll society would not allow them to see it beyond.

    • 5

      Dear Simon,
      Please come back to us again on what your Kadamandiya people have got to say today about verhängnis- kisment, inevitable from the moment it started, self created ruined situation by being total ignorants at the time, they voted for B***puthas. My sources say, that it should be gimmick of MR et al to travel to Italy, while his brother Gota be in the US for UNO. …… however, the setbacks faced by GONRAJA, as SUDDA CREATION made it clear, ….. would not bring much for their future plans.

  • 13

    …..If it is not vulgarity, how are we going to rationalise a government MP telling people to cut down their daily meals from three to two……
    And in the midst of their PM (Leader) enjoying sumptuous luxury in Bologna, on a bogus conference of no value to the country, with family and hangers-on, at cost of millions of taxpayer money. May be soothsayers said to tide over an evil period.
    This is vulgarity of the highest order.
    ….If we make the same mistake in 2024/2025……
    But the crucial problem is how to get this across to the voters. I am indeed surprised that there are some of the supposedly higher strata of society, still thinking that the R’s are best for this country, so can we educate the masses by 24/25 ?
    Very good analysis by the Author but needs solutions for them. Just railing at the R’s is futile.

    • 6

      Democracy is a foreign concept grafted onto Lankan society. It worked to an extent with the first generation of politicians, who were well trained in missionary schools, and were capable of making high-flown speeches in English. But even DSS was no Saint, even though the author seems to think so. The colonisers imposed their values on us, but when they left, and the missionaries too, we reverted to our ancient culture. This is not a culture of peace, equality, and tolerance. A cursory look at the Mahavamsa will reveal how many gory murders were committed by aspiring Kings. Then there are passages where infidels are described as less than human.
      The past didn’t go away. It may even be the future.

      • 2

        old codger,
        “The colonisers imposed their values on us, but when they left, and the missionaries too, we reverted to our ancient culture. This is not a culture of peace, equality, and tolerance.”
        What you say fit very well to Hindusthan origin Dravidians (including Tamils). Before Europeans colonized Sinhale, Dravidians invaded this country 52 times and destroyed Sinhala settlements, irrigation systems, temples in North East of the country where Sinhala Kingdoms Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa were located. During the period Europeans ruled this country Dravidians remained quiet but after they left Dravidians brought to Sinhale by colonial rulers reverted to their ancient culture of violence and massacred Native Sinhalayo to grab their land in NE to create a separate State.

        • 0

          Why don’t you read the Mahavamsa? It’s available free. Even someone on the sole can afford that.

          • 0

            Someone on the dole.

    • 10


      If the people like you and Simon; there are thousands scattered across the country, must get the message to our younger generation first, before they fall into the trap set by the vulgar politicians, then we can do it in 2024/25.

  • 8

    I agree with the author about how our politicians took this country to this state of poverty from a state of paradise. The fact is all political leaders we had over the years did not worry about the country and people, only worried about their family dominance. Some of us put the blame on countries outside the island such as British, India, China and USA and internally put the blame on each other communities. We never ask a question that is most relevant to this country. Do I have the right to put the blame on others? Am I right? What wrongs we do to our people and our country?
    It is true the country was colonised by British, Dutch, Portuguese, South Indian, North Indians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians. Whether it is forced on us or we voluntarily accepted it as good or better than what we had in the past we should have made better and we cannot say that we didn’t have the opportunity or ability to make it better.

    • 2

      “…we cannot say that we didn’t have the opportunity or ability to make it better.”
      Sinhale/Sri Lanka is certainly a paradise ruined by Dravida invaders, European colonizers, Jathiya Vanasana Peramuna led by Rohana Wijeeweera, racist separatist Tamil politicians, LTTE Tamil terrorists led by Prabhakaran, Muslim terrorists led by Saharan, Muslim politicians who helped Muslim terrorists and Unpatriotic National Party led by JRJ and Ranil.

  • 3

    The Rajapaksas are fooling foreign countries in exchange for bribes/commissions. They offer something to the USA to agitate China and tell China to be against it. Then they try to cut a deal with India to persuade China to offer them a better deal.
    For everybody’s information, Sri Lanka’s Constitution is very powerful in protecting national resources. In addition, there is THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL NATIONAL MOVEMENT, MAHA SANGHA, who are dead set against the Rajapaksas privatizing, and/or leasing or selling of state lands and national resources to foreigners.
    The Rajapaksa government is now contemplating colonizing Mannar oil and gas blocks. However, a future President can cripple the project from just one executive order. Foreign countries should be aware that over 80% of Sri Lanka’s lands belong to the State, NOT the government, and that they are protected primarily, by the Constitution, and then by various Parliamentary Acts.
    The Rajapaksas always prefer fraud-based foreign projects. Their latest fraud is to monetize oil and gas exploration data which will lead to a security breach. They may have earned millions of dollars by selling classified medical data. (The drama of data deletion is only to cover-up their fraud.)
    I happily noticed the reinvigoration of the nationwide movement spearheaded by Maha Sangha to protect state lands and national resources.

    • 4

      they will not succeed in fooling other countries. THat is for sure. Most from europe know it well that Rajapakshes are like wild animals. These they were well aware of reminding MR regime number one. Not even simple things such as distribution of jabs repsecting age groups are not done today by them, is being highly criticised in europe. To scotch the rumours they have been spending a lot today….. although significant numbers face difficulties not having usual 3 meals. They cant afford it today.
      let alone, what more talk DOUBLE PAKSE could make wonders introducing new changes. Namal BABA goes on whitewashing the current situation, as if his senses are not well in balance.

    • 2


      “I happily noticed the reinvigoration of the nationwide movement spearheaded by Maha Sangha to protect state lands and national resources.”

      Are you being serious?
      These bigoted saffron brigades are the root course of all problem.
      Instead of dwelling in mundane matters they should withdraw from all impermanent activities and spend their entire life in one of the retreats.
      Assgiria was the one who on the record welcome a Hitler in Gota.

  • 4

    Vipuli: Thanks. That is the way, yet the “Ground” must be allowed to get “Pulverized” to such a level that it becomes unbearable and people must start to say: “Enough is Enough”. That “Situation” seems to be getting organized. In the meantime, what “NEEDS” must be worked out. It will come. That is my understanding. The writer of this article has chosen the correct word to describe that “Situation” – “Vulgarity”. Aren’t we see it everywhere?

  • 3

    Vulgarity is seen everywhere, but it matters only to us CT commenters only. All others coming from vary walks seem no upset until Rajapakshes enter their house holds next.. people at large have not the least knowledge in sl politics. They are just fooled by any easy tricks so long the racism- pill is well marketed to them.,.
    Most of all so cold BUDDIST clergy is paying a blind eye today. Those yellow robe pets are not real monks but hired men to political crooks for their selfish gains . They are behaving no different to street prostitutes destroying the BUDDIST image in slanka society.buddhist monks of that nature are a great threat in our society today. 🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃😉😉😉😉☹☹☹

  • 1

    The vituperative words spewed by some readers on every discussion of Colombo Telegraph are destructive and seem to be designed to destroy the unanimity among the voices opposing “vulgar politics” in Sri Lanka. It would be helpful if they focus on the main objective of main themes and not attack the other contributors. Otherwise, we too may unwittingly become an extension of VULGAR politics and “yellow journalism.”

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