27 May, 2022


The Story Is Falling Apart, Fast!

By Niresh Eliatamby

Niresh Eliatamby

When a dozen suicide bombers massacred 260 innocents on Easter Sunday, the nation was stunned. The attack had come out of nowhere. Within hours, the President, Prime Minister, State Minister for Defence and the Opposition Leader all emphatically announced that they had had no warning from anybody about the impending calamity. The top brass of the armed forces also seemed all at sea.

But that story is fast falling apart and into the realms of children’s fairytales, now isn’t it?

The IGP’s revelations in court documents that the Police Department had been prevented for more than a year by the State Intelligence Service from continuing investigations into international terrorist groups operating in Sri Lanka, is only the latest shocker. The SIS reported directly to the President. The IGP, who says he passed on the information of the impending attacks to all his senior officers, also complained that he had not been allowed to attend meetings of the National Security Committee since last October, the same story that the PM and the State Minister have repeated.

A few days earlier, the head of the National Intelligence Service told a Parliamentary Committee that he had forwarded warnings by Indian Intelligence to the Ministry of Defense (which is headed by the President), and the Police (which also comes under the President). He also noted that he spoke about the matter at a National Security Council meeting in early April, but claimed that the matter had not been given due prominence.

However, the heads of the armed services and their own intelligence chiefs were supposedly at that meeting, so they did get to know of this warning, which is not the story we had heard up to last week.

So to recap, we have so far heard from top officials in the police and intelligence that the following people had some knowledge of the threat, more than a week before the attacks – the Defense Ministry, the IGP, all the top brass of the police, heads of the two main intelligence services, heads of armed services, heads of the armed forces’ intelligence wings, and goodness knows how many others including the father of a Cabinet Minister!

Meanwhile, a plethora of politicians and clergy of many faiths are charging that the terrorist groups were aided and abetted, or at the very least shielded from investigation, by several Provincial Governors, Chief Ministers, etc.

The only people who don’t seem to have known anything about the dastardly plot were the general public, including clergy, churchgoers, hotel staff and tourists. That’s because we were deemed unimportant and unworthy of being told by all those who knew. Oh, and of course the President, PM, State Minister for Defence and the Opposition Leader say they didn’t know, of course!

The President’s story of ignorance does seem rather shaky considering that so any top officials directly under him knew of the plot. But perhaps he is telling the truth. After all, this is a President who is never ashamed to state that he knew nothing about many things, until he read it in the newspapers. Even news of the Easter Sunday attacks were not communicated to him by any of his officials, but he was told by an acquaintance in Singapore, he said!

As for the PM, State Minister and Opposition Leader, well right now there’s no one saying that they were told. But one must admit that it is extremely strange that they didn’t know, considering how many people did know!

Other recent revelations included the claim by the Head of National Intelligence that there had been no meetings of the National Security Council, which is supposed to meet every fortnight, for more than three months. In fact, when they would have been expected to meet 26 times last year, they had met only eight times, he said. Little wonder that the PM and State Minister weren’t invited to attend since last October, if the meetings were non-existent! 

What has been made abundantly clear now is that both our TID and various intelligence services were well aware of the extremist and violent group known as NTJ, and actually had investigations on it spanning more than a year. This included surveillance of NTJ safe-houses and collection of detailed data on members of the NTJ, including some of the suicide bombers. 

In this work, our agencies would receive vital assistance from Indian intelligence, which made it very clear that this was an international plot, even though the Sri Lankan aspect of NTJ was homegrown. Our intelligence agencies could also have called for assistance and information from dozens of countries that are actively and covertly fighting IS, Al Qaeda and other global terrorists.

In fact, a fact that everyone on the National Security Council was abundantly aware of is that the Sri Lanka Army has been actively fighting against IS in the Saharan nation of Mali for more than a year now, as part of the 15,000-man United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Mali (officially known as MINUSMA, the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali). This impoverished Saharan nation is known mostly for the town of Timbuktu, which is one of its largest cities.

MINUSMA has gained a reputation as the most dangerous United Nations peacekeeping mission in the world at present with nearly 200 peacekeepers killed. Just a few months ago, on 25th January 2019, two of our Sri Lankan soldiers paid the supreme sacrifice when they were killed in action in an ambush blamed on the IS proxy organisations ISGS (Islamic State in Greater Sahel) and Islamic State in West Africa (Boko Haram), that are fighting terrorist wars in Mali, Nigeria, Chad, Niger, and Burkina Faso. Another three Sri Lankan soldiers were wounded.

The SLA contingent in Mali has over 200 soldiers, including several women observers, from a large number of regiments including  Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI), Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC), Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE), Sri Lanka Signal Corps (SLSC), Mechanized Infantry Regiment (MIR), Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (SLEME), Sri Lanka Army Service Corps (SLASC), Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps (SLAOC), Corps of Engineer Services (CES) and members of the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (SLAMC).

Thus, it is indeed incredible that Sri Lanka’s President, government and top brass, who have committed the lives of hundreds of our soldiers to keep the peace in a country thousands of miles away that is of little importance to Sri Lanka, and most Sri Lankans haven’t even heard of, would so flippantly provide every opportunity for an associated group of IS, the NTJ, to wreak havoc here at home. 

That NTJ was allowed to operate freely in Sri Lanka for many years has now been well and truly established. The question that is yet unanswered is why?

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  • 1

    when india gave the vital tip off to the SIS in srilanka what did they do from that day onwards?That is the question that has to be asked.First we have to see on what date that tip off was given by RAW.Then every day from that what took place sequentially.This has to be made transparent and put out to the public on day to day basis.Then only we can know who is responsible for the negigence.
    I try to visualise that i am the SIS head.When i get the tip off from raw what would i have done.I’am supposed to be directly reporting to the president as per his instructions.I would have gone and met the president and told him about it.Otherwise one day he would collar me and say why did you not tell me about this.So i have to cover my ass first.I would have told the president shall i go to india and meet my RAW counterpart and see the veracity of the information.If the president said yes good idea i would have gone,but if the president had said let me talk to the defence secretary first and after speaking he says to me this could be a indian trick to set us up against pakistan,so don’t worry about it,but inform the IGP and the defence secretary to do the needfull.
    Then i inform the IGP and defence secretary and do also my discreet inquiries into this outfit headed by zahran.One of my men on the ground tells me that if the police barge in like a bull in a china shop then the discreet inquiries will be jeopardized,so i send a letter to the IGP to stop any investigation or action by the police.

    • 8

      Niresh: Fact is that the US proxy Saudi with CIA masterminded the Easter attacks to speed up the process of US setting up a military base in Trincomalee to fight China — and sign SOFA and MCC agreement to get massive amounts of land before bondscam Ranil was booted out in elections next year.
      .All this ex post facto analysis is rather a waste of time. The IGP was a clown and everyone knew it including Ranil who has been debilitating all institutions so that his foreign backers can rule Sri Lanka. Pujith is covering up with his patron Bondscam Ranil and making excuses. Bondscam Ranil and Sira must go and share a prison cell with US citizen war criminal Gota and Brothers. Sri Lanka needs elections and the younger generation must take over. Those over the age of 60 should be banned from contesting next election

      • 11

        Niresh Eliyathambi, thanks for this but please lead a media campaign for a new generation of clean young politicians to take over in 2019, and for banning the current crooks over 60 years from contesting.
        That would be a real service, rather than endless finger pointing since they are all responsible – US puppet Bondscam Ranil, Clown Sira and US citizen Gota, Basil and brothers who are all having chats with Ranil about the economy now. All must be locked up for looting Lanka with their foreign backers who provide fake development Aid to beggar Lanka and asset strip the country.
        All of them are in the US operation to beggar Sri lanka and turn it into a servicing hub and base of the US war machine in the Indian Ocean in Cold War against China and Asia Rising

      • 2

        Shane: “Younger generation must take over”. You mean like Booruwansa, Gommanpillai, MA the baboon, Terrorist John stone, Rohana and other geniuses?

        Your comments on US and others shows you are suffering from hallucinations. Give the IGP time and he’ll spill the beans on My3.

  • 7

    every intelligent person knows that they knew except those persons themselves
    they are all taking the cue fom ravi who first added it to our vocabulary

  • 17

    Niresh, this is not what Rajeewa, (the expert) told us. He clearly said, there is only two bureaucrats Hemasiri and Pujitha who have been found at fault and for that MS,RW and Magala should be “hanged”. Rajeewa, ‘ fool us once shame on you , fool us twice shame on us”. You scum, have been caught red handed with your F – LIES. MS knew and Rajapaksas told him to keep mum. He took every step in obstructing others from taking any preventive actions. He unofficially debarred all the necessary individuals from security meetings.He intentionally did not disclose the intelligence information. He purposefully avoided having regular meetings. He brought his own men to cover up his acts. He keeps lying more, to cover up his initial lie of not knowing.He tried threatening Hema and Pujitha with intentions of shutting down evidence. He with MR is working hard on resisting and obstructing PCS from revealing truth. He created a fake commission believing it will satisfy naive Lankans. He is enemy number one of our State and next in line is your pay masters Rajapaksas and Co or let say Sons. RW is way down and if at all Mangala (for giving highly intellectual answers where message got lost ???) is at the bottom. Lets wait for more surprises.

  • 15

    it has come to light that sirisena had stopped the investigation and arrest of Saharan in 2018. He in fact imprisoned Nihal Silva on false accusation by using a fraudster by the name of namal kumara. Sirisena is directly involved in protecting saharan and other murdrers. Why did he betray the country? why is Ranil questioning this? what about Nalaka silvas case? what happened to the recordings? what happened to Madush? where did sirisena get the money for 2015 election?

    • 4


      “t has come to light that sirisena had stopped the investigation and arrest of Saharan in 2018.”

      that is a serious allegation you are making.You are accusing the president of aiding and abetting a terrorist.At the moment he is only under scrutiny for negligence.

      The arrest of the head of TID on allegations of trying to assassinate the president does not debar the person who is acting for him to continue with the investigation and arrest of zahran.What you say is when a head of a dept goes the place just falls apart.That is not the way it works.Anyway your wording is different.You are saying that the president directly stopped the investigation and arrest of zahran.

  • 10

    I read this on another Web:
    “Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith who visited MP Ven. Athuraliye Ratana Thera during his fast unto death said the problem would not have blown out of proportion today if President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had acted against those who discreetly aided and abetted the terrorist attacks.

    People have given a mandate to the President, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to govern the country for five years. They had not been given a lifetime right to be in office. They have not been given the country on freehold basis. The country belongs to people, not to its rulers. The rulers should be mindful of it. The time has come to take a decision on the President and the Prime Minister,” he said.”

    • 6

      It is published by Daily Mirror and rimes of lanka.
      Then what else can you expect from the so called racist religious leader?
      Who is supporting rajapaksas to get more favours for his relatives.

  • 13

    why talk about the bombing in isolation when it has direct links with the stopping of investigations on NTJ by sirisena in2018 as stated in the avidavit provided by Pujith

  • 18

    I will be very sceptical about Cardinal. Anything good about him his like Ganasara elevated overnight to the stature of Dalai Lama. I believe Cardinal too knew about it but after being aware of Rajapaksas role, he too joined in blaming any one and every one except them. He quickly offered a helping hand to Muslims which elevated him to Noble Prize nomination and earning trust of naive Muslims. But there after he has been hobnobbing with Buddhist monks, calling out government,s inactivity, making tough statements to media, , visiting Rathana, soon we may see selfies with Ganasara and getting free brownies as much he can. The underlying plan is to help Rajapaksas in coming back to power. Cardinal as been a political proxy of Rajapaksas for a very long time.

    • 1

      Before you criticize Cardinal, take a good look at the incident. Many dead people were his relatives and friends. This attack affected him personally. He is not a politician. Probably you are a Muslim extremist who is hiding behind another name.

      Sri Lanka will certainly follow India next elections. First unseating all these crooked politicians and creating a Sinhala majority govt. It is enough of depending minorities. Sri Lanka is 80% Sinhalese nation. You wait and see.

  • 7

    you hit the nail on the head
    instead of blaming sirisena he is beating about the bush

  • 4

    The people of Sri Lanka have been fooled by politicians for too long. There is much more to this crime than we are told, and it has to do with our politicians, and others who pretend they are leaders, being involved, obstructing justice, and releasing the thugs, who must be the tools they use to cause the ensuing violence against Muslims, and the attacks on their properties, and businesses. ON cue, as soon as these scoundrels killed innocent worshipers in churches, and those enjoying a meal in the hotels, the filthy racists flooded social media, spread false rumors, poisoned ignorant minds, and were able to turn the majority against innocent people, who had nothing to do with the extremist criminals. These are not spontaneous responses.
    This indicates an organized and concerted effort that most probably comes from the same source that is related to the anti Muslim campaign being waged in the US, the EU, and that has reached South East Asia, as we all could see, even to Myanmar. Perhaps they want to turn this country into another Myanmar. Some of those evil sources, also see war and ethnic strife, as a means to sell weapons. So they help cause it. Any Sri Lanka leader working with such despicable entities, should be ashamed that they are joining them in bringing this country down, and perhaps ending in another bloody ethnic war. DO WE WANT THAT SRI LANKA?

  • 7

    Is MS not guilty of,

    [ 33. (1) It shall be the duty of the President to –
    (a) ensure that the Constitution is respected and upheld;(b) promote national reconciliation and integration; (c) ensure and facilitate the proper functioning of the Constitutional Council and the institutions referred to in Chapter VIIA; and(d) on the advice of the Election Commission, ensure the creation of proper conditions for the conduct of free and fair elections and referenda.

    (2) (a) Any Member of Parliament may, by a writing addressed to the Speaker, give notice of a resolution alleging that the President is permanently incapable of discharging the functions of his office by reason of mental or physical infirmity or that the President has been guilty of – (i) intentional violation of the Constitution, (ii) treason, (iii) bribery, (iv) misconduct or corruption involving the abuse of the powers of his office, or(v) any offence under any law, involving moral turpitude and setting out full particulars of the allegation or allegations made and seeking an inquiry and report thereon by the Supreme Court.

    (d) The Supreme Court shall, after due inquiry at which the President shall have the right to appear and to be heard, in person or by an attorney-at-law, make a report of its determination to Parliament together with the reasons therefor. (e) Where the Supreme Court reports to Parliament that in its opinion the President is permanently incapable of discharging the functions of his office by reason of mental or physical infirmity or that the President has been guilty of any of the other allegations contained in such resolution, as the case may be, Parliament may by a resolution passed by not less than two-thirds of the whole number of Members (including those not present) voting in its favour remove the President from office.

    Are we having idiots in the parliament?

  • 10

    If anyone interested, read the articles in today,s Daily Mirror. Finally a professor, past president of Gyn & Obs and a member of SLMC Ethics Committee has come out stating “Kurunegala sterilization saga is highly IMPOSSIBLE” and he insists looking at facts and not myth/rumors. Another article is on Dr. Shafi,s wife who also is a doctor practicing in Kurunegala. She states in 2017 it self their lives, came to a standstill following Ganasaras antics and sterilization myth. Rumors were created then about her husband ,which she believes, was instigated by a lady doctor (husband is a high ranking police officer) who also works in the same hospital, out of professional jealousy. If true these are facts need to be further explored before coming to conclusion. What is taking place now is politicians, monks and public exploiting the situation for political mileage and creating further hatred and violence.i

  • 2

    You bend over backwards to make excuses for the President, but readily cast an eye of suspicion on the PM.
    Where does that locate you?

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 3

    A credible, clear, rational, account. That it is readable, is a bonus. Thanks, Niresh Eliyathambi.
    Where do we go from here?
    Even if we can’t get a guy like Nagananda elected President, we must ensure that in this eighth Presidential Election a count of the Preferential votes takes place. Rather more people than earlier seem to know that voters can list three of their nominees for President.
    It goes without saying that the First Preference should go to a candidate who the voter thinks is honest and decent. The Third can go to the less obnoxious of the two leading candidates.

  • 2

    The President / Minister of Defense is totally responsible for what has happened in the Country todate. After the UNP refused to support him for a second term he started acting crazy. Last October he made a fool of himself with the Back door Premier drama. What proceeded there after he became a International Joker. He does not care two hoots for the Country or the Citizens. All he want is a second term to uplift his own family.

  • 0

    Looks like Dr Ranil’s Mate Pujitha is heading for the Law & Order Post of the next UNP & Islamists Yahapalana Government…..

  • 4

    The Story Is Falling Apart, Fast.

    *** Story was never written. The reasons are many.

    – The Saudi Arabian Connection
    – Reluctance to act beause the source was India which is a throrn in MSs mind the cause of the initial rift between MS& RW.
    – Reluctance to alienate the powerful Muslim World with terrible consequences.

    There is a story that MR & Gotha would have prevented all this. Not a chance. Let us wait and see. Night is young and party has just begun and the Music is blaring. Let us enjoy it.

  • 1

    President (Gamarala) must resign. He is unsuitable to this post. Imagine what would have happen before the 19th amendment?

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