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The President Is Right

By Rusiripala Tennakoon

Rusiripala Tennakoon

A strong wind is blowing across. While there are destructive tendencies experienced, several positive indications too are in the offing. With the local government elections threateningly surfacing and plunging off and on, manifestly manoeuvred, country is forced to bear with the deprivation of an opportunity to react. While the election carrot is dangling a constitutional phantom is emerging with a “blow hot and cold” trend. The Unholy political marriage, forced due to circumstances, is showing fractures and signs of wrack up. People are anxiously waiting to see who will yield and for what objective or purpose.

It is no secret that all these are happening during a transitional period pending realignment and course correction after a long sail in troubled waters with the storm  still unsettled. Both marriage partners need a clear mandate not only from their political parties but even from the people represented by civil society and other social and religious forces. A mere continuation of the voyage for the sake of being on board will not be fancied or tasteful. In particular the voice of opinion by civil society organizations involved in the process as marriage brokers deserve to be respected. But they are now in a dilemma. Having advocated an era free of corruption and fraud they now stand astounded before the ill-famed activities of their once praised angel guardians. Can they under such a situation blindly support a perpetuation without any modifications and required changes?

The President’s recent outburst against ‘some identified few’ responsible for various base and nefarious acts, calls upon the civil society organizations to campaign for their speedy elimination before the decomposition aggravates. Fortunately the choice of words point at a situation not so grave since the concern is about a few. Compromise is easy under such circumstances. More so if those involved do not happen to be elected representatives. It should not be regarded as a disintegration. It should be considered as a purification. A semi-cultural revolution. For it is not uncommon in any system for such elements to exist hindering progress. China once went through this. Civil society has to therefore turn the direction now forgetting individual agendas and allegiances for a better course. That is the historic responsibility thrust upon them.

Country has to move forward freeing from the heinous grips and claws of dishonest and evil. However painful it may be to some to part their ways from one time  cronies and companions, the demand from the public should stand above all. The President is right. He needs to be backed wholeheartedly. For the sake of the future of the country. True, such a step will leave residues behind tarnishing the celebrated goodness of some  in their hard preserved white backgrounds. But in the long run it will be prudent for such god fathers to fall in line rather than being obstruent. The society today is much much more advanced than what they imagine to be bamboozled to be taken for a ride. Let sanity prevail and democracy flourish.    

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