9 August, 2022


Trump’s Gift To Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Islamist Extremism

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

President Donald Trump’s executive order to suspend (temporarily) Muslim migrants from selected Muslim majority countries is manna to the Islamist extremists and to the anti-Muslim bigots. On the one hand the stock of suicide bombers and would be martyrs in the Islamist camp will swell further while on the other the anti-Muslim bigots especially in the West will enjoy a fresh infusion of oxygen to their hitherto unpopular mission of destroying mosques and harassing Muslims. Already, the Taliban has warned the Americans in Afghanistan that it is time for them to leave the country, several worshipers at the Islamic Centre in Quebec, Canada, had fallen prey to anti-Muslim violence and a mosque in Texas had been set ablaze. Having strengthened the infantry of extremists by his edict, Trump’s resolve to wipe out ISIS sounds hollow.

It is revealing that Trump has left out in his list the oil rich Gulf countries. Being a business magnate himself one need not be surprised at this omission. Yet, has he forgotten that the majority of the S11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia? One thing is sure. If the rulers of these rich Muslim nations fail to condemn unreservedly Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry and decide to remain silent to enjoy favours from his regime, ISIS, Al-Qaida or any of their off-shoots is bound to make their regimes unsustainable. This might as well apply to Egypt and Pakistan.

Unfortunately other Western countries excepting Australia which condemned Trump’s immigration policy will also not be immune to the new wave of anti-American anger of Islamist extremists. At the least the lone-wolf phenomenon will continue and thrive under the Trump-inspired anti-Muslim bigotry. Western governments will be forced to spend more of their scarce resources on security measures to combat domestic terrorism. This would mean fewer resources would be left to allocate for the welfare needs of citizens such as on education, health and support for the retired and vulnerable. The budgetary crisis that has engulfed many of these countries will become even more acute. Cutting public expenditure and reducing tax on the rich would entail less government revenue which will induce the treasury to widen its indirect taxes. Ultimately it is the poor who will suffer and they will be the ones who will come out on the streets to protest and rebel. Populist parties are already there to reap the electoral harvest. Has Trump forgotten ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in the wake of the Arab Spring?

Trump’s populism has already boosted the popularity of ultra-nationalists in Europe. The National Front in France, the UK Independent Party, the Party for Freedom in Netherlands and the Alternative for Germany are all in sympathy with Trump’s anti-immigration policy. In Australia too political populism is spreading via the One Nation Party. Pauline Hanson’s call for a freeze on Muslim migrants is nothing but an open endorsement of Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry. The far right within the current liberal government is also supporting that.

How can the world respond to the new challenges? For a long time world leaders have conveniently ignored addressing the real issues that produced terrorism in the first place. Neither the United Nations nor any other international forum of world leaders has openly discussed the fundamental grievances of the Muslims. Yet, all these leaders at different levels and in different forms have participated in a War on Terrorism which is continuing to drain precious resources with no end in sight. Of course this war has benefitted the military industry but at the expense of other economic sectors. The human cost of this war is immeasurable. The world refugee problem which preceded the Syrian crisis which only accentuated it is also a consequence of this war. Trump’s remedy is extremely short sighted. Isn’t it time to face the real issues head on? It was Noam Chomsky, the greatest Jewish intellectual of our time, who said that one cannot eradicate mosquitoes unless one cleans up the swamps. Will the world leaders listen to him at least now?

At the same time, how can the world Muslims themselves who are at the receiving end of this tragedy respond to this crisis? To start with, their leaders and particularly the imams who have monopolised the pulpit for over a millennium must rethink the way they have retailed Islam to the masses. There is something obviously wrong in the way these religious salesmen have marketed Islam to the young, the educated and the disgruntled. Otherwise why do these disaffected disciples of Islam use religion to justify their violence? What does it mean to call ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is Great) when beheading an innocent? How can anyone in his or her right mind believe that Islam is a religion of peace when one witnesses the blood-thirsty savagery and horror of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Haram and several others that glorify indiscriminate violence and authenticate it with verses from the Quran? It is no use repeating the hackneyed answer that these groups do not represent Islam because several of their leaders and foot soldiers have attended the same educational institutions and studied the same curriculum as the imams, and secondly their messages are captivating the Muslim youth more than the weekly sermons of the imams.

Clearly, the way Islam was retailed to the previous generations has become unsuitable to the current and future generations. Either the quality of the product should be improved or the salesmen need fresh training or both. This is the challenge that the Muslim community itself has to face and there is hardly any time to postpone facing it.

Dr. Ameer Ali, School of Business and Governance, Murdoch University, Western Australia

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    Dr. Ameer Ali

    RE: Trump’s Gift To Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Islamist Extremism
    (298 Words)

    1. “How can the world respond to the new challenges? ….For a long time.. It was Noam Chomsky, the greatest Jewish intellectual of our time, who said that one cannot eradicate mosquitoes unless one cleans up the swamps. Will the world leaders listen to him at least now?”

    This all about self-interest and counter reactions.

    It is interesting that the Gulf Wahhabi States and Saudi Arabia that follows the Devil, Satan seem to be going along with the Great Satan. Satan seems to be in charge and Satan will certainly cause havoc.

    2. “At the same time, how can the world Muslims themselves who are at the receiving end of this tragedy respond to this crisis? To start with, their leaders and particularly the imams who have monopolised the pulpit for over a millennium must rethink the way they have retailed Islam to the masses. There is something obviously wrong in the way these religious salesmen have marketed Islam to the young, the educated and the disgruntled. Otherwise why do these disaffected disciples of Islam use religion to justify their violence? “

    Ever since the Muslim Philosophers were downgraded by the incorrect interpretations of Hamid Al-Glazali, in the 12th Century, the Ulama, Mullah and Imams have interpreted Quran and Islam and misled the Muslim masses, to maintain their hegemony. This has prevented the Muslims to reach the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, which Europe reached in the 16th century.

    You should read up on Ibn Rushd, Averroes, writings to understand, why the Ulama and Mullahs are literals, who do not understand the Quran, and the knowledge contained in them, per Rushd.

    Stupidest Muslim Vs Neil Tyson – How ideology can ruin intellectual power


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      Dr. Ameer Ali

      RE: Trump’s Gift To Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Islamist Extremism
      (298 Words)

      Bigotry of Christian, Muslims, Hindus , and Buddhists?

      Saudi Foreign Minister: “ISIS Is As Much Islamic As The KKK Is Christian”

      Published on Feb 20, 2016
      In response to a question generalizing Islam’s role in the Islamic State (ISIS), Saudi Foreign Minster Abdel al-Jubeir makes a simple, but brilliant point: that every religion has extremist “perverts and psychopaths” that seek to hi-jack them, and that categorizing extremists and moderates in any religion is dangerous.

      Wahhabism Is As Much Islamic As The KKK Is Christian, and ISIS is Islamic.

      Hadith of Najd


      Sinhala “Buddhism’ has BBS and Gsnasara “Thero”, as per Sinhala “Buddhism”

      All they do is distort the original religions, ideologies and philosophies.


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        Dr. Ameer Ali

        RE: Trump’s Gift To Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Islamist Extremism

        Syrian, Allepo Theater: The Satans, Iblisis and Devils in Action.

        Will they get 72 Virgins in Heaven? What about the Virgins? Women? What do they get? Is the Earth spread out like a carpet for the Devil, Satan, Iblis followers to spread conflict??

        Sheikh al-Muhaysini Announces Beginning of Breaking Siege of Aleppo and Fires 100 Elephant Rockets.


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    FYI to Dr. Ali Friendly Reminder: Obama Selected The List Of Muslim Countries in Trump’s Executive Order.

    FLASHBACK: Obama Suspended Iraq Refugee Program for Six Months Over Terrorism Fears in 2011
    Hmm! where was the protesters & Hollywood elites Madonna, Meryl (Gummer) Streep

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      Trumps ban is across the board, every good and bad citizens of all 7 countries. That’s the outrage the liberals cannot stomach.

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    If you check What Obama did, Obama also stopped Muslims migrating to his country for the first three months. Trump did not do anything differently. Obama also depoarted thousands of Latinos.

    But, news media give publicity to only what Trump is doing.

    Just dig the history and see. You will find it in blogs but not in the mainstream newsmedia.

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    Why do you want to run from islamic paradise to infidel countries?

    • 7

      Because Infidel countries droning the Islamic Paradise

      • 1

        No drones in Saudi,Iran,Emirates?

    • 2


      “Why do you want to run from islamic paradise to infidel countries?”

      Because those “former” Islamic Countries were taken over by the Devil, Satan, Iblis following Wahhabites, Wahhabies, Salafis ISIS, Towheeds, Taliban , Boko-Haram and their clones, to maintain the Hegemony of the Ulama and Mullah’s and turned into Iblisic countries.


      1. Hadith of Najd


      2. Scholar from al-Azhar: Wahhabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn of the Devil that Muhammad Predicted

      Published on Jun 2, 2013
      Yusri Rushdi al-Sayyid Jabr al-Husni, a Sunni Muslim religious scholar from the world’s oldest and most prestigious Islamic school, the Honorable al-Azhar, has stated that Wahhabis who are also known by other names such as Salafis, Najdis, and Horners, are in fact the Horn of the Devil, a term used by the prophet Muhammad in reference to a satanic faith that shall come out of Najd (Saudi Arabia).


      3. Top Saudi Cleric: DAESH ISIS have the same beliefs as we do (Salafism)

      Published on Mar 25, 2016
      A former Imam of Mecca’s Grand Mosque Aadel Al-Kalbani said that there is “no doubt” that Daesh (an Arabic acronym for ISIS) is a result of Islamic revivalism in the Middle East.


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        Ameer Ali

        RE: Trump’s Gift To Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Islamist Extremism

        Wahhabism and Salafism are claimed to be following the Devil, Satan.

        The conflict between the Great Satan and the Minor Satans.

        Saudi cleric encouraging jihadist’s with promises of 72 virgins | July 31st 2016

        Published on Jul 31, 2016
        War diary | Aleppo, Syria | July 31st 2014
        Saudi cleric in Syria Dr. Abdallah bin Muhammad al-Muhaysini gives rah-rah speech before the storming of Aleppo and promises virgins to everyone !


        Saudi Commander in Jabhat al-Nusra Gives a Speech Before Aleppo Prison Attack, Asks ISIL to Join

        Published on Feb 15, 2014
        This video is part of a longer video showing the attempt by Jabhat al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) and the Army of the Muhajireen (Immigrants) to break into the Aleppo prison and release prisoners by sending a suicide bomber in a truck full of explosives. In this part, the Saudi Wahhabi cleric and Jabhat al-Nusra field commander Muhammad Abdallah al-Muhaisny delivers a speech while standing next to notorious Chechen commander, Sayfullah al-Shishani, who died in the failed attack. The speech that he gave was passionate and was mainly addressing fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to stop fighting other Islamist militants and for the “honest” among them to join their ranks to continue fighting against the Syrian government and all Syrians supporting it.


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    Referendum on Trump immigration policy in UK and EU would return a massive yes in agreement?

  • 9

    The writer and Malakklamarasiri keep on complaining about anti Mulim bigotry.

    Their dishonesty blinds them to the Muslim bigotry towards others that is much worse than all othor ‘bigotries’ known to mankind.

    They have charity limited to Muslims, call for the murder of those who do not believe in the myths they believe in (branded Infidels) and live in filthy getthos just to be with each other. Then they start creating rich ghettos from Gall Face to Panadura in all lanes. THey breed like rabbits and their doctors sterilise young Sinhala mothers.

    Now who are the worst bigots on earth?

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      ” The writer and Malakklamarasiri keep on complaining about anti Mulim bigotry. “

      Do you have a comprehension problem? We all know that the average IQ of Paras in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho is 79.

      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings

      The intelligence scores came from work carried out earlier this decade by Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist, who analysed IQ studies from 113 countries, and from subsequent work by Jelte Wicherts, a Dutch psychologist.

      Countries are ranked highest to lowest national IQ score.

      ——– Country
      ———————– %
      1 Singapore 108
      2 South Korea 106
      3 Japan 105

      28. Sri Lanka 79
      (Para-Occupied Land of Native Veddah Aethho)


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      In Sri Lanka in the name of Islam they deny their actual South Indian Tamil origin and want to destroy everything Tamil but worship everything Arab

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    Venomous snacks are venomous snacks.they can not be transformed into saline injecting creature in anyway.no matter how good you have been to them.they may hide venom for time being until get chances to inject them. trump has realized truth it seems.Leader of world number one country can not reverse or hold back his decisions taken for the betterment of all human race due to threats from small groups. They may hit few blows. but that has to be conquered in same manner. That is the experience whole world have with regards to dealing with venomous terrorism like ISIS or Taliban or any other groups.Those who do not care human rights of others are not entitle for any rights.Their rights is only to have beautiful death.

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    The real question we should be focusing on is not Donald Trump and his policies but why people supported him and how they reached such a stage. Large sections of American society have become xenophobic, extremist and filled with hate towards Muslims and other minorities. They have effectively been “radicalised” and have elected an “extremist” preacher of hate as their President. But no one calls him an extremist, primarily because he is white and Christian and these labels appear to be reserved for Muslims. He is still called a leader of the “free world” and treated with respect. Imagine if his name was Ahmadinejad, who put his country and people first, how would he have been referred to, and how would he have been dealt with?

    • 6

      Could the barbaric muslim practices provide a clue?
      Honor killing,forced marriage, incestuous marriage,female genital mutilation,grooming, drug dealing,etc.etc.
      No civilized islamic country created in last 2000 years?
      Held back in 6th century medieval filth keeping a majority in impoverished hell?
      Ask general Musharraf?

      • 5

        Is that why your people send their wife and sisters as maid servants with a begging bowl to the MidEast.

      • 1

        It seems you not only don’t have a clue, but show ignorance and hatred too.

        Honor killing is also practice in India a Hindu nation. Female circumcision is a cultural practice, and mostly done in African nations and Christians also follow it, as for creations by Muslims, you should feel embarrassed for being so ignorant.

        10 inventions the world should thank Muslims for:


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    An excellent analysis by Dr. Ali. The fact that it should come out so early in Trump,s term is sad and frightening. Any thinking person would be be concerned and apprehensive at the thought of Trump being around and what is to come in the near and distant future on a world stage with lunatics dominating it to the absolute detriment of all players whichever part they play.Power in their hands is perilous Saudi Arabia, because of Trump,s business alliance will be the the closest ally of the US.In the words of Noam Chomsky: “…..the oldest and dearest Muslim ally of the United States, the Saudi kingdom,is the most extreme antithesis of democracy–you cant imagine worse”. Only Providence can save humanity from destruction. Bensen

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    Dr. Ameer Ali should be commended for this very thoughtful and well balanced article.

  • 2

    I love Trum . Ge should ban rest of the Muslim countries as well. They want
    Us to play by their rules wile in those countries and when they come to our country
    They want Us to follow third premitive way of life . Look at those fully covers goats liking women in black attire
    Men look like we have pulled them out of a cave

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    “…. Trump’s populism has already boosted the popularity of ultra-nationalists in Europe. The National Front in France, the UK Independent Party, the Party for Freedom in Netherlands and the Alternative for Germany are all in sympathy with Trump’s anti-immigration policy…”

    The truth is Trump is a late comer to the other countries mentioned in their opposition to radical Islam – and not the other way about. Brexit, the shift to the far right in Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia all secured their dynamism in their opposition to radical Islam (Islamic Fundamentalism)and the arrogance behaviour of some of these immigrants. This is why these countries reacted against immigration of Muslims to their countries where hardcore terrorists came in the guise of refugees and, in fact, carried out terrible inhumane carnage. Trump merely gained from these increasing global
    developments although Trump’s surprise election contained other
    internal factors as well.


  • 0

    The anti-establishment Dr. Noam Chomsky of Jewish origin – is an American academic well known to harbour an axe to grind with his adopted motherland and American society. There are thousands of Jewish progressive intellectuals in the world today as welcome citizens of many countries – including Israel. Chomsky is identified in American academic circles as one deeply inspired by Communist/leftist politics.


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    well deserved by the jihadist , you muslims are the only one who can change people’s opinion by criticize your terro brethren who thinks and believe that those who are believing other faiths are going to hell and only the islam is right..so you are whemly wrong..first correct that and then try criticize pres Trump.

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    In my view od Islam and Arabic world unable to achieve their aim in modern democracy the Islam and Arabic see themselves as pawns in game of nations forced to play by US led rules of dominations.

    This not new political phenomenon of current Global order by Islam have negotiated the shifting emerging countries like (BRICS)that largely by the rules that set New World Political Order of dominated powers of the day.

    In this sense Islam and Arabic world, after end of second world war modern history begins with de-coloinilaztion from USA, British & French Empire conquest of Arab world in 19 and 20th century.

    When Arabs first came to be RULED by an White external power, in fact while USA, European of UK ,France, Germany and Italian by evolution of cold war era each perpetuated of colonialized of Arab and Islam world to outside the Whiteman rule of hegemonies.
    After many centuries playing by last part of that USA imperialism rule’s ,the Islam & Arabic aspire to mastery over their own destiny .

    Even after Arab spring 2011 majority of ISLAM COUNTRIES ,with Arabic world would have come to conciliation such mastery over their density lay impossible beyond reach.
    That is why Islam Terrorism playing their own hand and in the hand of US by time to time that Islam and Arabic world.

    The crux of issue of Democratic revolution been ripe by demanding
    for the social changes has been omitted by Islam & Arabic Democratic forces, leadership and its classes.

    Indeed that Fail to delivered task and modern political democracy by Islam religion thinking will to meet resist against US DOMININATION and ITS GLOBALIZATION be also fail by using wrongful mythology of Gun rule politics powers.

    Ongoing globalizations led by USA across Arabic world ,these different period has been marked by peaks of throughs of lesser SOVEREIGNTY AND INDEPENDENT OF ACTION BY THEMSELVES.

    The Islam and Arabic political parties, classes and their leadership in power of state and still fail realized that important of Democratic Revolutionary changes in their responsible by own successes and failures people.

    My view of Arab and Islam world have to worked with the democratic revolutionary rules ,when it suited to them subverted and rules by gun point politics they got suffered the consequences ,when they crossed the dominant powers of the time.

  • 1

    Dr. Ali,
    The western nations entertaind Islam and when they started to run around in European cities like ninjas ,
    You can’t enter certain streets in Europe cuz there is a Muslim patrol imposed and westerners hav to cover them to enter these streets..
    That was the beginning of the end of tolerance., it’s the same in Sri Lanka… all the drug dealers n gem smugglers are from Muslim faith n you cover your woman to protect from Sinhalese n Tamils.. your community ruin the lives of youth of other faiths, you rob there youth n make them addicts.. suddenly u pop up with yr Arabian traditions and can’t tell other people to accept it..
    and now in Europe do you think you can scare them with jihadis.. forget it my friend, westerners won’t let a single jihadi get out of there so called caliphate alive.. if you come to kill others in the name of jihad then our job is to make sure you achieve jihad and not go empty handed..
    you may perform takiya but we’ll figure that out..
    Live together n live happy n don’t think of blowing others up..
    there is a saying ” when you dig a hole to trap others, careful that you don’t fall into it”
    Islam didn’t invent anything, it said sun sets in muddy water..
    Inventions are done pnly under the concept of Buddhism, Hinduism and for most by christians..
    You know this is true cuz you hav a doctorate.,
    Nice day..

    • 0

      I think that many of us are victims of anti-Muslim prejudices.
      A lot of the views you expressed here are not accurate.
      The Tamil movements were involved in drug trafficking in a big way at a time. Could you say that of all Tamils?
      Some of the things that you talk about like the dress code are recent and much in response to anti-Muslim politics that developed globally and locally. They assert their identity by imitating a kind of Saudi life style.
      That has happened to other communities as well.

      Stereotyping people is dangerous.

      Muslims have been unjust target of Western prejudice in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

      I am sad that Ameer Ali’s article has not been understood by many of the correspondents, as he is one of the sanest voices of the Sri Lankan community abroad.

  • 1

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 0

    Good one.

    In Lankawe, there is so far nothing to worry about ISIS. But the matter need to be worried is excess obsession to prove Lankawe Muslims are Arabs.

    Though Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangladesh are encircling India and it is irritable to them, still India is maintaining its secular status and Muslims are relatively getting very well with other religions. That is because of culturally, Indian Muslims are of the race in which state they live. But, by religion, they too are one more religion in a secular state. In Lankawe, MMDA like non secular laws pushed the Muslims to cliff hang for the Arabian ID. This desperate cliff hanging is not capable of denouncing ISIS completely out of Lankawe forever.

    It is said Kuwait bars 5 out of 7 Muslims countries’ America banned to enter Kuwait. It is really a tough business. Lankawe will never have that strength to deal with Muslim countries like that.

    So here the rule is Police cannot correct the thief so it is time for thief to correct himself.
    1. Halal is basic religion.
    2. Hat is religious ID
    3. Hiding the eyes is stupidity.
    4. Marrying at 13 is against nature. No human body can take it.
    5. Women’s education and employment is not just individual right, necessity of the era.

    Selecting the right and rejecting the wrong is the one capable of protecting Lankawe Muslims from Majority or ISIS. Majority did not treat Muslim minority like Rohingya. Rohingya is treated like Eelam Tamils. Using Tamil-Sinhalese fight to secretly switch over to Arabian culture or constantly switching to winning party to form Sinhala-Muslim government may not work for ever. Rishard, Hakeem like crooks honestly should bring in 25% of women candidates in their parties for local government. Women’s faces soften the brutalities.

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