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Top 5 Casino Games Where You Can Make Real Money

Is it possible to earn real money while playing casino games on the web? Yes, if you know the right activity! Real money wagers are powering the excitement and thrill behind online gambling, and they are the main reason for engaging in betting. The possibility to risk your own cash is what makes web casinos so appealing to the public. But how can you pick the best casino site out of thousands of available options? Consider consulting https://canadiancasinos-online.com/real-money-casinos.php for advice. The page contains detailed reviews of leading Canadian and offshore gambling operators. 

Before discussing particular activities, it’s important to mention 2 major characteristics that will be used throughout this article to evaluate the returns from a particular game

  • House edge. Also known as the house advantage, this number stands for the percentage of each wager placed by a punter that the casino will earn in the long term. For example, the house edge in slots is around 5%; therefore, out of 100 dollars wagered, the operator will gain 5 dollars in profits.
  • Return to player. An RTP rate refers to the expected return from a particular activity over a number of wagers (attempts, rounds, or spins). Calculating the RTP is extremely simple: just deduct the house edge from 100%. For a slot from the above example, the RTP would be 100% – 5 = 95%. It means that, in theory, you’ll return 95 out of 100 wagered dollars. 

Both characteristics help evaluate your chances of winning quite accurately, but there’s always a chance of winning a jackpot or losing all your money at once. Both the house edge and the RTP rate describe long-term projections, which may not be that accurate on a selection of 10 or even 100 bets. If you’re about to play for real money, make sure to review the odds offered by a particular game within its rules (rulebooks are commonly available right within the games’ lobbies). 


Blackjack is highly dependent on skill, which implies that a punter can gain an advantage through using a well-thought-out strategy. The central goal of blackjack is gaining a total hand value higher than the dealer’s one but no more than 21 (this is why the game is known as Twenty-One in some countries). While seemingly simple, the player’s decisions in blackjack are based on a mathematically-proven strategy, which helps reduce the house edge to less than 1%. It’s worth noting that the basic strategy isn’t the only tool in a punter’s arsenal; you can utilize a technique known as card counting, which helps shift the odds towards a gambler even further. Professional players are capable of obtaining a 1% edge over the house. This was proven by a team of MIT students led by Bill Kaplan. Over the course of 20 years, from the 1970s to the 1990s, they have won over 100 million dollars in Las Vegas casinos


It’s generally believed that roulette leaves little space for strategy; modern RNGs and physical roulette wheels provide perfectly random outcomes, which don’t allow for predicting patterns in spins over the long term. This opinion is perfectly justified: you cannot guess on which tile out of 37 or 38 possible variants the ball will land after a spin. But you don’t need to know the outcome of each spin to benefit from roulette. Most strategies are based on wagers that payout as 1 to 1 – odd/even or black/red. Hence, you need to create a minimum-risk betting strategy by regulating the wager amount in every round. Some of the most frequently applied methods include the Martingale, D’Alembert, and Labouchere methods. Unfortunately, none of these strategies guarantees positive return rates in the long term, but they still provide you with a higher chance of winning than betting on random outcomes


When discussing baccarat, most players think of Punto Banco; it is the most popular version of the game nowadays. Punto Banco involves playing against the house; however, a gambler isn’t responsible for making any in-game decisions. Results of each coup are determined by the values of Punto and Banco hands. You can bet on either one of the hands or on a tie. Despite being a game of chance, baccarat offers some of the lowest house edges in the industry. When betting on Punto, the casino’s advantage is 1,24%, while Banco offers even a lower edge – 1,06%. Mind that operators may charge a 5% commission on Banco wagers (check out the terms and conditions to see if this fee applies).  Baccarat allows you to win incredible sums using edge sorting – a technique that involves observing the patterns on the backsides of cards. However, edge sorting is often deemed illegal; in 2012, Borgata Casino filed a lawsuit against a professional gambler Phil Ivey, who won $9.6 million in one night using this technique.


Another skill-based game from the list, poker, originated in the United States in the 19th century. This activity involves playing against other punters at the table; so, everyone starts with equal chances of winning. How does a casino make money then? Well, it charges a small commission (around 10% of the pot) for hosting the game. To achieve victory in poker, one needs to either make other players fold before the game ends or gather the highest combination of cards. Many professional players make fortunes playing poker; the highest one-time payout was recorded during the 2019 Triton Million charity event – 20,5 million dollars. Poker comes in numerous variations, including the types designed for one player, such as video poker. The latter was initially designed for arcade machines but made its way to most online casinos. Since video poker involves gambling against the house, there’s an edge involved – around 5%. This version also leaver little space for strategic thinking.  


Craps is a luck-dependent game, where winners are determined based on the outcomes of dice rolls. This activity may appear in 2 variants – digital version, where the rolls are generated by an RNG, and live dealer version, where the game is run by a team of croupiers (commonly 2 or 4, depending on the table) and broadcasted live. Craps allow for numerous betting variants and strategies, though all of them are projected to lose in the long term. Due to the wide choice of available wagers, the house edge in craps may change significantly depending on your bet. The lowest possible casino advantage is zero, but it requires a number of coincidences in the game itself and specific rules to be observed. More realistic numbers are around 1,36% – 1,41%, which is still a great offer. 


Overall, the list of games where you can earn some real cash is fairly limited; if your goal is turning gambling into a sustainable source of income, it’s advised to consider skill-based activities, such as poker and blackjack. However, other games from the list have their own advantages as well (at the very least, they are all fun to play). Whichever activity you choose, review the odds and the most popular strategies applied by professional punters. Consider picking low-house-edge variants as they provide you with the best chances of winning real money


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