2 July, 2022


U.S. Welcomes Sri Lanka’s National Action Plan

By Colombo Telegraph –

The United States welcomes the release of the National Action Plan by the Government of Sri Lanka.  Issuing a press statement US said ” We have long encouraged the full implementation of the recommendations outlined by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.  We believe that full implementation of the National Action Plan will benefit all citizens of Sri Lanka by furthering long-term reconciliation and lasting peace.”

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    Government could have done lots to towards reconciliation by now. Why is it has took so many months to come up with an action plan….I wonder why they could not process things quickly as they did with 18th amendments. It seems the government is taking advantage of IC’s softly approach, certainly GOSL know how to play the GAMES with International community.

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    Whom does the Americans believe they can bluff? First they got VP to agree to help MR become the President, through whom Devolution was promised after consolidating MR in the high seat. Dutyfully the LTTE helped elect MR as President. Then they sabotaged the Peace Talks and closed the Mawilaru Anicut to draw the Govt. Forces to a staged War with no witnesses, for which The US nor India or the UN objected. Then they delivered VP dead for public consumption to take the heat of the real VP. Instead of granting Develution as agreed by MR the entire LTTE with VP were massacred who were to surrender by MR, with the tacit support of the Americans. Although the world body and the Human Rights Watch Groups are crying for War Crime Investigation, The Americans are indiscreatly avoiding the issue lest they have to sacrifice MR, who is their brief carrier. A lot of Infrastructure work is in progress in the NE financed, helped and designed by the US and the current public focus is directed at survival than reason. The bulk of the LTTE fighting cadre is decimated, hence security of the Authorities are assured. The Civilians of the NE have had enough of violence for thirty years for which they have paid dearly and do not seek more violence right now. The schemers and players believe once development is ushered to the NE the public will not involve in violence for some time and they believe the scenario and the mindset could be altered by then. It is these Players, the Americans who assist corrupt Political Leadership in this country releasing funds through the World Bank and the IMF indebting the future generations of this country, issueing glorious certificates of Economy Management to the MR regime and praising Crooks as Nivard Cabral at the helm of the Central Bank.

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    this so called national action plan is all utter humbug. will the sinhala killers find themselves guilty. it’s ludicrous. mahinda rajapakse, gothapia rajapakse, fonseka and all sinhala armed forces are guilty of war crimes. all these people are collectively responsible for 60,000 deaths of innocent tamil people. these uncivilised barbarians starved the tamil people and denied them medicines. now it seems these ignorant and illiterate peiris, weeratunga, samarasinghe and some other geezers have a national action plan. man, we don’t need an action plan. what we need is the following.

    (1) self determination for tamil people
    (2) Self rule for tamil people and
    (3) putting the following war criminals in prison.
    (1) mahinda rajapakse
    (2) gothpee rajapakse
    (3) fonseka
    (4) shaven silva
    (5) samarasinghe
    (6) chandrasiri
    (7) hatthurasinge
    (8) jayasuria and all the other black army monkeys responsible for
    tamil deaths. llrc report itself is a load of bollocks. national
    action plan is a device to deceive un and unhcr. come on navi ,
    don’t be deceived by these sinhala pariah donkeys.

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      Rama I can not blame you for your perception on the issue, as any rational would. This is what all Tamils feel although many are frightened to express as they have been subjucated by the LTTE and now the MR Govt. Therefore how can there be mutual trust or reconcilliation? MR not only cheated the Tamils in War but on Reconcilliation as well.

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    Gamini your imagination is impressive; sadly your grasp on reality is less so. You should seriously consider a career writing fiction as your conspiracy theories are entertaining to read.

    Rama: your source for these numbers? And this concept of “innocent Tamil” people is pure fantasy; any Tamil that supported the LTTE in any way (ie the vast majority) was guilty of aiding and abetting terrorism. They got what they deserved (karma). The few that did not support LTTE in ANY respect and were INTENTIONALLY killed by Sinhalese (as opposed to those used as human shields by the Tiger cowards whose blood is on LTTE hands) certainly deserve empathy and compassion and justice. But the number of these is more like 600, not 60,000.

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      American Lanka Lover, leave my imagination to myself. Why don’t you use your own imagination. Please read the above two News articles, where in one the UN praises the MR govt. for achieving it’s goals on the LLRC recomendations and the one above where Neelan’s murals are defaced. What a way to go for Reconcilliation? The likes of Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam were eliminated by the LTTE at the behest of the US Zionists as the world power blocks prefer to deal with the Corrupt mediocre and not the Intelligent and Honest.

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      American Lanka Lover, you say you have no sympathy for the Tamils who aided and abetted the LTTE as they got what they deserved, but you extend your empathy and compassion for those Tamils who were used by the LTTE, because they deserve it. I presume that is how you view, how Karuna Amman, Pillayan, KP, George/ Daya Master ilk are blessed with compassion to be rewarded, while scores of individuals like Issapriya who were unarmed were bumped off with their hands tied at the back? My advice to you is refrain from posting comments as you betray your ignorance.

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    dai peiris and weeratunga, your so called national action plan is a load of crap. it bounds to fail as it doesn’t address the root causes of sinhala tamil conflict for the past 64 years. i propose an alternative national action plan which i hope will address the genuine concerns of tamil people.

    (1) expulsion of black sinhala hanuman army from northeast.
    (2) burning down all hanuman army camps in northeast.
    (3) strip the powers of self appointed governers of northeast.
    (4) hang all war criminals including sinhala pariahs malwatte,
    asgiria and malcolm ranjith.
    (5) self determination for tamil people
    (6) self rule for tamil people
    (7) rounding up of all sinhala buddhist monks and put them all in gas
    (8) balls should be chopped for members of patriotic front and jhu.
    (9) sinhala buddhism is a curse for sri lanka and it should be
    flushed down the toilet.
    (10)tamils shoudn’t be learning chingalam as it’s a primitive and
    barbaric dialect.
    (11)weerawansa the famous 3 hour hunger striker should be charged for
    groping women and
    (12)supplying teeth whitening toothpaste to mahinda and basil as they
    show their 32 teeth when talking to whites.

    i will stop here, however, if i get any more ideaS i will of
    course reveal them.

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