28 June, 2022


UN HRC Resolution Should Not Be Seen Like Blind People Seeing An Elephant!

By S. V. Kirubaharan

S. V. Kirubaharan

Well and good, another successful UN resolution (A/HRC/CC/L.1,Rev1) on Sri Lanka has been passed with a huge majority in the UN Human Rights Council – HRC. We appreciate and thank the United States of America – Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, for initiating this resolution and the other 25 states for voting in favor of the same. We take this opportunity to thank India for their courageous decision, the Indian ambassador’s astonishing open speech on Sri Lanka after more than two decades and their vote in favor of this resolution. Surely every Tamil organisation locally and internationally must thank and appreciate India for this highly significant and important gesture.

However, we also got the chance to see a glaring similarity between the Sri Lankan government, a few members of the Tamil diaspora and some Tamil grass-roots politicians.

In our opinion those who have the public interest at heart, are in favour of this resolution. Others who have a selfish and hidden agenda criticize this resolution. Later I will discuss this in more detail.

In the past I have written many articles. Some of these disturbed fellow Tamils and a few Sinhalese who can’t compete with me and have written comments under different pseudonyms, proving they are hypocrites, not writing the truth. Their cowardice itself is an acknowledgement and recognition of what I say in my articles. I inform them that they cannot discourage me, either in continuing my task or in writing more articles. One frustrated person said that I always praise myself. Of course, there are people who praise me and I am proud of this. If any of these cowards were in my position with many long years of contribution, they would have done the same. Some are jealous and a few behave like a dog in the manger and suffer from an inferiority complex.

Due to our constant and systematic work over a long time, highlighting Sri Lanka’s the Sri Lanka government and their media have given us good publicity. On occasions some English newspapers have published front page lead news too. All these stand witness to our longstanding work, and, paradoxically, to its effectiveness.

Those who write with pseudonyms many consider this article as another based on praise and pride. I am aware of that. So there is no point in howling at the full moon like a pack of wolves. I prefer everything to go on record, because now-a-days there are some people suffering from loss of memory, exaggerating and making bogus claims.

Another case of memory loss. The Sri Lankan minister, who spoke in the last session of the HRC, has forgotten much of what he said in the past sessions. Again and again he says: We need time and space’. In a parallel event, an activist said this was the 13th time this minister had asked for ‘time and space’. In the UN, civil society has named him “Minister of Time and Space”.

Selfishness versus public interest

In fact, we can’t ignore this complicated and dangerous similarity between the Sri Lankan government and Tamils who criticise the resolution. This needs serious analysis.

The criticising Tamils are like some blind people who encounter an elephant. By touching the same, they say, its trunk feels like a fat pole/baton, its ears feel like Banana leaves, its tail feels like a long brush, etc. The Sri Lankan government is worried and says that the recent resolution is unwarranted. Tamil critics say that it is useless and does not fulfill the aspirations of the Tamils. Is there any difference between these two extreme positions? NO. Those who value public interest and who feel for the suffering of the people in the ground, accept this resolution. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is a very good example. But those who promote selfish politics and directly or indirectly support the Sri Lankan government’s position, do not agree with this resolution, misinform and mislead others.

Those who criticize this resolution know neither the functions of the UN HRC, nor its limits. Nor do they understand the depths this resolution plunges. The Sri Lanka government may be influencing those Tamils.

In the recent past, seminars and conferences have been organized by Mickey Mouse organizations among the Tamil diaspora – costing thousands of sterling pounds and Canadian dollars. Each organization had their own resolution, which in fact, has no value and no teeth internationally. None of the eminent persons or VVIPs is aware of these resolutions, which in reality; even steer people further away from Tamil aspirations. Considering these factors, why are these Tamil individuals and organizations finding fault with the latest UN resolution? What would they say if the latest resolution had been defeated by Sri Lanka? (The in-depth implications of this resolution will be explained in another article.)

Prior to Mullivaigzhal – PM

I am very proud to say that this is the 23rd year I have participated in UN Human Rights Forums. Also I have attended most of the UN World conferences and other important conferences around the globe. One of the grass-roots politicians asked me recently, what I have achieved for the Tamils. First of all, human rights work is not an overnight task. Secondly, this ex-MP never realised that, other than splitting the unity of Tamils, he has done nothing for the people who elected him in the past.

It is to be noted that the experience of working in UN forums as a Tamil has been completely different before and after Mullivaigzhal. Since the aftermath of Mullivaigzhal – AM (May 2009) working in any UN Forums as a Tamil activist has been an easy task. In the 1990s, the first question we were compelled to answer to most of the UN member states, International Human Rights and Humanitarian organisation was about violations of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). There is nothing to hide in that we were supportive of the political position of the LTTE, because that was the only organization which stood for the democratic mandate given by the people of the North and East. The independence of Tamil Eelam was overwhelmingly voted for, by Tamils in the general elections held in 1977.

Prior to Mullivaigzhal – PM, when we placed facts and figures of the atrocities taking place in every nook and corner of the North and East, there were government lobbyists who said that those violations were committed by the LTTE. Many were taken in by these heavily funded lobbyists. To complicate the matter further, the LTTE was banned internationally.

Those days were in stark contrast to, especially, the most recent session of the UN HRC, when there were no government lobbyists at all. This meant Tamil activists had an easy time in the 22nd session.

PM, one Sri Lankan Ambassador in particular, wrote many letters to the UN, with the specific idea of throwing me out of the UN. Due to these fabricated complaints, I faced a few inquiries. Presently this is happening visa versa.

During those days and sometimes now, the government media wrote pages and pages of fiction, slandering articles and news items about my fiancé and me, attempting to damage our integrity in the eyes of the international human rights community. One pro-government media in Colombo even said I was wanted by “Interpol”. That news item was published with the intention of destroying my work in the UN human rights forums and poisoning our contacts with VVIPs. Fortunately, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders verified that it was a baseless accusation, and published a statement to this effect.

Aftermath of Mullivaigzhal – AM

Since May 2009, as there has been no armed struggle, there has been nobody to question about LTTE violations. All UN reports AM have covered LTTE violations extensively. At the present time, most of the UN member states and International NGOs have changed the position they held before. Therefore, whether Tamil activists continue to work or not, those actors are seriously working on the situation in Sri Lanka.

The Tamil people’s long history of both non-violent struggle and armed struggle in the island of Sri Lanka has not produced any fruit. Both ended in disaster. Now what is happening is a ‘Diplomatic war/struggle’. This struggle has to be moved carefully through right and proper channels. I mean, not by emotions and open air politics, where every Tom Dick and Harry intentionally messes up affairs. If we mess up our affairs any further, especially at the last chance or opportunity, all efforts will be counter-productive and eventually our ethnicity will be not be seen on the map of Sri Lanka at all!

Don’t forget, this is the wish of not only Rajapaksa’s government, but also of any government in power and of course, of the Buddhist hierarchy in Sri Lanka. The question is, whether we are going to endorse that government agenda? If not, other than US resolutions, what other alternative venues/forums, do we have at the moment to work to save our people and land in the near future? If anyone has a serious practical idea, we can consider those venues. Mind you, in future, we cannot proceed further alone, but in cooperation with the international community and especially with the help of our neighbor, India.

We have lost everything. Now what is left in our homeland is a few hundred thousand innocent people and land. The land is gradually being grabbed and the people in the ground are facing enormous hardships. If the opportunists can’t understand this checkmate and if they continue with their selfish policies and arrogant attitudes, how in the long term can the struggle for the “Tamil Nation” and the “Right to self-determination” be taken forward?
It has to be said!

It is to be noted that PM, there were a few other Tamil activists attending the UN Forums. But they were known to the Sri Lankan government as good boys, because they were known in the UN as pigeon-hole lobbyists (filling the mail boxes of member states with photocopies). They never made any interventions in the plenary hall nor spoke in any briefings.

In the past, these activists organised seminars and conferences, having a big Tamasha, fooling the people and the leadership in Vanni. Fortunately none of their show games continue in the UN AM. Their task throughout was to damage our work rather than working on the plight of the Tamils.

I understand that one of them, as usual, is still messing up others’ work through third and fourth parties. But he is progressing well in his alimentation business. Another has gone back to his original field of Tele-Drama and the third one still continues with his espionage but he has messed-up his personal life.

As our organization became very popular, a Tamil person in the United Kingdom volunteered to work with us, only in 1997. Unfortunately as soon this person started to work with us, she gave herself a designation on her own without any consultation, and also wanted to hijack the organization. Anyhow, as we prevented her agenda, that person gave some discrediting misinformation about us to a Sinhalese, so-called journalist in London. Despite all this misinformation and hardship we survived and still function today to the extent that is possible and we will continue in the future. Right from the beginning, our policy was: “Slow and steady will win the race”.

These are some interesting memories from the period prior to Mullivaigzhal – PM.

Some who attended the UN forums AM and a few months before Mullivaigzhal, are not genuine activists. Some are in Geneva, especially in the UN, just marking their presence to claim that they have been in the UN. A few attend the UN HRC on behalf of unknown sources to gather information on Tamil activists. Of course the young, energetic students and interns are doing an excellent job. Sadly so-called leaders tend to interfere in their work. Many have observed that unfortunately there is competition among the diaspora organizations in the UN. The UN HRC should not be used as a springboard by those who engage in cunning politics.

During the last UN HRC, a few diplomats told us that three different Tamil diaspora organizations wanted to meet them. After some deep consideration, they agreed to meet them all separately. Unfortunately all three gave different versions of the current situation, and experienced different views on the way forward. Those diplomats told us that this is not a constructive path to international investigation and genuine reconciliation!

Critics of the TNA

If some come to Geneva to find fault and lobby against the Tamil National Alliance – TNA, this is a ruthless policy equal to, “I don’t mind losing my nose, as long it is a bad omen to my enemy”. It is a shame for someone to say that his project is to destroy the TNA and appeal to others in Geneva requesting them not to support the TNA. Are these people Tamils? Are these the ones who talk about “Tamil Nation” and “Right to self-determination”?

One person told me in the UN that the TNA has given up on the “right to self-determination”. Immediately I asked him, which right to self-determination he was talking about. As he behaves likes a parrot, I received no reply from him. The reason for this is that he doesn’t know there are two types of self-determination – internal and external. If the claim is true, that the TNA has given up the right to self-determination, why didn’t the Tamils in the North and East reject them in the last elections?

Every Tamil knows what the “Tamil Nation” and the “Right to self-determination” is. Because of the people’s support only, the armed struggle prolonged for nearly three decades. No-one needs new lectures on these themes. The way these two themes are outlined currently, it is as if they were something that these jokers have newly discovered, and no-one ever realized anything about them in the past!

Recently I was surprised to learn that the ‘late Sivaram (Taraki) was the founder of the Tamil National Alliance – TNA. His contribution towards the amalgamation of the TNA cannot be denied. But the way his name is used presently, is like naming a marriage broker / match maker / or messenger as the father of Bride or Bridegroom. Telling mean lies doesn’t facilitate fertile growth from grass-root to maturity.

On 15 March 2013, with a few minutes interval between them, four Tamil activists including myself made interventions on Sri Lanka in the HRC plenary hall. In fact my statement was partly accusing Pakistan as well. But one of the English websites build up by the energy of Taraki Sivaram gave publicity only for one statement discarding all other three. This is the very website talking about discrimination and censorship practiced by the Sri Lankan government. Are these people qualified to talk about Tamil grievances practiced by Sri Lanka?

At the same time, what happened to the policy of this chosen speaker and this website? The particular intervention that was published was made through an organisation where the main representative belongs to a new set-up known as the ‘Senate’ of the Trans-National Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE). There again, what is the message being given to the innocent people, the public? Is the website endorsing the policy of the TGTE, or saying that whatever is convenient for them is the Tamils’ politics and policy? Or at least now do they agree that all organisations should be united. Otherwise, should we consider this as the usual ‘divide and rule’ policy applied among Tamils by a non-Tamil in the UN?

During the last UN HRC, I was attending one of the side events and a human rights champion said that it would be no surprise, in a few months or a year, if President Rajapaksa happens to ask, “What is the 13th amendment”? Recently I saw a similar position on the 13th amendment, from an immature politician who is waiting to bury the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

Sinhalese journalist

On the day of the resolution, 21 March 2013, when we were queuing up to enter the main plenary hall of the UN Human Rights Council, I noticed a tiny bald-headed Sri Lankan looking at us rather anxiously. Once we entered the hall, I noticed this man seated just behind the Sri Lankan delegation desk, disobeying the rules within the hall. He was taking photographs of members of civil society, especially Nimalka Fernando. This was immediately brought to the notice of the UN security staff.

As the photographer’s face was familiar to me, I went and spoke to him. I introduced myself and asked who he was. I recalled that I remembered him taking a photograph of me during the 19th session of the HRC, when I was talking to Douglas Devananda. He admitted that, and introduced himself to me as “Jegath Fernando” working for the Sunday Leader under Sakuntala Perera. This really surprised me. Then I asked him whether he writes articles in the Sunday Leader. He bluffed that question. While I was talking to him, I noticed that he was wearing a badge and his name started with V…..

As there was another journalist who is on asylum in Europe, present in the hall, I asked him whether that small man who was seated behind the Sri Lankan desk was Keerthi Varnakulasooriya. The journalist on asylum told me that, he didn’t know that person and that it was not Keerthi Varnakulasooriya! Maybe the journalist on asylum doesn’t want a minority to put the majority into trouble. This journalist was lying to me, and is now paying the price, it seems.

Now I realise, the so-called journalist, known among the Lankan journalists as “Catalog translator” for the Ministry of Defence, is none other than Keerthi Varnakulasooriya. He had abused the role of journalism and the media. He was fortunate that day but won’t get away with it, in future.

It does not come as a surprise, that people working for the Ministry of Defence, claiming to be journalists, misuse the name of reputed newspapers like the Sunday Leader. This shows clearly, that supporters of the President Rajapaksa regime can do anything and everything, locally and internationally. This is one of the many reasons why the UN resolution is proven to be so important.

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    What is your point?
    Apart from scoring your points in your personal board of revendication, can you seriously think that the UNHRC marks a step further to the rights for accountability and the protection of the Tamils? Not to mention self-determination.
    Are you genuinely convinced that after this resolution Tamils are better off in Sri Lanka?

    • 0

      What is your point?
      What should we do?

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      You wasted 20 minutes of my life with your pointless “article.” It looks like you are talking to your rivals in your chosen business of Tamil rights rather than to the general reader. You have written this drivel to spite those who are fighting with you to get a piece of the Tamil human rights pie in Geneva. You are so deluded that you think your petty fight with your unnamed rivals is so significant as to merit public discussion. There is one positive outcome though. Your washing the dirty linen in public confirms the conflict within the LTTE rump and the self-serving nature of the activities of the various factions. You attack the TamilNet for not reporting your speech properly: “This is the very website talking about discrimination and censorship practiced by the Sri Lankan government. Are these people qualified to talk about Tamil grievances practiced by Sri Lanka?” Pretty hilarious stuff.

      As to the resolution, it is obvious even you are not convinced it is useful as your Freudian slip reveals: “Nor do they understand the depths this resolution plunges.” That is why you keep assuring and congratulating yourself that you have accomplished something.

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      This type of article only creates greater solidarity for the Sinhalese majority Government. Kirubaharan would be better off suggesting some valid points for the alleviation of the perceived ills of the displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    These are the people called “Only Talk, No Work”

    • 0

      Another case of a Wolf howling at the full moon.

  • 0

    This is a poo fight among Diaspora heavies.

    Not sure which faction Mr Kiruba comes from.

    There seems to be some groups or factions who are genuinely interested in going forward with the great majority of inhabitants PM.

    Kiruba with his special affection for the TNA surely is not in that group.

    Because TNA has no policies , no backbone and are cowards, by their own admission by bending over to Prabkaran.

    TNA can’t compete with the other Tanil politicians on Economic , Employment Education and Development issues.

    They are a like one trick pony.

    Promise homelands in the North but happily live in Colombo.

    • 0

      It looks like you have not listend to their speaches or the articles they wrote.

    • 0

      Other Tamil politicians!!! Who are they ??? I am scared you may pronounce names of para military/militia and goons. How many local bodies they won in north and east

  • 0

    It will do a world of good to Mr Kirubakaran if he can gain the help of someone to place all his thoughts and achievements in reasonable English, as this seems to be an area in which he falls short. Some reading of the TNA’s and TGTE’s press Communiques will provide the necessary education to him in this regard.


    • 0

      Yes indeed, Like the English of Senguttuvan, a good orator in English lexicons.

    • 0

      Well said Mr. Kirubakaran.
      Keep up the good and genuine work like the tortoise.

      Sengtuttuvan does not comprehend the intricacies and complications of the Tamil diaspora since he has no in depth connections with them for many reasons. I will not discuss that on this forum.

      You have my full support Mr. K. because I know the work you have done and your integrity for over 2 decades. Others only know you from some articles here and there including the Sunday Leader which sometimes does not portray your opinion clearly. So I do not blame them.

      Donald Gnanakone
      Tamils For Justice.

    • 0

      We thank Colombo Telegraph for publishing Kiruba’s article which he wrote in German.

      Fortunately he didn’t write this in his mother tounge Sanscrit.

      Many of us have been following Kiruba’s writings for years.

      Of course Senguttuvan, who has triple doctorate in Greek is having obvious problems.

      I think Sunguttuvan could have understood this article or Kiruba better, if Kiruba continues his writting and work in Pali or any of the Dravidian languages.

      As Kiruba says, this is another case of a Wolf howling at the full moon. Is Sunguttuvan another pseudonym for cowardice?

  • 0

    Senguttuvan just scored some Brownie points………..
    What is this ANPU upto? Attempting to fly without wings.
    ANPU, would you mind contributing something constructive instead of being a Green Eelamists.

  • 0

    Knowing about the work that Kirubakaran is involved in,it does not matter how proficient he is in English as long as he is able to make people here kept updated on the political developments involving SL and the stand it takes on the ethnic question at the UN.

    His concern and anguish about the meddlesome activities of some Tamil extremist elements from the TNGTE is understandable when he says that to ‘..lobby against the TNA is ruthless..’ on the grounds that it has abandoned it’s stand on Tamil right of self-determination while he infers that the said organistion is taking orders from a non Tamil in the UN.

    Apart from that he has also provided a hilarious account about the working of the MOD sending all the way to the UN a man posing as a Sunday Leader journalist to take photos of Ms Nimalka Fernando well known Lankan human rights activist.This is how the Lankan tax payers money is wasted.

  • 0

    Kiruba needs to have a pocket camera with him to video people like this man – probably from state intelligence – taking photos.This will deter such people.
    Kiruba’s eye witness impressions are better than press reports.
    Kiruba,do carry on.

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    UN HRC Resolution Should Not Be Seen Like Blind People Seeing An Elephant!

    Vide or for a better understanding of what I am trying to convey please refer to “This Is The Gist Of What I Had To Say In Westminster By Gordon Weiss” and my response of March 8, 2013.

    I suspect that it was this same Keerthi Varnakulasooriya who spearheaded the high-jacking and sabotage of the Human Rights Law Centre (HRLC) meeting on “Sri Lanka Human Rights and Australia” to adjourn early in about 50 to 55minutes in Melbourne on 7th March 2013. This Varnakulasooriya announced that he was there in the role of the official spoke person for the SL High Commissioner.

    This Varnakulasooriya was taking pictures of people who stood up to speak in a hurried, threatening and intimidatory manner. I was apparently not allowed to have my say and meeting was closed because I had pointed out to the chair in a manner to deflect the heat of many disturbances generated by these official and unofficial players instigated and sent by SL HC.

    Whilst seated and without putting my hand up to be recognised by the chair I stated in loud voice that these SL HC people have brought to bear their same mean and low SL tactics here to Australia as well and that the chair should put a stop to this. Soon after me an Australian journalist of 40 years standing as he announced took up my point amplified and reiterated it with added vigour to all this meeting.

    When the meeting was adjourned I questioned the Director of the HRLC Mr De Kretser in the near presence of this Warnakulasooriya as to why these people were give front row reserved seats, Warnakulasooriya slipped away hastily but De Kretser told me that the HRLC had requested the presence of the SL HC but the high commissioner had declined it stating that he did not want to appear on the same panel with LTTE terrorists referring most probably to the spokesperson of the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) Dr Sambavi Parimalanandan who goes as Ms Sam Parry.

    Warunakulasooriya’s explanation to the audience was false a statement to the effect the SL high commissioner had not been given sufficient timely notice of this meeting and that was reason that he had instead asked him to attend as one two official attendees in place of the High Commissioner. The HRLC did not agree to give them official panel member status as requested by the SL HC but apparently made up for it with front row reserved seats.

    I do reiterate and confirm your statement that “This shows clearly, that supporters of the President Rajapaksa regime can do anything and everything, locally and internationally.” There should be a more peaceful way of taking on present king AliBaba and the 100 odd thieves to the ICC or some such world court. Using the International Crisis Group, Sri Lanka’s Authoritarian Turn: The Need for International Action Asia Report N°243 | 20 February 2013 should help in some way?

  • 0

    kirubaharan. you were wrong. i also at the humanright council. that small person is maduke senevirathna he att;p to foreign ministry publicity… keerthi warnakulasuriya is a tough guy. he act like one man show. you think he posing as sunday leader. we follow him last 4 years. but he is a very clever man. he even change tram routes also this for vyour inf

  • 0


    Thank God that you didn’t boast that Warnakulasoorya was there to capture you in his camera – You cardboard hero !!? Finally you are in honey moon with Nimalka and let’s see how long it lasts.

    I quote from you……”Those who criticize this resolution know neither the functions of the UNHRC, nor its limits…….. . The Sri Lanka government may be influencing those Tamils”.I end quote.

    The above one is a clear mirror to show that you are still an ill-minded brain washed donkey of VP. You still live in the fantasy world of VP’s Tamil Ealam. You still pathetically believe that Tamils around the world will celebrate you as ”Pottu Ammaan the 2nd” for your comedies in the UNHRC !!?
    You continue to scratch the backs of Indians and boasts about your dealings with Diplomats (never mind the facts that we know what you do) but sadly you are left to boast alone yourself in public forums.

    Mr.Kirubakaran,UNHRC is not the place you are supposed to visit (for heaven sake do not boast that there is a conspiracy to outs you from the UNHRC)but you better consult a psychiatrist to make sure whether you are normal !!?

    Finally, back in Sri Lanka your twin brother Mervyn has come out with the perfect heading for your comedies in this page. Have a look at it and change your heading with his one. For, you both are birds of the same feathers. Nobody can understands why he behaves like this as we too feel the same with your articles – why did you write this !!?

    • 0

      Were you the police inspector who worked at the Peliagoda police station?

      Good luck

  • 0

    ELIZA MANN, former Councillor of Southwark?

    As our organization became very popular, a Tamil person in the United Kingdom volunteered to work with us, only in 1997. Unfortunately as soon this person started to work with us, she gave herself a designation on her own without any consultation, and also wanted to hijack the organization.

    Is this is ELIZA MANN, former Councillor of Southwark, UK

    She is a Snake under the grass.

    Sooner or later, organisations in London going to learn a good lesson from ELIZA MANN.

    How many does know that she was hick out of Anton Balasingham’s home in London?

    Contact Eelam House people to know more stories about this Snake.

    • 0

      No wonder that Elizza wanted to hijack Kirubah’s centre.

      In 1994 ELIZA MANN’s mother was killed in Chavakachcheri by the LTTE for being an informant of the SL army.

      Since then Eliza Mann’s intention was to take revenge on the LTTE and she did it successfully.

      For further information you contact – Shanthan, Thanam, Para Master and Kannan (sinna Shanthan)

  • 0

    With reference to the matter of the omnipotence of the GOSL and the ongoing errors of judgements on civilised conduct in the matter of the so-called “Boat people” to Australia from SL. The GOSL and some of the partisan right wing mainstream media like the commercial TV Channel 7 in Australia have played their part very well in their selective and partisan reporting to enhance the chances of the present opposition to come to power at the next federal elections.

    They are playing their cards well and “running with the hare and chasing with the hound” so well that the Govt of Australia is very much beholden and dare say even scared of the GOSL for other economic interests as well that it cannot afford any morals over this matter as some other media too have pointed out.

  • 0

    I have seen some crass stupidity in these pages but Guna’s contribution here must gain a place on top of the pile. I have cared much in contributing in that search for justice for the Tamil struggle. Both internally and externally, it has been expressed in good Tamil and good English coherently and gracefully. And so it has been held in esteem and respect also for that.

    I have nothing against Kirubakaran. I certainly appreciate the contribution of anyone to the Tamil cause. It matters little to me if Kirubakaran writes in Aramic, Gaelic or Swahili. But what does is the message must be translated into good English to maintain the high standards the Tamil leadership has always maintained. My point is when it is displayed to the outside world in the English Language it must have the quality and class with which the Tamil leadership is always associated with. If in your grotesque thinking you think this is wrong, Sir, please yourself. I have nothing against your being part of the Tiger outfit but let good sense match pseudo-nationalism as well.

    I hope you have the decency and good sense to understand instead of heaping abuse on those who try to give the Tamil struggle
    a face that will be respected by the world, you will help to improve the image of the struggle by adding quality to the translation of Kirubakaran’s messge, which, we have it from your exalted self, was written in German.


  • 0

    Kiruba, don’t take anything seriously regarding the comments written by Senguttuvan, Maamanithar and others. These were all written by one single character that usually damages the lives of others.

    Due to an inferiority complex, this person is jealous of many and the latest is you.

    For the last few years, we have been following this person’s writings and communications which he has had with various different personalities. An English websites has documented all this and has compared his past to his present comments and communications.

    It has been proved that all written by the above-mentioned names was from this individual.

    His hobby is to annoy and discredit people, using different names and email addresses.

    If we remember well, you had a fiasco with him somewhere during the tsunami. As we expected, later you both became good friends and now you are his latest victim.

    This person suffers from many illnesses, alcohol, women and passes sleepless nights.

    An inferiority complex is his worrying illness, because decent members of society have rejected him.

    When one has problems with women, they always connect their mind to sex, using the F word often.

    One Colombo politician has said to his friends, it is dangerous to keep this person either at a distance or close. So they decided to give him some petty information, to please him.

    Considering his family background and Colombo gossip, it is not possible to change this person’s attitude. It is a problem with his DNA.

    He expects everyone to give him information, consult him and obey him. Otherwise he will insult them in pure filth and impolite language, which has been his family’s trademark for generations.

    The day he leaves this planet, everyone will live in peace, but we hope he lives long, and suffers for all the sins he commits.

    He was trying to claim that he had a blood relationship with a lady in Canada, who contributes to some websites. But she rejected his claim and was not ready to trust him because of his double tongue. This is one of the reasons he has no friends.

  • 0

    The foolish Sinhalese leaders denied the Tamils’ basic rights. But Delhi gave arms to the Tamils and made them as the most dangerous terrorist group in the world, even the Al Qaeda didn’t assassinate leaders as the LTTE did. Clearly, the Indians have done more damages to the Tamils than Sinhalese, but the leaders of the TNA, TGTE, GTF, DMK & AIADMK don’t have knowledge to understand. They aren’t better than their Leader V Prabhakaran. African Americans were slaves in the United States, but they didn’t become terrorists to have freedom. The Africans in South Africa didn’t take arms to have freedom. The Tamils are fooled by Indians for decades, but the Tamil leaders don’t get it, 82 million Tamils are in the world, but 16 million Sinhalese are doing better than the Tamils. The Sinhalese have smart leaders. But the Tamil self-centered leaders won’t allow smart Tamils to lead the Tamils.

  • 0

    How wonderful it is to read of Mr Kirubaharan’s triumphant return to Geneva’s expensive clubs and bars.

    What I don’t understand is Mr Kirubaharan’s anger and having discovered that MoD was using a journalist to report back on happenings in Geneva. It’s exactly the same as what Mr Kirubaharan was doing for the LTTE. i.e. pretending to be a human rights activist and even defrauding the ‘international community’ by faking addresses and fax numbers claiming to have offices in the UN. :) :)


    p.s. how does Mr Kirubaharan’s TCHR manage to afford its regular and expensive visits to Geneva? Does he access to any of the LTTE’s funds?

    • 0

      D.R. is your off licence closed today?

      Full moon wolves – how does Mr Kirubaharan’s TCHR manage to afford its regular and expensive visits to Geneva?

      Take a day off and report this matter to everyone.

      Do you declare your VAT promptly?

      Full moon wolves
      Full moon wolves
      Full moon wolves

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      Hi [Edited out]

      This is a good opportunity for you re-starting writing intimidating articles and earn good money from Gota, like you earned from Anurutha Ratwatta.

      Did you appear here at the last minute to saveguard Elizza Mann?

      Shame on you?

      Your tric will not work any further.

      Do remember, the files on you are still open in UK and other countries.

      Be cautious

      • 0

        @ James,
        What ‘intimidating’ articles have I written? Never heard of Elizza Mann (whoever she is..) and if Gota wants to give me money, I’m happy to accept. So far, I haven’t seen a cent. Maybe I should contact Basil, who after all, has the contracts.

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