23 January, 2022


The Hindu Slams Sirisena’s Denial On RAW Assassination Plot: Says Sirisena Made Wild & Bizarre Allegation

The Hindu newspaper today stood by its report on President Maithripala Sirisena’s remark at the last Cabinet meeting on RAW’s plot to assassinate him.

President Sirisena

The Sri Lankan government has so far issued three denials of the story and President Sirisena, in a telephone conversation, with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also assured that he never made such a remark.

N.Ram, the Chairman of Kasturi & Sons Limited, the publisher of Hindu, and the former Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper said this morning that ‘The Hindu’ told the truth when the newspaper said that President Sirisena accused RAW of plotting to kill him.

“Another case of saying something wild & bizarre, expecting it to remain within a closed room, and then blaming the media for the furore caused. The Hindu did its job — truth-telling,” he tweeted.

“Our Sri Lanka Correspondent verified what she had learnt with multiple independent sources before publishing her report. Let them issue their lame denials, try to wriggle out of what was said — but we stand by our Correspondent’s meticulously fact-checked story,” he added.
Sirisena’s controversial statement was also followed by an intense argument with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe when the subject of development of the Colombo Port came up for discussion. The Hindu newspaper said Sirisena vehemently objected to any Indian involvement in upgrading its east container terminal – a project that New Delhi has been keen to take up.

“However, Mr. Wickremesinghe is said to have countered by saying Colombo had already promised New Delhi on collaborating on the project, and it was important to rope in India at the terminal, given that about 80% of the cargo handled at the transhipment hub was meant for India. He reportedly sought a week’s time to sort out the issue, since he would be meeting Mr. Modi soon ,” the Hindu newspaper added.

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    Please read today’s Hindu


    A scum of a newspaper

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    Present day Gram Sevakas are better.From from Asbestos Glyphosate 100day programme double edged sword to RAW phobia
    We are watching for the next episode.

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    Planned distractions to erase the reality of Silla’s double mindedness is magnified by appropriate media coverage. A journey without destination believes the lies told by TU GMOA which opposed India many years ago. It is tragic that Silla hiccups into fear of failure when GMOA moves. When GMOA stands up, he agrees with total panic mode. When GMOA strikes, there is no antivenom against all evil TU demands and his mind and personality confuses into smitherings blown away by wind. Humpty D cannot be again put together. Let not this power grabbing GMOA destroy profession through capture of the SLMC as well as Silla.

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    There is nothing wild or bizarre about this even if our president has said it. RAW is very active in Srilanka. They do not even have to plot to assassinate our president or for that matter anybody else here. They can assassinate our president anytime they want.
    RAW has been involved and active in Srilanka for decades and has been instrumental in escalating, intensifying and maintaining the ethnic conflict at a level more or less suitable to their agenda here. RAW armed and trained the LTTE starting in the late 1970’s turning a small petty criminal gang into professional terrorist killer machines. RAW helped establish training camps in Tamilnadu where hundreds of Tamil terrorists were trained and sent to Srilanka to fight. The Tamils also received aid and training in launching effective anti-Sinhalese propaganda which was one of the strongest weapons for the LTTE and was crucial to gain legitimacy for their terror campaign both internationally and nationally among the Tamil population, right upto the end. Without RAW the LTTE would have been just a criminal gang with half-broken weapons, running around playing “hora-police” with the local police.

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    Among RAW’s many covert actions in Srilanka, is the burning of the Jaffna Public Library. As Edward Gunawardena documents in his book “Memorable Tidbits including the Jaffna Library Fire” RAW had been given a distinct task to disrupt the forthcoming District Development Council (DDC) elections in Jaffna in June of 1981. Starting already in February/March of 1981 Jaffna experienced a wave of violent destructions and assassinations where Tamil politicians and public servants were killed by the LTTE which was against establishing DDCs as the LTTE thought Jaffna DDC will be a threat to forming a separate state and they did everything possible to prevent DDC forming in Jaffna. (Details of the drama between the LTTE-TULF-UNP-India about the DDC in Jaffna is given in Gunawardena’s book and also other articles). As the DDC elections approached the violence and disruption escalated and the burning of the library was just a part of that, well aided by the Indians.
    An undercover RAW agent in Jaffna named Shan had revealed the day after the fire, that RAW’s mission was to “see that the government does not win the election”, and he had also said that the burning of the library “will make Srilanka international pariahs”. The library fire was used by Tamil fundamentalists to put the Tamil population against the Sinhalese, and the bogus stories which were made up in the aftermath of the fire about the cultural significance of this PUBLIC library which was nothing but one of the many public libraries in Jaffna owned by the Srilankan government, radicalized the Tamil youth of that time. None of the anti-Sinhalese gang stopped to ask why the government would want to set fire and destroy its own property.

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