21 April, 2021


The Sinhala-Buddhists Will Hit Us Next In 2020

By Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

This is so easy, so predictable. Even a five year old Muslim kid would make this prediction effortlessly. Anything that’s psychologically overwhelming becomes easily predictable through a process known as conditioning. Classical conditioning whose teachers are many today, is the first type of learning to be discovered within the behaviorist tradition. The major theorist in the development of classical conditioning is Ivan Pavlov and his contemporary Sigmund Freud.

There is certainly a distinct pattern emerging, not too difficult to comprehend. Inter alia the interplay of demographics is huge. When two national leaders with Buddhist credentials come forward as main candidates for example at a Presidential election in Sri Lanka, the insecure one plays the “Entitlement” and “Sinhala Exceptionalism “card. This strategic stance extends a lot of leverage. Coupled with an attempt to induce fear psychosis in the minorities the mantra forms a healthy equation.

Those that want to remain in power can subvert any political system. More detrimentally people can be turned idiots if one of the popular candidates is a polished and veteran demagogue. This is the only reason I find democracy infinitely imperfect. Basic intelligence is not a widely distributed commodity, that’s why we have Donald Trump at the helm today.

Come 2020 the election year – those incessantly feeding the ravenous “Entitlement” and “Exceptional” appetite will release their stashed dough to create havoc once again so that they could motivate an obtuse and nescient mob to accomplish certain essential milestones.  The usual slogans “they are taking our land” “they are mixing vandha beheth” This is essential “political Investment” for some to make their own people idiots for political gain. This way the strategy could garner most of the Sinhala Buddhist votes and  minorities vote could also go communal and a clear winner emerges.

The residual sediments of the aforestated lethal politics still lingers though not active as it should be. We have not seen its full force. The psychologically tormenting and ubiquitous “orange revolution” is at work though deprived of full throttle.