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Thirteen Prison Officers Interdicted For Taking Bribes

Thirteen Prison Officers at the Colombo’s main jail have been interdicted after authorities found that they have been receiving bribes from drug lord Samantha Kumara alias Wele Suda.

Samantha Kumara

According to Police sources, the number of prison officers who have received bribes from the notorious drug kingpin is said to be much higher.

Wele Suda is said to have coordinated his criminal activities and lived like a prince in the magazine prison by bribing officers.

Wele Suda was arrested in Pakistan and brought to Sri Lanka on January 14 by the CID in connection with a large number of cases connected to the drug dealings.

The suspect has amassed a massive wealth from drug trafficking and fled the country with his wife last year when police moved on him.

Wele Suda has revealed the names of over 30 persons allegedly involved in the drug racket in the country including a Colombo District parliamentarian and a former Inspector General of Police.

Wele Suda is said to have used a mobile cash payment system to bribe officers.

Currently authorities are perusing details of a number other prison officers who have been named as bribe takers by Wele Suda himself.

This is one of the biggest scandals to hit the prisons department which is already reeling under accusations of various nefarious activities by its officers.

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