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Treasury Bond Scams Continue At The Central Bank

As the country continue to plunge into a deeper economic crisis, another bond scam is alleged to have taken place at the Central Bank, with former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank W. A. Wijewardena also leveling allegations of the same in a column that was published recently.

The Central Bank Governor – Arjuna Mahendran

Meanwhile, in a letter addressed to the Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran, the Anti-Corruption Front has demanded for an explanation over the issuance of treasury bonds to the tune of Rs. 80 billion on March 29, 2016, even though the Central Bank originally stated that treasury bonds will be issued only to the tune of Rs. 40 billion.

The front noted that the manner in which this had taken place was ‘extremely suspicious’ even though the Central Bank had claimed that they had to double the issuing of the bonds due to the increased demands for the treasury bonds.

The Front also expressed concern over the failure by the Central Bank to reveal details of the primary dealers who had purchased the bonds, while emphasizing upon the need for an institution such as the Central Bank to be more transparent in all its activities and transactions.

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