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UK Human Rights Report: Sri Lanka Named As A Country Of Concern

Sri Lanka is one of 28 countries of concern selected by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom and has a separate chapter in the 2013 Human Rights and Democracy Report.

William Hague

The report released today says; “The human rights situation in Sri Lanka in 2012 remained of serious concern, with a number of negative developments, including with regard to freedom of expression and media and judicial independence. Further progress was made on reintegration of ex-combatants and resettlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs). There continued to be reports of further abductions and disappearances, although the number reduced from spring 2012 onwards compared to 2011 levels. There were a number of reported instances of intimidation of human rights defenders, including those attending the March Human Rights Council (HRC), members of the legal profession and the media.”

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