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The Resolution Is A Victory For All Sri Lankans

By R. Sampanthan

The Tamil National Alliance welcomes today’s Human Rights Council resolution which requests the High Commissioner for Human Rights to undertake a comprehensive investigation in respect of past and post-war violations of human rights and the perpetration of serious crimes. The resolution is a victory for all Sri Lanka’s Peoples in their struggle for truth, justice and reconciliation. The resolution sends a strong message to the Sri Lankan government that the undemocratic, militarized and discriminatory trajectory on which it has set the country is unacceptable and unsustainable.

The passage of the resolution marks a historic moment and finally provides a meaningful opportunity for all communities in Sri Lanka to join an impartial, independent process in which we grapple with serious violations of human rights and crimes committed in our own respective names. This is an urgent need, and is critical to ending the spiral of impunity in Sri Lanka. As the political leadership of the Tamil people, we accept this opportunity in a spirit of humility and self-reflection. We call on the Sri Lankan government to cooperate fully with the High Commissioner in the implementation of the resolution, and more critically, to break with the past and move Sri Lanka in the direction of genuine reconciliation, and a life of dignity and self respect for all Peoples in Sri Lanka.

The TNA looks forward to remaining engaged with the Government of Sri Lanka, the international community and the United Nations in giving effect to today’s resolution and using it to benefit all victims of serious violations in Sri Lanka.

*R. Sampanthan MP – Leader, Tamil National Alliance

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