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Transformation To Enlightenment

By Ranil Wijeyesekera

Ranil Wijeyesekera

In today’s World Knowledge and Wisdom seem all important.  God wanted man not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Man disobeyed.  This led to original sin. The use of Knowledge not in Harmony with Gods will is the greatest sin. Wisdom is Knowledge accordance to Gods will.

God created man in the image of God.  In his heart God implanted his will for us. Even the fall did not change man creation in the image of God. What we now need is the circumcision of the Heart. The Blood of Jesus does this for us.

In mans endless thirst for knowledge we are heading for destruction.  However his word promises that Jesus  is coming again and that we will reign as joint heirs with him.

The Bible tells us of what happened, is happening and what is to come. It guides us in our spiritual maturity to gain fully the fruit of the spirit.  We see in the Bible how Jesus lived. Spoke thought and acted. The living relationship with Jesus guides us. The Holy Spirit through the rheama Word of the Bible prompts and convicts and guides us in our  walk with Jesus.

Jesus lived a life of service and dedication. He continuously communed with the Father   followed his direction on the choices he had to make. He was born when Mary his Mother   was told of  his birth out of wedlock and he was conceived by the Holy spirit. Children gain original sin through their sinful Father. As his Father was God the Father who is divine and sinless he was born without original sin. He was named Jesus or Savior to perform his destiny to free the World of sin. Jewish family of the day are   named to perform their destiny.

Let our great President a seeker of the Truth lead Lanka to new heights. Lets rally round President Mahinda for he represents tradition and the new.

He lived a sinless life. Jesus healed the sick. He travelled by foot great distance and taught people with simple stories the great truth of eternal life. He performed many Miracles.  He brought the dead to Life. He attacked God’s nominal representatives for their distortion of the spirit of the Word. His Thinking. Word and Actions transformed lives. He lived a life as predestined to become fully man. Emptying himself as God the son he lived and experience all through empathy with others. He was hunted by the leading Jews of the day to kill him but always met threats, anger  and hate with divine love.

He empathized. As God he reached out to men at their own level. He healed the sick. He taught parables where he corrected work methods while teaching Pearls from the Kingdom of God. He spoke in the language of the time , place and day that was relevant to their day to day life.

Jesus Christ performed his destiny to transform the world belonging to Satan back to a World that was created good. It is to be a World that through his sacrificial death and resurrection A glorious World that different people of different races and cultures would rule as joint heirs in a new Earth and Heaven.

He suffered a horrendous death on the cross with divine love for his murderers. His Life and Death paid by his blood for all peoples. He was and is divine at all times as well as man. He was enlightened always being   all powerful, all Knowledgeable and present everywhere. On the Cross of a Olive tree near a olive grove  he merged with all creation  and by his blood he transformed man in the past, present and future to the glorified man of the  future.  This is the Real enlightenment and Resurrection A complete transformed glorified and super perfect Divine Person.. Not to gain Knowledge and go to a Life non existence. It is a life that we live today to live and help others no matter what the cost. To live life’s of dedication like the bodhi satvayo. .

All of us have problem areas thet need healing and transformation. May God Bless e3very part of our Body, Soul and Mind.

Lord Buddha had an unusual birth. He was born into a noble Royal Family.  Her Mother saw in a dream that  she would conceive. Great and dual  things were predicted regarding his future. His father protected him from observing poverty and reality. He had a luxurious childhood in different palaces built to suit the seasons. He ate food that was prepared on Ayurvedic principles according to Dosa type. Ayurveda regulated his life style and medication and brought discipline to his daily routine. After maturing he married and had a son. He would have tasted the joy of a Harem and many beautiful  women  in his younger days. He learnt the arts of combat, state craft and steadily gained knowledge of the Worldly Affairs.

Lord Buddha  saw the World of Decay and left a life of Kingship to seek a solution for the problems of the world.  He subjected his body to torture and great physical suffering.

He developed great endurance. Lord Buddha then followed the Yogis of the day and acquired great powers of control of bodily function and body secretions. Stretching and postures often mimicking natural animal postures he gained great control of body, mind and spirit. He was able to exceed his Guru’s in performing many miracles. His astral form left his body and he was able to travel in spirit, many types of Meditation were performed by him.

He studied the Hindu scriptures.  In the Lotus Asana he activated the seven chakras individually and collectively with Mantras similar to seven notes and visualizing seven color.  Each chakras was stimulated with pressure on chakra point with different finger grips and acupressure. He meditated with twelve finger joining positions e.g. The joining of the thumb and next finger and applying pressure.

He rejected his Future Life as a King. He rejected the Life of a Hindu ascetic. He found that this did not meet the problem of Suffering. He continued his Quest for the truth and enlightenment.

The Lord Buddha found the path to enlightenment on  a Bo Tree. The Tree is  Ficus Religosa and commonly known as a variety of the fig tree mentioned in the Bible. The fig tree was cursed as it did not bear fruit. The Cloned Bo tree representing the tree Lord Buddha gained enlightenment multiplies with shoots. Does it bear fruit. Under the Tree he stayed under its shade and fasted till he reached enlightenment. Lord Buddha gained knowledge of what he thought of as past births. His mind fused with the mind of others and their past, present and future. The release of Kundamali energy when releasing blocks of joining the chakras and creating a force linking all creatures their thoughts, feelings and emotions. This was tapping into God all mighty who he did not  believe in. Release of Blocks in chakra’s transform peoples personality and make them born again.

His teaching was based on the Four Noble Truths. He recognized  that suffering was the root of all evil. To find the cause of Suffering was his Goal.  Allaying of Suffering  And the path that leads to allaying of suffering which  is the Noble eight fold path.  We believe self sacrificial love and suffering such as the bodhisattva bore. This path consists of Right Understanding. Right Resolution.  Right speech.  Right Action, Right Livelihood. Right effort.  Right Mindfulness.  Right Concentration. Christians believe in a life of virtue and sacrifice.

The final  path to enlightenment is described as being in the Sangaha is  being male. Three characteristics of existence was identified as Impermanence, laden with suffering and absence of permanent entity. Christians believe that we finally will find permanence in a new earth and heaven.

Lord Buddha’s word is in the Tripitika. Pirith which are in Pali convey in a chant similar to a Mantra the different Sutras and messages the Lord Buddha delivered. Many Monks learn to interpret and teach the scriptures. The Relics of Lord Buddha and other saints the sacred Bo tree  and the Buddhist statues form a spiritual shield around Sri Lanka.  Pirith is chanted every day as a priority in temples TV and Radio. Many Buddhist believe in Astrology , Ayurveda, Vastu Vidiya  and talismans,  Yantras and Katdiya Exorcism.

The bo tree is the tree that Lord Buddha gained enlightenment. He was grateful for it. The tree provides oxygen to us. And cleanses our Breath. Urine mixed with water may be offered too. Care to the sacred Bo is top priority even the death of insects to.

Many Converts to Christianity have pagan beliefs outside the pure Buddhist Dhamma.  Spiritual warfare and teaching of the rheama word is necessary to release blocks in their lives and bring them to discipleship and maturity. Recognition of Culture and Religion and directing them to a proper World View is a must.

In today’s World Transformation to Enlightenment needs a deep understanding in Psychology. Psych analysis, cognitional therapy, counseling, mentoring   and hypnosis can play its part.  Today scientists are exploring the function of the brain. Courses are available for speed reading, mental arithmetic short cuts and expanding ones memory.

Putting ones thoughts on paper and jointly analyzing for improvement of character and mental balance is being carried out. Research on Occult and Religious practices are releasing a Pandora box of Danger to the World. Hypothesis on Religious Power are being tested analytically.

How do we search for truth close and yet to far. History and archeology can unravel as well as lie. The great Buddha and Lord Jesus should not be thought of as absolute truth s. When we see different Nikayas and denominations and different scriptures we have to depend on Gods rhema word. However even Jesus was fed with Satan’s biblical word. He knew the truth but not all shepherds know The True Sheppard’s voice.

In the World the two sects of Authorized Version and the mystical remain. The word based Religion and the one that taps into the spiritual world. Buddhism is rational and a Philosophy then Col. Olcott view and the others are right. But I also believe in the mystical and that all things are both beautiful and right.

In Islam there is the Sufi and in Christianity extreme spiritualism in the name of the holy Spirit reigns. In Buddhism  a  the mystical is Extreme Mahayana.

In Sri Lanka a mixture of Thevada  , Jositha, Vast Vidya charms and mantras  make it closer to the mystical Mahayana. Sinhala Kings and commoners marring south Indians brought a mixture of Hinduism as well.  The truth however has to be revealed. Physiology, Examination of New Age doctrines and archeology seems to be a key.

Pilamanwanse runs through history of our country. Changing form and content. Buddhism came to  our country through King Asoka and Mahinda his son. History mixes. Religion. King Alexander created the route to Asia and The crusades disrupted routes from time to time. Sea routes were established from Europe to Asia and Asia to China. Thevada  Buddhism seems to have travelled along the sea course. Mahayana  through Land. When Thieved came to china and Japan  it mixed with Confucianism  and Shinto too.

Here came Mahayana. Chinese Fa Hien and others brought Religious thoughts from East Asia to. Singapore was influenced by Chinese which brought Mahayana here. The Chinese spread through Asia and change was introduced. The Arabs brought Islam to many Lands.  They travelled to the East and mingled. It seems to prove that Mahayana influence is in our architecture and  Lifestyle are here to stay. Development brought China, Japan, Korea and Singapore with its problems.

Migration to India from Europe produced an Aryan strain. India Mogul invasions and Genghis Khan changed Aryan content in India. Hindu was a home grown and stayed mainly in India. With invasion and change of Islam population content was in flux. This pulse affected South Asia and Buddhism receded. Styles of Architecture came to Sri Lanka and Islam influence is in Pilame. Dagoba and Murals. We must separate  the pure Art forms  while loving the mutant to. Astrology influenced architecture  with our tradition of  NEWS and the pulse of daylight. Pirith chambers are  built to rigid geometrical design.

The pulse of energy flow in Vastu vidiya is important. Pilame  of Buddha have spiritual influence beyond mere robots. In the sacred Bo it belie4ved that the Bahiraya  a tree spirit lives there. Sacrifices of trees on altrs by Abraham shows thet they are valued. These are influenced by space and time. In New year we have the Ideal avurudu  kumaraya chosen for height and girth. It is based on Astrological colander and varies from year to year.

Artisians are influenced by present time and tradition to. Some pilames could be timely and some with a time lapse. New year in countries are different and are based on a solar calendar. Art from countries mix to form a superior culture that we see today.

Lord Buddha’s Pilame would be3 bared on Astrology, place time triangle. The  Lord Buddha’s birthday on different traditions may be the key the Buddha jayanthi  or 25500 birthday  is a change of an era. Is the Lunar base calendar true. Who was born on that day to the auspicious time on that day..Let’s examine the TRUTH and know that truth conquers. Ignorance banished and enlightenment attained.

What links Buddhism is The sacred Bo Tree, The Dagoba, and The Buddha Pilime and the Tank. The Tank holds many mysteries of prayer full building and care.

Mysticism surrounds. The Buddha’s main platform was the banishing of Ignorance. We must dig deeper and find the secrets that modern tools can reveal. Let our great President a seeker of the Truth lead Lanka to new heights. Lets rally round President Mahinda for he represents tradition and the new. While some men have Dreams he has visions and implements them to. He projects to do the IMPOSSIBLE and his track record shows accomplishment of the IMPOSIBLE.

Let our mind. body and spirit be in him in thought, word and deed.

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