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Threat To National Security

By Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

I refer to recent media articles about the Report issued by the Counter Terrorism Bureau of the United States of America. This Report notes that the LTTE’s financial network of support continued to operate throughout 2014, and that 13 of its cadres had been arrested last year in Malaysia.

The fact that the LTTE’s international network and its sympathisers remain active even after the war, has been noted by me on many previous occasions. They remain committed to the LTTE’s cause and constantly seek ways to resume the struggle for a separate state.

Just over one year ago, Intelligence Agencies uncovered a covert LTTE group that was trying to restart violence in the country. Investigations on this group led to a search operation during which three senior LTTE cadres were killed in a shootout. These cadres included a senior intelligence operative of the LTTE and a member of its Air Wing. Their objective was to reorganize the LTTE’s activities in Sri Lanka.

It is disappointing to note that many parties have actively tried to downplay the continued threat posed by the LTTE for various reasons, including political ones. Further, because no major attacks by the LTTE have taken place after 2009, there is a widespread public perception that the LTTE no longer poses a threat to this country. The truth, however, is very different.

It is only because the previous Government maintained utmost vigilance that all attempts by the LTTE to resume violent activities were foiled. While the Government did all it could to ensure the benefits of peace flowed to the people, a very high standard of security was constantly maintained. Intelligence agencies were greatly strengthened, and although a lot of land in the North and East was returned to the public, the military maintained camps in all vital strategic locations. This was essential to prevent the return of the LTTE.

Sadly, I have been informed that the present Government has begun to reduce the number of military camps in the North and East, and has even dismantled some that are in extremely critical locations. This is a development that can have very disturbing consequences in the future by giving the LTTE a strategic advantage if it tries to actively reorganize.

It is my sincere hope that the President and the present Government of Sri Lanka will give utmost consideration to national security, and act with more awareness about this threat. This will be vital if we are to be sure that our nation, which has already been through so much suffering, will never suffer the cruel ravages of war again.

*From Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s Facebook update.

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