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Trinity College To Rescue Discriminated Kuliyapitiya Boy

One of the country’s leading boys schools, Trinity College may come to the rescue of the 6 year old boy from Kuliyapitiya who has been deprived of a school because of rumours that he maybe HIV+.

Sources said that the school is considering admitting the 6 year old boy, and discussions are underway on the matter.

The child who was initially denied admission to Sambodi Primary School in Kuliyapitiya, but later was allowed to attend the school after higher authorities intervened, faced a fresh issue after the parents of the other students pulled out their children from the school demanding the 6 year old be removed from the school.

Following this incident the authorities decided to pull the child out of the school and find him a new school after changing his and his mother’s identity.

It is also learnt that Zahira College, Kurunegala had offered to admit the boy, but the mother of the child had said that she preferred a school closer to home as her son will not stay without her.

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