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UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Delegation Arrives In SL Today

A delegation representing the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) is due to arrive in Sri Lanka for a three-day visit today, during which the team is also scheduled to visit Jaffna.

CTED Executive Director Jean Paul Laborde

The team that is headed by CTED Executive Director Jean Paul Laborde is to achieve three main objectives as per the request of the Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee. This visit occurs against the backdrop of a series of tragic incidents that occurred as a result of religious extremism created by several groups such as the BBS that have been described as terrorist groups as well as claims by the government regarding attempts to revive the LTTE.

The three main objectives of the delegation that are to be met in their visit to SL are:

-Assessing Sri Lanka’s implementation of the provisions of Security Council resolution 1373 (2001) – adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter , it  addresses threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts-  including the ratification and implementation of international instruments against terrorism as well as international cooperation in these matters

– Recommending areas in which Sri Lanka would eventually benefit from receiving technical assistance;

– Addressing measures put in place by Sri Lanka to implement Security Council resolution 1624 (2005) that calls upon States to enhance dialogue and take all necessary measures to counter incitement of terrorist acts motivated by extremism and intolerance.

The delegation is to meet several government officials  and are due to stress on the importance of defeating terrorism not simply by military, law enforcement or judiciary decisions but also through constructive dialogue with communities.

Members of the delegation include counter-terrorism experts from CTED focusing on legislation, law enforcement and countering violent extremism as well as representatives of the UN office on drugs and crime and INTERPOL.

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