23 May, 2022


TID Further Victimized Assaulted Tamil Student

Sabaragamuwa university students claim attempts are underway by the Terrorist Investigation Department (TID) to intimidate their colleague – Shanthikumar Sudharshan who was assaulted and cut early last week by an unidentified group, into admitting the cut injuries are self-inflicted.

SB - Minister Higher Education

SB – Minister Higher Education

The University Students group claim they have received information to believe victimized Sudharshan, a resident of Kilinochchi who was arrested by the TID on Saturday morning while he was receiving treatment at the Rathnapura hospital, has been heavily intimidated into confessing the cut injuries are self inflicted.

Meanwhile, the TID had visited the University premises yesterday along with Sudharshan and have claimed to have uncovered several leads, which several Police and CID teams had not been able to discover during the days they searched the area to which allegedly includes a piece of a blade.

“The medical reports have concluded the cuts had been inflicted from a paper cutter. But the TID is now attempting to prove Sudharshan cut himself with a blade,” the students complain.

The TID has been remaining in the university premises and have interrogated three other students so far to which includes two of Sudharshan’s roommates and a third year student of Tamil ethnicity.

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    ‘Self-inflictedness’ is a favourite term of the regime

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      The ascent of the poster is Jaffna Tamil,so it’s not written by Sihalese students.it’s a plot of Ex-LTTE carder.(it’s government mistake,that Ex-LTTE carders been allowed to enter Universities without presicution).

  • 10

    OK, accuse the student leaders as terrorist sympathizers and arrest them and intimidate them, that’s what the police and the TID are there for anyway.

    They sure will repeat what they did to the peace advocating bhikku.

    Now they have a ready fabricated excuse to arrest the student leaders who were on protest earlier.

    Gota knows how to solve terrorist problem, so says the wizard, Rajiva Wijesinha. Create a problem, call it terrorism related, and ‘solve’ it!

    This must be chicken feed for Gota of Matalae mass-grave fame, and Mullivaaikkaal genocide of Tamils.

    When will all these macabre dramas of the regime end? Or will they get worse still?

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    It is very interesting to see how our Jathiye Aadambarakara thatha treating Children of the Nation. First he should arrest his Ambaruwa son for forcing School Girls to dance during School Hours.

    Uneducated, uncultured Rajapaksha Family is thoroughly jealous specially with university students as non of his family members couldn’t pass even GCE O/L. Son of Maha Raja became a Lawyer because of Law Collage Principal. Actually they are suffering from inferiority complex and because of that only Lawyer Ambaruwa was trying to promote Rugby in Girls Schools to become a hero among School Girls. (Thanks to Girls Students In Sirimavo Bandaranayaka Vidyalaya for chasing this S.O.B out)

    Sukara Banda Disanayaka suitable only to manage Pig Farms and not as Higher Education Minister.

  • 17

    List of Self inflicted incidents, as claimed by the MURDEROUS MARA REGIME, as I remember.

    1. Samurdi Officer ties himself to the tree. c/o MARA’s minister.Mervin Silva.
    2. Body found in a well of a witness, who testified against MARA’s provincial councillor.
    3. Suspects in MARA’s police custody die under mysterious circumstances.
    4. MARA’s AG submits fraudulent autopsy report with regard to deaths of Aluthgama/Beruwela incidents, as claimed by Justice Minister.
    5. No Limit fire caused by electric short and not arson.
    6. Traffic cop sets his own car ablaze, subsequent to a row with MARA’s Deputy Minister.
    7. Heroine taken into custody by MARA’s narcotics bureau, vanish into the thin air,not due to disposal but due to evaporation.
    8. CJ walks out on her own from the proceedings, not due to harassment and vilification of MARA’s THUG PANEL.
    9. Duminda Silva conveniently forgets everything of Bharatha’s Murder and MARA’s AG finds it conclusive to set the murderer free and what more retains the MP post, as well
    10. Last but not the least, Now the university student self inflicts his injuries.

    Long live MARA’s Miracle of Asia, truly it is a miracle and lot more to follow.

    • 3

      Ansar, good list. We can add to it if we think of the journalists who disappeared but really went abroad on their own to hide. This is an excuse stated by the moron who is Chief Injustice.

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    We know the TID is good at discovering drugs, arms and ammunition’s when ever they want and wherever they want under this regime. They recently recovered cigaret box of drugs in the vehicle of Tamil Journalists who traveled to Colombo. The fact is that the current ruling regime is capable of doing everything that is against to norms in order to be in power. If Sinhalese do not stop this brutal monsters, the destruction of this nation not far away.

  • 7

    It is like the buddhist priest attempting to castrate himself. The world is watching. The guys at the TID must first look for somewhere to hide, just like their boss, Rajapakse, before they resort to such barbarity. They know that soon Rajapakse will have nowhere to hide.

  • 6

    Obtaining “confessions” in Sinhala,which most tamils cannot read and understand,is a specialty of police and armed forces – from those traumatised by them.
    The army and police appear to disregard the information on the five masked men who assaulted the student.
    “self inflicted injuries” too have now become a specialty of the army & police to explain how persons arrested by them were traumatised.
    There is now a Terrorism Inflicting Division – the TID – which “expertly” transforms incised wounds on persons into ‘self-inflicted’ ones.
    The student arrested earlier had been released due to mass protests by undergrads and another arrested now.
    Photos available on Tamilnet.

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    Incidents like these gradually led to resentment and revolt. Those who do not learn the lessons of history……

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    The ‘patriots’ in our country seem to be stating everything is self-inflicted other than the ethnic issue. That’s all the nasty minorities’ fault. Ane yako.

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    It is our greatest misfortune to continue to breed a hard core of evil shits with an inferiority complex who make it their life’s mission to thwart our quiet enjoyment of this island paradise. Whither the day we can rid ourselves of this perpetual infestation!

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    The perpetrators of these crimes may think that the people of Sri Lanka
    are gullible and swallow anything what are given through the media but they are wrong in their thinking. They can fool some, sometimes but not
    all, all the time. They expect us to believe that a student from the North has gone to a Southern University to cut himself up and not to study.

    I feel sorry for the parents who may have mortgaged their house or burrowed money from the bank to educate their son with high hope of this young man becoming a graduate some day and get a good job but their high hopes are dashed

    Whether one is a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or a Christian, he or she should know that there is one above us watching all these happenings.

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    MR goes around squeezing the cheeks of little children. Those who are older are harrased by GR and abused by SB. Adults attacked by the thugs and tortured by the Police. All injuries are judged to be self inflicted and if they talk too much they are bumped of while trying to attack the Police.

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    Rev. Vijitha, who supposed to have cut himself has new company now. Another of regimes innuendo’s.

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