19 August, 2022


“Unhappy Is The Land That Needs A Hero”

By Sarath de Alwis

Sarath De Alwis

Unhappy is the land that needs a hero” is the heavy-hearted response of Galileo to his pupil Andrea when the latter furious with the Astronomers recantation tells him “Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero”.

Bertolt Brecht wrote his epic play on the life of Galileo in the twilight years of the Weimar republic when its democratic chaos was nearing its end. Electoral, success of the Nazis had made Hitler the Chancellor of Germany.  

He introduced this specific exchange on heroism and reason in the English version done in 1944. That was after the Americans devastated two Japanese cities with nuclear bombs to win a “peace”.  

They were troubling times when reason was replaced with cold eyed, cold hearted manipulative power grabs. 

We may now be approaching such uncertain times. In addition to his play, Bertolt Brecht wrote a marvelous tract on how to locate and defend truth.    

He outlined five difficulties in combating lies and ignorance. The truth is opposed everywhere. The seeker of truth must have the courage to write the truth. He must have the keenness to recognize it because everywhere it is concealed. The truth seeker must have the skill to manipulate it as a weapon. He must have the judgment to select those in whose hands it will be effective, and the cunning to spread the truth.  

This essay is inspired by such a desire to locate, defend and spread the truth. We live at a time when the obvious truth is trampled by power and lust for naked power.     

With the passage of the 18th Amendment Mahinda Rajapaksa became the supreme overlord of the island that he rescued in the civil war. His Executive Presidency was not subject to term limits. He could pick and unpick officials in all branches of government. He allowed much mischief in governance.

Yet, he retained a semblance of accountability. He did not control the total state. The National Security Apparatus reported to someone else. That someone else owned the fear mechanism of the state. That was the fountain head of impunity. 

What is unravelling in the house of ‘Saud’ now has a lesson for us. When the national security apparatus becomes the exclusive preserve of a power behind or proximate to the legitimate seat of power, it becomes a “hyper political “tool to suppress dissent and a “spooky political” tool to intimidate those who dare to dissent.   

During the past week, Presidential aspirant Gotabaya Rajapaksa earned a series of spunky, peppery headlines provoked by Bandula Gunewardane our own apparition of Adam Smith. 

The grand master of profoundly learned Economic gibberish, declared Gotabaya to be the most suitable brother for the job of President.

Irrepressibly plain-spoken stalwart of the joint opposition Kumara Welgama disagreed. The Presidential candidate must be someone with impeccable democratic credentials said he. His dissent unleashed a contentious cacophony among Gotabaya loyalists.  

At a joint opposition meeting in Kandy presided over by the former president, three central province parliamentarians were in hot competition, condemning Kumara Welgama for his non-endorsement of Gotabaya for President. 

Kumara Welgama made no reference to Gotabaya. All he said was that the candidate’s copybook should be free of any antidemocratic blots! It has a lesson.

Gotabaya does not promise democratic governance. He offers decisive governance. It is not the presidency that he wants. He wants the total state. He has nursed a constituency that expects him to protect and preserve a racialized sovereignty.   

That explains the vehement opposition of his support base to any kind of constitutional reforms that either removes or replaces the executive presidency. 

If the 20th Amendment gets past the hurdle of a two thirds majority, the outcome of the referendum is assured. That remains a huge if. In politics, if is as boundless as the stars. 

So, it is time for us to consider the real possibility of Gotabaya Rajapaksa running for president and winning it. 

We may disagree with his ‘weltanschauung’. The German term is often loosely translated as the vision of the world. It is much more. It is a comprehensive assessment of the world and the place of humanity within it.  Our perceptions are conditioned more by language and culture and less by acquired knowledge and experience. Weltanschauung is the way one looks at the state, politics, economic activity, morality and so on. 

To the great consternation of many of his peers, the great German thinker Martin Heidegger under Adolf Hitler embarked on a project to transform university education in Germany in to an ideological force imbued with a Germanic spirit. Mind you, this happened in Germany that produced Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx and Schopenhauer. 

After the war, Heidegger appeared before a denazification committee. The Committee, after lengthy deliberations allowed him to remain as an emeritus Professor but was banned from teaching at the University. 

Warped fascist minds do take shape in places of higher learning when intellects are corrupted with dreams of greatness and grandeur – the inevitable result of a knowledge deficit. 

Recently Professor of Pharmacology Channa Jayasumana of the Rajarata University addressed the UNHRC in Geneva and gave his version of the history of Tamils in Sri Lanka. He is an eminent academic and intellectual of the Gotabaya’s formula one team. 

Corrosive influence of imagined national revival permeating ac adamic institutions has happened before. Martin Heidegger, the rector of the Freiburg University under Hitler did it with a cruel honesty of conviction. 

In a lecture on technology the great philosopher shed all vestiges of humanity. “Agriculture is now a motorized food-industry – in essence the same as the manufacture of corpses in gas chambers and extermination camps …”  

Under Hitler, universities were made exclusive preserves of the German spirit. Martin Heidegger wrote to the Ministry of Education. We now face a real choice whether we should again provide for our German spiritual life (unserem deutschen Geistesleben) talents and educators rooted in our soil, or whether we should surrender it once and for all to an ever-growing ‘Jewishness’ (Verjudung) in both a broad and narrow sense”

History has instructed the people of Germany. Their federal constitution has deliberately dispensed with a directly elected president. 

These historical precedents instruct us to face challenges of intellectual zealotry presented by ‘Viyathmaga’ academics. 

As I said before, the political project of Gotabaya Rajapaksa is shaped by his peculiar ‘weltanschauung’. It offers an ecstatically persuasive proposition to the anti-elitist Sinhala speaking lower middle class. It has a cogent appeal to the Sihala speaking professionals and business class. It is propelled by a committed corporate oligarchy yearning for a decisive centralized authority of the total state.  It must also be remembered that the entrepreneurial class weary of the current buffoonery are not too displeased to see a change.  

Only muddled minds that dream of riding Volkswagens assembled in Kurunegala would seriously   contest this simple prognosis.

 The former Defense Secretary is a serious candidate. He is a credible candidate because he is perceived as a strong leader. In times of chaos and crisis, strong leaders are in demand by the poor, the rich and the elite. 

Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s most recent speech at the ‘Eliya’ gathering at Godagama where Bandula Gunewardene made his unconditional endorsement is available on YouTube:

He explains that ‘Viyathmaga’ is the forum for academics and professionals to identify issues and formulates strategies for national development and economic progress. ‘Eliya’ was the broader movement constructing a mass national consciousness. 

We must listen to his speech. He explains that his ‘Eliya’ sheds light. The problem is that it is a blinding light of the surveillance state. It is nationalistic in spirit. It is economic in promise. It is militaristic in content. Naturally, the serious pursuit of identified goals along a planned path requires a higher dose of discipline and a lesser dose of democracy. Dissent would be unpatriotic. Contrary opinion would be a threat to national security. 

Gotabaya Rajapaksa is a rare managerial genius. He has assiduously developed a tight hold on émigré Sinhala communities in their countries of residence through Sri Lankan temples. 

He commands loyalty. Leadership is the ability to gain the trust of followers. The ‘Viyathmaga’ is committed to advance his persona. That is the shared vision of the two outfits labeled ‘Viyathmaga’ and ‘Eliya.’ 

As the leader he has molded both outfits to serve the singular objective – to make him the next president. 

His brother Mahinda too has followers. Mahinda’s followers are the rent seekers and political parvenus who see him as a means of accessing power. To them MR offers a solid return on investment. 

Gotabaya is a different proposition. He has followers who believe that he deserves to be in power. Where Mahinda demands loyalty, Gotabaya demands allegiance.      

In his speech at Godagama, Gotabaya Rajapaksa does what demagogues do best. He painstakingly attacks the moral worth of those now in power. He comes out well because he sounds true. Challenging the moral worth of the present lot does not demand too much effort. He sounds correct because he is sincerely indignant. 

He explains that the Akuregoda defense complex was a great patriotic undertaking. He rattles out figures in billions that the listener can hardly keep track of. 

He makes militarism a mandatory, existential imperative. Gotabaya makes no attempt to disguise his firm resolve to make the military play a central role in our peace time society. He is either convinced or plainly assumes that the nation is facing an imminent and an enormous threat.  

He gives an eagle eye view of his transformation of Colombo’s cityscape that earned him the plaudits of middle-class matrons who can now jettison their excess fat on paved walk ways. He explains the logic of relocating shanty dwellers in high-rise apartments as a means of releasing prime commercial property for more profitable investments.  

He did not explain that the inner city is a torture chamber where hundreds of thousands compete for the most basic elements of life such as a room within reach of employment, affordable rent, access to schools, clean drinking water and perhaps a small corner of a street for a cobbler to practice his craft.

 Mr. Gamini Lokuge initiated in to working class trade union politics by the great, lamented Cyril Mathew the Sinhala Hero was in the audience. 

Remodelers of urban space intuitively believe that poverty in the slum can be upgraded to lower middle class in the high-rise. It does not work that way. Countless injustices occur when redevelopment uproots families from squalor by the canal to grime in the sky.

The working man’s champion Lokuge did not deem it necessary to ask the prophet such silly details. Undoubtedly Lokuge is an imposing intellectual and a resolutely   academic   standard bearer of both “Viyathmaga” and “Eliya”. The Sagacious Urbanization czar was spared the pain of explaining that side of urban development.  

Lokuge was  also coopted to confirm that it was President JRJ who had earmarked the Akuregoda land for the defense complex. 

It would have been patriotic blasphemy to query if JRJ would have approved spending on the defense complex nearly the same cost of the southern highway from Colombo to Galle!  

In Gotabaya’s ‘weltanschauung’ ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’ are interchangeable. He makes a determined attempt to construct a perception of national superiority and an implied sense of national dominance. He does it with poise and polish.   

In fairness it must be said that Gotabaya recognizes the necessity of the nation state to be linked to the global economy. He defines the terms of dealing with the outside world according to his sense of self. He is totally at peace with his narcistic ‘weltanschauung’ that has its exclusive inventory of traditions and values.   

Gotabaya’s ‘nationalism’ is a cultural doctrine for and of the Sinhala Buddhists. The identity and the autonomy of the nation is intrinsically linked to that fundamental premise which he defines as patriotism.

His character as displayed in his speech is near Hegelian. To him becoming is more important than being. He seeks timeless perfection within a time frame. That may well turn out to be evil.  

Gotabaya Rajapaksa may well be our next executive president. If he makes it, he will not repeal the 19th Amendment. He will retain the independent commissions. He will appoint the commissioners. The RTI commission will decide what information should be withheld in the national interest. The Human Rights Commission will independently rule on any transgressions.  Those appointed will be classic Pavlovian as those trekking on  the ‘viyathmaga’ lit up by the ‘eliya’.

The Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov perfected the system of rewarding behavior that anticipated command. He said it for all time. “It is not accidental that all phenomena of human life are dominated by the search for daily bread – the oldest link connecting all living things, man included, with the surrounding nature.” 

I am in my seventies. I leave some received wisdom of the past seven decades as penned by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in ‘Gulag Archipelago’. 

“….. line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?
….. One and the same human being is, at various ages, under various circumstances, a totally different human being. At times he is close to being a devil, at times to sainthood. But his name doesn’t change, and to that name we ascribe the whole lot, good and evil. Socrates taught us: ‘Know thyself!” 

Yet, some good people of our land demand the firm hand of a strong leader. Bertolt Brecht likened them to people who wish to enjoy veal without slaughtering the calf.  

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  • 9

    The politicians who do not know how to dispose Colombo city garbage and how to manage Sri Lanka rupees downfall; how protect democratic values; how to meet people basic needs and above all how to repsct judiciary and how to maintain law and order ..what could we expect these people in Sri Lanka ..
    We will dream to become like Singapore but we will never be like them as long as we have these people in power ..
    First; we need to clean out political cultures ..
    We need honest and good leaders such as JVP leaders .
    They are educated; they are honest and they are hardworking..
    But people are ignorant..
    They do not know about politics ..
    These poltiicans use that for their gains

    • 12

      good leaders such as JVP leaders???????????
      educated, honest ????????????
      my foot. they are bloody murderers.
      from 1971 to 1989, more than 100,000 lives lost because of them, killed bus drivers who refused to join strikes becaused they need the money to feed the family.
      now some of those so called honest jvp own houses in Ireland? where did the money come from ?

      please do not talk rubbish

    • 2

      As we see it today, most abusive ROUDY BUNCH of thugs shorten form JO has been thrown into a critical period right these days. None of them seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of finding a candidate to represent the stealing bund in next Presidential election. This is becoming a herculian task to them day to another. Since some senior SLPFrs like Walgama and Seneviratne are very unhappy why to pick a Rajapakshe why not Rajapkshe-none relatvies as the nominees.

      The fate of Gotler, former defence secretary Gotabaya is in a difficult situation since his broutehr MR has been changing his word week to another. At the time, MR recent visit to India, his poor English langague skills sounded as if he agreed to name Gotabaya as the common candidate. On the very day itself, JO backlicker- a minion Gonthadipila interpreted it as their god father MR to have finally made the decision Gota to be the canddiate.
      Here, the mental situation of Gotler is comparable that sysipian task as narrated in greek mythology because, on MR ‘s return to the country on following day, he denied to have made final decision on Gota. Greek mythology explains this very clear, also going by the punishment that Tantaus went through in the greek mythology.
      If MR is playing up with his own brother, how could he ever be that patriotic towards the folks. Anyways, it is an era, almost everything is being put to air by MR -proxy media thesedays. people would only be misled by the news spread -but we dont know how the media would react on them in the near future.

    • 5


      Plz don’t forget Wimal W was a JVPer once

  • 6

    Sarath de Alwis, you try to sound so erudite and wise yet you make the most sexist comment about the walking paths of Colombo. What a pathetic loser you are when the best you can offer regarding cleaning up Colombo is an insult to the middle class women. You don’t say a word about the health of a clean city, a city without Dengue, a city that bring foreign exchange, that is what Gota did and will do in the near future.

    • 14

      wannihami – you also “don’t say a word” about the abductions, white vans, ‘management’ of the BBS and other actions that Gota was also responsible for.

      Selective memory or what?

      • 3

        Jo, Show me the proof and I will comment on those, I don’t comment on innuendo, you can speak of abductions until the cows come home but until there is an indictment and a conviction the burden of proof is on the accuser, go ahead, make my day, bring out the proof.

        • 6


          wannihami and his fellow ilks believe they are smart patriots who say stupid things like “you can speak of abductions until the cows come home but until there is an indictment and a conviction the burden of proof is on the accuser, go ahead, make my day, bring out the proof.”.

          Simple facts that as long as those who benefited from the state and still in serving it will not act against the clan. Those victims who had already given evidence are being ignored. This man must be out of his mind, out of this country, or acting out of loyalty, bigotry, ……….. must have benefited from those crooks and still being loyal to them.

          • 2

            NV, maybe wannihami has spent too much time in the Wanni to know what’s happening, or what happened, during the Ali Babba and his thieves’ regime when Gota was going berserk!

        • 2

          wanniham, I’m not going to “make your day”, as I have far better things to do than to delve into Gota’s insidious past and furnish you with crap that is known to all but the most stupid or the most sycophantic bumsuckers.

          “None so blind as those who will not see”!

          Need I say more???

  • 6

    Sri Lankan Democracy is recycling of the same politicians. So we chase out one Plunderer because he was dumb and became a big time Loser and got another team of big time losers behind one Puppet. Sri lanka has cheap journalsits prostituting their honourable profession. So, now it is time select the next one. Sri lanka doe snot have politicians, whether it is the parliament, Provincial councils, very soon in local councils, good honest politicians. It is the same with minisatry secretaries, their children, their relatives, friends, and Drivers of politicians. All, since 1948, are involved on Rackets, thefts, Scams, wastages and various kinds of corruptions. All these Phottuwa Members aka SLPP are jackals ganging behind Rajapakses, getting ready for the next round of Plundering while Ranil, the opposition leader talk about the Loaf of Bread and wheat flour. Think an Idiot like Rwnil was elelcted to lead USA. What a disaster. Now the rupee is worth less. Ultra liberal, Right wing and pro-FTA Ranil – after 3.5 years in the govt, has not Economic plan for the 2015-2020, he was talking ecoomy after 2020 or 2025, is saying we shoul export. Is that the full potential of a PM. Even, at one time very poor Bangladesh and Some african countries are doing better than Sri lanka. For journalists, Rs 5000 is more important than the country.

  • 2

    Has Sarath Alwis ever paused to take stock of the success level of his anti Rajapaksa vitriol?


    • 5


      Why are you so desperate to protect Dr MR?

      • 0

        I am trying to understand this phenomenon. The more you hate him, vilify him, try to entrap in corruption deals and white vans the more he becomes popular. The more you accuse him of war crimes the more invitations he gets from Modi and Jinping. Have these TGs, Vishvamitras and Sarath As been able to reduce his vote bank by one? What of their valuable time? Does over doing something yield negative results?


  • 1

    JD ..rightly said ..
    Bangladesh is doing well now ..
    We will be poor like somalia if not acted now ..

  • 8

    All this is because of the utter emptiness and total failure of Ranil and his gay band of Royalists.

    Ranil has fooled the UNP rank and file that he is a visionary and bluffed the nation that he has deep economic knowledge.

    He is a cunning rogue who is corrupt and also has corrupt friends. He has not proved anything against Gota, only that he built a monument for his father without due process. This is a lower crime than the Bond scam.

    The people will vote for Gota to at least have rogue Ranil and his old royalists in jail

  • 8

    My friend Sarath, don’t lose your heart and energy, at present the way things are, as per the current status quote, there is no possibility for Gota to become President, for that matter even to be a candidate or to be MP. First Off, for everything to happen, he should renounce his US citizenship, that wouldn’t happen in the near future, before the presidential election. Unlike other countries, it’s a long drawn out process in the US, and with his current records, until all are set straight and cleared up, it’s going to be a distant possibility. Hence, there is no necessity to break your head on this, else they have to amend the constitution, right now do you think any possibility of getting two third majority for this, no way, it all now doom and gloom for them.

  • 5

    Our “Voter Population” are still “DUMB” about the candidacy of GR. The worse is that of the “LUNACY” displayed by the compatriots of this “GANG” named “Viyathmaga” and “Eliya”. Have the “Voters” and this “Gang” checked to find that GR has relinquished his US Citizenship? If not, I believe he is NOT ELIGIBLE. He “GR” said some time back, that process of relinquishing his US citizenship is a matter of “Asking” and “Receiving”. No. it is not going to be that “Easy” as he and his cohorts think. So, first the “Voter” and the “Gang” must resolve that issue. Next, what does he and his “Gang” of “Voyaththu” “OFFER” to do? His nephew, Namal “Baby” was questioned on this and he said: “it will be offered in due course”. So it is still not AVAILABLE. Next, where do GR and his GANG fit into a COMPOSITE of a voter base that would include varying segments that are already divided on ethnicity, religion etc. Next will he (GR) CLEAR all his “Court Cases” and come out “CLEAN” ? I doubt that too; but the VOTER must address that issue as well. I am somewhat surprised, a person like Sarath, go at length to educate us on “German” theories, rather than looking at the ground situation in Sri Lanka terms. Is he aligning with “Asgiriya Chapter”? Sarath: Please read “GR” and his “GANG” of “Viyaththu” deeply and make an honest and informed ASSESSMENT of this person’s candidacy. In my opinion, this “GR” and his “COHORTS” must be kept COMPLETELY OUT of the Sri Lankan politics; because their “MOTIVES” are “Dubious” and “Ferocious”.

  • 1

    Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero”.

    The Hero in country today is unrecognizable. When they migrate to other countries like austral etc , from different parts of the world, have shaped the country’s character, and influenced its development. he use talent here man has a talent and cannot use he has failed, All hero with knowledge and power are benefited to another country.

  • 5

    if you are saying gota will become another MBS then you will end up like kashoggi

  • 3

    You are backdated; and outdated man..
    What JVP did was hsiotry ..
    Do not you see how many youth Srima killed and How many Peremadasa did ..
    Jvp know that they made mistakes ..
    They will never repeat..
    You are bloody corrupt to support these corrupt politicians ..
    These use all those incident to stay in power ..
    But you support them.

  • 6

    If any right thinking man or woman of Sri Lanka think he should vote for Gota, just think of these. In the first place he is not a citizen of this country. He left the country in the height of the war after pleading to Ranjan Wijeratne on all fours. He had been a petrol shed attendant in his adopted country. He comes back after his brother won the Presidency by bribing Prabakaran. He stole 8 million dollars in the 2006 Mig deal. He was involved in mega land lease deals connected to UDA. He is alleged to have killed Lasantha Wickrematunga the fearless journalist for exposing the Mig deal. He is responsible for the disappearance of many journalists, he hammered several who wrote about his misdeeds. Can we at anytime forget the 27 inmates of the prison he killed, just because there was that Kangetta who was to reveal to the court who actually wanted to rob the artifacts from the museum. He was entirely and wholly responsible for the killing of three people, including two students at Ratupaswela. There are many more. The first thing that this Government should do is to prosecute him for crimes against fellow citizens. . .

  • 1

    I like the way the author taking pot shots at gota by mentioning the so called “independent” commissions. for him the epitome of his cocooned idea of democracy where we have independent elections commission that is unable to hold elections on time, police commission which unable to remove the igp which has become a law bending political clown whos whole role is to prop up the image of rouge pm, judiciary commission where gives a rubber stamp to president’s political appointees…. for author it doesn’t matter the country is in total chaos and the verge of economic bankruptcy under an undemocratic regime which has only labels to hang on to while doing the complete opposite, as long as his pseudo ideals of democracy hold on to power without really materializing on the ground….while all this the bugger has the audacity to throw pot shots at gota based on his fantasies and extrapolations …

  • 3

    Sarath de Alwis
    Your desperation may want an Army man against whom you yourself wrote rigmaroles for years.
    Clearly Sri Lanka doesn’t need a retired Army official as their next President who was a part and parcel of the previous administration which ruled the country for 10 years and who is surrounded by the same crowd.
    The changing parameters of politics in Sri Lanka yearns for a new leader. Not one, but an array of new leaders.
    Current politicians in all major parties have put up a barrier to prevent any new people entering into politics. If they take people, they are supposed to subservient to political leaders and senior of their parties. We need a new people’s force to break that barrier, push the currant politicians to a side and run the country under a new vision.

    • 4

      Champa …… not the …………………….. profession

      “We need a new people’s force to break that barrier, push the currant politicians to a side and run the country under a new vision.”

      What do we do with the leftovers like Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa, Champika, Athuraliye Rathana saffronista, Udaya Prabhath Ganapathipilla, Dinesh, Vasu, ….

  • 2

    Champa: BRAVO. You have begun to see the TRUTH & REALITY. We need, not only the NEW LEGISLATORS; but who would have the courage and the commitment to make a CHANGE. As you correctly said, the present “Leaders” of major political parties do not want Young and Vibrant members to be supported and presented to people, instead they, the “Leaders” have their own “Agenda” to promote “Family” & “Goons” purely to protect them and continue to live a life of plenty at the expense of the tax payers. Please study, the day to day incidents that are taking place in the Palath & Pradeshiya Sabas. Those connected with those incidents of misdoings are mostly the nominees of the major political parties, who are administering the affairs of those Public Institutions. Have the PEOPLE “WON” in voting them to power? That is a question the voting population must ask themselves at this critical juncture. Welcome to the fold.

    • 2

      I strongly believe that both Provincial Council System and its baby Divisional Council System (Pradesheeya Sabha) should be abolished which will save billions of money spent on maintaining those utterly useless bodies.
      Look at what they do. PCs spent millions on imported chairs, engraved doors and air fresheners while DS members spent time engaging in water sports, hand fights, table and chair climbings, locking and unlocking doors.
      We only need a President, a Parliament, District Secretariats, Municipalities and Divisional Secretariats.

  • 2

    GR is a vertical thinker. His mind thinks only “Army-based- governance”. Remember the compulsory boot-camps to fresh undergrads? He started army training to teachers. He created this KDU with a grant that exceeded the TOTAL grants paid to other universities. Probably GR expected KDU to produce VCs to take charge of other universities. KDU is still “As was Where was”.
    GR did not allow for the possibility of being removed from the pedestal.
    Bertolt Brecht was a German playwright, poet of the Weimar Republic era. He was anti-bourgeois and wanted the people to see (and think) the hypocrisy of the elites. The Galileo “Unhappy is the land that needs a hero” does exactly that.
    Bertolt Brecht said “Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again”. Everyone knows who the ‘bastard’ was.
    Think of the relevancy to our plight.

  • 1

    This “GR” the “employed” coolies and slaves strive to bring into the political arena must be brought to book as a “Responsible” and “Accountable” person for the Disappearance of the 11 students; because he was the Defense Secretary. He as the Ministry Secretary must be responsible for the actions of the Head of the Navy, now retired Wasantha Karannagoda. Then comes the present Joint Services Commander, Ravindra Wijegunawardena who “Illegally” spent Rs. 500,000.00 to send out of the country, the “Chief Operator” Navy Sampath, now in custody. Who was this “Navy Sampath”? He was a slave, who provided “Military Security” to protect the MR & family. Why this Ravindra Wijegunawardane and Karannagoda not taken into custody over that 11 students disappearance? Isn’t it wrong to believe the “Deal” between President/PM/GR? If the country needs a LEADER, the writers, media must not even TALK of a person or people whose hands are wet with blood.

  • 2

    Country need a leader with leadership qualities. I think GR has already shown us he has that qualities to lead the country. come on GR we need person like you to lead the country in order to take our mother land out of this muddy hell. I am sure you can do it. I wish you all the best. Be the presidant of this country and do a good job. you have abilities and courage to do that.

    • 6


      So you think the National Hangman and protector of war criminals and Horas is best suited to rule and ruin this country further in every aspect as we know it.

      He will not solve the problem but can and will eliminate minor irritant whom he perceive as persons who have already forfeited their right to life. When his white van comes for you it would be too late.
      He will hang you by your b***s and neck simultaneously if white van missed you then steal your cash and gold as he did in Vanni.

      • 0

        Rumor mongers like you can febricate rumors like this but our nation specially sinhalese know the truth.As such GR will be next president of this country for sure.pack your things to go to Tamilnadu if you can not face the realities.Kallathonies or para Demalu like you can not make our sinhalese mindset. They love their motherland and will choose the person who are capable of running the country.That is not Kallathonies business. It is upto us to decide.

  • 2

    Gota’s nationalistic thinking/programme, contains much more positive characteristics than Ranil/Malik/Mangala/Chandrika neo con garbage that Sarath so proficiently promoted in 2015 and still crow for. It is these fake intellectuals that ruined this country.

    • 4


      “Chandrika neo con garbage”

      This is the umpteenth time I beg you to explain “neo con” and the phrases associated with it.
      Do you really know what exactly “neo con” means?

      • 0


        I know exactly what neo con means. In Sri Lankan context there is no originality in that term. For Ranil/Malik/Mangala/Chandrika, it mean being a mere vassal of US, UK, EU hegemonic agenda economically driven through IMF while allowing cronies to rob the country to the hilt.


  • 0

    Periphrasis Mr Alwis, invariably results in pleonasm, sadly because of this, the atom of ideology in your ramblings is often lost in your literal profundity. In other words, by using big words and inane stories, you risk losing your reader in your writings.

  • 0

    Unfortunately Sarath Alwis that writing jargon has not touch even that unfinished democratic revolution by leadership bourgeoisie in Lankan compradors class of UNP’s.
    National bourgeois class represtanative of the political party of SLFP has not completed de-colonization of task left by colonial rule of British Empire over 150 years.
    Indeed 1956 social reforms led by MEP of SWRD has left that incomplete of liberation struggle of Political- Economic and Social order of Lanka after assinissnation of SWRD by right-wing forces inside and outside political outfits….task was uncertainties around an Island.

    The SWRDs of MEP related social contract with majority people, which that he played progressive role of democratic reforms was one step forward . But by that except that agreement between SWRD and SJV has no mandate for Federalist state for partition of Island for Tamils region by that accord sing with MEP and FP.
    The so- called accord between SWRD-SJV not derived from majority People will of Democratic norms accept by our rules of governances . The SWRD-SJV was anti-norms of Democracy in that seriously damage that concern with political decision made by SWRD has not yet evaluated by political writers.
    That was a grave historical error by politics of Federalist of SWRD. Needless to say that SWRD has generational reasons for favor of federalism an Island. His daughter of CBK that her roots goes to same identical interest of ongoing SLFP-federalism….join hand with grand alliance of UNP, TNA and JVP of anarchist .
    By and large we are the majority democrtiac loving people cannot accepts partition of Island for Tamil Eealm at any conditions which that advocated Federal Party of SJV separatism agenda .
    The FP,TULF and TNA of LTTE was anti-establishment and opposed Territorial integrity of Sri-lanka by adding and adding of goes to political roots on Tamil -chauvinist…Tamil nationalism !@

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    Sarath’s yahapalana darlings have found the “final solution”…………assassinate Gota……………….(and failing Sira).

  • 0

    ” Yet, some good people of our land demand the firm hand of a strong leader. Bertolt Brecht likened them to people who wish to enjoy veal without slaughtering the calf. ”
    For seventy years of taste for the veal landed the Sinhalese killing the calf. From Don Stephen time they wanted the Tamils subdued and deported. It landed them in fighting a war with 3 months LCs. It needed Chinese loan for arms. It needed MiGs. It needed Kathirgamar. It needed Karuna, Pillaiyan, Deva…..It need to UNHRC Thero de Silva, Sajin, Kshenuka…….. It ended up removing Lasantha, Eknaligoda like tractors. It needed 2000 inner circle, dedicated people to win the war and protect the victory. It needed Sonia, Narayan, Shiv Shankar Menon, Nambiyar’s help. War needed this. War needed that. It made Lankawe to wag its tail on the back for 32 nations, like a bitch……. While enjoying the veal, Sinhalese moved their bottom here and there on their sofa to make space for the war butchers’ cooking. Even, now Yahapalanaya is taking all blames, but giving it blood and flesh to defeat UN, defeat UNHRC, and defeat West & Control India to keep the Heroes safe and the victory consolidated. Well, Sinhalese tasted the veal for 70 years happily. Now they are worrying that if they had killed the calf. Now “they have come for the Modaya’s flesh”. The only consolation now left for Modayas is to keep listening to their Hippocratic Sinhala Intellectual preachers, who can’t find out who him/her selves are.

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