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The mother’s Appeal For Saving The Life Of Sudeshkar Facing The Death Sentence In Qatar


Mangala Samy Pungonda, the mother of Wengadasalam Sudeshkar yesterday, February 19, appealed for the final sum of Rs. 600,000/= (approximately US$ 5,000) for the saving of her son’s life from execution in Doha, Qatar. She thanked those who have already contributed to the raising of the sum of Rs. 3.5 Million and said that about Rs 1 Million was raised by selling the only small property that belonged to the family and a number of relatives have also contributed by pawning their personal jewelry.

Mangala Samy Pungonda

A member of parliament, Ranjan Ramanayke, contributed Rs. 100,000/= and the EAP Group and Nawaloke Enterprises also contributed Rs. 100,000/= each. The Asian Human Rights Commission based in Hong Kong has by two transfers contributed Rs. 600,000/=. She asked the help of political and religious leaders and everyone to intervene so that her son will not face a similar fate as that of Rizana Nafeek.

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