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Three Teachers Remanded In Qatar – “Ambassador Porter” Orders Police To Lock Them Up

Three lady teachers belonging to Stafford Sri Lankan Doha School were detained and remanded at the Al Saad Police Station in Doha Qatar last morning, after they arrived to make an official complaint against Ambassador A.S.P. Liyanage, who had verbally abused them, prior to terminating their services and having them ordered to be locked up in their staff accommodation for a week.

It is also reliably learnt that the teachers namely Aruni, Anuradhi and Dilshani had been detained after officials of the Stafford Sri Lankan Doha School had falsely filed an entry in the Police Station stating that these three teachers have been absconding from work.

However what contradicts the entry made by the School officials against the teachers is that prior to this claim all three teachers’ services were terminated, visas cancelled and exit permits being made for their repatriation.

When Colombo Telegraph contacted Tharaka the husband of teacher Aruni, he said ” I really don’t understand how my wife Aruni and the other two teachers were accused of absconding from work when they were already given letters of termination and also their exit permits issued. Aruni’s exit permit is valid till the 8th of November 2018. This is nothing but pure victimization. My wife along with the other two teachers went to the Al Saad Police Station to file a complaint for the way he verbally abused them in front of other male school staff and embassy officials. This is a violation of their human rights and this is something Qatar as a country does not tolerate. They are ladies and it is a serious offense to verbally abuse them in absolutely raw filth the way Ambassador Liyanage did. Women need to be respected.”

Meanwhile in a published story under the caption “CH & FC Doha Tour Saga Continues: ‘Ambassador Porter” Locks Up Two Teachers and Daughter For One Week” published by Colombo Telegraph on the 11th of October 2018, it was exposed as to how Ambassador Liyanage had verbally abused and insulted teachers Aruni and Anuradhi in front of many male Stafford Sri Lankan School Staff and Embassy officials. This is as Ambassador Liyanage had accused them of being instrumental in instigating the spectators to taunt, hoot and jeer him at the recently concluded rugby game played between the visiting CH & FC rugby team from Colombo and the Doha Rugby Football Club in Doha (Janaki Seniviratane)

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