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The SL Army Sabotages Awareness Program On Laws Related To Land Grabbing

The Army and the Divisional Secretariat have sabotaged a civil society awareness program on laws related to the unlawful land grabbing by the army and the navy says the Mannar Citizens Committee.

The Mannar Citizens Committee says; “ On the first day, 30th May 2013, an intelligent officer had come to the seminar, but the president of the MMC had told him that this was a program dealing with purely civil matter and that his presence was disturbing. He left without saying any word.

One third day ( 1st June 2013) we were awaiting for the officers from the Divisional Secretariats, when the Add.GA telephoned and informed the secretary of the MCC that the Divisional Secretaries were instructed not to send the officials for the program based on the orders from the Army Headquarters in Mannar.

The Mannar Citizens Committee feels these needs to be inquired into, and those whew re responsible at all levels held accountable. If not such unlawful instructions by the military into activities of the government officials, as well as civil society will continue. “

We published below the letter in full;

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