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The UN And Sri Lanka-Assistance Or Interference

By Young Asia Televsion –

In a few weeks time officials from the United Nations and country representatives will meet in Geneva to assess the progress of countries which have made commitments to the UN on various aspects of Human Rights. The upcoming meeting is officially called the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). There are 3 sessions that take place every year and this time Sri Lanka’s is one of the 16 countries that will be reviewed in its 14th session.

A team from the UN was in Sri Lanka a couple of weeks ago to see how far we have gone to uphold Human Rights and support us. The visit however had different reactions from various segments of society.

Here’s a report on a protest organized by the Jathika Hela Urumaya opposing the visit followed by an interview with Dr. Saravanamutthu of the Centre for Policy Alternatives about the visit and the context in which it was made.

Connections | October 24, 2012

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