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Ugly Head Of Islamic Radicalization Continues To Terrorize Kattankudy

The ugly head of Islamic radicalization which has been plaguing Kattankudy for many years, has once again raised its head to terrorize innocent civilians in the area, with the latest incident seeing several people severely injured due to a clash between two groups, including the radical Thawheed Jamath, where the groups attacked each other with swords and knives on Friday during a lecture.

However, despite the attempts to spread the radicalization, a large number of Muslims took to the streets today to protest the recent clash while demanding that the groups with the radical mindset leave and let the residents live in peace. Both old and young, including men and women holding placards demanded that ‘Wahabi terrorism’ stop.

“We want peace, we do not want Wahabi terrorism,” the demonstrators said.

Since the sword attack, police complaints have been lodged, and the police are carrying out investigations into the incident. Incidentally, on Sunday, two petrol bombs were also recovered from Karbala Road, Kattankudy. The bombs were discovered by a woman who was cleaning, and the police were later alerted on the discovery. It is still not clear if the bombs had any direct connection to the sword clash.

Meanwhile, a group by the name of Ex Muslims of Sri Lanka (EMSL) called on the government and the defense authorities to take firm measures to free the nation completely from radical Islamic terrorist elements.

“Under the excuse of “Islamic Missionary”, Sri Lankan Muslims are being indoctrinated with a fundamentalist, hateful and terrorist ideology by groups, organizations and individuals who are receiving foreign funds,” the group said.

The group went on to claim in a statement that one of the Islamic factions that was directly involved in the Friday violence is a pro ISIS – Islamic State organization, with members and supporters all around the Island. “The activities and preaching of such organizations have become a threat to the existence of ex Muslims around Kattankudy area,” EMSL said.

“The government and the defense authorities should pay strict attention and take serious actions against the activities of the foreign-funded Islamic groups, organizations, individuals and other elements in Sri Lanka, which directly and indirectly preach and support terrorism, fundamentalism and hatred among Sri Lankan Muslims. The general public including the peace loving Muslims should give their fullest support and cooperation to the government and the defense authorities by providing all the information and details known to them regarding the above matter,” the statement added.

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