26 May, 2022


‘The Stabilizing Of Our Numbers’ – Covid-19 Vaccines; A Depopulation Agenda

By Manuka Wijesinghe

Manuka Wijesinghe

What is Covid-19? Is it a proper noun coined by the World Health Organization (WHO), with a number attached?[1]

The number seems to be an indicator, as in our ID cards, of the year of the virus’ birth (in this case, the year of its supposed detection by virologists). But, while the ID card indicates the year of one’s birth, the number ‘19’ that is attached to COVID is not indicative of a birth year. Instead, it was the year when an archaic virus (Coronavirus that is endemic to humans), was manipulated, re-coded, patented and Weaponized to be a human enemy and cause a devastating Global Lockdown “pandemic” of ‘unknown aetiology”.

In short, Covid-19 virus was engineered through ‘Gain of Function’ (GOF), Research sub-contracted to laboratories in several countries with the technical capacity in order to legitimize the use of other bioweapons euphemistically called ‘vaccines’: After all, it is not a secret that Moderna was a US Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), start-up to turn gene-therapies into mRNA ‘vaccines’, almost overnight. Moderna also has patents on SARS-COV-2 and gives Pfizer-BioNtech a semblance of market competition.

Coincidentally, the big bang exposition of the Covid-19 viral narrative emerged shortly after the US Government announced initial plans to withdraw from Afghanistan allowing a timely interlude for the election of a new “Democratic’ president who confirmed that the US would no longer conduct conventional ‘Forever Wars’.

Rather, Covid-masked, hybrid, cyber-digital war is trending these days. Hybrid attacks are eminently deniable and tracing their origins and identifying the perpetrators difficult. Moreover, if there were an all-out conventional war, Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), would ensure given massive Nuclear Arsenals on all sides. Indeed, the planet would be Nuked long before “Global Warming” killed us all!

MAD is of course an old Cold War doctrine that is not yet obsolete, although, perhaps the age of soldiers and fighter jets is winding down as unmanned drones, nuclear submarines, robots and possibly Cyborgs operate Over the Horizon (OTH), Full Spectrum Dominance (FSD), wars that mimic Hollywood’s Sci-fy blockbusters.

But what of Bio-warfare or is it bioterrorism?

‘Humans are not only the potential target for future biological weapons. Both crops and animals have been subjects of biological weapon research and release for a long time. Bio-weapons against crops and animals have proved a very effective way of conducting war by causing famines and DESTABILIZING economies. Moreover, they may be easier to disguise as a Natural Event’[2]

Is Covid 19 a new form of bio-warfare? Is it like the mysterious US patented ‘Fall Army Worm’ (Sena Caterpillar), which ate away our crops in Asia and Africa and destroyed our food security not long ago? Covid-19 has been cleverly marketed as a ‘Natural Event’, similar to the other Permanent Emergency on global media channels – the Climate Catastrophe or Agenda 21, to enable fossil fuel corporates to re-brand as clean, green new techno-Corporates and reap bigger profits than Covid’s Big Pharma engaged in what Naomi Klein has termed ‘Disaster Capitalism.’

Increasingly, global media and UN agencies and Global media networks work in concert to promote the duel Permanent Emergency and spread fear psychosis about Covid AND Climate, in order to disrupt Economy and Society, and enable corporate colonization of agriculture and energy systems in the Global South with the ‘Green Energy’ and Covid-19 masks.

As early as 1979, during the height of the Cold War and the first appearances of AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome), Michel Foucault, the French Philosopher, not only claimed that HIV/ AIDS was a US design (biological warfare) but in his series of lectures – Society Must be Defended (The birth of Biopolitics), Foucault stated that bio power would be split into two poles, anatamo-politics (disciplinary power) of the body and biopolitical power over the population.

Foucault observed that ‘Disciplinary power produces docile bodies’ which can be ‘subjected, used, transformed and improved’ while Biopolitical power ‘administers life’ by trying to optimize the life of populations. These two poles would eventually be used to categorize people as normal or abnormal in the state’s eyes. Something with which we are confronted with, daily, is the denunciation of the unvaccinated as against the vaccinated; those docile bodies and minds (the vaccinated) have been captured by institutional lies and lockdown fear. In other words, community, religious life and society as we know it, must be locked down, divided, destroyed, re-wired and Digitalized in order to be Defended from the lab invented virus!

Yet, what is Covid 19? The WHO says it is a respiratory disease caused by a Virus. That is nothing new. Humankind had always had and will have seasonal respiratory illness caused by viruses. Seasonal influenza gives the organism the chance to acquire broad or full-spectrum natural immunity, and thereby, the capacity to conquer many other diseases. Yet, the new shamans of medicine [3], not doctors; but virologists and those who work, not with patients, but in labs; with pharmaceutical research monies; claimed that this lab-made respiratory disease was caused by a brand new Corona virus for which humans had no defence mechanism. However, Covid-19 has been mild in Africa and Asia, the poorest places on the planet with inadequate health systems. Yet, that was not all. False prophets, hiding behind the respectability of scientific institutions also claimed that without Lockdowns, mask and Vaccines and if nothing were done (meaning if vaccines were not provided), the near extinction of the human species would be the tragic predicament.

Simultaneously the word ‘Immunity’ was deleted from western medical dictionaries. And those pronouncing such common sense were systematically denounced as quacks, terrorists, right-wing Trump supporters, extremists, Nazis, anti-Semites, irrationalists, the unscientific , and many more derogatory descriptions resembling Hitler’s condemnations of the Jews, Pol Pot’s condemnation of the intellectual, Stalin’s condemnation of the Kulaks and Mao’s condemnation of landed gentry.

Like a chorus, every western capitalist vaccine producing nation came up with their false prophet. The UK had Neil Fergusson, the US, Anthony Fauci and in Germany, Christian Drosten. There were the evidence based (as against the prophecy based) scientists too. Such as Sunetra Gupta in the UK and John Ioannides and Jayantha Battacharya who signed the Great Barrington Declaration (involving ‘Focused Protection’ of those most at risk) in the US. But, instead of broadcasting their voices of verity, the apocalyptic chorus of liars, wearing mantles of Science turned science on its head through public media fear psychosis and mind-numbing corporate disinformation.

Foucault’s analysis had come true.

Yet, Covid 19 was not a brand new Corona Virus. It has 78 percent similarity to previous Corona virus. But, neither its name nor its physical appearance is of primary importance, rather the symptoms developed in the human organism when it comes into contact with the virus. For, it is through the manipulation, exaggeration and the DELIBERATELY incorrect medical treatment of these symptoms and the Lockdown-hysteria exaggerating them that caused economic, social and educational ruin in the years 2020 and 2021. Deliberately, systematically and with Manifest Evil.

Another act in a US led Forever War?

Every ailment of humans, according western medicine (Allopathy) has a name. But behind these fine academic and scientific sounding names is concealed a bevy of ordinary symptoms anyone in good health can have. The long endurance of humans is due to the natural immunity that has and will produce antibodies in the fight against natural pathogens. It is through the inter-actions with bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, in the natural world, that the organism develops health; immunity (its defence mechanism) and produces healthy progeny.

A cough by another name is still a cough, a sore by another name is still a sore. And, even if they had no name, the cough and the sore would still be. Likewise, the symptoms pertinent to Covid 19, are the common flu symptoms that have mysteriously disappeared with Covid 19.

Humans have survived flu for generations and long before the laboratory discovery of the virus. In the accessible- to- all Wikipedia listing, the most common symptoms of Covid 19 are fever, cough, tiredness and the loss of taste and smell. The less common symptoms are sore throat, headache, aches and pains, diarrhoea, rash and eye irritation. The least common symptoms are shortness of breath, confusion and chest pain.

Unfortunately, what the list does not include is the constitution of persons who get it with less severity or with greater severity. But, do we need a computer search engine, politicians or doctors to inform us as to who gets which level of flu? Is that knowledge not already in the repertory of human common sense? Do we not know that the infirm and the aged are most likely to get the most severer and least common symptoms, indicating that the pathogen has passed the peripheral respiratory system (a part of the immune system) and entered a deeper layer of the human organism, leading the organism to depart from the bevy of symptoms common to Covid-19 and enter the morbid territory common to another pathogen, perhaps pneumococcus bacteria; causing Pneumonia or even death? In such cases, the new disease is no longer the viral infection called Covid-19, but a bacterial infection and subsequent death certainly cannot be titled as caused by Covid-19.

Returning to the symptoms representational of Covid-19; those ordinary flu-like symptoms caused health organizations like WHO, funded by private persons such as Bill Gates and virologists paid by the Gates foundation and their Pharmaceutical companies to advice governments to mandate tests, order lockdowns, enforce masks, social distancing, and untested injection roll outs. One can read through these Covid symptoms several times, meditate upon the mystery of the letters and words, yet one cannot help but conclude that there is nothing alien or mysterious about these symptoms. All flesh and blood humans have experienced one or all of these symptoms in the course of their lives. Hence, what it that induced governments and medical shamans to render the world motionless and reduce society to poverty and destitution?

Could it be that Covid 19 has a symptom that humans lack?

Would it be incorrect to call this symptom ‘the positive PCR test symptom?’

The PCR test is a lab test for the detection of viral genetic particles through massive amplification. It was not created for the replacement of physicians, but, in this particular Covid 19 narrative, like robots replacing a doctor’s diagnosis, the PCR test replaced doctors as the ONE AND ONLY diagnostic tool and its near infinite amplifications categorized healthy people as diseased. This in turn stigmatized and forced the PCR positive individual and all who s/he had been in contact with, into forced quarantine or hospitalization, even with no indication of disease. Thus a new terminology was born. ‘The PCR positive asymptomatic diseased’.

Health ceased to be a lived human condition, but rather machine detected. The philosopher Protagoras’ statement, ‘man is the measure of all things’ was no longer relevant to men. From March 11, 2020, when the WHO proclaimed a pandemic, Man was measured by a PCR test.

We know many who were forced into unnecessary quarantine, but do we know how many were sacrificed so that the Covid-19 narrative could thrive? Consider the case of Mr. Dev Somasundaram, Colombo’s most respected Pranic Healer. A gentleman in the best of health, living a life of Yoga and Healing. He had not seen a doctor in the last half a century, though many doctors had sought him for good health. A surface wound had taken him to a national hospital. There, the Covid trajectory was played upon him. His wound ignored, a positive PCR test resulted in the administration of drugs that were far too toxic for his frail body and he was killed.

Dev Somasundaram was a guru and a sage to the many. He had healed thousands and had trained further thousands as Pranic Healers. He was administered drugs, far too aggressive for the gentle constitution of the aged; for a disease he did not have. Dev Somasundaram was a victim of the PCR test scam. He did not die an accidental death, but was killed to uphold a lie.

If people had common sense, they would question why such absurdity did not end. But many folk had ceased to question, having succumbed to Groupthink and the mind-numbing Covid-19 panic messaging. The virus had given them a common purpose, like actors in an American science fiction film or the Hollywood movie ‘Contagion’ that predicted Covid-19 and the Ghastly Personal Protection outfits and masked society. And they were too mesmerized to realize that they were not only its actors but its audience too.

In this glorious age of the individual, mankind had slipped into being one of the masked crowd. An automated, remote controlled, indistinct member of the crowd; no longer on the streets, but behind smart phones and laptops, on social media and Instagram, sipping coca cola and snacking on home deliveries – at least the fat cats who could afford Uber Eats while the hunger virus gnawed at the poor. The so-called “intelligentsia” was abysmal – restricted from social contact, meekly accepting the edicts of a totalitarian state, awaiting the salvation of the bioweapon mRNA genetherapies for in the absence of old gods, they needed new religions and therapies and the pharmaceutical companies were their willing providers.

‘The pandemic will end only when the vaccine is ready’, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel proclaimed at the start of the PCR Pandemic. The other leaders said the same in their respective languages. ‘To get vaccinated is an act of solidarity’, they echoed. Politicians, instead of governance were becoming missionaries; persons of moral virtue, reminding people to wash hands, wear masks and social distance in case they would kill their fathers, mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers if would go out, have fun or not wash hands.

While Jesus had gone to the hearth of Lepers, the affluent, Christian west, preaching solidarity, locked their old and infirm in care homes and intensive stations, strangling them from air and company and killed them. It was not from Covid that they died, it was for the lack of air and the pain of loneliness. Then, it was the vaccines.

For whatever trials were done with these vaccines, they were all done on the healthy. When a son of an ailing father wrote to Pfizer BioNtech on February of 2021, soon after vaccine roll outs had begun, inquiring about the father, having multiple ailments and on multiple medication, if vaccination was recommended, BioNTech’s answer was, ‘Older persons, with chronic co-morbidities, who are considered as risk groups for Covid-19, have not been included in the vaccination trials. Persons with hypertension, diabetes, chronic lung diseases, kidneys diseases, their reaction to vaccines are, at the given time, unclear. If these persons with chronic diseases ought to be vaccinated is not evident. When the studies are completed, there will be more clarity….’

But such truths were not published in official media and doctors were not informed while governments became the long arm of the pharmaceutical cartel. Why did government collaborate?

Was it a US strategy to re-boot its debt-trapped economy through money printing Covid “Bailouts”, and channelling much of this to Hedge Funds like Black Rock to asset strip the Global south, crash the Emerging Economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China South Africa, (BRICS), and stymie China’s Belt and Road Global connectivity project and economic rise? Was it a means for a heavily indebted nation’s (the US) need to replenish its coffers? For that what could not be denied was that American billionaires held the patent rights of these new bio weapons (gene manipulated technologies) being marketed as mRNAvaccines. Was it for crashing the economy and a turning to a digital currency? And last but not the least, was it for purposes of depopulation?

Depopulation has always been a consideration in the minds of billionaires who front the Euro-American and NATO networked military-business-research- intelligence-media and entertainment industrial complex.

One only has to read the Rockefeller papers or see the results of Bill Gates’ vaccination initiatives in India, Australia and Africa to realize that depopulation has not been a distant reality, but been practiced in this liberal and democratic world, by American and European philanthro-capitalists.[4]

‘Nor is this country (US) alone in the world, demographically or in any other way. Many other nations are recognizing the importance of population questions. We need to act prudently, understanding that today’s decisions on population have effects for generations ahead. Similarly, we need to act responsibly towards other people in the world. This country (US) needs and wants, given its wealth, may impinge upon the patrimony of other, less fortunate people in the decades ahead. The ‘Population Problem’ of the world of the developing countries may be more pressing at this time, but in the longer perspective, it is both proper and in our best interest to participate fully in the worldwide search for the good life, which must include the STABILIZATION of our numbers’[5]

Perhaps it is not depopulation, but the euphemistic ‘stabilization of numbers’ that is being acted. Were the mRNA injections, randomly depositing its spike proteins, in male and female reproductive organs, rendering women and men infertile, a method of stabilizing numbers? Or would these gene manipulations so damage the human genome that progeny would be born, disabled and dependent on pharmaceutical products? Or would they remain unborn? Or, would the incessant injecting of vaccines and boosters damage the immune system that life would be undeniably shortened?

All of the above reasons could be lesser or greater in its validity, but that is not the reasons for writing this essay. My reason for writing is to try to understand how an educated and affluent public became hypnotized into thinking that ONLY an untested injection could save them from a bevy of flu-like symptoms defined by a new name – Covid-19?

Perhaps the west had long lost its connection to nature though their bio-technology, and advanced wired and digitalized health care systems pushing chemical drugs for non-existent diseases through so called ‘preventive medicines’ that have made them degenerate, in both body and mind, that a group of symptoms with a new name has rendered them incapable of distinguishing fact from fiction.

But we in the east, we have a different constitution and a different history. We have still not been made degenerate by the use of synthetic drugs, annual flu vaccines that over time debilitate the immune system, given in the fabricated construct of ‘preventive’ medicine. Furthermore, we still have our indigenous healing methods. Yet, it was the elite from Colombo 3, 5 and 7 neighbourhoods, speaking fine English, who stood under the blazing tropical sun in order to get a jab of foreign pharmaceutical toxic trash – the so called mRNA vaccines – in order to travel overseas. Many travelled 6 feet underground instead!

After the Westernized and Digitalized elite paved the way, the rest; the poor, the voiceless and children were coerced with military threats. In the long journey of human history, has there ever been a generation which has sacrificed its children as willingly as we have? Ivan Illich writes in his book, ‘Limits to medicine; Medical Nemesis and the exploration of health; ‘’It must be now understood that what has turned health care into a sick making enterprise is the very intensity of an engineering endeavour that has translated human survival from the performance of organisms into the result to technical manipulation.’

Covid-19, more than a disease, was an instrument fabricated for the manipulation of the human mind. It was a new mode of divide and rule.

*To Be Continued……

[1] Due to an international guideline of 2015 against the use of geographical locations for a disease, the WHO, on the 20th of February 2020, issued the name Covid for this apparent new disease. ‘CO’ was for Corona, ‘VI, for virus and ‘D’: disease. However, four endemic human coronaviruses HCoV-229E, -NL63, -OC43, and -HKU1 have over centuries caused upper and lower respiratory illness in adults and children. Cf. Hosts and Sources of endemic human Coronaviruses https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29551135/

[2] Biowarfare as a biopolitical icon – E Mordini

[3] Virologist became the shamans of medicine since AIDS. AIDS first appeared in the white homosexual communities in the US where men had been given the first Hepatitis B vaccines in veneral diseae clinincs. Between 2-4 years thereafter, every one of thos vaccinated developed full blown AIDS. (AIDS and the doctors of Death – Alan Cantwell)

[4] Diseases, Vaccinations and the forgotten History – Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk

[5] The Rockfeller Commission report – Population and the American Future

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    Here we go again. DRS is not alone , Fotunately, soon the pandemic may come to an end but the author is threatening with more. ( to be continued). Over to our CT expert Dinuk. “HIV was caused by Hepatitis vaccine given to homosexual population in USA ” that is news to me. By the way when was the black and white profile picture taken ??

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      Thanks for updating profile picture, likewise you need to update your knowledge and referrals. Has it ever crossed your mind ” for every random referral you provide ,there is thousands of well researched studies done worldwide, proving otherwise”.

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    OMG why no one thought about this before??? This article may help NoVac and his lawyers in suing Australian government. I hear he is claiming 6 million in potential prize money from Aussies. But the French too have warned of no entry with out vaccine. ( French open)

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    Finally someone had the courage to call its by its name- Covid-19 is bioterrorism!
    Nice points here connecting the Covid 19 and CoP 26 or Climate permanent Emergencies to spread fear and hack all systems – health, trade and transport, energy, agriculture and food security, education, information systems, etc. to enable Digital Colonialism of the Global South and reboot the imploding empire that seems beyond repair at this point.
    How may we help an imploding Empire that morphed into a Rogue State have a soft landing and go quietly into the night, before MAD is unleashed on us all?

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    “Is it like the mysterious US patented ‘Fall Army Worm’ (Sena Caterpillar), which ate away our crops in Asia and Africa and destroyed our food security not long ago? “
    I would have thought that the Nandasena Blight caused more damage than any worm or virus.
    So is this piece ghost-written by the well-known Princeton medical Anthropologist?
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    A convoluted piece of XXXX.

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    It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (Macbeth)

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    So well written. Terrifyingly true. But what’s to be done? There IS a germ around that will make us suffer and die. We have to protect ourselves.

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