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The speaker, Deputy Speaker And All MPs Bound By The Oath They Have Taken – LfD

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“‘Lawyers for Democracy’ is committed to invoke the jurisdiction of court to seek that those who have subscribed to the oath under the Constitution and has acted in violation of the Constitution are declared disentitled to hold such positions.” says LfD.

Lal Wijenayaka -Convener LfD

Issuing a statement LfD Convener Lal Wijenayake says;The Speaker, Deputy Speaker and all members of Parliament has taken an oath of office under the Constitution to uphold and protect the Constitution.  The speaker, Deputy Speaker all member of Parliament are bound by this oath and any violation of the solemn oath under the Constitution will disentitle them to hold the office and any citizen has a right to move court for a writ seeking declaration that the member is not entitled to sit in Parliament and / or hold office as they have violated the oath of office.  It is strange that these responsible persons who are tasked with the duty of governing this country are either ignorant or arrogant to make these statements without realizing the grave consequences that follows from such statements.”

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