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UK Listed Sri Lanka As A ‘Country Of Concern’, But Attending The CHOGM Is The Right Thing To Do – David Cameron

“I agree with much of your your analysis of the situation in Sri Lanka, including the Sri Lankan Government’s failure to make progress on accountability and reconciliation or adequately implement the recommendations of the LLRC. Because of the lack of progress on post-conflict reconciliation, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has included Sri Lanka as a ‘Country of Concern’ in its 2012 Human Rights Report. The UK has also co-sponsored the Human Rights Council Resolution on Sri Lanka which passed with increased support in March 2013.” The UK Prime Minister David Cameron wrote to Lee Scott of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPGT).

David Cameron

In response to the letter from APPGT Cameron said; “ I appreciate the reasons why you and the members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils disagree with my decision to attend and I’m pleased to learn that you had the opportunity to discuss this with Alistair Burt.

However, I believe that attending the summit is the right thing to do for Commonwealth and the best way to draw the world’s attention to the situation in Sri Lanka.”

We publish below the letter in full;


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